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K Taylor-Green
04-04-2005, 10:00 AM
Another monday morning, another chance to visit and chat. Come on in and talk. This is where we share family news, our jobs, kids, pets, ups and downs.

My weekend was full of grandkids of various sizes and ages, puppies, and
pizza! We got the kennel puppy proofed, a kennel set up for my daughter and her hubby. They got another Blood Hound. Her name is Abby. They have a male, and I guess, eventually, they want to breed pups.

The vet is coming this afternoon to geld our yearling colt. None too soon, if you ask me. Then into town to teach my Monday class. Check with everyone later!!

04-04-2005, 10:32 AM
Wow, your life sounds hectic, Kate! But, nice hectic so that's okay.
I did have to laugh over this though:
a kennel set up for my daughter and her hubby.
I know what you really mean but you have to admit it sounds a bit funny! :D

I am trying to get back into a "normal" routine after the big move. I spent about 10 hours each on THursday, Friday and Saturday and then we went back again on Sunday to finish unpacking and setting up the new office space. There are 38 employees and all the computers and stuff had to be ready to go for this morning. Plus part of the move involved setting pu a new file system in a special room with a special file set up...there are about 60 big file boxes of stuff that has to be switched to the new system...that means sticking on new labels and cutting off the old! Yikes! They got through a lot but it will be many weeks before it is done. I think that is what I will be doing when I go in for the next few times. But the new space is so nice...it will be wonderful. In the meantime I am just zonked.

My son's dog is doing well after his knee surgery. Now we are at the "I feel better so I want to play" stage...which is really dangerous. He has to wear one of those awful collars so he won't eat the stitches and my son has to keep him quiet so he gets stuck in his kennel a lot. But in the long run it will be worth it.

Then yesterday my daughter called to say her dog, a 2 year old golden retriever, was having problems. Sam seems to have eaten some little green action figure...he had an exray but plastic doesn't show up...although they could see there was no serious blockage. I guess the concern is there is some little funky shaped piece of plastic irritating him that could potentially perforate his colon. Oi! So they have to watch and see if he gets better or worse. So far he is not worse but not much better. I guess the only thing they can do now is either do a barium exray ($$$$$) or actually go in and see what is going on. But he is not eating much, hardly drinking and kind of lethargic. He isn't acting like he is in pain though. So....I keep getting phone calls from my kids asking me all these veterinary questions to which I have no answer.

I am hoping to be able to paint at some point...paint? what's that? Thinking of another water type thing....I have something in mind. I hope I get to it.

Dreary but not too cold here...some sun would be nice though.

You all have a good week...I'm going to take a quick look at what you all have been painting while I was packing and unpacking.


04-04-2005, 01:07 PM
wow - it's dog talk this morning I guess... Hmmm... how can I match that? Well truthfully I can't except to say I'm going to walk the French bulldogs that I take care of in exchange for studio space and hopefully they won't try to eat any little green action toys on their walks through the streets of San Francisco. Although... a toy would be better than some of that stuff they seem to notice... yuk!!!

And in a few hours I'm off to the coast for a drive and visit with a friend - along with some photography at a botanical garden. I'll take painting supplies along but may not have time to do it there.

Sandy - rest your body as soon as you can - that move sounds miserable.
Kate - If I had to swap lives with you at any point... it would be like a bad reality TV show... this city girl wouldn't know a gelding from a donkey.

Well - have a good few days and I'll catch you later.

By the way... I'll post doggie photos some other time to compete with all those cute puppies and gems you have...


04-04-2005, 02:10 PM
Well, after a crazy weekend, today has started off nicely. I got my tax refund and it worked out to more than I had figured I was getting! So that makes me happy and pads the ol' savings aco**** a big bit! :D

I am so happy that I was able to get paintng again yesterday. So much of my life has been filled up with training Abner and chasing Abner and wrestling my shoes out of Abner's mouth that I had really been missing it.

This week is going to be pretty laid back and then next weekend I am taking a four day weekend to relax and recoup. A well deserved one I might add.

04-04-2005, 04:02 PM
Hi all, thanks for the invite! I would enjoy chatting with you all every week.
We went to my husband's parents' home for the weekend to see their new little pup, Sophie, a cocker spaniel. She's a tiny thing but very cute and very active. My daughter had fun bonding with her as well as we, too. It sounds as though dogs are part of the family with you all! I have mixed feelings about getting one...lots of days during the week no one is here but I'd love a BIG boofy dog around the home. How do you all deal with your furry buddy not in human company for 10-12 hours some days or is someone always with them, or does it not really matter? I did have a golden retriever with my parents as our family was growing up so I know I love them, and my mom was a SAHM so she was there most every day; he had her company and caregiving. In my adult life I've had cats for years, have 2 now; they're pretty independent and we can leave them for 2-4 days at a time.
Sandy, last year we did have surgery to get an obstruction taken out of our cat because it looked like he wasn't going to make it. The vet surgeon couldn't completely determine what it was but he thought it was a mouse. He's back in raucous form and running like crazy after the older one. It sounds like a herd of wild horses running through my house!

I look forward to more time on this board. This is where I need to be. I did post some pix (some in progress) under my first post in case you want to peek. Some of you may have publicly shown your work for years but this is the first time I've shown any online in public view. I hope to get better at it.

Have a great day!

04-04-2005, 04:29 PM
ol' savings aco**** a big bit! :D

Methinks I may have had a typo there :wink2:

Cindy, both my boyfriend (Cam) and I work full time. When we adopted Abner a month ago, we decided to start driving to work in the morning so Cam could ocme home at noon to let him out until we get a house with a yard. It has been working pretty well so far, but the weekends throw him off pretty bad because we are suddenly home all of the time and them on monday we are gone again! Doggy daycare is a bit too expensive so this will work until we have a place with a yard that we can put a dog run into.

04-04-2005, 06:24 PM
My dogs keep each other company when we're gone, but then our other dog and cat did that too; they were great buddies.

Our dogs always live WITH us and we don't condone tying one outside and so on...I mean why have one if you're going to stick it out back to live alone unless you're in the mood to pay attention to it? Outside kennels are good, as long as they're not always alone and the thing is protected from the weather. We had neighbors who's German Shepherds got left in open fronted kennels which literally FILLED with rain during summer thunderstorms...invariably, they'd be out of town when this happened and I spent way too many hours over there trying to rig up something to keep 'em dry. Didn't help that the poor things were terrified of storms either!

Anyway, we have a doggie door by which ours can go outside to do their business and chase squirrels even if we're gone. They do pretty well on their own now that they're past the chewie stage and they make a great burglar alarm! The main thing would be having one that's housebroken...once they've mastered their bathroom habits, it's not necessary to shut 'em outside all the time or keep 'em crated. Also, ya need a decent fence to protect both them and the neighbors! :D It's nice to be able to let 'em run sometimes, but here in the city, it's just too dangerous for them....especially when they have no street smarts at all!

Can't imagine living without dogs...have only made it without one for a few months at a time throughout my life. I'd like another cat, too, but with this bunch of grown K9s, I doubt one would hang around long!

Enough doggie talk! I'm madly trying to finish up my last few postcards so I can finish up that little project finally! Has been lots of fun, and it certainly did blast me out of the slump I was in. Can't wait to get at some bigger efforts once these are done!

Here's hoping everyone has a good, productive week this week!

04-04-2005, 06:36 PM
I just re-read what I wrote before and realized that it sounds like we lock our lil Abner right up for most of the day. What I meant to say is that we have a large bathroom and laundry room that we gate the doorway on so he can still play a bit and there isn't much he can get into (baby locks on the cupboard with the cleaners in it). Baby gates are a godsend. We use one when we are home to gate of the hallway leading to our entryway (keeps him out of the cats food and litter as well as our shoes)

04-04-2005, 06:46 PM
LMAO! Nah, I think we knew you didn't keep poor Abner in a cage 24/7...altho I've KNOWN folks who WOULD! He sounds like he's really doing pretty good and with the gate and all, he should stay out of trouble fairly well. When I had to leave my poodly thing, JC, alone all day, I made sure he had lots of toys...he was a real hoot...knew how to throw his own ball, etc.! I'd come home from work and he'd have all this toys lined up neatly by the door. The lady downstairs said she could hear him trotting around playing upstairs throughout the day. They're not stupid animals...they'll entertain themselves if they can...but no, I wouldn't be willing to donate MY shoes either!

04-04-2005, 08:17 PM
Cori and Sooz, thanks for the insight to dogdom. I like the idea of a dog door and I also like the idea of getting two dogs so they can keep each other company. Cori, that's great that you can get home for lunch to let Abner out til you get a place with a yard. They are so loveable!

Kathryn Wilson
04-04-2005, 08:44 PM
:wave: Hi Guys! I've missed you all - but things seem to be settling down just a bit. Not sure if I told you all, but hubby's father did pass away last week, so we have been dealing with all that that contained. Everyone seems to be doing well - this was after a very long illness and took it's toll on his mom.

I am excited! I have started working on my painting entry for the Oil Pastel Society's first show, so will be busy with that but hope to sneak in a softie sketch here and there. At least I am excited about something again - :D

Just sheared off all the hair of my JRT - he was looking like a sheepdog, but the winter stayed longer than usual. I know he feels better - and he certainly looks better.

Sooz, I'll have to take a peak at your postcards - glad you had fun!

04-04-2005, 08:52 PM
Omigosh, Kat. Do give your hubby a hug from us all - and you take one for you too. It is never easy when a family member passes on.

and I'm looking forward to seeing your entry for the show...

K Taylor-Green
04-04-2005, 08:58 PM
LOL Sandy! Wait til Micki and Jeff find out I'm putting them in a kennel.

Well, the gelding went off without a hitch. Stud horses can be soooo problematic, with their studly attitudes. Some become quite agressive, though I have known a few who were gentle as lambs. Stega has such a gentle, laid back attitude, that I think he will make a great 4-H horse for an interested grandchild. Once he heals up from his procedure, he is going to my sister's for horsey school. My niece is going to work him. I just don't have the time.

A funny thing, when we went back to the barn to prepare Stega for the vet, 3 stray dogs were sleeping in our barn! One ran away when Jess yelled at them, but the other two stuck around. They both looked like they hadn't been fed in a while, though they weren't ribby yet. One is a Rottweiler, I'm sure she is pure bred. She is limping badly on one hind leg. Of course I have no way of knowing if she already had the injury, or if one of my horses kicked her! Anyway, I locked them up in a spare kennel pen, and gave them food and water. I will advertise them as found dogs in the local papers. If no one comes forth, I guess they will have to go the Humane Society. We are dog poor as it is.

Cindy, When my girls were growing up, we had cats, too. For some of the same reasons. They were independent, and made good apartment pets.
I can't have a cat now. Not only is my husband less than fond of them, my wolfdog would eat it!!! Well, if he could catch it. Better for the kitties not to live here.

04-05-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi all! I've missed coming in for regular chats with you all, but it's nice to drop in and see what everyone is up to. It seems like pets are a big topic around here. Puppies, dogs, horses and kitties. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, and they do seem much happier when they have company. Our poor dogs have to be penned up more often than they are used to lately, just because our home is on the market and they don't have the best manners. They look kinda scary too, although they are definate sweeties.

Sandy-Your move sounds exhausting, hopefully you are recovering. Oh, and the dogs too! How is the one that swallowed the plastic?

Barb-I hope your trip to the botanical garden was as wonderful as it sounds. I sure miss green growing things about now, and always get antsy to plant.

Cori-What a nice surprise that your refund was more than expected, and on painting and taking a few days off. Have fun!

Cindy-Nice to meet ya, I've not been a regular visitor lately, but what a treasure this site is and what a great bunch of people we have.

Kat-Sorry about your Father-in-Law, I hope his wife, and your hubby and everyone is doing o.k. I'm glad you are able to paint and excited about it.

As for me, we are hanging in there. Our home has been officially on the market for a week, and we had our first open house on Sun afternoon. This house has never been, or stayed this clean. I'm trying to teach my husband that just because we have a "mud room", he doesn't have to bring mud in. (ha, ha). If you all know anyone who wants to move out to the mountains outside of Alb. and 45 mins to Santa Fe, you can pm me. We actually had a chance to look for another house during our open house, there is not much available for sale right now, which makes it good for selling, but hard for buying. Other than that I sold a painting opening night at "Masterworks NM", Hooray! I'm praying the other one will sell too, the $ will come in handy when I'm not working after my back surgery. Which, by the way has been scheduled in Denver on the 18th of April. We will leave on the 14th, and do the pre-op stuff on the 15th. They will be re-fusing my spine from t-2 to l-4, there are places that failed to fuse during the first surgery about 1 1/2 years ago, prayers are much appreciated. I am bound and determined to paint today, wish me luck.

Piper Ballou
04-05-2005, 10:53 AM
Hello all,
I am back at school now, only 8 weeks until summer. I am usually not a counter of days but have so much I need to teach the kids and this time of year it is hard to get them motivated to do anything.

My sister and her husband are off to Denver so he can donate his bone marrow to his sister because she has cancer. We have keeping their 12 year old dog, our lab is overjoyed to have company. The big chore will be to get her to eat, I had to stand right by her this morning. I think they will be gone 10 days.

It is cold here for spring. A lot of kids wore shorts yesterday thinking it should be warm....very windy.

Well, I am running late this morning and had 2 cups of coffee to get me going.
I hope everyone has the best week yet....

04-05-2005, 12:06 PM
Well, I went shopping at my favorite local art supply store yesterday. Bought myself a set of softies (grumbacher/prismacolour) and, believe it or not, I bought a small set of OPs. I'm not sure what prompted me to do so, but the tin that the Caran D'ache came in was yelling "Buy me! Buy ME!" and so I did! :D I also succeeded in finding Marble Dust, which I have never had any luck tracking down locally before. So now I can turn all of that illustration board that I have, into nice sanded boards. A very fruitful expedition overall! I must say that it was probably the most fun I have ever had at an art supply store in recent days. I think it was mostly because I know I have free time coming up to paint and play so it made the purchases quite sweet!

Now - what to do with the OPs...I haven't really used them much in the past and Cam has a set, but I didn't want to use them up on him in case he decided to use them one day. I guess I am looking forward to sitting in the living room and sketching with them!

K Taylor-Green
04-05-2005, 12:36 PM
Kat, We cross posted last night and I didn't catch it. Sorry for your family's loss. Hopefully your MIL will adjust and feel better soon.
Glad to see you excited!! We've missed you around here!

04-05-2005, 12:54 PM
Big hugs for your hubby, Kat, and all your family! But I am glad to see you are excited about your painting.

Selling a house is a pain, pjo! SOmething I have done in the past and know I will be dealing with in the future. Good luck to you....and good luck with the surgery. That doesn't sound like a picnic either! In fact it probably makes the house selling seem like a breeze!

Check out the OP forum and you will figure out what to do with those OPs Cori! Have fun with them!

Plastic eating dog seems to be no worse and perhaps a bit better. I have not gotten a frantic call from my daughter so I assume nothing new has happened. And knee surgery dog has stopped whining and is progressing to the not having fun being confined stage! :D It all sounds like great fun to me...not! I'm glad my kids are dealing with this right now and not me!


04-05-2005, 04:26 PM
Oops! I think I neglected to welcome Cindy to the hen house...er...Scumble! Welcome! Nice to see new faces!

Also, I think I forgot to mention that our thoughts are with you and your husband, Kat! This is never an easy time for anyone, but it does sound as if his dad is at rest now and that can be a merciful thing even tho the loss causes such pain, as well. Hugs!

Well, we had another bout of The Winter That Just Won't Go Away this morning. Had to drive Mel downtown and back and it was globs of icy snow pelting the windshield all the way, driven by gale force winds. Everywhere around us is blizzarding, so I guess I shouldn't complain...it's clearing up here now, but I'm still trying to warm up after the drive! My car seems to take about as long as the trip to get the heater really going good and my hands and feet just about turn to icicles by the time I get back home!

Mikki Petersen
04-05-2005, 04:28 PM
Good Tuesday to you all! I have pretty much been off the threads for the past week with houseguests. Had great fun but wore myself out big time.

Kate, I, too, read your post as building a kennel for your kids...first thought was "Gee, and my kids complain about having a travel trailer as a guest house!" :p Sounds like you are happily diverted by lots of loving activities.

Sandy, first your daughter and now thier dogs...geez! Hope the action figure passes without problems... I've been reaing all the trials and tribulations of moving your husband's office and cringing at the memories of moving offices when I was office manager for a Marriage and Family Counseling Practice. What a HUGE job! Hope you are taking care of yourself.

Cori, first you said the refund was going to savings and now you are talking about spending money at the art supply store...hmmmm...sounds just like me!

Cindy, a warm welcome to you! This is the place that got me going about 2.5 years ago, and I'm still here and painting up a storm. Great site, great people! Have fun!

Paula, what awful timing...to have your house on the market while you undergo back surgery! I've never had back surgery but remember back to when my sister had a bunch of T's and L's fused...miserable. I do clearly remember the house selling thing though, get cold chills thinking about it. To keep the house clean for showing, we finally moved out and lived in our travel trailer in my son's driveway. My hubby is like Pigpen...loveable but living in his own little cloud of dirt. :D The good news is you will have a good reason not to participate in the actual packing and moving... :clap: Hope the surgery goes well and ends the difficulties you've been having. Oh and congratulations on the sale of the painting!

Kat, (((hugs))) to your family for the loss. Sad to let go. Glad you have found some new energy for your art though.

Barb, did you go to Filoli without me???????

Piper, hasn't the weather been unpredictable lately? We had beautiful warm sunshiny weather while our daughter was visiting and the night they left it snowed! Now we have warm sunshine again. Hope you enjoyed your time off. These last eight weeks will fly by.

Sooz, we can't install a doggie door here because lots of critters besides Hunny (squirrels, raccoons, mice, snakes, etc) would use the door too. Hunny has learned to open the people door to come in but she does not close it behind her. We are working on that.

As for dogs and working...our dogs always had the run of the yard with shade and shelter for when we were at work. They also had a doggie door into the garage where their food and water was. None of them seemed to suffer so long as they got their time with us while we were home. I agree with Sooz about the importance of not viewing them as yard ornaments. Now Hunny, on the other hand, is with us 24/7. She goes where we go. Being retired makes it much easier to have a pet. Also, since she is exposed to all sorts of situations and people, she is learning to behave in public...slowly...very slowly.

Today, I'm getting back in the dust. I have a painting just calling for completion. Browsing the Pastel Studios will have to wait.

Happy painting!

04-05-2005, 04:56 PM
Thx for the Birthday wishes on Sunday...I had a really good day. :)

I got back yesterday from my much needed trip to Edmonton. Had a great visit with my girlfriend and her family. She's been busy taking care of her Grandmother, so she enjoyed the week off also. We had quite the scare once we got into the city....Long story short - My hubby's work truck (vehicle we traveled in) had some serious front axel/tire problems, and it's amazing we are still alive!!! The guy who fix the truck was amazed that the tires hadn't fallen off, highway speeds and all. Hubby had the truck serviced 2 days before we left for Edmonton....needless to say, someone lost their job over this.

Did some shopping....got some CarbOthello's and some ColourFix paper...(They were clean out of Wallis!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA :crying: )

And then......When we arrived home, we stopped and picked up MY EASEL!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO. I love it....I just hope I set it up correctly... :rolleyes: lol...Plus I got my Nupastels.....and my Rembrants are on the way.....man I gonna be a pastellin' machine in no time!! LOL :D

Hope you all have a great day....Back to the laundry for me...don't ya just hate post-vacation laundry :( .

04-05-2005, 04:59 PM
Cori, first you said the refund was going to savings and now you are talking about spending money at the art supply store...hmmmm...sounds just like me!

lol...well most of it did go into savings...but I deserved a treat :p

Pat Isaac
04-06-2005, 09:26 AM
I was lurking and just saw this post, Kat. I' sorry to hear of your family's loss. ((((hugs))))). Have a great time with your OP painting.

Kathryn Wilson
04-06-2005, 10:04 AM
Thanks to everyone for your wishes - I think hubby is doing okay - but he is a man who does not express feelings easily, so I am watching carefully for other signs of mourning.

I worked on my OP painting yesterday and it's at the "I hate it" stage. I'll work on it today and see what I can make of it, but it just doesn't have that zing you want when you are working on it - that gut feeling that it might have possibilities. :mad:

Weather is really great here - but soon to change (as spring is wont to do). I see that you had snow Sooz - bummer!

PJ - if only we were ready to move to your area! I would love to consider your home - are you staying in the area? Why are you selling this one? (sorry for being nosy, but I am the curious Kat - :D ).

Have a good week and weekend everybody!

04-06-2005, 10:25 AM
Ha! You brought a good point, Mikki. We didn't have a doggie door until recent years and it CAN be a problem when you have neighborhood cats, etc. that decide to come in uninvited. Case in point. I came home from work one day a few years ago and found the dogs all glad to see me as usual, but also very up in the air about something, what I couldn't imagine. So I changed clothes, got my usual cuppa and headed upstairs to my computer room for some email and surf time before everyone else got home for supper. Sat down and heard this UNEARTHLY yowl coming from the corner under my desk! Dogs barking wildly, milling around, and this low, dirstressed growling sound mixed in. I got a flashlight and tried to see what it was but no luck. Being afraid of what it MIGHT be (we get everything from foxes to skunks to the occasional mountain lion, not to mention raccoons galore in this neighborhood from time to time, I called my pal Martin and asked him to come help me check it out which he did. After locking dogs outside and much furniture moving and scrambling on his hands and knees, he finally came up with a cat we'd never even seen around here before, it's eyes the size of saucers and all claws extended...thank goodness Martin wore his work gloves! No telling how long the poor thing had been trapped under there with four ravening canine beasts dying to get a taste of him. So doggie doors can have a bad side and that's also another reason we haven't gotten another cat...no way to keep it INDOORS while letting the dogs have access to the outdoors. I swear...it's always something, innit?

Sounds like a great shopping trip, Dania! I guess I should be glad we don't have better access to art supplies here or I'd be spending more!

CM Neidhofer
04-06-2005, 10:28 AM
wrestling my shoes out of Abner's mouth

Hi Cori. I found that whenever we had a pup in the house, giving him/her their own shoe worked really well. Just an old shoe, or slipper. Pup had a shoe of it's own to chew on and left ours alone! :)

04-06-2005, 11:20 AM
I'd heard that as well, but when we gave him his own shoe, he took it as an invitation to all of the shoes! As he loses more of his baby teeth, he isn't as bad...and he seems to have adopted a baby shoe that was left at the house a few months ago.

04-06-2005, 11:24 AM
Thanks for that story, Sooz, and the welcome! I can picture that cat...he'll never venture to your house again! Whew, better a cat, than a mountain lion!!
Kat, I love your nosy questions! So sorry for the sadness. Love and time heals.
Cori, I wish I had been along with you, it's been so long since I took a trip to Pearl. They do call out to you when you see items in 3D! Have fun with the OPs...can't wait to see how you like them.
Kate, a wolfdog! He/she sounds like he would have to be a gorgeous creature.
Mikki, nice to meet you, too!
Dania, happy bday! and you will get the easel set up right! Buying art supplies is so satisfying!
Sandy, hope the furry buddies are as good as new very soon.
PJ, you've got so much going on in your life! Take a deep breath every so often. That's wonderful you sold a painting! I may have a party when I actually sell my first piece!
Barb, how were the Botanical gardens??
Piper, that's really nice of you to watch your sister's dog so she didn't have to worry at all. And nice for your pup to have company, that's right!

I'm working tonight and I'm with my daughter this morning so off we go to do all kinds of fun things...playing outside, lunchtime, stickers, crayons on easel (her own little one), dancing, purple dinosaur watching, you know.... :wink2:

04-06-2005, 01:01 PM
Hi, just a quickie while Miss Thang wakes up on my lap--she actually allowed me 6 hours of sleep last night! WooHoo!!!!!

I'm only able to lurk intermittently lately. Olivia is still a snuggly little delight at 3 1/2 months, starting to reach for things, very observant of what's going on around her. We took her swimming in the warm pool at the Y for the first time yesterday, which she seemed to enjoy.

Next week I'm going camping with her and a couple friends who are eager to help with the child care duties. Just car camping at a state park--weather is running high 40's or 50's at night to 50's-70 during the day, keeping her warm shouldn't be too problematic. And I intend to be terribly bourgeouis and use a 2-burner Coleman stove and thermoses to do the bottles, so it should be pretty easy! Gonna have to pack a hecka lotta diapers, though :D I haven't been camping since I spent 2 weeks on the road moving out here from Minnesota, 1 1/2 years ago, and I'm about to go stir crazy without it! The timing is good, too, because my partner needs to do a lot of intense writing, and having us out of the house for 4 days will make it a lot easier for her.

Hmm--all that sleep seems to have changed someone's schedule for other activities, too: it suddenly seems a little smelly around here :o Guess I'd better get to work!

Have agreat week, all!!!

04-07-2005, 09:40 AM
Libby-Olivia sounds delightful. I love the age where they start reaching for things and studiously enjoy their surroundings. Have fun on your camping trip.

Kat-your not nosy in the least. We are planning on staying in the area, its beautiful, peaceful and both our families are nearby. Mostly we are selling cause we have all our $ tied up in equity between this house and a rental house (which we will sell in a couple of months), we are planning to use our equity to simplify and lower our expenses. Between, my back surgeries, and my husbands two knee surgeries recently, and his need for a replacement before he is 50 (in two years), we are in a position where we can't really depend on either of our incomes being consistent. We thought it would be good to get set up with a much lower house payment before he needs his knee replaced, and the interest rates are still quite good so the timing works for us there also. I thank God that we have our equity to fall back on, have medical insurance and family support, medical issues like we have had recenty can really devastate people's finances. If you do know anyone who might move in the area, feel free to pm me and I'll send you info on the house.

Have a good week everyone!!!

Kathryn Wilson
04-07-2005, 10:42 AM
PJ - that sounds like a very sound financial move. Less is more is my motto these days and I am distributing things out of my life to get to that place that makes my life simpler and more enjoyable.

I wish you all the best in your future surgeries - life does become more real when faced with medical problems. Having gone through some medical problems recently myself certainly has jerked my chain a bit - :eek:

Paula Ford
04-07-2005, 11:24 PM
I just had to post these pictures...there is a cardinal who won't leave me alone at my new house. He sits at my kitchen window and talks and pecks on the glass all day...HE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!

BTW...hope all of you are well :wave:


Piper Ballou
04-07-2005, 11:50 PM
Oh my gosh, that cardinal is way to cute. It is one of my most favorite birds, I love their song. Not sure how you can cope with him. I wonder if he sees his reflection in the window and thinks its another bird?

Mikki Petersen
04-07-2005, 11:58 PM
Paula, those are great photos! Last summer, while vacationing in Colorado Springs, we were invaded by a friendly Jay...he came right into our trailer and started exploring! I wonder if the previous occupants of your new house had a feeder out there? Maybe he is trying to remind you to feed him?


04-08-2005, 12:23 AM
It does sound as if the cardinal had a relationship with the former owners of your house, Paula. If you put some safflower seed outside in a feeder, maybe he'll leave your window alone. Cardinals love safflower, and I think they'll eat black oil sunflower seeds as well.

04-08-2005, 02:38 AM
Maybe he thinks you're a lady cardinal? It IS springtime, ya know! Don't wear anything red! :D

04-08-2005, 08:27 AM
Those are wonderful Paula! He must be seeing something interesting in your kitchen!


04-08-2005, 10:50 AM
Today is the day I should find out it I made the list of finalists for the Canadian New Media Awards. Keep those fingers crossed for me :)

Oh - and I want to invite you all over to my WDE for this weekend. The images will go up today at 10am MST so I hope you can all find the time to drop by. Rather than taking everyone on a tour of brown calgary, we will be going on an artistic journey of colour! It should be fun!

Paula - that cardinal is priceless. I love it!

04-08-2005, 12:09 PM
GOOD LUCK CORI!!!!!! Keepin my fingers crossed for you!!

Paula ..How precious!!! Yes, do get him a little feeder for the tree...and hey it could be worse...It could be a nosy new neighbor that's constantly tapping on your window!!! lol :p :D

Well I spent my day yesterday moving my "studio" from the corner of my dining room to my computer room. I have a little more organizing to do, but it's lookin pretty good....I don't know why I didn't do this months ago......I'm hoping having my easel sitting less then 3 ft away from my keyboard will actually force me to paint more. HA :rolleyes: ya right

Well have a good weekend all...Happy painting!!!

Deborah Secor
04-08-2005, 01:03 PM
Paula, what a crack-up! I know what you mean about being driven crazy, though. We had a mockingbird take a fancy to our bedroom window one time. Not only did he repeatedly throw himself against the screen, but he mimicked our alarm clock (which was like a ship's bells) and sometimes so well we would get up--an hour early! Arrrggghhh!

Cori, hope you make the finalists! I'll have to run over to the WDE and take a peek. Hope that goes well too.

PJ, (Paula), you know you're in my prayers. Stay in touch.

I'm down sick, with a classic case of bronchitis, and now hubby seems to be heading the same way. I couldn't teach yesterday but the class was a mid-course critique so the students did it themselves--probably better for them than me doing it! With all this coughing, I'm extremely grateful not to be hurting from that shoulder/back injury as much as I was. I've been coughing for six weeks now. Getting old. (It's getting old--and I'm getting old, both.)

I'm still working on illustrations for an article. Need to get the painting done so I can shoot pix and ship them off. But for now, I'm heading back to bed. Cya.


K Taylor-Green
04-08-2005, 01:07 PM
LOL Paula, Great photos of the Cardinal. Actually, he is attacking his own reflection. He thinks it is a rival male. It is common Cardinal behavior, and yes, he will drive you nuts!! If you can think of a way to block him from seeing his own reflection, he'll stop. A feeder can't hurt.

Good luck, Cori!!!!!

04-08-2005, 01:19 PM
Good luck, Cori!

Deborah! Go to bed! Bronchitis is not something to fool around with. Sheesh...you have had enough already this year, woman! I hope you and hubby feel better real soon!


04-09-2005, 03:29 PM
Still no word on whether I am a finalist. makes me wonder if I didn't make it, but this same organization seems a bit disorganized so I will keep my fingers crossed a few more days.

Last night, cam and i drove up to Lacombe to surprise my family on my mom's 51st birthday. Kayden is so close to crawling, it's not even funny.. We brough Abner so he might have a bit of incentive to get the legs and arms moving and chasing him (didn't work - I think it was a bit too late and K had cut a tooth yesterday so wasn't up to performing). I thought I would post a really cute picture of my dad and Kayden in the recliner.


It was a fun evening and we came back really late last night so we wouldn't lose a weekend being lazy. I think my mom was happy we came. My dad had asked me that afternoon if we were coming and I had said no and then we just showed up about a minute after mom had asked dad if we were coming. Too funny!

Mikki Petersen
04-09-2005, 11:06 PM
Oh Cori! What a sweet photo...two peas in a pod! :D


04-10-2005, 07:57 AM
Nice photo, Cori and good luck with the contest!

Get better Deborah! I've been toying with the same thing for ages myself. Not sure what it is about this year's bugs, but they sure do hang around!

Muffin, at least you'll have ALL your messes in one area now! :D Good luck with the painting!

Birds are funny creatures for sure...when we lived near Death Valley, we had a pair of birds (can't recall the variety) make a nest up under the eaves on our front porch...I'm sure they thought it was a wonderful, shady spot and all. Trouble was, when the hatchlings got to moving around, they tended to tumble out of the nest! We felt so sorry for the little goofy lookin' thing the first time it happened that we got out a pair of rubber gloves (so as not to taint the baby with our scent) and carefully returned the infant to the safety of the nest...the parents were gone off somewhere at the moment and we hoped they'd never know about the near tragedy. You guessed it...pretty soon there were hatchlings plopping out of that nest at least daily and it got to be quite an undertaking keeping an eye out for stranded, open-mouthed chicks.

Finally, one morning we heard a commotion coming from the front porch and thought a neighborhood cat might have caught one! Went out to chase the cat off and found the parents hopping around a fallen chick, chirping and flapping wings like mad... When they saw us they flew off to perch on the fence and Mom said, well, shoot...we would go ahead and put this one back in the nest, but that now that the parents had discovered the problem, we'd just have to let the babies alone lest the parents not want to accept them anymore. Well, not likely! For the next week or so while the babies grew in real feathers, those parents made SURE we always knew when one had fallen out and once they got our attention they'd patiently sit on the fence waiting for us to put their children back in the nursery!

Was actually kinda sad the morning we checked and found parents and babies had flown the coop.

CM Neidhofer
04-10-2005, 12:03 PM
Hi everyone. Thought I'd post some pics of what the news is officially calling a blizzard now. Five inches so far and still coming down wet, heavy and blowing. Happy Colorado Spring!! lol :rolleyes:

Mikki Petersen
04-10-2005, 01:27 PM
Ewwww....Christy! Gives me major chills! We had snow day before yesterday followed by a warm up (to 40F) and rain...not nearly as pretty as your photos. I'm loving the balmy Spring days that are being interspresed between the cold storms but I'm not in any hurry for summer's scortching heat. Thanks for sharing your photos...there is something so beautiful about fresh snow.

Sooz, I love the story about the birds. I think birds are nature's most interesting critters. Maybe it's their power of flight that makes them somehow freer and more whimsical than most creatures. And, often, they are just as curious about us and more willing to accept a relationship of sorts.

Having trouble concentrating on painting lately. I dream about it at night but in the light of day other projects around the house capture my interest. I'm sure it's a passing thing...I'm doing a lot of thinking about other mediums right now so I guess I'm in one of those "change" places.


04-10-2005, 01:34 PM

I'm in the mountains, 15 miles east, there is over a foot here and still coming down. The wind direction/speed is sending more your way. Heard the foothills could see over 2 feet and with this wind.....mega drifts. Thankfully the news also suggested we get groceries in. On the positive, a great day to stay in and make the most of our creative endeavors.

No birds here today Paula....we have crows the size of penquins though. And I don't think Cardinals are around the area..agree that with some food you can have lots of fun with that little guy being part of your family.

Cori, is the pic of your wee one? He's a good looking guy....and with grandpa? Your dad looks to be younger than my kids.

Sandy in Colorado

Deborah Secor
04-10-2005, 01:34 PM
Christy, we have the ragged edges of that same storm dumping wet slushy snow on us. Not anywhere near five inches though! Doncha love spring in the Rockies? Spring, no--winter, no--spring, noooo--winter, wait, spring...uh, no.... <shrug> No wonder everyone I know is sick!

Cori, I love the photo! What a sweet relationship... Nothing is more special than the one we share with our grandparents, is it?

Had to laugh at your story Sooz. As I write there is a war on my back porch over real estate. There's an old nest in a perfect spot--location, location, location, as they say--and mama-to-be and daddy sparrow have claimed (or maybe REclaimed) it. But some other guy is trying to make an offer on it and now they're out there spatting, chirping and spinning around. I just saw mama sitting nearby with her heart obviously beating 90 miles a second, all a-tither because she wants to move in! I felt for her. --Oh, by the way, it's my understanding from those who know far more than I do about such things, that birds don't have much sense of smell, so handling babies is not a problem like it is for mammals. All I can say is that judging from what a cage can smell like, I believe it. Whew! I couldn't live there!

My bronchitis is getting better. I'm not sounding quite so much like a lifetime smoker any more, but I'm staying down and in for today and tomorrow anyway. You know I'm serious about getting better when I stay home from church. It's like my second home and I miss it when I can't go.


CM Neidhofer
04-10-2005, 01:43 PM
Doncha love spring in the Rockies? Spring, no--winter, no--spring, noooo--winter, wait, spring...uh, no.... <shrug>

LOL....you got it!! Almost 70 yesterday, blizzard today!! I have to go to work tonight. I'm hoping they call later and tell me to stay home. Doubt it though. But a girl can hope!!! lol :p

04-10-2005, 01:55 PM
lol..nope - that's my nephew, Kayden. He just turned 6 months old this past week and is the light of my life. I am his only aunt since my brother only had me as a sibling and K's mom has no brothers or sisters - so that makes me the favorite right off the bat!! :evil: If you take a look at the WDE this week, there are some pictures of Kayden's dad as a toddler.

All of my little ones are of the critter variety - we have 6 pets! :cat:

Christy - that snow is incredible! Today I noticed buds on the trees and I cringe to think that we still have the same thing coming as you are getting right now. We always have one heck of a storm in April or May (or both)

04-10-2005, 04:50 PM
I'm hopin' with ya Christy! It's bad down here too. I'm enclosing a snapshot, but it's kinda deceptive...this is just the snow that hasn't blown AWAY! LOL We generally measure snow by dog depth...it's now up to the big dogs' tummys so, must be around a foot here too. Hope you're snug and warm up there, Sandy! :wave:


I've decided to make some bread!

04-10-2005, 05:41 PM
Sooz - Am quite snug...and it is still coming down. Amazed at the amount you have too. My son just called me, he works at the airport....they have nothing to do other than wait for international flights to come in, nothing going out. A half hour drive took him 2 hours, Pena Blvd a total wreck. Suspect it is worse up in the Denver area and for Christy.

My daughter said the roads are clear where she is (central/downtown Springs). Where are you located?

As with you, the dogs belly is a great guage, have shoveled the deck 3 times to get those guys through the depth...they are 110 pound big guys.

Cori - Kayden is a doll, looks pretty solid for his age. What fun to enjoy....along with adding your pup to the litter. Hope things are informative for the entry.

Attached is a pic of my backyard, my neighbor's house looks closer than it really is. And, after looking at this, the snow doesn't look as bad as it is either. The round snow ball is actually 2 ft on top of the barbeque.

This was fun, talking about snow and taking pics....I can do these two things far easier than pastels.

C:\Documents and Settings\sandy\.java\My Documents\My Pictures\Img0020\house1.jpg

04-10-2005, 05:47 PM
Sooz - Am quite snug...and it is still coming down. Amazed at the amount you have too. My son just called me, he works at the airport....they have nothing to do other than wait for international flights to come in, nothing going out. A half hour drive took him 2 hours, Pena Blvd a total wreck. Suspect it is worse up in the Denver area and for Christy.

My daughter said the roads are clear where she is (central/downtown Springs). Where are you located?

As with you, the dogs belly is a great guage, have shoveled the deck 3 times to get those guys through the depth...they are 110 pound big guys.

Cori - Kayden is a doll, looks pretty solid for his age. What fun to enjoy....along with adding your pup to the litter. Hope things are informative for the entry.

Attached is a pic of my backyard, my neighbor's house looks closer than it really is. And, after looking at this, the snow doesn't look as bad as it is either. The round snow ball is actually 2 ft on top of the barbeque.

This was fun, talking about snow and taking pics....I can do these two things far easier than pastels.

C:\Documents and Settings\sandy\.java\My Documents\My Pictures\Img0020\house1.jpg

Mikki Petersen
04-10-2005, 05:49 PM
Awww, gee, folks! Here's the view from our porch looking down the driveway right now...
Temps about 60F...

But, since we are west of you, here's what's coming!


04-10-2005, 07:38 PM
I'll certainly be ready for spring when it returns! But this is precious moisture we're getting and will make all the difference to the countryside...might even keep the possibility of fire down some this year. It's supposed to warm right back up once this system is past, so I'm rather enjoying this.

We decided to postpone bread making and do stew instead. Hubby has LOTR extended version playing on the telly, stew aromas filling the house, and snow piling up outside! It doesn't get much better than this and I'm planning to finish it all off with some sketching this evening! Woohoo!

04-10-2005, 09:02 PM
Don't talk about food!! I've gained 8 lbs this last year. It's about 70 here & windy. We've had wind to take the hair off your head & blow you down the street (gusts up to 50 mph)! All the pollen & dust are giving me a headache & a runny nose. But it's mostly been sunny. The iris & snapdragons are blooming. I pruned my Mother's roses today. It's a little late but she doesn't do much yard work.
Our 20 yr old ADD son ran over a median last night turning left....may have totalled his car. He said "I just turned too wide.". Wouldn't you like to strangle them after you cry about them goofing up again. :rolleyes: About a week ago he backed up into a high curb with his bike on the back of the car & ruined the bike wheel. Thankfully he got a replacement for $10. I can't quite imagine a median totalling a car but they say it's a high one & his tires straddled it. How do you manage to get it in the right exact place to straddle it? Now we have to decide what we're going to do about him getting around to school & work. We let him take the Camry tonight telling him to drive like a Granny (like his MOther) because he won't get off 'til 11 or after. I think I'll be taking him to school for awhile until we figure out if it's getting repaired.

K Taylor-Green
04-10-2005, 10:45 PM
I don't suppose anyone wants to hear that it was in the 80's here in Southern Ohio. :evil: Very pleasant day for Megan's baby shower.

Deborah, Went back to the doctor this past Thursday. I was getting worse instead of better!! He diagnosed, you guessed it, bronchitis. After $80.00 more in prescriptions, including an inhaler that I hate , I may be back on the mend. I feel like a yo yo. But cough medicine with codeine insures a good night's sleep.

Cori, The baby is really getting big!! They grow so fast.

Tammy, I've gained weight, too. :( I hate it!! I mostly eat right, the occassional splurge. Guess it's all that hormone loss.