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04-02-2005, 11:13 PM
Posting this for particular critic, so if you're not that person, feel free to skip this. Thanks! :)

I hate the scan on this. It took ages to get it stitched together because both halves were skewed (no matter how I tried to line up the paper), and for some reason they were different sizes, too. That's never happened before. Colors are terrible, but that's normal for CP paper -- paper's too rough to scan properly. The door is ONLY Winsor violet (dioxazine) and some burnt sienna, but when I was fixing the levels, it went a bit blue! Oh, well

The birds aren't final yet, but that's where they will sit when I can fix them. I'm posting my sketchbook page, too, so you can see the process. The small brush I was using (a #2 from Cotman Field Kit) would not behave today -- would not hold enough paint to make even a short line. I thought the abstraction of the flying one was coming along nicely, except for that tiny problem. :rolleyes:

Since I can't see my screen from the room I paint in, I have to find my ref pics online, then do sketches (w/c pencils & Pentel Color Brush), then take the sketchbook page to the studio area to paint. Today, since the only flying sparrow I could find was oriented the wrong way round, I first had to switch peripherals to the offline PC to use PhotoShop to flip it, then back to online PC (which is the only one on which I can install the scanner -- the other has no USB port). Then back to offline PC to stitch scans together. So I'm feeling cranky.

But, maybe you can find something useful to say anyway? That would make all this hassle worth it. Thanks for looking, anyway. Days like this I really wonder if posting my work is worth even a fraction of my wasted time and effort and pain. :mad: Like painting, hate posting.

Oh, the painting is quarter-sheet (about 11"x15") and sketchbook page is about half that -- not that the page matters! The pigments are W/N; transparent yellow, Winsor green BS, Winsor blue RS (just a touch for turquoise, not on the door thing), and Winsor violet, with burnt sienna.

04-03-2005, 06:56 AM
I must be that particular critic. ;-) Well, anyway, I'm particular.
The color in this is quite nice. I like the unpredictable way you've approached an otherwise sentimental subject. One thing you might think of..all the points or shapes direct you to an empty place. Would be much more exciting if one of the birds were behind that middle shape..so that you only saw part of him. (larger and fainter)...Maybe a couple more parts of birds appearing in those blank stripes, as though a small flock were flying behind those shapes. Could be REALLY exciting. The color is really nice.
oh I said that. lol. :cat:

04-03-2005, 07:33 PM
Thanks, Bev! I'm delighted to have your critique! :)

Haven't quite decided whether the white shape is to remain empty. There are so many ways to go with that, but empty is certainly one strong candidate (tree is another). Still quite a long way to go on this, I think.

Thanks for the interesting idea re flock of birds, too! It's too late to use doves (white, has to be reserved from the beginning), but if I do another I will give that serious consideration. These are sparrows; if I figure out why I was not able to get that brush to make a line properly, I think I will add a couple more flying ones (progressively more abstracted). Should have more perching to sing, too. Might add some severely abstracted but reminiscent shapes in the triangular section above them, too. Not brown... maybe bs + transparent yellow, or a darker turquoise.

Glad you liked the colors (presumably from my description, since the scan is, imo, quite innaccurate). Thanks for looking and responding!

04-14-2005, 09:39 PM

04-17-2005, 11:28 PM
An update... Yeah, not much changed. Been working on Yupo experiments, and busy with other mess.
I'm not going to bother switching to my offline PC to PhotoShop (stick this together, fix bad scan, etc.). It's different IRL, obviously.

05-17-2005, 09:05 AM
Here are my poisonous little "Gossips." I think now I agree about the overly 'innocent' color of the napkin, so I put a little dull orange over the leftmost edge, just to see. After my usual bad scan of this, I darkened it about 15%, but really the orange is still a lot duller IRL. Oh, well. :D


I can see the back pear, though better, needs its center lifted up a bit. The background to the right needs another light (very light) yellow glaze to unify it, I think. I have no idea now how I feel about this. The table is far more blue than I intended (should I change that?). Maybe in a few days I'll catch sight of it and have a clue -- or someone help me out! Murray? Bev? Anyone?

05-17-2005, 10:28 AM
hey carol-the orange bothers me because of the diagonal lines going thru it.I think it would look better if you had them vertically placed.

The yupo work is looking good but I noticed you're painting on the front with the logo.....It's kind of distracting cuz I thought you painted a couple of little circles up there,but then realized it was the logo.I paint on the back of it....since it's the same surface on both sides....why not? ;)

That brownish glaze over muddies it up though I think...

05-17-2005, 10:55 AM
Hi Carol! I think your pears look nice and solid. The one farthest to the right needs a brown spot where it goes into the center on the bottom (I don't know what you call that area--opposite of the stem on the other side of the fruit).

The thing that bothers me the most about the composition though is that the bowl looks like it's going to fall off the table. The bottom of the bowl and the ellipse of the opening don't match up quite right. I used to draw pears all the time when I was into still lifes--they're a great "model".

The folds on the napkin work best on the ones in the far side of the bowl, I think I'd darken up the space between the 2 foremost pears a bit.

This is a nice still life overall. :wave:

05-17-2005, 06:41 PM
Hi, Dave & Anne!

Yeah, Dave, that brown glaze over the Yupo is actually not there at all! lol I don't know what happens when I scan things, but that was a Winsor green 'wash' (with a little Transparent/Hansa yellow added to the green) and that's how it came out. I've got it right here next to me, and it's almost entirely a speckled green, with small yellow-ochre looking specks. Great idea to use the back of the surface -- why didn't I think of that?! :rolleyes:

The pears (and apple, Anne, the subject of the gossip is a slightly blushing Granny Smith! :evil: -- but someone in w/c Gallery also thought it was an upside down pear with its calyx missing) had a light diagonal white & blue background originally, so I'm kinda stuck with the diagonals now (Winsor blue -- phthalo blue -- is slightly staining. *sigh* -- add irony label here ). I figure I'll crop it quite a lot, particularly on the left, if anyone ever wants it. Think that will help?

Thanks, Anne, I think you're right about the bowl. It now looks 'twisted,' somehow. :confused: I probably did something small but critical while painting it's shadow or painting around its base. This is really a very difficult bowl to draw -- actually a white, oval, china bowl. It's lovely, but so hard to get the changing curves right! I guess I'm done with this picture, on to the next. Next time I use this bowl I'm going to get the bowl right first, instead of diving into lovely fruit colors. :rolleyes:

Thanks, good people. :)

05-17-2005, 07:22 PM
Ah, a Granny Smith--OK, that's easy, put a stem on there and you're all set! I didn't realize this was on Yupo--I've only ever seen abstracts on Yupo--I imagine it would take a lot of skill to do a traditional work like this on Yupo--congrats!

Also, this is really, really good for working from life (it really is the best way to work). Cheers!