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03-26-2005, 08:44 PM
I am a newcomer to this excellent website, and not quite sure yet how everything works. So, bear with me, please, if I ask questions which have already been asked and answered.

I have a long experience in conducting regular art workshops around Australian high schools year 7 to 12, but I have no real experience in Artist-in-Residence (except for creating a mural with the kids at a primary school many years ago). After a successful workshop at a private college I was invited to do a two week residency there next year. I have accepted the invitation, but would like to have some information and ideas in order to make this residency successful. I would appreciate art teachers' comments as to what an ideal artist-in-residency would be, and what I am personally likely to experience during the residency. I would also appreciate comments from those artists who have gone through the experience.

I welcome any information - positive or negative - in this regard.