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12-10-2001, 11:55 AM
Alright, can I get a little input? This is a sketch and some composites of photo-references that I pasted together in Photoshop. It's a painting I want to do, titled:
"The willingness to embrace popular culture"

It all has a dark feeling here in the preliminary, but I'm toying with the idea of using softer and more "candy" colors. The little figures coming out of the "entertainment temple" are soft toys, robots and wind-up thingys. Any thoughts at all?

12-10-2001, 12:08 PM
yes, I'm diggin the concept for sure.

The male seems to have no place in the situation. Perhaps integrating him a bit differently, watching the girl or the tv perhaps, would put him more reasonably in the pic.

The 'glow' coming off the figures calls the mind back to the glow of the tv- excellent visual parallel there.

12-10-2001, 12:45 PM
thanks, Jasper.
I know what youb mean about the boy wonder there. There is a function he is supposed to serve, but at the risk of sounding flakey...I'm not sure what it is just yet. Honestly, I like the feel of this make-shift collage so much, I almost DON'T want to paint it, except that I guess i do. May just let this one stew in my head a bit longer.

12-10-2001, 01:11 PM
Isn't that "The Beav"? And I started hearing the Beach Boys' song, "In My Room." I was thinking he was lost in daydreams, and his room and those daydreams are what is depicted behind him.

I like it the way it is. Maybe just some very subtle touches of color here and there (but I can't say where). Maybe you could experiment in Photoshop, and post the results. But don't change this b&w version!


12-10-2001, 02:51 PM
Thanks, V...
Although it's not the actual "BEAV", it is a boy from that long gone era of innocence. Actually, when I first read your message, I thought you were referring to the female subject's genitals. Oops. I'm just a dork at heart, I guess.

12-16-2001, 10:08 PM
looks like the boy is daydreaming about the scene.

The toys marching into the womans vagina symbolize the acceptance???

having a vagina myself, seeing toys march toward it, as if into it (soft or not ;) ), bugs me a tad.

excellent work though.


12-19-2001, 02:11 AM
definitely a thought-provoking image.

is the kid daydreaming this scene? it seems like he is, or would be, but for some reason I feel like his eyes should be looking at her vagina. even as my eyes peruse the scene, they're always drawn back to her vagina. (why is that? because I don't have one, and I have a pulse.) you might want to take that into account, that the "natural" focus is going to be around this naked girl accepting, in the most fundamental and intimate of ways, the marching toys and the symbolism behind them... which I honestly just don't buy, really. a powerful image, for sure, but the statement ain't all there for me, ya know? almost too strong for the subject, but of course everybody has their own thoughts and perspectives on female genitalia and the symbolism therein.

I have to agree that I like it in b&w, mainly because most of the images in the pic are from the b&w era. and their "glow" matches that, as was mentioned earlier. the shading on the floor, specifically the "lit path" to her vagina-- subtle, and well done. do you get what I'm saying about the focus of the image being in a strange location? to me (and these are all, of course, my most humble opinions), it would seem that if she were seated in the 9 o'clock position (relative to the pic) that it would work a bit better for me-- hard to describe why, but her being at the far left, 8 o'clock position-- I dunno. it just "feels" better when I imagine her at the 9 o'clock position-- she'd be in a more natural "centerline focus" of the pic-- which isn't to say I think she should be dead-center, because that would be kinda ridiculous. off-center, yes, but on a centerline would appeal to me. and of course, the other elements would have to be shifted. perhaps adding a bit more depth-- more foreground-- to the bottom to "shift" her into the 9 o'clock. ya get what I'm saying?

also, I have a thing for brevity, so I'd probably foreshorten "The willingness to embrace popular culture." "embrace" doesn't quite seem like the right verb. (I'm not going to suggest alternative titles because you haven't solicited for any.)

I've just been thinking aloud (thought-provoking indeed!)-- I'm curious to see where you take this image! :D


an aside-- you make good use of Photoshop, for sure! if you're into it, have you seen this site? I think you'd get a kick out of it www.coudal.com/tennis.html

01-09-2002, 04:02 PM
What up.
Have been off-line for a few weeks, so I'm just playing catch-up here...

Thanks much for the input, Amy and Benjamin. This paticular piece has been placed on the back-burner for a spell, in favor of some pieces which will be of a more personal nature. I will, however, take into account all of the criticisms and observations y'all were so kind to give.

Just as a side note, I guess that the girl in the piece has connections to us, those on the recieving end of the media's transmission. The parting of her thighs, for me at least, is representational of letting the signal in, absorbing it without question or resistance. I know.... I'm trying not to throw vaginas around so carelessly.

And no, I haven't seen that site yet, Benjamin, but I do use PHOTOSHOP on an almost daily basis, so I'm on my way to check it out now!

01-10-2002, 04:25 AM
"I know.... I'm trying not to throw vaginas around so carelessly."