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12-09-2001, 05:07 PM
There are always funny aspects to working in printmaking. Share some of the experiences you have had.

About 5 yrs ago I was a student at Southwest Texas State U. The whole campus is built on hills, and of course the art building was on the top of one. There was a road crew working on doing some paving for a new road. A small group of us were sitting eating our lunch and watching them. An idea came to mind about putting our plates under a steam roller to print them out.

The next day we began planning what we wanted to do. All of us had old plates we had struck, so we started putting them together in a patchwork quilt type pattern. We adhered them to a half inch piece of plywood about 8x3' feet. Once we had it covered we got our brayers together along with enough ink to roll the giant plate out.

Earlier we had talked to the construction crew about what we had in mind and the foreman saw no harm in letting his steam roller driver take a pass or so over the plate. So we set up a time and place to do it.

Word got around to other students and of course the profs knew about the project. The day we did the printing was a spectical that brought people coming over to see what was going on.

We inked and wiped the giant plate on our knees, and it took 9 of us to do it in a period of 30 minutes. I guess we looked pretty funny to everyone.

The print was made on a roll of Arches 300lb paper. We all were armed with spritz bottles to moisten the paper. Since we didn't want to lay it on the road or the grass we had people hold it up while we sprayed. In after thought I wish we had used water colored with ink to spray the paper. That would have given us a really psychedelic feel. But, as we hoped the print came out beautifully, and we had a great time doing that project. Each and everyone of us were given A's for the semester too:D

12-09-2001, 05:38 PM
That's a pretty monumental print!

What became of the print and do you have a photo of it?


12-09-2001, 09:42 PM
The print we donated to the school archives. It hung in the gallery for most of the semester. We had a huge main room in the library, and one smaller room for one person shows or installation pieces.

I have a bunch of pictures of it and all of us working on it. Problem is I have no idea of where I put them. I'm still not unpacked from moving here 2 yrs ago.....lol Soon as I find them I will post them.

12-10-2001, 08:07 AM
That was a great story Sassy :)

Mine is from helping out a teacher in her second grade class.
I had come into her class to show her kids how to make a mono print.
We were making Holiday Greeting cards so everyone was in a festive mood.
Near the end of our project the principal came by to see our masterpieces.
One little girl who had decided to have a go at "hand" printing gave the principal a big old hug when he entered the room.
Although she didn't mean to she left him with a handprint on his butt.
There were quite a few chuckles when he left the room.

12-10-2001, 12:05 PM
Originally posted by leaflin
That was a great story Sassy :)

Although she didn't mean to she left him with a handprint on his butt.
There were quite a few chuckles when he left the room.

That is too funny:clap: I love working with kids in art. They have so much fun, and they don't let any of the social issues or pressures inhibit them. I have strived to keep myself young in that respect.

12-10-2001, 01:14 PM
Kid are a lot of fun to work with. I did some programs for the girls in the Boys and Girls Clubs here years ago, and I worked as a field exec for Girls Scouts for years. Linocut was always a big hit with the kids at ssummer camping programs. I sure wish they'd have had that soft-cut stuff back then. :)

I took a bunch of city kids camping once and I did linocuts with them. One of the girls did a bunch a spiders on her lino and when I asked what it was (I couldn't tell) she told it it was all the 'mother******** spiders' that were in her 'mother******** tent!!' I had a lot of trouble keeping my composure with that one! :rolleyes:


12-10-2001, 07:49 PM

Kids really are fun to work with and it gives the teacher a much needed break.
I don't help out much now as both of my girls have long since graduated from highschool.

Printmaking was always an easy, fun project that sparked some wonderful creativity.

Another one I did was to give each child a full piece of fine toothed sandpaper and a box of crayons.
They would draw and colour their design on the sandpaper then we would take their design and iron/print it onto a piece of fabric and they would have a banner for their room.
That was always a winner :)