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12-09-2001, 01:00 PM
Wow! I go away for a week (laptop broken) and the printmaking forum appears!!!!! Yeeeeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well then, we'll just have to see what we've got here, won't we? So everyone, what types of printmaking have you done/tried/want to try? (not limiting the group here, just would love to see the variety)

As for me, mainly monoprints. I paint on glass/plastic and take the impression. I take single prints from drypoint plates, etching plates and collograph plates too. Sometimes I take a single impression of a plate onto a monoprint taken from glass. :) I do bits of lino too but don't really like it much anymore and tend to combine it with other mediums instead (like doing a block print within an oil painting).


12-09-2001, 02:13 PM
Nice surprise to come back to, huh Tina? :D

I accidentally ordered a printmaking book from North Light and being a book nut, I didn't return it, but started reading it. It looked like a great new way for me to create, so...! I started out with linocut. I already had most of the tools, from working with the Girl Scouts, years ago. Next was woodcut, but I haven't done much there -- to hard -- maybe I need softer wood.
Then I bought all the stuff for silkscreen. I'm plating with the photo emulsion thing now.

Then ( a couple of weeks ago) hubby got me a small etching press (10 1/2 x 16 1/2 bed) as an early Christmas gift!!! It came with a book on monotype and a set of monotype paints and a couple of plastic plates. That really kicked me into high gear.

So right now I'm focusing on the monotype process. The possibilities are just endless!! :D

I just ordered a couple of solarplates to try etching with. I'll start in a printmaking class in January. I don't really want to mess with any of the chemicals until then.

This is gonna be a great forum! :clap:


12-09-2001, 03:35 PM
Intaglio is my first love in printmaking. I work with copper plates although zinc, brass and steel are preferences to some intaglio artists. Intaglio allows me to work many techniques from aqua tint, hard ground, soft ground white ground, dry point, and combine any of the above to create an image. For some it is too tedious with all the steps, but I enjoy pulling a print after each step to check the growth of the image, and where I may want to change or enhance certain areas. I've learned some non toxic methods to clean plates, and ferric cloride is one of the least toxic chemicals for biting the plates.

Linoleum is my next favorite technique because I can print in black then go back and hand color for a nice varied edition of the image. Or, I can do a monotype with watercolor then print over it.
But, one of my favorite things about doing linoleum is doing the reduction technique. I have worked up to 6 colors, but going beyond that can give you the orange peel problem in the ink.

These are the two techniques that I use the most, but monoprints and collographs are a lot of fun also. I do them to break the tedium of intaglio and linoleum, or to give me a more painterly outlet in printmaking.

Lithographs I did in college because I HAD to for the major requirement. The imagry that can be brought about is nice, but the chemicals, sanding down of the stones etc was just too much for me to handle. I am leary of working with too many toxic chemicals, and in lithography there are a lot of them.

Serigraphs can be fun, but the physical motions bother me, and I am not able to do much of it. That is a fun technique though, and I have seen some wild art come off a persons screen at school.

12-10-2001, 07:51 AM
I have very little experience in printmaking.
Took two semesters in college and really enjoyed it.
But that was sooooo long ago :)
One thing I have done with printmaking over the years is to go into schools and show kids how to do a simple mono print using styrofoam meat trays and pencils.
It is always a hit and you get lots of hugs :D

12-11-2001, 01:48 PM
So far I've tried several varieties of printing (back in school).
On my own, I just picked up linoleum at the end of last year again on a whim and since then have tried the easy cut stuff too. I've tried a bit of monoprinting though admittedly I'm leaning towards the cutting. I haven't done much so I'm excited about this forum as I see picking up tips and motivation will happen.
My mom has been a professional fine artist almost all my life and she does predominantly etching on zinc, she's done mezzotints and some other techniques. Ironically we've discussed finishing my education in that area (you can imagine the hours of watching and helping though I've done little on my own) though the press is ever a consideration (hers are in a different state than I live). So hopefully it will all find a way to happen and now there's a forum to show the progress!
I love printing for the technique and the different thought process/approach to creating an image. It's a great challenge to make an idea work in a print (for me anyways, as opposed to oil or other painting media) considering the compositional elements, color application and other special material specific concerns.
I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from everyone.:D

12-11-2001, 02:21 PM

If I had known about the small presses like Gisela bought I would more than likely have bought one of those to start with. But, I didn't know, and my husband ended up shelling out nearly 3K for one 6 months ago and it hasn't arrived yet.

There are other ways to print without a press as you have seen people share here in the forum. One other way is to set up a system of two boards and run a car wheel over it. I've had some pretty good success with this in the past.

I'm glad to see you coming into this forum. You have some very good insight, and I enjoy reading your posts. Let your work develop in its own right. I had an uncle that was a film maker and still photographer. He always encouraged my endeavors with my art, but still would have liked to have seen me go into his field. It just wasn't something that spoke to me even though I loved the work he produced. So, even though your mom has talked to you about pursuing your education in this field remember that what speaks to her is not necessarily speaking to you. We all have our own little muse that whispers in our ear when we see something that translates into art for us. Listen, enjoy and go for what makes you happy.

12-11-2001, 02:42 PM
Eloquently put and good words for anyone.
I actually approached her about rounding out my etching experience, she's been very 'mellow' making sure not to pressure me. I do think that artistic autonomy is why I persued paint AND it talks to me. Printing is, as I said before, a media where things can be spoken, ideas may be conveyed that would be hard if not impossible translated to other media. I'm sincerely looking forward to seeing where it takes me and I can take it. At the very least I'll see if traditional etching methods (with the acid et al) is a direction in which I'd like to go. I'll be sharing the experience with you all too.
thanks again for the encouragement and the tip about the car! Maybe I'll try that before my mom arrives, she's going to bring a portable press though she's likely to take it back with her when she goes:crying:
I hope your press comes, that's horrible that it's taking so long. I was actually wondering about that since I recall you posting about it a while back. Good Luck, maybe it'll arrive for X-mas!

12-11-2001, 02:58 PM
Hi tina

A few years back, I did a screenprinting course so have little knowledge of that, and whilst I was life modelling in Aberdeen I had a go at some ecthing but didn't make any prints, not sure if I still have the metal sheets. I've also cut some lino but again I didn't print.

But, in saying all that, I have been looking at a site in the UK here for screenprinting materials, hopefully in the near future I'll get the equipment to work in the home - just need to persuade the wife lol, I've been kind of half pestering for over the last year lol.

Since finding wetcanvas, I've been greatly inspired in that I've done 3 oil postcards, with a fourth nearly finished, for the postcard project. I've got that start or kick that I needed to get going.

So my main printmaking equipment used would be the screen printing :D


12-11-2001, 04:00 PM
I like Zotma's comment about trying monoprinting but liking cutting better. It's a distinction I see in lots of the printmakers I've worked with in our gallery here. Some like the carving, sculpting type of printing (lino and collograph, with intaglio falling into this category for me - very sculptural to me with it's methods) and others the painting type of printing. I consider myself a painter more than anything else and like monoprinting because to me it's just like painting but more immediate. Funny. :) Does anyone else feel this way?


12-13-2001, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by timelady
I like Zotma's comment about trying monoprinting but liking cutting better. It's a distinction I see in lots of the printmakers I've worked with in our gallery here...I consider myself a painter more than anything else and like monoprinting because to me it's just like painting but more immediate. Funny. :) Does anyone else feel this way?


I find that some days, ( :evil: ) the cutting is very satisfying. It calms me down.
I like everything I've tried so far. I really love monotype and sometimes do several similar images. The little differences in developing the painting can make such a hugh difference in the final print! Love it!