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02-27-2005, 07:31 AM
This is the first time I have EVER enlarged a PA into a studio piece. I guess I usually thought I never had a PA worthy of enlarging LOL The PA's I liked I liked just the size they were and the others ...weeeeell they collected dust :D But I've really lost the zeal to stand out in the cold and paint, been there done that, this winter so I decided to try to find one PA I did that I at least thought had potential to go larger. "Bing" the lightbulb goes on....I just realized why PA's are so important.....my PA took me back to the August day I painted this....I remembered it so vividly the studio piece was a snap to paint. Now I look at my PA work differently...what few things are working? keep that feel in the studio piece and you have a chance to improve anything that's not working in the PA. I remember Nancy saying that after reading Macpherson's book she looked at her PA's as information gathering...not finished pieces(if one turns out that way, fine, all the better) but yes I see that now...gathering information about a scene that you could, if you wanted to, turn into a larger piece!! (forgive me I'm slow about these things sometimes :rolleyes: ) So this piece was done in August...just as a bit of fall color is becoming visible in the landscape, it was warm that morning but you could feel the breeze was cool you knew summer was ending. A bit of haze in the air typical for New England summer. Now you'll laugh as to where I painted this...this is the old town dump LOL it hasn't been used in more than 40 years and nature has reclaimed the land...it is now a favorite haunt of deer, wild turkey, coyote and hawk. It's fenced in now and yes I had to climb through an opening in the fencing :evil: :evil: :evil: . This is a warm painting but maybe too yellow in the jpeg some of the blues and purples in the shadow are are not showing here...just use your imagination LOL.


first the 8x10 PA oil/canvas

then the 18x24 studio version oil/canvas

C&C Wanted for this first studio from PA experiment

02-27-2005, 05:26 PM
I've tweaked this a bit and got a better jpeg I think...here's what might be the final version...though C&C is still very welcome

Katherine T
02-28-2005, 10:36 AM
Well I think you've just proved the point of why it's worth doing studio pieces from 'plein air' studies. :clap: I do vey much like the second piece - but I think I like the colour balance better in the original 'plein air' work. I'm wondering whether the golden rod in the foreground is maybe a bit too lemony in the studio version?

Did you take photos as well and/or do any alternative thumbnail sketches when you produced your original?

I also have no difficulty whatsoever in being transported back to the day I did the original - and actually that's one of the really good reasons for saving the sunny ones up for the winter months - all that mental sunshine does me a power of good! :D


03-04-2005, 05:52 PM
Yes, I agree about the "lemony"effect here some of that is bad photo color in the jpeg, but I did go back and tweak the color a bit thanks for pointing that out it was a good observation. I usually don't take photos..because I usually forget the camera :D when I CAN remember I do take a few photos. As to doing multiplt thumbnails I guess it depends on the subject...but usually I don't take the time to do that. Most of the places I paint are close to home so if the composition doesn't really work well in a pieceI just go back and take a crack at it again.

You are sooooo right about painting summer scenes in winter for "mental sunshine"!!