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12-07-2001, 10:59 PM
We've just rolled out a completely new reference image library. :)

A few notes:

This is new, so there may still be bugs - let me know!
You can now rate images (if you feel the need), and you can also now provide comments on images in the archive (a cool feature).
There are public categories of images (the ones we had before, of course, like landscapes, the virtual museum categories, getaway photos, etc.), as well as now special areas for each member. When uploading an image, you can specify which category to upload to - if you don't want to put it into a category, just select the "member's" area (or whatever I called it) from the list of categories. That will put it in your own little member album.
Logins to the reference image library are now tied to the forums. If you are logged in to the forums, you don't need to log in again. :) This will soon be a feature of the project system, publisher, etc., FWIW.
All of the old reference images have been moved to the new system. However, the old system didn't keep track of which member uploaded which images (grrrrr!). So, all the old images are "owned" by a fictitious member called "None".
You can search for images by keyword or by the username (member name) of the person who uploaded it. Note that the old system did a horrible job of tracking keywords - the images currently in the new system don't have any keywords, so you likely won't find much if you search - lol. Just browse around.
You can also now upload images as big as you'd like - the new system will automatically make the thumbnails for you, and if your image is big enough, will even generate a "medium-sized" version, giving you up to 3 levels of images to view. :)
The simulation options are still there (impressionism, pointillism, etc.) And I've added a couple of new ones (charcoal drawing and monochrome).
Tons more stuff - too much to list here - just go look!

Oh, and if you have a suggestion for a category, or have other comments, post in the following thread in the Site Discussions forum:


Here is a shortcut to the new library, or just pull down from the Community navigation bar at the top of this page: