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12-03-2001, 01:31 PM

After reading many of your comments in various threads here, I decided to give Yahoo Auction a try... The link to my very first auction submission is above. Your comments on some decisions I made would be most helpful for future listings:
> Skip direct pay feature... There was so much fine print, I decided to pass on this and take my chances with "Accepts Checks" instead... This will probably discourage some from bidding, and increase my exposure to bad checks, but this is a test after all!
> Fair pricing... I realize that most paintings sell for far less than my opening bid, but I felt it was important to price according to my local market value...
> $1.00/day placement fee... This seemed to give my work first-page status so far (first hour!)...
> Inclusion of website address in the description... This seemed a good way to offer buyers more info about me and my work as well as additional hit for my site!

One question I have regards state sales tax... Is there any for Internet sales?

12-03-2001, 01:50 PM
My practice is to set the minimum bid as the lowest price I'd be willing to take if there was only one bidder (in my case there is usually only one bidder). So that may be high depending on the painting. I don't like reserves because they put me off as a buyer. IMHO. :)


12-04-2001, 10:31 AM
Hi Jeanine,

Yes there is sales tax for buyers who are residents from your state, at least that's how it is in my state, North Carolina; several states are trying to pass laws to collect sales tax on internet purchases even for residents OUTSIDE of the state! North Carolina on personal income tax returns wants taxpayers voluntarily to list ALL internet purchases, from ALL states and pay 6.5% NC Sales Tax on those purchases!

Also, about that $1.00 per day feature, if you visit the yahoo auction home page, go above and find the link to the auction community board, some sellers have pointed out that you do not have to pay the $1.00 per day, that there are other options that will put you on those pages for as little as 10 to 30 cents extra per day. There are good tips in there as to your profile page, there is a button to click that allows your auctions to be seen when you visit the community boards; lots of sellers buy from each other and the same is true of ebay. I've watched yahoos art lists grow from only 400 + to over 700+ so listings are definitely growing at yahoo. I have 4 listings on ebay right now with no bids, and plan to list on yahoo real soon.

It takes about a week to get a PayDirect account fully confirmed and set up. They confirm your credit card and email addy, then they your bank account with 2 tiny deposits and the date, then (unlike paypal and billpoint), they send a letter to your home address with a code for you to confirm that address, then you are able to fund your paydirect account with either your credit card or your checking account. I've used it already to pay for a yahoo purchase.

Please keep us posted as to how your listings do on yahoo. I will go check your link out right now.


12-05-2001, 11:01 PM
Hi Jeanine, your listing looks just fine. I hope it goes well for you. I, like Tina, believe in setting the minimum bid at the lowest that I would be willing to accept for that painting and to have no reserve price. I also usually get only one bidder. On a couple of occasions, I had 2 bidders battling it out but the price rose only by a few dollars. I am thinking of doing the low opening bid with a reserve thing as a experiment. I haven't listed on Yahoo yet, only on Ebay. But frankly right now, I am finding that the number of hits is very low. The AFA's get a lot more hits than the others. It's a bit disconcerting since this is supposed to be the best time of year for sales.

As to prices generally, I find that the prices that people seem to be willing to pay are terribly low. Much less than they are worth really. For me, I've been getting rid of pieces I've had for a while or some really quick little pieces, so I don't mind. But each time I try to list some pieces for a little bit more, as I have on right now, I don't seem to get the bids. I have a buyer who has bought 5 pieces from me so far and he tells me he loves my work, but he has never paid more than $20 for a painting. He does not bid when my price is above that.

So what's the answer? I think possibly the answer is to do some quick pieces specifically for internet sale and then it's OK to keep the price low.

Good luck on your auction.

12-06-2001, 12:09 AM
Originally posted by Sumafra
So what's the answer? I think possibly the answer is to do some quick pieces specifically for internet sale and then it's OK to keep the price low.

This is what I'm doing and it seems to be working well so far. =)

12-06-2001, 01:17 AM
Just as an added note:

You can take PayPal and BillPoint (ebay payments) at Yahoo from buyers. My painting I sold at Yahoo, the buyer also buys at ebay and wanted to use BillPoint so I sent an invoice from the billpoint site and it was no problem.

You can also put a link to your ebay feedback in your description on Yahoo (they don't mind links...yet) if you want to let buyers there know that you are already established at ebay. Links to your website are good too.

I don't use a reserve with my auctions. I list at the lowest possible price I would take if it sold to one bidder. I listed at $1 once to see what would happen and fortunately the painting made it to a reasonable amount...but it was nerve-wracking! Bids only increase by 50 cents when you start out that low!

12-06-2001, 09:26 AM
Thank you all so much! I have had 86 views in 3 days, and no bids yet! Your valuable comments will help me in my next attempt which will probably be an oil I can part with at a lower price (around $150) with no reserve... Worst case scenario, I gain exposure for my work and my website!