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02-10-2005, 10:57 AM


Title: Cavalier Puppies
Year Created: 2005
Medium: Oil
Surface: Canvas
Dimension: 11 x 14
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

Having just starting painting, this is my 2nd one.
This I started in Early December, and it's still a work in process.

Being just a beginner at this, I'm having problems with a few area's, and would appreciate any direction or links to tutorials. Mainly, I'm having issues with the white fur on both the face and body. It has so many tones and shadows, it kind of confuses me where or how to begin.
As you can see from the painted picture, I haven't even attempted major work on the bodies yet, because I want some idea on how to approach this. Any other constructive critisism would most be appreciated. My goal is to make it a "little" more realistic.

Note: I have attached the fur of the picture I have been using to paint this picture so you can see what I'm trying to achieve.

02-10-2005, 02:49 PM
A beginner! This is looking VERY good!
I found this article for you

that may answer some of your questions about painting fur.
Post again and let's see the progress!

02-10-2005, 03:18 PM
Thank you so much cyberbabe. I'm going to print this off and try my luck.
I tried after I posted this message, but I guess I'm a little impatient, and working with oils, one must be VERY patient and let it dry before continuing the next layer. lol
I'll probably try to fix it with the documentation you gave me.
There's still alot I have to learn yet, and which brushes to use when is one of them as well. I guess only time will gain me the experience I need, but in the meantime, I'm having fun and that's what counts right? ;-)
Once again, Thanks for the link to that tutorial.

02-11-2005, 05:56 AM
that basket finally made sense
I see their fluffy legs emerging
and turning to the painting above.

02-13-2005, 01:15 AM
Hi, and welcome!

Beginner or not, that's a great start you have there.

I suspect the issue you may have here, though, is not so much "how do I paint fur?" as "how do I paint white?" - people look at white objects, and reach for the tube of white paint :)

for example - here's a white cup I've just photographed:


but if we have a look at it by sampling the colours in different areas, they mostly turn out to be a surprisingly long way from white! - and these are the colours you'd need to mix on your palette to paint it! (True white in the top spot on each side).


Hope this helps.


02-17-2005, 08:47 AM
"Brilliant". Thanks for pointing that out. You gave me the idea of using my computer to find out what the colours were. You are right to say the first thing people do is reach for a tube of white paint. I've since picked up a book, and following a "masters" steps in doing wildlife. White wolves is what I'm doing, so that should also give me an insight. This project is going to take me some time, but I'm in no rush. I'm going to snap pictures in different stages, and if all works well I'll post on the process I went through.
Once again, thanks for giving me the idea of using my computer to find out the colours I would need. Sometimes one goes colour blind and only see's black and white! ;-)

02-28-2005, 11:06 PM
I am not an oil artist at all but my mum dabbles and one thought that came to mind in doing the fur was to use texture. Build up your oil, use a spatula.
Or even experiment with a fan brush.

I think they are coming on very well.