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12-02-2001, 02:55 PM
I am needing to clean house in my inbox, it is loaded with auction notifications, customer replies etc. I hesitate to delete some things because I may need them later... so my email is slow to load because I have so much stuff in it. I have organized it to a certain extent with creating folders for customers, commissions etc. Anyone have a routine they follow that keeps the inbox tidy?


12-02-2001, 09:53 PM
sigh... I wish I knew. I do as you do yet it is still full. The best I can do is compact them all.

12-03-2001, 01:43 PM
Well, as most of my customers are eBay it's very simple - I delete all notices and emails after the item is received on the other end and feedback left. In general I go through once a month and get all the email addresses into my address book for my distribution list. If you want to keep other info, such as what they bought and when, there are usually tons of extra fields in email address book entries.

Snail mail address and purchase history is all stored in my carbon-copy receipt book. That includes ebay people since I send them the white copy of the receipt too. :)


12-04-2001, 11:06 AM
It may depend a lot on which email program you use as to how you can do things -- I use Netscape Messenger. I have TONS of folders AND folders in folders -- its actually my FOLDERS that get out of hand not my messages! LOL

I have over 8+ different emails to keep track of. ie. for fine art, for graphics business, for clubs, for stock photography, etc. Plus different versions of those emails like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] I've set filters for each incoming message so it automatically goes into the right folder. Then I have folders IN the folders to separate messages into things like 'orders', 'drawing entries', trade links, etc. The filters I set up do a lot of this sorting automatically.

I also have special folders for people I talk with a lot -- my mom, my sister, etc. When an email comes in from "their" address, its automatically put into their folder NOT the inbox.

I also have TONS of filters set to catch Junk and Spam mail so it goes directly into the trash. I get from 30-50 messaged a day (most of it trash of course) but setting up auto filters is the only way to keep things under control. Even then its difficult since I have a hard time throwing away ANY message except junk mail.

At this moment I have 23 messages in my inbox and 60+ folders with 4000+ saved messages sorted! See -- I told you I don't like throwing messages away :p

12-05-2001, 10:46 PM
I have set up folders for certain things like my Ebay notifications. Once an item is sold, I delete the entries. I always record my buyers' email and mailing address in my address book so deleting the entries after the sale is complete doesn't affect anything. I have set up a folder called 'keepers' where I put things I want to hang on to for a while. I only leave messages in my inbox that I want to deal with, as a reminder. I regularly and ruthlessly delete mostly everything in my inbox and my 'sent' folders. It's the only way to keep it in control.

Something else I do is to 'block' senders who send me junk. That's a great feature in Outlook Express. When I get junk, I block the sender and all future emails from this sender go directly to the 'deleted' folder. I don't even see them. :cat:

12-06-2001, 01:08 AM
I use Outlook Express also. The features for sorting into folders really help a lot with business and personal. I clean out my inbox everyday! but most everything I want to keep is already sorted into folders. I don't keep all the emails from ebay! I delete the daily notices when I get them (that info is on your site already)...I delete bid notices, etc...you can keep up with all that info at the site.

Emails from bidders I keep for a month after the transaction is complete...then they all get deleted also. I keep them for awhile in case there is some problem or a client decides to return the painting. All the mailing info and notes about the transaction are already stored in a notebook file, so I don't need that anymore either. My notebook file serves as my business expenses for taxes, too. I print out copies of PayPal and Billpoint accounts once a month and add these to my notebook. My monthly account with ebay is printed out too...so I know how much my fees have been.