View Full Version : My ra(ai(ai))ainbow is long overdue .....

02-01-2005, 09:33 PM

Title: My ra(ai(ai))ainbow is long overdue .....
Year Created: 2005
Medium: Oil
Surface: Paper
Dimension: 17 x 14
Allow digital alterations?: No, please :)

It's a painting.


02-01-2005, 09:39 PM
The longer I look the more I see. The shapes form and then my brain plugs in what I already know. The abstract became the sheltering tree, became the troll in the wood, the soldier in camo, the ancient patiently waiting.
Tam do you get these vidid colors with oil? Even on my terrible monitor here at home they glow. Can't wait to get to work tomorrow and see it on a good screen :p

02-01-2005, 09:52 PM
So much to see indeed. Lion, giraffe, lady kneeling with a bouquet under a tree. Beautiful colours, so vibrant. Like sunrays all over the painting.

Linda :wave:

02-01-2005, 09:59 PM
Tam-Tam du Mont-royal !!

Nice nice solitude...

It`s really amazing to see you use the paper the way you use it....fragile, but nice. And with paper only could you have those effect of " transparence ".
I wouldn`t want to be the one that makes your " manucure " :D ( scratching )
Bravo. I really like those blue-green. Intensivelly emotive (?)

Sheltering under a tree........

That`s how I see it

That`s how I like it


02-01-2005, 10:25 PM
GEEEEZ! is this powerful or what!!! Tammy, beautiful like everthing else you do! :clap:

02-02-2005, 12:53 AM
great. great!
to me this is true abstraction. when my eye doesnt put the shapes and colours together at first..they just make sense..and then i see. and i see more. and it is interesting this play. this push and pull of senses and shapes. you are going places..each painting is unique and fresh. great sense of color.

02-02-2005, 03:14 AM
Cant stop looking and loving! That green in the figure is smashing! Fluorescent!

02-02-2005, 03:28 AM
I see gecko green and serpentine red and ......... so.......... :clap: translucent
Cheers Kim

02-02-2005, 04:56 AM
Ah..the green/blue
and the red scratchy

This reallly reminds me of an antique Tibetan cupboard.
Way..way out on my budget (or maybe anyone's budget), maybe it should have stayed where it came from..........
So many times I have passed that shop and I only have a look to inhale the patina.......

Caroline ;)

Wayne Gaudon
02-02-2005, 07:12 AM
beauty ..
an old Indian kneeling and kindling the file while a giant totem sticks it's tounge out to protect him from the ice rain. :clap:

02-02-2005, 12:35 PM
......an armoured knight looking over his shoulder ......... for his horse ?
Very direct focal to the figure .........

02-02-2005, 01:06 PM
An interesting textural journey, and is certainly a brilliant union of complimenary and secondary colors. But the shapes don't congeal in my mind. It doesn't read for me.

To each there own.


02-02-2005, 06:54 PM
this rainbow sparkles
and is delivered by a handsome knight
in the night
oh my, Oh shoot...
I have to run...

love it!

02-02-2005, 08:52 PM
Tam... I have been wondering all day, ALL DAY why I think "toad" as soon as I look at this...
maybe it's because there is a prince?
Or maybe I just don't sleep enough, LOL.
But I have tried it about five or six times, and "bang", the second I look at it... I think "toad". Even though I don't see one.

About what I see... this time it's the red and yellow that catches my eye. I can't stop looking at those glowing colors.
Very strange how, when I look for what I actually "see", it seems a bit sad, while when I look at what I feel, it feels warm and safe and happy.
Almost like... the more I focus, the less I see, and vice versa.

I think I have not figured it out yet, for me... but I will!

I like it, a lot.


02-03-2005, 09:11 AM
Hi guys!! And thank you for all the wonderful responses, encouragement, support et al!!! :wave:

Kathleen; Thank you for seeing so much; always loved your imagination!! Yes, they're oil. But, I'm not certain if the colors are really vivid or if it's the contrast of colors that makes some seem more vibrant? Or...it could be the heavy use of florescent lighting I'm playing around with while photographing indoors!!! :cool:

Linda; Thank you!! Sunrays all over is perfect!!! Means the sun's fixing to come out and you know what THAT MEANS?! Rainbow. ;) "Can't rain all the time."

Daniel; Thank you muchly for those words! I LOVE paper - never did handle canvas too well except when I REALLY feel led. Though, I'm working on some supports to place behind them to alleviate the trampoline effect. We'll see how that goes. Nothing like a big ole' tree for sheltering, is there? ;)

Miss Debbi C; THANK YOU for those beautiful words and the standing ovation! Appreciate you, as always. :)

Katelyn; What a wonderful critique!! And so hopeful of the future as well! :) Appreciate you taking the time to look and say - when dealing with an audience, you get some and you miss some; it's what it's all about, I believe. Nice to know I got this one with you. Means a lot to me. :)

Lisa!! Look and Love all you want!!! :D Thank you so much for those words!!!

Kim! Thank you for the standing ovation!!! And for the wonderful words. Means a great deal. :)

Caroline! Thank you!! What a lovely comparision! Yes, those cupboards are lovely indeed. But I never stopped to price them!!! Appreciate you looking and saying. :)

Wayne! Whoo hooo another standing ovation!! And the word beauty!! Can't beat that one!! I like what you see and appreciate you saying. :)

Madame!! Thank you for seeing a fairytale in her!! Always love to read your words. :D

*always says it's too long*
*continued down there*

02-03-2005, 09:12 AM
*welcome to down (though really up) here*

Andrew; Thank you taking the time to note the colors even if the shapes didn't do it for you! Also appreciate your honesty. Isn't it a good thing that to each is THEIR own?! What a boring and mundane (and expected) place the world would be. :)

Gini!! Thank you for those wonderful words. I see that you saw along the lines as Madame!!! Would like to hear your history one day (BOTH of you!!). :cool: !!!

Claudia!! Toad is good!! I like it when you see "your" prince ;) in my paintings. And only waiting for that kiss! :D As far as figuring it out, maybe it's still dark from the storm clouds and the sun just hasn't come out yet so you can see? ;) "Can't rain all the time." :cool:

Thanks again, everyone, for your wonderful suggests/support. Appreciated greatly. :)

chammi kaiser
02-03-2005, 01:42 PM
:wave: You have a way of hiding these mystical figures behine a veil of colour. I love it. To me it looks like a Viking Princess in a cave awaiting her lover!! Chammi

02-04-2005, 03:00 AM
I like it, it reminds me of weathered corduroy. It's a palette that never looks good to me when I use it, but looks good when some others do, as here. (I hate that!) :clap: