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01-17-2005, 06:33 AM
First Oil Painting - "Fallen" WIP Need Help!


Hi there. I havn't posted on wetcanvas for awhile. I have been visiting, but havn't done too many projects recently. This last christmas I got a set of Water Based Oils Paints by Winsor & Newton. I've worked with Winsor & Newton Acrylics, but none of the oil products. I Decided I would do a painting based off sketches I had been doing on and off for about a month leading to christmas of a Fallen Angel. I'd first off like to thank wetcanvas, and more specifically Byron Pickering for his helpful break waves tutorial, it came in very handy for attempting my own ocean. I submitted this pict of it. I've still alot to do with it. mostly doing under coats on the actual angel and then adding the blanket/towel she has on top to get the transparent effect. I'd like any and all constructive crit I can get about the piece. Especially the sky, cause it's really bugging me alot. looking forward to everyones opinions!


01-21-2005, 12:52 PM
Hey wow it stopped snowing here or being cloudy finally, so I took advantage of it by taking some pictures of my painting without a flash. I havn't done anything with the sky or water other then start adding sand on the edge of the painting. I've mostly started adding more tones into the skin of the angel, and started base layers for the head and face. I've also added alot more layers to the towel/blanket the angel is holding. Here are a couple pictures. I also put some on my site for larger fews for the time being.


01-21-2005, 01:08 PM
Hi Dalamar, I think it is coming on magnificently. Very interesting composition.
Your water and waves are super. I took saw Byron Pickering helpful break waves tutorial, its excellent and we can really see the great tips and knowledge your learned in creating your own ocean...
Work on angel is looking great. Watching closely ;)