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01-05-2005, 08:25 AM
If a picture is worth a thousand words; why is it that after I am finished working with an idea...I have absolutely nothing to say about it? Sure, I have a web site and it is populated with a vast assortment of images...but there are few words if any with them.

And sooooooooo...I have enlisted the help of a song writer...a country western song writer (go figure). The price was right, he just happens to be a my third cousin, twice removed by marriage (we are related somehow) and he likes my work. So, I asked him if we could work together on a few images.

The first we did took little effort, he sent me a song and I immediately knew which image fit the song. That effort can be seen here (http://www.woof-a-doof.com/Terry%20Lee%20Reid.htm).

Then he sent me 5 songs to work with, of which I chose "A Song for Three Old Girls". Showing the images I conjoured up without showing the song wouldnt seem right, so here it is:


A song for three old girls who are the best of friends
they go out an line dance almost every song on the
weekends from the trashie lady to the electric slide
they go on the dance floor clear in the back by the
band and try to hide, from the wild wild west to the
10 step they know all the rest-------------.

A song for three old girls dancin a 2 step or waltz
with three old husbands, their all the best of friends
From song to song an set to set, with the watermelon
crawl there all set for the next dance hopin for a tush
push or a skiebumpis they know them all thats why
I write this A song for three old girls most of all.


A song for three old girls who are the best of friends
an they say we smell good an we look fine even
without your teeth I'll make you mine-----------

A song for three old girls who are the best of friends
they are all a little older since they begain one taught
the other two since they begain from dance club to
dance club we all became friends, doing our line
dances with friends who care about one another this
is A song------for three--------old girls-----------.

And now a lil about the images. The blue one was done in Bryce, the models were created in Poser. The other one was done in Vue 4, and the model was also done in Poser.

Whelp, time for work. If ya read this far, I appreciate your patience and I also appreciate ya taking a peep and seeing what I been up to of late! :wave:

01-08-2005, 01:22 AM
I find the dynamic, the movement of the images fantastic! :clap: :clap: :clap: :cool: i like a lot the composition. You can "feel" the music these old girls are dancing. I like the first image, i feel it needs a bit more working with transparencies to become a reaaally good piece of art.

01-08-2005, 07:18 AM
Yako---Thank you for taking the time to comment. I forgeot to mention that these pieces were "rough drafts" and as such I was phishing for commments like yours re: " working with the transperancies"

Along those lines I suppose I could tweak the materials a lil bit and I would also like to see then a lil more distant (not much) from each other.

Any other suggerstions? An abstractionist doesnt often ask for input, dont miss this opportunity LOL :D

I appreciate all who have viewed the image :clap:

01-08-2005, 09:15 AM
Ok, seperated the ole gals....now off to tweak the materials (transparencies)

01-09-2005, 09:14 AM
Tweaking the marterials took a lil longer than I had hoped. Rather than a simple clear transperancy, I changed the light index and the refraction. In addition to that I also mucked with the hightlight color which of all things was blue....mphhhh So, I changed that to a light umber color. Any better?

Thanks for taking a peep!

01-09-2005, 12:23 PM
A neat image I like the last one best. But find the little flame or whaterver it is at the toe of the nearest lady distracting.

01-09-2005, 01:12 PM
Woof-a-Doof your last version is far better than the first one. It's becoming a really good image. There's only one detail i feel it's a bit darker and bigger (the width of the arm) than it should be. I post here the image and a mark on the detail

01-12-2005, 07:23 AM
Elvira---> Thank you, for whatever reason I am always appreciative of your comments. I am always thrilled when I read your reactions...The lil flame thing is...yeah, distracting...that thing is my logo.....I probably placed it on the image very early, perhaps toooo early. Chances are, when I take another stab at the image I will more than likely place it else where, and probably without the flame atop of it. Usually I try to make the logo small enough so not to be obnoxious and then fiddle with the opacity so that it fades into the image.

Yako---> Thank you for your kind words. I very much appreciate the time you took to comment and point out the area you indicated on the image. The women, are all duplicates of one model created in Poser. They are all identical. The angle inwhich that particular model rests is what makes that area look they way it does. I have two options....Re-work the model and re-import into the scene....Or, simply rotate the model as it is in the scene...thus changing the angle of that area. The second choice would be quickest...but rotating the model in the scene, will move entire model as ONE piece, I can't just move the arm/shoulder in the scene....without re-working the model in Poser first....I will play with the image and it's model later this week or weekend and see if I can work something out in that area....Again, I appreciate your comment!