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11-22-2001, 02:10 AM
I tried to find the discussion where we had talked about the Auction for America, but I guess it doesn't have a title of it's own.

This is kind of a repeat of what I posted in the.... I don't remember what it's called... the discussion that is just below this one under art business... professional something or other.... I could look but I would lose my message here.... since my message pertains to Internet Sales...

Ok... to make a long story short... About the first painting that I donated in the Auction for America... I was asked if I would donate a one time use copyright to use on a calendar so that it could be sold to raise more AFA funds. Some eBay bidders put this all together, and had the production of the calendar donated so that 100% could go to the charity. They produced 10,000 calendars! Ebay has donated a spot on the front page to advertise it from November 19 - 26. It will continue to be on auction throughout December. I just wanted to pass this on, let people know about it... it would make a great gift and remembrance of Sept. 11th. 10,000 calendars is a lot to sell, so please pass on the info to anyone that you think might be interested.
ebsq has sent around an email about it too, so you may already have heard about it.
Where can you see the calendar? I don't have the link right now, but it's easy to find. The ebay ID is angels4america. Of course if you check it out this week, you will find the link on eBay's home page at the top.
It has turned out to be a great thing for all the artists involved as it has given a lot of exposure. My ebay ID is pure_art. I am pretty new to selling on the internet, I didn't start selling on eBay til Sept. 13th this year, so this has been a really neat experience.

11-27-2001, 01:24 PM
Hi Cathy,

That's great news! I love the AFA piece you did with the flag.
Congrats on the recognition!


11-27-2001, 02:10 PM
Cathy, I LOVE your Hollyhock Girl! It evokes the magical feeling of childhood.

11-27-2001, 03:44 PM
Congratulations Cathy!!!

11-28-2001, 12:51 AM
Thanks Lee, Kjsspot and Sandi. It has been neat to be a part of the calendar. The exposure was great too. Now that the calendar is off the home page, things have died down. So much for a week of internet fame! I did get a lot of new customers, so I can't beat that!

Since I didn't even start selling on ebay until after Sept. 11th, I don't know what it will be like when the Auction for America ends. Isn't it supposed to be for 100 days? Will any of you be glad to have it end?


11-29-2001, 01:50 AM
Cathy, I don't know about Auctions for America and how they are affecting regular sales, but I am finding things really slow right now. I had 3 pieces on last week. They only got about 20 to 30 hits a piece. During 7 days. That's awfully slow. I'm amazed I still stold one. I don't know if Auctions for America is causing regular sales to be slower.

11-30-2001, 02:17 AM
Sumafra, I have found that my sales are positively dead if I don't post an auction for america at the same time. Sometimes I have a lapse in between AFA's and there is no activity on my other auctions (in the way of sales). Then I post a new AFA and my stuff starts selling! I think alot of people check the AFA first, then go to my other auctions from there.

Right now I am finding that my paintings that are pretty inexpensive are the only things that are selling. Under $50.

Anyone know how much longer the AFA will be going on?


11-30-2001, 11:37 AM
Hi Cathy,

I don't recall the actual date AFA started but approx mid Sept.
the 90 day marker around mid Dec with the additional 10 days
taking it to the end of Dec. that's approximate.

Have you seen anywhere that ebay has posted the amount that AFA has earned so far?

About 3 weeks into the AFA, I emailed ebay and asked if they were going to put some kind of a graph, that it would encourage people to continue to support AFA thru the 100 days; they emailed me back and agreed with me and said yes, they would be putting up a graph of some type, SHORTLY on the opening AFA page but I've never seen it. I also read in a news article online that Pursglove ( ebay exec ) said the contributions are posted every Monday on the announcements board. So far, I haven't seen that either. I love ebay, but I have become very disenchanted with the, well, no other way to put it ...LIES... that ebay has told. Then there was that ebay spot on AFA on the Martha Stewart show, and there they showed how to do an AFA listing right on Martha's show with an ebay employee right there instructing Martha, saying ALL payment methods accepted, when every one knows only billpoint is accepted! I sold 4 for AFA, earned almost $600, then quit on my goal of 10 paintings every 10 days after hearing all the news reports that the $ donated is NOT reaching the victims, and even if it ever does, Red Cross is taking something like 30 to 40% for administrative costs, not just from AFA proceeds but from ALL the many sources of contributors; millions and millions of dollars have been donated by Americans, who in good faith expected that money to go directly to the people who were so terribly affected and it's not yet. My feeling is that Red Cross, United Way, etc. know the dollar amount that they need for adm expenses; no one begrudges that, but in keeping the percent method, the charities have realized that they could retain many times over the dollar amount that they needed and that is just pure greed. When you are talking millions and millions, that 30 to 40% is enough to fund their expenses YEARS into the future. That upset me greatly. There was a show on TV this past week end, by some group that investigates charities, and the facts as reported are not good; looks like the charities themselves have gotten greedy and are figuring out ways to keep as much of this $ in their own coffers as possible; some already have 10 years of advance administrative expenses put back as a result of the NY charity giving. The charity investigative group said that they do not recommend any charity to have more than 5 years of expenses in reserve. The movie stars in Hollywood set up a NY benefit and many of them are upset that they lent their name and presence for the promotion and yet the actors have learned that those monies are not being funneled to NY in the way and amount that they expected.

Also there's some really interesting discussions going on right now at Yahoo auction community boards; i.e. power sellers who left ebay have been receiving multiple emails infecting their computers with this new worm. With all the time I've spent on ebay, I haven't gotten any virus, yet many of the power sellers have; it is interesting to say the least. If you read the ebay boards, you can see that this is a prevalent virus being transferred back and forth between sellers and buyers. Also ebay is doing some really sneaky things, like registering domain names for other auction sites, except ebay drops the period out between the www and the auction site; ebay is trying to capitalize on users entering another auction site and forgetting to put the period! When that happens, the user is taken straight to ebay's site!
I will be listing on yahoo, hopefully after Christmas. I have registered and bought a few things there, trying to build some FB; have researched the type of art that receives the highest bids; yahoos like very large paintings, traditional cityscapes, landscapes, etc, rolled in a tube; they also like oriental works too.


12-01-2001, 12:04 AM
I have been too busy with another project to post paintings on ebay for the past couple of weeks....but I did have two paintings at Yahoo that closed last week. I sold one of the paintings....YAHOO!!! so I will be listing more there soon.

Lee, I had no feedback as a seller but I put a link into my auctions to take the viewers to my ebay feedback. My buyer is an ebayer, too!

I did read several weeks ago about how much had been taken in for the America auctions...but I don't remember where it was posted. One of the things you can watch for is the contributions receipt from the organization that you chose when you set up your auctions. Ebay is supposed to notify them of each seller's contribution...and they will send an email verifying the contribution. This can serve as a tax receipt if you choose to use it when filing your Fed. taxes.

However, if I don't get one of these, I'll just use my copies of the ebay auctions that closed and my billpoint account receipt.

12-01-2001, 02:13 AM
Lee, that's some very interesting information you gave us. I don't have time to read the boards and so I am rather uninformed. How disappointing that so much money is not reaching its intended target. People have rallied so generously but the money is not going where it's supposed to. Just another thing to contribute to the disenchantment and cynicism of modern times. Too bad. It would be nice if once in a while something would turn out to be what you thought it was and restored your faith in humankind.

12-01-2001, 03:59 AM
I too had heard that the monies were not going to the places they should namely for Red Cross and United Way. When listing a painting for AFA I choose the other auctions that I hadn't heard anything about :p and cross my fingers.
Unfortunately there is always those who take advantage of good things. I decided to continue to support AFA and if the money from it is mis-handled in anyway then it will be upon their heads and not mine. I enjoy seeing all the people contribute in so many ways and it makes me feel good. I am sure those that are greedy will get their hand caught in the cookie jar somehow.

Ebay is working for me, and until it gives me reason to change, I will stick with it for awhile.

24 days til Christmas!

12-05-2001, 05:45 PM
Hi Cathy and eveyone,

Cathy, I think you are right about the AFA helping to sell regular listings. I listed 4 auctions on ebay, no bids, reduced one to just a $1.00 to see what might happen; STILL no bids! Then I ended that one early and put it in AFA, within 1 hour 2 regular listings had a bid and a little later the AFA had a bid also! Still hoping for a bid on my angel, maybe there will be a last minute bid.

Hey, did you all see the stock market really picked up today! Does that mean the RICH are picking up cheap stocks?