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11-21-2001, 03:37 PM
These guys have got to be brave or extremely stupid to fish in these conditions. Actually....neither! The actual picture is a serene scene of fishermen on a gentle sea that I scanned from an art magazine. Couldn't resist a little manipulation by adding a seascape that I photographed in Cornwall on holiday this year. Quite effective, huh?


11-22-2001, 11:33 PM
Interesting and very dramatic.

11-23-2001, 10:07 AM
This is wonderful :)

11-23-2001, 03:42 PM
Thanks for the compliments! It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination...and a computer!

11-26-2001, 01:10 PM
Hi Emsal!
This is pretty good!
Instead of the perfect storm, it looks like the worst storm to me! :)
(I haven't seen the movie "Perfect Storm" yet, either...
If you photographed the seascape yourself, that looked like a feat itself.
Those waves look really huge and a little dangerous! Good too.
(Have you posted any of 'your' photos in WC yet?)
Keep it up Buddy, looking good!

11-26-2001, 03:28 PM
Hey pal,

Yeah, this picture reminds me of Perfect Storm the movie (I've cringed at the film!) I took the picture of the wave in Cornwall this year in October. The weather was terrible BUT THE PHOTO'S WERE GREAT! Here's another from that excellent afternoon....