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12-15-2004, 01:01 PM
Hi, all,

Seems like my only creative work gets done on the computer. Am not sure the resolutions are high enough to do anything with them, else Paint shop Pro crashes. So what can I do with my digital stuff...some of which I really love...most is trash, but...


I have uploaded an image. Please let me know if it shows up. :confused: ab0out that too. It's been a while.

12-15-2004, 10:12 PM
You don't state the resolution you are working at or the version of PSP your are using. Also what computer system do you have all these affect the response you may get. I often work at 300 ppi or higher with PSP 9 but then I do have a new rather moderatly high end computer system.

12-16-2004, 02:39 AM
Well, Edie,

it's at about 72 pixels per inch but measures over 9x9 in. so it could be reduced and printed out and then enlarged without loss of resolution on an archival color copier.

actually this started out in adobe illustrator and then went into PSP 8. where the watercolor effect was applied.

but i am asking partly a wrong question. does anybody print out your digital art and show it in a gallery or contest?

THanks for your interest, Edie.

12-16-2004, 07:12 AM
I think you will find that for printing 72 ppi is rather low for an image one means to print the lowest I have read about reccommended is 150 ppi. Of course higher is always better if you computer has the memory to handle it. There a quite a few people here who print and show and sell their work here, so you will most likely hear from some of them soon.

12-16-2004, 10:07 AM
HI Cherokee,

Welcome! I'll try and answer your question on printing if I can. :D I've been printing out my digital paintings for the last year and have had really good results. I've also entered in a couple competitions and had a show of my own earlier this fall.

For small ones, 8 x 10's and 11 x 14's I print myself on my own printer. Although it isn't archival ink I still am happy with the way they turn out. I always spray them with a fixative after printing.

For the larger prints I send them to have them printed. I should say that I have everything printed out on high quality canvas bacause I love the look of it. The large prints that I have done are fabulous! The color is incredible! Here's the thing though, Edie is correct that 72 ppi is waaaaayyy too small to print anything. I always use at least 300 ppi. I will figure out what size I want the finished painting to be then divide that in half and use 300 ppi. For example, if I'm doing a painting that will end up being 16" X 20" I will start the new file at 8" X 10" (I always use inches instead of pixels) at 300 ppi resolution. After finishing the painting, I run it through a Genuine Fractiles program that enlarges it without any loss.

Well, I hope I've made things a little clearer for you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Good Luck!


12-18-2004, 12:20 AM
Hi, Julie,

Thanks for your answer, and Edie, you too.

Here's what happened to me. My PSP 8.0 was running slow so their tech support told me to max out my PC on memory. I did. I have 640 MB of memory and I bought a backup hard-drive at the same time. See, with 8.0, everything started crashing regularly, but I have WIN 98 SE and a 5 year-old computer. Jasc also told me I could do digital scrapbooking with their software, but it turns out they are talking about 200 dpi and having it printed at Kinko's. I was so disappointed. They also sold me their Photo Album program as an organizing device. But it won't run at all. And then they gave up.

ACDSee took up the challenge and got their program running beautifully on my PC, but I know better than the 200 dpi stuff. I want quality, not garbage. Don't have and can't afford a good enough printer to do my own stuff, so I have just gone into confusion and have done so little since the memory upgrade. Too many pictures on my hard-drive. It's all a horror, and I feel artistically raped. Then they tried to sell me PSP 9.0 and wouldn't even answer my emails about system requirements which I couldn't find.

But this picture began in Adobe Illustrator. I will have to investigate options in that program. Then I still took it into PSP for the paint effects.

Sorry to dump all my confusion and bitterness here.

Now, onto the printing. I had one photo done as a giclee` print on canvas and I love it so much. Hadn't thought of that approach in digital. you have inspired me to want to try it. I knew about this fractals program you mention. A lab told me but wouldn't tell m e the name of it, and you are the first person since then to mention to me enlarging without resolution loss.

I have bought new anti-virus and other error correcting utilities and am finally functional again after the memory upgrade, but it has made me very sad. Probably spent the price of a new computer on the advice of Jasc and this is th e result. But maybe with enlargement software I could pull off at least some small paintings. I love online work, but I do want a tangible product in the end even if only for my own pleasure. ALthough sales would be nice too.

Thank you both so much for your responses.

:crying: for my fun in painting and photography.