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11-18-2001, 02:26 AM
I need some help with Sculpey. I have been dying to try out this modeling compund. I have never sculpted with anything other than clay. Its very different and I needed some tips and ideas for the novice with sculpey. I am not very good at sculpting, the meticulous nature of it always annoys me. But I am willing to try some new things. My goal is to be able to sculpt a human nose out of the modeling compound. I need so new 3D pieces for my portfolio which is why I chose sculpey.

e-mail me with anything that you feel will help.

11-18-2001, 06:58 PM
Hi Kaboom371

First of all, welcome! It's so nice to see a new name in this forum! I taught art at a Montessori school for a year and Sculpey was an ideal material to use because it's an extremely easy to use and can be oven-dried in no time. So you get almost instant gratification (gotta like that!)

I don't know what kind of clay you are acustomed to, but if you can work with any clay you can do the same with Sculpey. Of the two well known names It's is my favourite, only because it is the easiest to prepare. The other brand is often very hard and requires a lot of hand kneading to soften it. Any of them aren't much good right out of the pkg. until you knead them well in your hands. As for tools, I like my hands the best, but anything you use with clay will also work well, including anything else within arms reach. It's nice to work with, tools well. It also takes impressions well, if you wanted to stamp a pattern into it, for instance.

As with any clay, if you are making something quite thick it is best to wad up a hunk of tin foil and model around it or it may crack in the oven. If the wall thickness is fairly uniform it will bake up nicely. Another tip: if you are baking an object with a rounded shape and don't want one side to flatten in the oven, try using two pieces of wood dowel or make a shape of tin foil with a smooth surface to rest it on on the baking sheet. One more thing I can think of, if you are baking a very thin object, watch it as they have a tendancy to discolor if in the oven too long. It has a nice elastic texture and is easy to get a smooth uniform surface texture. Hope I have been of some help.

Di :)

11-19-2001, 01:42 AM
Hi! I'm new here and I only started sculpting this summer but I'm very addicted to it. =) You can see my stuff on the gallery of my web site www.kjmontoya.com (http://www.kjmontoya.com) I currently have one of my polymer clay pieces in an exhibit for the Oklahoma Sculpture Society 2001 Winter Show. It's my first piece to be juried in so I'm pretty excited. =)

Anyhoo, one thing you might want to try for some of the detail work is a paintbrush dipped in regular cooling oil. It works great and helps me to get some incredible detail. Hope it helps you too! =)