View Full Version : International sales confuse me

11-16-2001, 11:52 AM
Hey ya'll! =) I looked into international selling. My base is the US. I am very confused. OK. I understand the payment. I halfway understand the shipping (which carrier do ya'll prefer for international?) but what about customs and duties and other possible taxes??? I'm real confused with this. Can someone please explain how it works for them and how much does international really increase sales?

THANK you VERY, very much!!

11-16-2001, 04:03 PM
Firstly, try and get international to pay with credit cards. It cuts out confusion and difficulties in payment. Remember that not all countries can sign up with all card systesm. For example, I'm in the UK and can use PayPal but not Billpoint. Australians seem to have trouble with PayPal (as do other countries, it's a bank thing).

Ship normal airmail with USPS but ALWAYS get a proof of posting and insure. I do not make insurance optional on my work because if it disappears or is damaged on arrival the refund would come out of my pocket. Can't afford that. Remember that insurance is to protect the seller, not the buyer.

You don't have to worry about customs and taxes, that is the buyer's responsibility. They will have to pay customs tax depending on the price of the print and their countries rules. Some people will ask you to mark it as a gift, but I don't because I'm running a business and it's merchandise. As for actual forms usually you'll just have to do a little tiny green form at the post office: what item is, it's cost, and sign it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

It's not difficult really. Seems daunting at first but after a couple you get the hang of it. :) If it makes you feel better you could just try shipping to one other region than the US to start. I'd suggest Canada or Europe to start. Canada because it's close and payment is much easier to work out. Europe because for the mostpart you will get english speakers and shipping is easy. (Canadians have high customs taxes so they may ask more often to mark it as a gift, just so you're forewarned. The US/Canada issue comes up often on the eBay boards.)

Hope that helps! I do think expanding a bit could help, especially adding Canada or the UK.