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12-06-2004, 12:39 AM
Morning all... I am early at work today and starting the wash... yesterday I was at the office too... hopefully this evening I will be installing my new 512 kbps ADSL line at home and have access to the internet in the evenings from home... on saturday I have ordered to the neighbour carpenter a new working desk and a cabinet for my papers and painting stuff... he promissed to deliver them next sunday... I am investigating for buying a good printer and scanner as well...

Hi to all those to come, and many hugs to all those healing...

12-06-2004, 01:05 AM
Hi ,

That internet line should be fast . You will be well equiped by next week.

I've just walked to the library, more watercolour books ,A passion for watercolor by Stefan Draughon. Painting great masters by numbers by Ivan Hissey, that should be interesting :)

Now its 7pm, time to settle down for an evening relaxing,

Hi to all that follow,


12-06-2004, 01:27 AM
:wave: All to come.....

Hi Ya Rod, sounds like you have a nice cosy evening reading ahead of you..:)

Hi Vasil.. wowee, you will have just the best home office..:) Good on you.

I must mention that Vasil asked why I didn't do a get well thread for Arnold Lowrey (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=233829) as well.

It's not that I forgot him, it is that his wife Joy started one in the Gallery, and a heap of folks have already wished him the best in her one.. :)

WE have just got back from walking the dogs.. I said to Alan I was going to walk the dogs did he want to come..;) He says "I suppose I have to you can't do it on your own.". I told him I did the last two nights. He just looked at me..:D

So we are walking down the road aways.......and a Lady with a young baby came running out of her house saying excuse me?? "I saw you struggling with the dogs in the rain yesterday..............

I smiled and looked at Alan, and his jaw dropped anyway she was offering some advice on how to control Forresstt better.

Nice lady she was too, just being friendly, hope she comes out again next time..

So Alan is having his shower and getting ready for work, I am relaxing and eating a pear, and all is well :D


Ellen in Ont
12-06-2004, 03:23 AM
Hi gang :wave:
I am at work right now and since the shift has been terrible up to now, I am rewarding myself with just a minute to check in here. We transferred out two critically ill patients tonight as well as take care of the other 4. Rushed around like crazy. Can finally sit for a minute.
JJ - I can just picture you being walked by your dogs. :D
Hi Vasil and Rod. :wave:
Hope everyone has a great day (while I am sleeping). Hope everyone ill is on the road to recovery.
Gotta go. BBL this afternoon.

12-06-2004, 03:31 AM
Evening all:) been a busy few days for me, will be away for the next two, but wanted to pop in and say Hi to all.
Have just had a friend here for dinner, was a nice evening. Now he's gone and the house is full of the scent of his aftershave! lol Wonder if he uses it as a deodorant JJ??? LOL

Rod, you reminded me that I actually BOUGHT that painting great masters book while in Australia - sent me into a panic because I didn't know what I'd done with it! But I've found it now, looks good too.
I'm an ownabookaholic:D

Off to Auckland to a winery tomorrow for some posh nosh (freebie) and then on Wednesday I have to go to the Allergy Clinic. Have been injecting myself 3xweek for 10 years against certain allergies, finally stopped 3 months ago, so I need retesting to see whether I can stay off them or have to resume.

Better go pack :wave:

12-06-2004, 04:10 AM

Well am up and about because there are workmen replacing roof tiles on the council houses roundabout and by eck they are noisy - seems its going to be like this for a few days - I did so want a lie in this morning too. :(

Am off to the hospital later today for my pre op assessment - hopefully will find out what they are actually going to be doing to me.

Cable man coming today to see if Jamie can have another set top box in his room for the cable tv - seems you are only allowed three and we already have those but as they boosted our signal earlier this year he is checking to see if its strong enough for him to have a box. Jamie says if he can't then he would expect me as his loving mother to give him mine - YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Vasil - don't forget to post pics of your new desk etc.

Rod - enjoy your read.

JJ - tell Alan we can vouch for the dogs taking you for a walk.....lol.

Ellen - don't work too hard.

Lulu - was thinking about you last night - was watching Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand - kept looking at the people in the background just in case you happened to be walking past.....LOL.

Well better go jump in the shower and wake up a bit - catch you later.

Love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

12-06-2004, 04:18 AM
Morning all :wave:

Time for the UK to wake up :D

No plans for today except I must print off my Christmas cards. Yes - I flunked out of painting one and simply added snow to another one of my Newburgh village paintings on the computer. I realise that's the lazy way out, but at the moment I seem to have an aversion to opening the studio door :rolleyes:

Lulu - your guest was thinking of you when he applied extra aftershave - perhaps he has an attentive wife - Ruth always asks me to use it - I normally wouldn't bother ;)

Well, it's a cold, clear morning here, have to wait in today for my power steering pump to be collected, so won't be a able to go to painting class.

Good luck with the ADSL line, Vasil, it will make a tremendous difference to your internet experience. If you have a choice I would recommend a 3Mp digital camera instead of a scanner if you haven't already got one - much more versatile.

Morning Pat - you slipped in there whilst I was thinking :D Good luck with the pre-op.

Bye for now,

BBL Doug

12-06-2004, 04:20 AM
Am off to the hospital later today for my pre op assessment - hopefully will find out what they are actually going to be doing to me. Pat xxx

You will have to keep reminding me of the process please. I don't want to offer you hugs and stuff after the event.. You know me.. :confused:

Hugs for today..

I am really sore tonight..;) Just as well Alan is at work as I can hardly walk and I am not telling him or the dogs don't get walked and the NEEd their walks. They are quiet all night if they go out.. :)

:wave: Doug.. :) Have fun printing those cards..:)

12-06-2004, 05:22 AM
Good luck with the ADSL line, Vasil, it will make a tremendous difference to your internet experience. If you have a choice I would recommend a 3Mp digital camera instead of a scanner if you haven't already got one - much more versatile.

thanks Doug and all the others... the internet speed at my office is very good too... but at home for just me and my brother that will be a high speed indeed... I received the ADSL modem this morning... nevertheless, it was not operational... grrrrr... I phoned them to protest them, but the lady was so kind and polite that I didn't said anything extra... I am now returning it back for a refund... my brother will go and buy it directly from market...

as for the camera I have a 2MP Kodak CX4230 (not anymore in the market) but I like it, and 2MP is so much for me... but a camera tends to change the colors and using flash is not so desirable... waiting for the sun to come out is another story... also I perefer the scanner because I like scanning the exact picture... I don't think you can take an exact photo with a camera... I mean you will be always cropping the painting from the edges...

12-06-2004, 05:52 AM
Good Morning all,

It is just past 5:30 a.m. here on a wet, rainy morning in Oakwood. Temps are supposed to go in the 60°Fs today! Can you believe that in December???? This is way above normal for this area. Amazing. I haven't even had to get my winter coat out of the back of the closet yet this year.

We had a very nice visit with son and his family yesterday, but poor Atticus has some sort of bronchial infection so was coughing and wheezing. We went for a walk, which he delights in, and when they let him out of the stroller to walk a little he was so happy, but that started the coughing so we had to go home. :( Dashiell is a happy little guy and gave us big smiles of greeting. Took some photos and will post some later (when I get them unloaded onto the computer).

Vasil, Sounds like you are going to have a terrific home office set up. Since you already have a digi camera, getting a scanner sounds like a good idea. I like to use my scanner for smaller size paintings because it is easy for me, while I still am working on figuring out how to use the photo editing with my digi camera. I do find the photos I take with the camera reflect the real colors of my paintings a little better than the scanner does though.

Rod, I love looking at watercolor books from the library. If I find one that I think really has a lot of info that I'll want to refer to again and again, I then buy it. Having previewed it through the library is so much better than buying one and being disappointed though.

Lulu, Hope your medical news is good for you. Have you noticed any difference in your symptoms since you stopped the injections? If you have managed without them, maybe you have reached a different level with the allergies. Good luck.

Ellen, Are you normally a night person or does your body rebel at being up all night and trying to sleep during the day? I would have a difficult time working a night shift—early morning one, yes, middle of the night, no.

Pat, Did you tell us what your operation is for? It must have been one of those days I wasn't here. :wink2: Will you be staying in the hospital or coming home to recuperate????

Doug, I'm sure your Christmas cards are going to turn out great, even if you didn't paint brand new ones this year. Our visit with Atticus went much better this time, got lots of smiles, even shared some of his Cheerios with me. ;) Guess he finally realized he was going to keep seeing these two people from time to time, so he might as well make friends with them. LOL! :rolleyes:

JJ, Bet you felt vindicated when the lady came out to give you advice about keeping Forresstt under control and Alan was there as a witness. LOL! Sorry you are feeling so sore, those dogs must really give you a rough time. Would it work any better if you took them out one at a time? Walk one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon separately?

I'm going to give my knee a test walk this week. I don't know what caused the problem, but it is almost completely better now. I do know one thing, if it starts to hurt, I'm going to STOP! I think I aggrevated whatever the problem was by being "tough" and walking through the pain. Hah! Lot of good that did me, I had to stop my morning walks altogether for weeks now. Anyway, as I said, when it isn't raining, I'm going to try a short walk around the block with my brandnew New Balance walking shoes!

Take care all, white light and vibes to those in the Waiting and Recovery Rooms.



12-06-2004, 06:50 AM
Good Monday everyone!

I haven't even read today's wash, in fact I just finished reading Saturday's. Boy, being away for a couple days really sets you back.

Pat - sorry to hear about your mum's cousin. My condolences.

Jo - Please take care and be careful with your bronchitis. Being without health ins. must be scary, to say the least ...

Joann, hope your back is better....

I have to take off and get ready for work. I'll try to catch up later today with the rest of the wash. Hi to all I've missed (and there's a bunch of you :eek: ) Hugs and thoughts to those who need them. The quick news from my trip north is my mother is doing much better. We are, however, concerned about the effects of a particular drug they have her on.

I really must get a wiggle on .... TTYL ...

12-06-2004, 07:15 AM
Hi all

Its calling for Snow here today then freezing rain. Will see, 3/4 time weather man is wrong.. Only job I know of that they are wrong more than right and they still get payed.. lol.. Great if you can get away with it I spoz.

-2 Cel here right now one of the cooler mornings so far..

Mama off to work and I am off to coffee shop on my scooter. Have to bundle up today for sure.

Have a great day everyone.


12-06-2004, 08:02 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

Just heard on the radio tht there is heavy snow falling in my area, but I am looking out of the window and not one flake :confused:

Continued painting my Christmas card painting last night, not turning out exactly as I wanted, maybe it was the light, will see how it looks in natural light.

Kev should be back any day now!!

Bob, god to have you back!!

Sylvia - I always have to laugh at the arthritis experts, they say "Save the Joint" meaning use it as little as possible, but then they tell you to "walk and exercise". Now there is a contradiction. If it's arthritis in your knee, walking will aggrevate it every time - speaking from experience.

Hi Johnnie, Vasil, Rob, Luly, Doug, JJ, Oat and Ellen!!!!

It's turning light so will investigate that painting. Sending good thoughts to one and all!
:wave: Uschi

12-06-2004, 08:28 AM
Good morning Washyappletons!!

It's going to be a wonderful day here in Kansas, as I have the day off!! Yippeee!!! I had to work yesterday so have today off. I will be very busy doing "other things" besides work today. :) First of all, after taking daughter to school I am going to get out my favorite Gilad exercise video and work out. I usually don't have time during the week to work out to that particular video cause it takes an hour. Then, after shower and breakfast, will probably try printing some photos with my new printer/scanner/copier machine I got the other day. I can't recommend it yet Vasil as I have not tried anything but printing out text yet. Price was right though and with a $30.00 rebate. I have never had a scanner before, I hope I can figure all this out. :eek: Then, daughter Christine and I are going Christmas shopping and I am going to pick up my first professionally framed painting from framers, a painting by mr. sandbanx, I am excited to see it!

I hope everyone has a great day today....white light to those that are not feeling well! :) :wave:

12-06-2004, 08:28 AM
Good Morning/Good Day, Washers....

45 degrees, wet, raining (supposedly all day) gray, dreary, no going to work for me today... SAD has me in its grip.... :(

I am still sick with my "stuff" ... bad night last night, coughing, blowing, no sleep. Frightening to wake up struggling for breath due to blocked airway...

All prayers and white light beams appreciated.

Jo in Georgia

12-06-2004, 08:49 AM
Good morning cyber-friends. Wishing you all a happy and healthy day.

No photos today, at least not yet.

I woke up early, found to my amazement that my son was NOT using the computer, so grabbed the chance to go online. And immediately learned that our DSL connectivity was gone - had been out since 12:30 AM. I called the support line and learned that they have a bad router and could give no ETR.

Anyway, I keep a current copy of my website code on the harddrive, so I spent an hour or so updating it. I removed a couple of old photos and added 4 or 5 of my recent ones. Around 5:30 AM connectivity was restored and I uploaded the changes to my site, so it's as current as possible - and it also has a recently changed (and I hope improved) color scheme. If any of you visit, let me know what you think. I'm planning on more changes - I think I want the navigation buttons running down the left side, so I'll be working on that later today.

Daughter's soccer game yesterday did not get rained out, but I almost wish it had. It was windy, rainy, and cold. But I got a few good pics for the team's website.

Still trying to work out some printing problems.

Time to go get some coffee.


12-06-2004, 09:07 AM
Lol! :wave:

wishing happy day to all. Thinking about Kev, if he is o.k.


Sylviga ... good luck with your knee tests

Ushi :-) lovely to see you.

Had a busy weekend. On friday we had our first full time concert. It was in small museum in the mountais and I worried that nobody will come. There was a lot of people and they liked our show, even I did few horrible mistakes and mainly forgot lyric of song ... so I jumped to swahilli, singing few lines in uknow language while my friend nearly died by laughing and she still tried to stay in rhythm and play and I was trying to still sing and have profesional grimase on face. Uf! Horrible moment. Back jorney was two hours longer than I expected as I was tired after concert I was on back seat and sleeping and left all maps to friend (boy) who wished to be navigator. I woke up because car was quiet and my friends were trying to find on map where we are. We were completly lost somewhere on small roads in the mountain. Oh God! Who say that men are better with maps! I come home at 3 o'clock in the morning and woke up early as I had planty of work with illustration ... so rest of weekend I didnt left my brushes alone and worked and worked. :-)

:music: Busy but happy!!!

Btw... have a new hair cut. Will try to post photo to show you :-) After 14 years of long hair I cuted them radicaly and for the first time also over my forehead. I never did it before, it was big change.

12-06-2004, 09:08 AM
Hi again

Well snow has arrived in Souther Ontario. Sanders and salters on the street as I type.

Here is the storm.


Rosa Weitzel
12-06-2004, 09:28 AM
Good morning all,

Raining here in California, a slow steady seeping from the sky. Thats the best way here, we get so little rain that if it comes in great gushes it just runs off into the storm drain and out to the sea. This kind of rain soaks in and boy do we need it.
I'm just getting to know you all so I will just sit back and injoy the wash.


12-06-2004, 09:37 AM
Good Morning everyone, Yes Johnnie the snow has arrived!! :crying:
but he weatherman is calling for 9c tomorrow,,strange year for weather.
so many are feeling poorly lately I wanted to send lots of white light and prayers to everyone.....Kev, Arnold, Jo, JJ, Sylvia and little grandson...

Was going to drive to Niagara on the lake today, beautiful old town but weather is not nice so I guess I will finish addressing my Christmas cards
Hello to all who are yet to come....
have a great day\night

Bonnie R

Little Old Lady
12-06-2004, 10:21 AM
Greetings :wave:
Snow rain and slippery roads here.
Have an appointment at 1 o'clock to check on back
Will check back later.

12-06-2004, 10:40 AM
Morning , all

Cold but no snow today YET :rolleyes:

Reading group yesterday....CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY...such a good read. Next month we are doing EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES, which I understand is all the rage in the UK....anyone of you know it???

3 paintings to pack up this morning.....good weekend shoppers! I am glad the USPS started a FREE pickup for packages so I don't have to go down the hill as often in the winter :clap:

Hap planning his trip to Norway...he will be in Kristiansand...anyone know it...SOuthern Norway...I am trying to book a hotel that has ONLY a Norwegian website :eek: :)

Pat...good luck with the pre-op

Jo....hang in there...it's gonna take a while

JJ and others who are sore or having trouble walking...TRY SWIMMING...gentle on the joints....easier on the bones and cartilage....good exercise!!!

Have a great day

12-06-2004, 10:50 AM
Hi All,

I just fiddled with my photos from yesterday so I hope you'll indulge me if I post a couple here. Shameful Mom and Grandmom pics so just scroll down if you don't want to see them. :angel: :eek: LOL! ;) I'm not sure if I got the sizes scaled down or what, its the first time I've managed to find where to edit photos! The first is of Kent (my birthday boy) and Atticus (21 months old) on a street in the historic district of Newport, Kentucky, where they live. The second is of Steph, Kent's wife, with Atticus and 4 month-old Dashiell. Let's see if it works (fingers crossed everyone????)

Jo, I'm worried that you may be passing into pneumonia. Can you go into the emergency room at a hospital near you? I'm sure you would be seen there and given medication, even if you don't have insurance.

Uschi, The doctor's assistant called and said the x-rays showed a slight bit of arthritus in my knee and he would order some physical therapy if I wanted to come in for it. I told her I would pass on that at this time since my knee is about 97% better and only hurts if I twist it the wrong way, but I'm keeping the option open just in case. I just can't figure out why it came on all of a sudden and then seemed to go away almost overnight when it finally did stop hurting???? :confused:

Pam, My son gave me Eats, Shoots & Leaves for my birthday. It is very funny and all about how people misplace commas and apostrophes—which often changes the meaning of what they are trying to say, hence the title and illustration of a panda bear on the cover.

I used to swim every day when we lived on base here in the late 1980s, we were a block and a half away from the gym so it was easy and I love to be in the water—I've been a swimmer since I was a little girl.

Congrats on the sales of your paintings. Are you working only in oils now? I miss you wonderful WIPs here with the vivid blues and other colors you use.

Weaving :wave: to Bonnie, Rosa, Johnnie, JoAnn, Dave, and anyone I missed along the way.



12-06-2004, 10:56 AM
Morning All!

Just a short visit here today. I have a great deal to do and I need to get the painting time in too.

It's -20 C out there right now. We'll be getting up to a high (?!) of -13 C today. Accidents everywhere and I am staying home for much of the day.

I just took the youngest beagle out for a walk. She is now looking at me with a nasty look. I think that she did not enjoy the trip.:D

Jana, I love your new haircut! It's a real change for you. I chuckled at you forgetting the words and substituting another language. :D

Sympathy to everyone who is getting all the snow. I feel your pain.:D

Must get moving on everything. I'll try to check in later.

Take care.

12-06-2004, 11:25 AM

-21C this morning. roads are a mess.....it took Karly over an hour to get to school....usually a 15-20 drive. we got a dump of snow yesterday and overnight. used the snowblower yesterday but the walks and driveway were still in need of a shovelling this morning. my elbows are aching now :rolleyes:

busy week planned. clean up the house and get ready for my trip next week. plus I am really liking my latest painting so I'd like to work on it as much as possible. :)

Christmas cards.....all this talk about making and addressing and sending out cards. I am far too disorganized for that....I gave up on sending out cards years ago :( I guess that is why we rarely recieve any.

well, I have a few projects planned and they are not going to get done sitting here ;)

take care


ps. wonderful pics Sylvia and Jana....thanks for sharing!!

12-06-2004, 01:08 PM
Ten to one p.m., I just got showered and dressed and have my second coffee. You know how it is with painting, I was just going to do this tiny bit, then another tiny bit, and another ...... About another hour of painting and I'll call it done!

Rod, one of my friends called me and saw one of your flower demos and is totally delighted; I immediately added that you have CD's for sale :angel: . She also called me to thank me for motivating her by showing her my little prints; and she also called to tell me that her son who drives to Toronto to work (1 hr) was only half way there after 4 hours on the road - snow.

Yes, snow arrived LOL and as sure as I am sitting here there will be a call to pick up Ethan from daycare since both parents have a long drive, son right through the snow belt.

Patty, glad you are having such a good day!! Your joy is jumping right across the screen!!

Jana - chuckling about your concert; good thing you didn't run out of gas in the mountains, happened to me once. Your hairstyle looks fantastic!!!!!

Johnnie, so, looking at your map looks like there is more snow to come :eek:

Jo, ending you white light

Rosa, glad you are having such gentle rain. I can't imagine raising those flowers (name dropped right out of my head :o ) outdoors.

Hi Bonnie!! Haven't been to Niagara on the Lake in years. Maybe next summer.

JoAnn - hope nothing serious with your back.

Pam - NORWAY!!! and you are not going along?????????????? mind you, wrong time of the year, brrrrr, cold!

Sylvia, photos look wonderful!!! The baby looks like his mother, at least I think so.

Christie and Em, keep your - 20.

Em, I'm really glad you are back into painting. Looking forward to seeing it.

Char, where are you??? Playing with your new printer :evil: :wink2: :D

O.K. going to finish off painting!


12-06-2004, 01:50 PM

Well the pre op went well - seems that I won't be having any actual operation on my coccyx that requires cutting but just another cortisone injection - still has to be done under operation conditions with a local anaesthetic.

Today they just tested me for that 'superbug' and did an ECG - they said that it showed i had had a heart attack but apart from that it was fine - so that was good news.

The Sister wanted to know if i was allergic to Iodine and said she just wanted to test some on my skin but as she went to get the bottle the top wasn't on securely and so I ended up with a load of it splashed all over my hand......LOL. She looked mortified - I just burst out laughing and said -
' Well looks like I am not allergic to it then' :D

Hopefully will be going in on 13th December - in and out in a day so fingers and everything else crossed it works this time.

Cable man came today - seems we can afford to have another set top box in Jamies room - the signal is strong enough to take it without any adverse effect on the computers - so I have one happy son.

Love the photos on here today - Jana that haircut really suits you and Syl - what a cutie (and your grandson isn't bad either :evil: )

Waving to everyone TMTRTI :wave:

BBL - love and hugs all around

Pat xxx

Sharon Douglas
12-06-2004, 02:01 PM
:clap: YOO HOO :clap:

It`s me , I`m back :wave:

The end is finally in sight :clap: The attic should be done by the middle of next week :clap:
I won`t be able to decorate it until after Christmas, because I need to let the plaster dry out etc, but the rooms will be usable, and I`ll be able to get my house tidy at last........!!!!!!!!

Dougy starts his new Job on Monday, it`s better money for less hours and he`ll be home every night, and home all over Christmas and new Year.

I`ve been Drs this afternoon (for my back) I`m have to get complete rest for a few weeks at least then I`ll be starting at the gym, to see if that will help my back.
Free membership at the gym, I`m not complaining, because My Dr referred me.

Anyway, I`m off to start on this weeks challenge :eek: Monday night and I`m only just thinking about starting...............I hate leaving it until this late.


See you soon.

12-06-2004, 02:12 PM
Hi to you two "Wiganners" glad about the good news Pat, sounds a lot better to have an injection as against an operation. It can have a dramatic effect - it cured Ruth's hip pain in less than an hour.

Sharon, your house will be unrecognisable :D - glad everything has worked out OK, and especially about Dougy's new job.


12-06-2004, 05:21 PM
Hi everyone! It was raining in SW Ontario this morning... notice that dividing line on Johnnie's map??? We're below the snow and freezing stuff... in the green zone... :D In fact, DH was thinking that the grass may need cutting before Christmas to tidy up the yard...

My weekend plans for painting never materialized... Both Saturday and Sunday found DH and I out and about before the stores opened... We managed to get a lot of our shopping done before the crowds started getting thick... I also played with my new printer and got all my cards printed and the envelopes addressed... Now, I just need to stuff and mail them...

Today finds me on the road again... three days in Springfield, Ohio... many meetings and year-end assignments...

Sprite... Washeyappletons made me giggle!!! :D

Syl... don't ever apologize for sharing family pics... those grandbabies are gorgeous (their little porkchop cheeks need lots of kisses...)...

Pam... congratulations on the sales!!! woo hoo!!!

Jo... PLEASE get yourself to the Emergency Room... Please... of course you're in my prayers...

Still have Kev, Arnold and Barb in my prayers, too...

Pat... glad that no operation is needed...

Sharon... good luck wishes to Dougey for his new job...

Jana... your hair is beautiful... you are a beautiful person... chuckling about your ability to speak Swahili... :D :evil:

Sending good thoughts and positive energy to all I've missed! I love reading about your daily adventures... taking two of my Staff to dinner in a few minutes... hope to bbl...

12-06-2004, 06:16 PM
I rang Kev's wife earlier on. He's making good progress, he's on crutches now and should be coming home on Tuesday, although he still has pain and it will be some time before he is walking the dogs again.


12-06-2004, 07:22 PM
Doug this will be the second one - the first injection didnt work and to be honest if this one doesnt work either then I am plumping for the operation.

Sharon - good to finally see you back.


12-06-2004, 07:48 PM
as always, a pleasure to read the wash, all the ups and downs. Greetings to all and best wishes for those who need them.

Pam, "Eats Shoots and Leaves" has become mandatory reading here at the newspaper office. And it's so well written, such a fun, fun read for being a book about punctuation.

Em, it is supposed to be nice by the weekend. Bundle up!


12-06-2004, 07:55 PM
Swahili ?? what'sd I miss.. JANA you hair looks beautiful, and folks she is indeed a beautiful person!!! :)

Pat I hope for your sake it works kiddo.. (())

Good news on Kev, thanks Doug..

Snow.......cold..........wish I was there I really do..

Char glad you got that printer and cards sorted.. :) I sent out 8 cards yesterday.. :)

Sharon woo-hoo the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with your back, and the gym too. I know if I carry a little too much weight, my back really lets me know it!! :(

Pam swimming is excellent, but I can't take the dogs..;) and they need their exercise too..

JoAnn how did you get on with the appointment for your back???????? (())

Jo hugs kiddo, try sleep sitting up on an angle..

:wave: to everone.

It is pelting down rain here.. wet damp and coolish . That is o.k. :)

Got heaps to do..


mr sandbanx
12-06-2004, 08:03 PM
Wet coolish and dampish...LOL
here it is snowing. Tomory promises to be Wet and windy... like the baby.

Have decided to come in at the end of the Wash for a while, and not only the beginning. That way I can see if there are any updates on kevin... so thanks Doug... appreciate you letting us kow how he is doing.


Little Old Lady
12-06-2004, 08:10 PM
Back again,
Doctor at 1, He took xrays and thought he found kidney stones.Off to hospital (30mi away) for cat scan. One cat scan and then second with dye.
Tech said to wait until radiologist could talk to Dr. so he could tell me. Daughter was with me and we both were getting impatient. I was figuring that it must be something real serious.Finally 45 min. later Dr was on phone telling me no kidney stones or anything serious. We could have been back home in that time to talk to him at home. :mad: Muscle relaxant(that doesn't seem to work). A couple of gins is the only thing that really works. Can't be drunk all day though.:confused: Heat pad helps thank goodness!
Great pictures.
Have to print out some cards for benefit.

12-06-2004, 08:44 PM
JoAnn have you tried a heat rub???

WoodLock is good, aas is Dencorub or Deep Heat....

Any of those topical anti-inflamitories could do no harm..

A sore back is no laughing matter.

Laughed re gin..;)


12-06-2004, 08:49 PM
(((JoA)))....corn silk, uva ursi, cranberry juice with the gin, and horsetail will do the job.....lot cheaper than a CAT SCAN, too

JA....I love the story of the panda on the cover :wink2:

JJ...you also walk the dogs :wink2:

USH...he can do Norway in the winter alone....yup (brrrr enough here)

Sylvia...I am doing A LOT of oils, yes...some watercolors...need to get back to pastels in preparation for the gathering next SEPTEMBER...as I want to do the PONTING WORKSHOP (http://www.ponting.com)

nite all

12-06-2004, 09:10 PM
JJ...you also walk the dogs :wink2:

Yes Maam.....

12-07-2004, 01:26 AM
Pat nice to hear you want be needing an operation...

Patty I was thinking of a printer/scanner/copier machine but they told me you better get them separate... I don't know if I need it but the scanner in such machines is usually 600x1200 dpi while standalone scanners have a higher dpi like 1200x2400 or more... what brand/model is it ?... I am loking for a Cannon iP3000 printer and a Cannon L30 (1200x2400 dpi) scanner but still I am not so sure if I need them or not... may be I will buy a printer such yours... what I only want is that the flatbed surface (the glass) on the scanner must not be too embedded and should not have any buttons around because when you want to scan big papers in parts, you might be folding the paper...

BTW did I say a 512kbp ADSL line... silly me :rolleyes:... I should have said 256 kbps... the default was 128 kbps and we asked for a double... yesterday evening the connection was up and working and I actually replied to Joy's post at Arnold's operation thread from home ;)