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mr sandbanx
12-05-2004, 01:47 AM
dum de dum I'm startin' the wash....

now to edit: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Just got home and it's late, nearly 2.00 pm. Why is the wash not started already??? Busy day today shopping, than was at the annual office Christmas party. (aka caddy appreciation dinner and dance...) ,made a speech, said blah blah blah and all that, won a prize, danced with my wife and now home and ready to sleep.

I have been absent for a few days although I do check in from time to time. Saw Lia Chan here and of course we remember you Lia Chan and your multi studies. Trust that you are doing well and looking forward to some stuff soon. But what ever happpened to Kim (ktrayn)???

I have some catching up to do here but am glad that I think I am able to come back here not as often as before, but more often than recently. You guys get under my skin and I missed you all.

Have not painted for three days but have stretched three peices of paper. Will strt the next challenge once I know Kevin is around and up2it... but will not be rushing him and I trust all of you to understand that the Thursday deadline is extremely flexible this week.

Seems someone at work wants two paintings... Malty will hopefully be painting a dog and me, an abstract! Red one! (Black dog) This should be interesting. I will need to call upon all you guys to get me in an abstract mode. (I assume it means throwing paint around...) Kat please stand by I may need a recipe or two.

That's about all for now, will maybe have something intelligent to say once the sun comes up.. for now I wish you all a terrific day. I have not seen any kids now for three days and will be going to pick up my Em on sunday afternoon. Can't wait for that.

Chris :wave: :wave: :wave:

12-05-2004, 02:20 AM
Hi Chris..... I have just come back from walking the dogs. :p

Firstly I have a long soothing spa bath to limber me up, back is a bit owie today and hips. Then I donned on my bright yellow Niagra Falls Rain Coat lead up the dogs and off.

It is still drizzling here..

Bayley was good as gold on her check chain, but Forresstt had to be on a short lead as he was playing up some. If he is not trying to pull me off my feet to sniff something, he is UNDER my feet trippingme up. Even with his new collar on Gail.. :( He is trying to be good tho' and tomorrow will be better.

I shall have to jump in the spa bath again tho' to sooth my aching arms and shoulders. :D

Walking the dogs should be fun.. :rolleyes:

Now what has Chris been up to..

I hope you have been just too busy to pop inand not ill Chris ?

This Abstract dofg should be fun.

Terrific Black is Napthol Red and Hookers Green. Remeber mix the pigment together BEFORE adding the water..;)

WEll i am going to paint some more now inbetween putting veges on for dinner. I have braised Sausages and onions in the slow cooker almost ready and we are having Potato, Broccali, and carrots..:)


Ellen in Ont
12-05-2004, 03:45 AM
:wave: morning Chris and afternoon JJ,
I am just popping in for a minute from work. Wanted to say hi because I won't be checking in again untill later this afternoon when I get up.
Hugs to everyone who needs one. BBL

12-05-2004, 03:54 AM
Hi Chris and to all don't know me, I don't think I've properly introduced myself yet... so hi there... I'm Marvin... used to be regulars here and hasn't posted on the wash much for the past year. Oh boy! it sure seems like I'm starting all over again! :p

Hi JJ... now this lady needs no introduction... :D

Well, I've gotten back my painting life at least for now... finished the Twelve Apostles yesterday and started my first oil painting (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=234556). I really had a fun with this...

It's almost 5.00pm now, cleaned my studio just now. Nothing planned for the rest of the day/evening... may be a nice shower and dinner and then walk around the neighbourhood. I'll just take it easy before the Monday rush kicks in tomorrow. :D


12-05-2004, 05:27 AM
Morning all :wave:

Up late again - remains of jet lag :rolleyes:

Condolences to Pat and SWMBO, you made me think I must get up to Durham to visit my uncle and eldest sister and bil. Why do we neglect family relationships :confused:

Hi Marvin - wonderful first oil painting - must be strange being able to paint light over dark, but I do see your watercolour technique showing through - definitely a Marvin ;)

Still no painting since Detroit - although it is art class tomorrow - my weekly enforced dabble. I have to get a Christmas card done though. I'm thinking of doing the Wentworth street scene or Stone Cross, Newburgh as snow scenes. Thinking though is all I have done so far. Perhaps I'll go up to my "studio" after brekky, put the Nedchallenge golf on TV and paint. :rolleyes:

Hugs to all those who are hurting, wishing you all a speedy recovery.


12-05-2004, 06:15 AM
Good Morning all,

Just 6:00 a.m. here in Ohio, surprised to see only a short Wash this morning. Guess everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays and doing Christmas shopping or decorating.

We'll be driving down to Kentucky in a couple of hours to wish our son a Happy Birthday (yesterday for real, but he was working so we put it off until today). One of the gifts I'm going to give him is his Grow Chart that I had tucked away in the bottom of a drawer. I thought he and his wife might like to see if their boys grow at the same pace as Dad did! LOL! Looking at the old markings, I see he was an inch taller than I am when he was 13 years old. Boy, I remember how much he enjoyed that!!! Took him three more years to be taller than his Dad though. ;)

More odd happenings with my e-mail notifications. You may remember my whining yesterday about not receiving any. Well, this morning I was pleased to see a number of e-mail messages listed and thought the problem was solved....well....it was....somewhat. Now, I not only receive a notice of a reply in one of the threads I am subscribed to, I receive ALL the replies in my notice, not just the latest one as I used to get. :rolleyes: :(

Doug, I'm suffering the dried brush syndrome too. I have a prepared sheet of paper with a lovely, soft motherwash on it a la Pam, but haven't hit on a subject that makes me want to paint yet.

Marvin, Welcome back to the Wash. Took a peek at your first oil painting and agree with Doug about your watercolor technique shining through. It is a lovely painting and it should be interesting to read what people who paint primarily in oils have to say. Hope this doesn't mean you are putting the watercolors aside. :eek:

JJ, Enjoy your relaxing bath. I can just picture you out walking the dogs and Forressett (sp???) dancing in and around your feet tangling you up in the leash.

Chris, We were wondering where you've been. Hope you won't be going cold turkey on the Wash again soon. Good luck on the abstracts, it should be fun and different for you.

Weaving Hi to Ellen who is getting her sleep after working hard all night, and to all who will be coming after I sign off.



Little Old Lady
12-05-2004, 07:45 AM
Greetings :wave:
Good to see Chris & Marvin washing again.
Sylvia have a nice birthday visit.
Lynn sorry about the Vol's loss but they did put up a good fight.
I am doing the Dec. newsletter but that is the end.
Back is still acting up. Heat pad permantly attached.
Have a good whatever.

12-05-2004, 08:10 AM
Good morning Washers!!! The temp is just a tad below 0C in SW Ontario this morning... and barely a breeze...

DH and I attended the art exhibition "Eye for Art" where three of my paintings were juried in at the Thames Art Gallery. I didn't win anything, but really didn't expect to... As it turns out, this was a mixed exhibition with all mediums, includling sculptures and textile work as part of the show... it was an interesting experience, to say the least... It was a nice evening of lovely art, good music and interesting people...

I tried to network Magoo's and my computers yesterday... can't get it to work... my machine tells me that my cable is unplugged... it's not... I uninstalled the ethernet device, rebooted Windows, found new hardware, reinstalled it... and... my computer thinks that my cable is unplugged... grrrgh...

It's all about *balance*, Chris... :D An abstract! Wow... that will be a departure for you and should be fun!

JJ... you went out in public in that yellow bag???? :eek: LOL... LOL... I'm sorry... LOL... reminding you...


Hi Ellen!

Welcome back to the Wash, Marvin... I'll go check out your oil! It's good to see you here... you've been missed...

Doug... wishing I had you here right now to help me out with this darn network... :( Hope you find something to paint...

Syl... I know you'll have a great time today with your Son... AND family... you'll find inspiration when you're ready... :D

Hi JoAnn... so sorry that your back is still hurting... ((hugs))

DH and I are going *coffee Klatching* this morning... then the usual... laundry and household chores... hopefully a wet brush!

Sending positive energy and good thoughts your way! Keeping our Waiting Room patients in my prayers...

12-05-2004, 09:37 AM
Good morning folks.

I've been struggling with a printing problem. Remember this recent photo?


Well, I can't get it to print the way I want. The bird comes out very sharp, but the sky background, which should be a flat even color or with some subtle but even gradation, prints with blurry mottled areas - not clean and crisp, but looking almost like it's out of focus or hazy. A nice effect, but not what I want.

I'm using an Epson Photo Stylus R320, printing landscape from PSP8, using photo quality glossy paper (tried several different ones), selecting best photo mode. It doesn't matter what size I print at. I don't think it's a resolution issue because the Egret comes out so sharply detailed. It's almost as if the printer can't believe that the sky is a flat color, so it's making up variability where none exists.

Any ideas how I can get a flat area of color to print flat?

I posted the same question yesterday in the Computers/Technology forum; got one reply from someone with the same situation offering some things to try, but they didn't work.

Well, gotta charge up the camera batteries for today's soccer game (if it isn't rained out).


12-05-2004, 09:38 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!! Sunny!!!!

I slept in so need to hurry to get ready for brunch.

Yesterday - still in dressing gown I get frantic call from son, could I take Ethan, he is cranky and they need to get ready for his B'day party. DIL has a large family and most hadn't seen the new house!!! So, morning taken up with Ethan, who promptly fell asleep and was in excellent humour after 2 hours of sleep, then off to the party. In the evening I started on a Christmas card painting. Will probably be ready for next year's card, that is if it turns out at all - complicated.

Read yeterday's and today's wash, saying HI to all especially Marvin, sending positive energy to those in need.

Take care everyone!!!
:wave: Uschi

12-05-2004, 10:29 AM

Feeling a bit delicate today - morning after the night before etc - so am not expecting sympathy....lol.

Just waiting for SWMBO to make an appearance - she is actually going to do some online shopping - have finally got the message through as how it is much better than trawling through crowded shops and the best is we can order stuff in the states to be shipped to my niece and her family in Utah thereby saving on the shipping costs if we bought the stuff here and posted it.

Chris - where have you been - you have been conspicuous by your absence - good to see you back.

JJ - am laughing at the vision of you being taken for a walk by the dogs instead of vice versa. :evil:

Ellen - have a good sleep!

Marvin - love the oil painting - and good to see you here - don't desert us for the oil lot will you. :D

Doug - thanks for the condolences - yes it is so easy to take for granted that family members and friends not seen that often will always be there.

JoAnn - hope your back is soon better.

Char - sorry to hear you having problems with your network - we had a bit of a problem with ours here first time - it wouldnt recognise the MAC address and so we ended up having to clone it on the other computers but works fine now - mine sometimes comes up ' cable unplugged' but it isnt and I can still use the net.

Waving to Dave and Uschi :wave: :wave:

Right am off to show SWMBO the wonders of the internet - then hopefully will have time to go look at the gallery - havent been there in a while.

BBL - love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

Rosa Weitzel
12-05-2004, 11:08 AM
Good morning, its raining here in Califorina for which I am grateful. I grow orchids and they like the rain much better then the garden hose.
Im a lurker here and so enjoy coming and reading all about every one.

Sending healing white light to those who are under the weather.

Have a great Sunday all.


12-05-2004, 11:40 AM
:wave: Washers!

Thanks for the sympathy, JoAnn, the VOLStried!

Pat, did Jamie make it home all right? :evil: :D

Uschi, I hope you have an agreement w/the kids that there is no hard feelings if you say "No." Now that they have moved closer to you, it is a temptation to holler "Help!" LOL

Welcome back to those who have been absent, and welcome to the lurkers!

Best wishes to all in the virtual Medical Rooms.

May your today be better than your yesterday.


Ellen in Ont
12-05-2004, 12:55 PM
Yawwwn :wave: good morning (for me), afternoon, evening, tomorrow everyone. The time differences never cease to amaze me. Hard to keep track of what time let alone day everyone is in. It really brings home the phrase about relativity and time (forgotten it exactly - 4 hours sleep and nights tonight. I have an excuse). :rolleyes:

The walk home from work was brisk this morning. The wind chill was minus 30. It is still just minus 15 but it is bright and sunny.

Nice to see faces that haven't been around for awhile as well as new ones. I'll just say a big hello to everyone. Too groggy to remember what I've read. Off to make a nice cup of tea and try to wake up.

:wave: to all who follow.

12-05-2004, 02:21 PM
I am about to start a watercolour that I'm entering in the Georgia WC Society's NATIONAL Exhibition.
I've got as far as taping paper to board.
I want to try to get 3 works done. I know what I will do for this one, but not for the other two.
With this one, I'm not quite sure what size. I started it weeks ago on a large sheet of watercolor board. Unfortunately I took my wash to the edges and ended up with deep ridges underneath, ruining all. Too bad! I was pleased with my initial sketch.
Stay tuned!


12-05-2004, 03:24 PM
Greetings to all regulars and lurkers (ex-lurkers??)!

Enjoyed my bacon and eggs brunch, Connie had this absolutely excellent Christmas cake which she bought in a farm supply store (most unlikely place). The cake is imported from the states and it seems people come from far and near to buy it. I'm really not surprised because I think it is the best "bought" one I have ever had.

So, off to the store I went, where inmidst of heavy rubber boots and milking gear I found it :rolleyes: :D

Since it is a gorgeous day, ventured out for a short walk - 15 minutes. My arthritis has been relatively speaking really good, I don't know if it is the lack of gardening and the fact that I sit on my butt painting most of the time, or if the liquid calcium (very high absorbancy) I have been taking for the last 2 months is doing THAT good. I'll see, the 15 minute walk normally does me in to the point where I can barely walk the next day. I have NOT :angel: taken an anti-inflamatory in 2 weeks :clap: :clap:

Well, that's my news; going to try and tackle that Christmas card :eek:

Oh, CHAR!!! If you are printing that big, what kind of photo do you take. My camera says I can get a really good 8 x10 print, after that it goes downhill.
:wave: Uschi

12-05-2004, 03:50 PM
Pat, did Jamie make it home all right? :evil: :D

LOL yes he did - THIS MORNING!!!! the dirty little stop out. :evil:


mr sandbanx
12-05-2004, 09:33 PM
Back again... lots going on here today, had to get my Emily from Peterborough this afternoon, came home and fell asleep! OOOPs. Started painting again after dinner and am thinking of doing some snowmen again just to keep me away from the main painting while it dries. I am not good at waiting and have ruined many a painting that way....

Doug, Sylvia: try something like the snowmen... it is only an exercise and will cost only a bit of paper and some time. You may find it fun to just slap some stuff on and see what happens.

Methinks it is cold, and planning on getting colder this week. Expecting snow tomorrow... must get shovels out soon I guess.

Slow day in the wash... I assume everyone is getting finding it tough to get in here, with Christmas approaching. Maybe I will go and see what it was that brought the Fishy tales up to the surface again!

See you all tomorrow.

12-05-2004, 09:58 PM
JJ... you went out in public in that yellow bag???? :eek: LOL... LOL... I'm sorry... LOL... reminding you....

:o Trust you to post that pic:o :D

Well it was raining..;)

It is fine today, sun is shining, not too hot either, soooooooooo when himself wakes up I shall get him to walk Bayley while I walk Forresstt. That boy is going to learn to walk!!!!!!!!

I love messenger..:D Had another enjoyable video conf with Roan and Gail this morning.

Char how come you ar e not online? Busy I guess ;) This time of year and all..

Speaking of which I must go and get some shopping done now!!

'Tis 1.00pm already and Alan should wake up in an hour, so if I scoot now...................

see ya........