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12-04-2004, 03:58 AM
I am posting a copy of a reply from the jasc web forum that might be of interest of newcomers like myself to digital painting .

ronb wrote:
> so in other words i can not "mix" yellow and blue to get green?

No you can't. Yellow and blue are opponent colors and
mixing them makes grey, just like mixing red and green
makes grey. That is how your eye responds to colored
light entering it. PSP, along with other image editors,
is based on emissive colors that are additive and work
this way. Paint pigments are absorbtive and form
subtractive colors.

> ronb

Hope this is of some interest.

12-04-2004, 10:33 AM

This is good information for people new to digital art.

Using RGB color, mixing cyan and yellow make green.

In Corel Painter 8 and Painter IX we can not only mix colors on the image itself, but before painting we can mix colors in the Mixer palette.

Before we had the Painter 8 and Painter IX Mixer palette, artists using Painter frequently asked about ways to mix color, so I put together a collection of tutorials with suggested methods for mixing colors and they're available on my PixelAlley site:

A Few Ways to Mix Colors (http://www.pixelalley.com/tutorials/a_few_ways_to_mix_colors.html)

You'll see some examples using cyan and yellow to make green.