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11-29-2004, 09:57 PM
G'morning !!! back with dawn pics in a mo !!

well its not often I see the sunrise ........... but Monday morning I did and the fact its now 3.00am nearly here in blighty reminded me I took some pics to prove it :D



I thought they were clouds........ but turned out they were aircraft vapour trials !!!! See the new one ...... and the birdie :D Both from my bedroom window.

I have some of sunset to show its in a different place :evil:

have a sunny day, whatever the weather......... thinking of all in recovery and sick room and sending white light........

mr sandbanx
11-29-2004, 10:18 PM
Here I am number 2 wif a bullet (is I can type fast enough). Nice pictures Jaytee, I can't focus my eyes at that time, let alone a camera. Looks a little chilly from here.

Still early here, nearly 10. 30 on Monday night, but late for me, no more up till 2 am at least for a while.

Have some poems to catch up on, equestrian avoidance some may call it. Kids are all anxious to get home now, oldest son will be home on the 12th, and daughter on about the 20th so we have some time yet to get ready, although the season has hit hard this week and everything around me is green and red.

Hope everyone has a great day, and that Kevin recovers quickly from his cold.


11-29-2004, 11:03 PM
Gorgeous photos' Jaytee. Been A while since I was up at sunrise. Chars' house actually.. :D :p Good for the Soul..

Thanks for all the comments on my abstract paintings guys, I really appreciated it. I was wondering if I was being foolish or if there was something to be persued here.. :)

I do love the colour AUSTRALIAN RED GOLD (http://www.artspectrum.com.au/water.html) it is almost as good as QUIN GOLD.. Seeing as Quin Gold is nearly defunct, I guess I will be using lots more ARG.. :) It is one of the few colour I like of Art Spectrum Mostly their colours are pretty bad, full of fillers and rock hard in the tube, but this one is a delight!!

Hugs Barb if you are lurking. I hope your eyes are more focussed this morning.. How long do you have to use the walker for???


It is 2.00pm here.............. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaainting time..:D


11-29-2004, 11:21 PM
Good Morning! Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them. I get a sense of cold there, though. I'm a warm weather person, I'd be crawling back under my quilts :)

11-29-2004, 11:23 PM
Morning All!

Been a quiet day here and I am thinking about going to bed early. The four legged members of the family decided that they all needed to go out at about 2 am this morning, so bed is looking pretty good right now!:D

Jaytee, lovely sunrise! Around here our sun rises are happening about 8 am these days, so even my late sleeping husband can see them!:D

Tutoring and work tomorrow and then home to try to get some time to paint. The rest of the week is looking busy all of a sudden, so I am going to grab what time I can while it is available.:D

JJ, I love the abstract turn you have taken! Glad to see that you are painting again.:)

Raian, I just gave my dogs a down filled comforter so they can be warm for the winter.:D Now they can crawl back into bed on cold mornings too.:)

Chris, equestrian avoidance is going to catch up with you! Get to work!!! :D

Take care.

11-30-2004, 12:05 AM
Chris, what is equestrian avoidance? As a horse owner, I'm just not sure what you mean by this term. Explain, please :)

11-30-2004, 12:13 AM
Chris, what is equestrian avoidance? As a horse owner, I'm just not sure what you mean by this term. Explain, please :)

:D I think he is participating in a project here and this week's assignment is to paint horses. Chris, please correct me if I am wrong...

Otherwise, the thought of you running around a paddock with a horse chasing you could entertain me for a bit.:D :evil:

Ellen in Ont
11-30-2004, 12:15 AM
Very early good morning here. :wave:
Beautiful pics jaytee. Love sunrise colours... especially the bright gold wash over everything as the sun clears the horizon.
Chris - I thought the decorations were snowmen? Not too much red and green in those. Would love to see pics of your collection.
JJ - have fun painting :D
:wave: to raian and Christie

Just going to bed but thought I would post xmas pics I took tonight of the outside of the house. My sister and I are going to get most of the shopping finished tomorrow! Then I will be ready.. YIPEE

The first 2 pics are the front of the house, then the side (sorry it is a little fuzzy) and then the other side showing the lawn and back shed.





If anyone wants me to stop posting all these pics let me know. I don't want to hog the wash. I won't be offended - honest. :)

Anyway, night night. BBL

11-30-2004, 12:34 AM
Wow Ellen! that is amazing! wouldn't like to be paying your electricity bill though! lol
Absolutely beautiful.

Hi everyone, must dash but thinking of you all.

Get better soon Barb.

Hope you get over your cold quickly Kev.
Need a nurse?? :evil:

:wave: :wave:

11-30-2004, 01:49 AM
Morning each,

Been up all night, this d**n cawld, still t'ant feble by dose, aaacchhhooo!!!

Lulu, dese plebse.

Must go search out that stuff Char told me about, there is a health shop in the village. I got vitamin C on a drip now!!

Still no start on the horses, watercolour and a freely running nose don't mix, where does it all come from!!

Christie I had to smile at the thought of Chris running around a paddock with a horse in tow, to rid him of his phobia. :)


11-30-2004, 02:14 AM
ELLEN..... DOn't you DARE STOP posting these gorgeous pictures!!!!!!!!

Some of us don't get to see such a gorgeous display and this is our Christmas special..:)

I am taking a break letting paint dry on another abstract.. ;)

11-30-2004, 02:33 AM
Morning each,

Been up all night, this d**n cawld, still t'ant feble by dose, aaacchhhooo!!!

Lulu, dese plebse.

Must go search out that stuff Char told me about, there is a health shop in the village. I got vitamin C on a drip now!!

Still no start on the horses, watercolour and a freely running nose don't mix, where does it all come from!!

Christie I had to smile at the thought of Chris running around a paddock with a horse in tow, to rid him of his phobia. :)


Poor Kev..........for heavens sake get some echin. echinasia sp tablets. Alan took Mega doses at Gails when he was coming down with a cold and was good as gold in 3 days!!!
AND Zyrtec for the nose.......

Wish I was a cartoonist.

I would draw a pick of Chris piggy backing a horse around a paddock .. :D LOL

11-30-2004, 03:57 AM

Don't know what is wrong with me but got out of bed even earlier this morning than yesterday.

Great sunrise Jaytee - its years since I have seen one......LOL.

Chris - never mind being number 2 with a bullet - bite it and get started on that painting!!

Waving to JJ - Raian - Christie and Lulu :wave:

Ok Kev - enough whinging - here is what you do - you get two lemsip - dissolve in a cup with some whiskey and sugar to taste and drink - repeat at least three times in a day and your cold is gone within a couple of days - always used to work for me.

Well better go and mosey on downstairs - more office stuff to do today - hopefully picking up the desks and computers (well not literally of course) - so BBL.

Love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

Ooops - forgot to say - Ellen I love looking at your Christmas pics - brings back happy memories of Christmas holidays stateside.

11-30-2004, 04:54 AM
Thanks for all the cold remedies, I like the lemsip and whiskey one best.

Honest, I'm not whinging I haven't got 3 days for it to cure, I just got to get rid of it by tomorrow or they won't do the op, and I'll be waiting forever.

Ellen I luv the pics, but it's not December yet!! Just think you only have 9 months of the year when its not Christmas :eek: :)

11-30-2004, 05:05 AM
What.......... still Tuesday ? :D

Christie . youve tumbled me........that was take at c. 7.30 am . sunrise at around 8.00........... though there are times in summer when ive not yet got to bed and the sun rises ... but never with good pics.........

interesting how you all felt the cold in them though........ you are quite right !!!

Kev.....what a b*****r........ perhaps you can get yourself on the 'cancellation ' list and get the appointment of the next unfortunate with a cold........ I confesss I moan loud and long about the cost of keeping up my BUPA payments.......( private medical insurance to non-uk-ers)...... but there are advantages....

must go decide whether its back to bedwith the new -2nd hand art books that just arrived, or sllep more... or shower/dress..........life is tough :wink2: :D


11-30-2004, 05:49 AM
Now I'm gonna whinge, 10 pounds (almost 20usd) for 30ml of concentrated Echinacea. That makes it 100 times more expensive than single malt whiskey!! :( Char it had better work.

Lulu it's from New Zealand, get growing the coneflower, it produces gold dust!!!

JT I got private insurance, but you still got to wait, this surgeon only operates once a week on his private list, and there are only a handful of surgeons in the country that do the op I need. The only 2 I know of are the one in Manchester and the other in Bristol.

I'm off to douse myself in gold dust, 18 dollars........sheesh!!

11-30-2004, 06:32 AM
Good Morning all,

Just past 6:00 a.m. here in Ohio, still dark outside so no viewing of the sunrise here. I'll just enjoy the one JayTee has provided. The little bird flying away in the second photo looks like it might be an owl from the shape of his silhouette.

Ellen, Who could be tired at looking at your lovely Christmas photos. Your house must really light up the neighborhood, it is so lovely, no wonder it took your DH several days to string all those lights around. Does the electric company send you a Thank You card after the holidays? We do the minimalist light effectólittle candelabras with blue lights in each window facing the streetóand I can turn them on from inside the house too.

Chris, You only have two more days to avoid those horses so you'd better just bite the bullet and get painting and writing.

Kev, So sorry you got a cold at the worst of all possible times. Hope the pricey echinecia (sp?) does the trick. I didn't know it was made from cone flowers! Wow, learn something new every day. Let us know if it is the miracle cure people claim it is. Saw Pat's remedy and it made me think of what my French grandmother used to give me when I had a cold and was visiting her. She peeled an apple and cut it into bitesized pieces. Then she heated red wine and stirred in a spoonful of sugar and some cinnamon. Then she poured that over the apple pieces in a cup and had me eat the apple and drink the mulled wine as soon as it cooled down enough to do so. Finally, she sent me off to bed under the covers to sweat out the cold. Funny thing was, I usually fell asleep and woke up feeling better. Wonder why????

Christie, Wonder if the dogs will enjoy their own personal comforter as much as they probably enjoy the one you have on your bed. They sure sound like pampered pooches. ;) :cat:

Pat, What is happening here, you rising early in the morning to get started working???? Could it be that you are really excited about this venture? Gets the old adrenaline flowing, doesn't it.

Weaving "Hi" to Raian, JJ, and Lulu. Lulu, if I were a cartoonist (ahem), I would draw a picture of you with old-fashioned nurse's cap, uniform, and cape; with your medical bag in one hand and holding out a card saying "Have needle, will travel."

Here's a big beam of white light, :music: jingles :music: , and good vibrations for Barb, Dominic, Kev, and anyone else in the Recovery or Waiting Rooms. Hope you all begin to feel better very, very soon.

I have a big soup pot of lima beans and ham hocks on the stove right now simmering away getting tender. Will make some lima bean soup later this morning for dinner tonight (and freeze two more dinners-worth for later in the season on cold, wintery nights).

I did a Pampe motherwash on a sheet of paper yesterday and now I'm searching for something to paint on top of it. Nothing has caught my fancy yet, will have to go in and look at the new images in the IL again today.

Off to check out the Gallery now.



11-30-2004, 08:07 AM
God Morning Everyone!!!! Almost 8:00 a.m. and sun is just making it's way over the horizon. Temps above freezing, but not by much.

Nothing new here - painted yesterday then rescued a friend from deathly boredom by picking her up and bringing her over for coffee and a chat. Her husband retired, so they sold the second car, bored to death he went back to work and she is left without a car.

Both- my internet provider and WC up and running!!!! :clap: :clap:

Beautiful pictures JT and Ellen!!! Don't stop!!!

Kev - I hope you can halt that cold in time for the operation!!

Char, you are turning into a proper little painting machine :wink2: :D Lucky you, just think of how many can't think of what to paint.

Also wishing for quick recovery for Barb and Dominic!!

I ordered 150 8 x 10 mats, backerboard and clear baggies last week and hope they will be delivered today so I can continue matting my cute little prints and will paint so I can have even more cute little prints :p .

:wave: greetings to one and all and sending good thoughts!!!

11-30-2004, 08:08 AM
Hi all,

Zooming through...

Great sunrise pics jaytee. Those are exactly the type for the exposure-bracketing/manipulation technique I want to try. Hmmm? I wonder if I could use PSP to simulate lighter and darker exposures and go from there?

Ellen, absolutely don't hesitate to post photos. That's quite a display - I love it.

Kev, sorry 'bout the cold. Get well soon.

CRS has taken charge, so I'll just :wave: to the rest and to AWAYTC.

Here are 2 pics I took Sunday on my trip to San Diego.

This was taken from a scenic viewpoint off the freeway north of San Diego. When I win the lottery, I want to buy that house.

And this one is at East Mission Bay in San Diego. We used to live very near here.

11-30-2004, 08:17 AM
Hello, all.... I am usually a lurker/reader here in the Wash.... LOVE all the photos and wonderful artwork this group produces... Plus, it's so much fun being able to see/hear about everyone's daily lives... Mine is so mundane I rarely have anything to contribute. But I do have a small-scale exhibit of some of my watercolor, CP and charcoal artwork being displayed for the month of December in my local Library ... First time I ever put it on public display. No selling, just showing. I'm hoping it will give me enough incentive to buckle down and do some NEW paintings/drawings....

Also, I've been one of the sickies this month. Acute bronchitis and total laryngitis ... rough going for the past two weeks, and still not well yet. So could you please include me in the White Light brigade?

Thanks, Jo in Georgia

11-30-2004, 08:20 AM
Good morning!
Great pics JT, Ellen and Dave!! Wow Ellen...looks like you live in a mansion!!!! A very Christmassy one!!!! I love it!!!

Poor Kev!!! I hate to tell ya this...but at the first sign of a cold you should take zinc lozenges...you can get them at the grocery store here or just about anywhere that sells over-the-counter stuff...in the cough drop aisle actually... I use Cold-Eze... only about $6.00 a pack. BUT, you have to start them as soon as you feel a cold coming on for them to work..so too late for you. Hope the Echinachiae works for you.

Gotta go, car covered in snow.... byeeeee!

Little Old Lady
11-30-2004, 09:25 AM
Just a quick :wave: as I overslept and am running late for painting group.
White light and hugs!

11-30-2004, 09:33 AM
Tuesday Tidbits

Georgw W is on his way to CANADA today, kids....... :o :eek: :evil: LOOK OUT

SNOWING!!!! gray and cold....glad it waited till after the hioliday weekend


Jo....so good to see you....hope you are fit again soon!

Going to PAINT ALL DAY.....woot!

Have 1/2 my Christmas gifts wrapped...now to get them into boxes for the Post OFFICE>

Please get healthy if you ail, stay healthy if you are!!!

Have a great day


Rosa Weitzel
11-30-2004, 10:38 AM
Good morning all, I am a lurker here but have to step up to the keyboard and share today. Some one recomended Zicam nose spray, please don't use it. I did last year and when the cold was gone so was my sense of smell. I found out that you should never spray zink up into the nose burn out the nerves. Im in a class action suit with others who now can't smell the rose's.
Lozenges are ok and pill forms, nose swabs ok. JUST NO SPRAYS.
Oh and by the way, I love coming to this wash, you all are so friendly and good to one another.

Rosa :wave:

11-30-2004, 10:38 AM
Good Morning all

Healing thoughts and hugs for barb. Dominic and Kev.
Lots of great pics today , hope it is OK to add two more (Brag pics)

Had a two day visit from our eldest Granddaughter ( the apple of my eye ), her Hubby and their first born , a son and our first Great Grand child, who of course is just the cutest ,brightest and most inteligent baby there ever was :p so here is a pic of me and DH and baby plus one with baby and parents.



:wave: ing to all ,Have a great day/evening

11-30-2004, 10:41 AM
hi y'all

not much going on, I'm sneakin' in from work (it's my one period off during the day). I also have outdoor lunch duty today (we have no cafeteria so kids eat lunch all over the place).

Ellen - love your pictures, I would never have the patience for that much decoration and Barbara would never have the patience to put up with my whining :D

(((Barb))) get well soon, we miss you around here!

Jaytee and Dave - beautiful photos! How's the new camera working out for you Dave?

Kev - I hope you are well soon, would not be a good thing to have to postpone the op.

Chris - stop avoiding the equines, it's almost Thursday!! :eek:

Well I better start thinking about my next four classes. After all one starts in 5 minutes :eek:

:wave: to AWAYTC and any that I forgot to say hi to ('cause of CRS :o )

11-30-2004, 11:24 AM
Well I am NOT a happy bunny today - we were supposed to pick up the two desks and chairs that had been ordered last week when we got the rest of the office furniture. Jamie rang them this morning around 9am and was told the delivery had just arrived and hadnt been unloaded - I then rang around 11am to told the delivery had just arrived and was being checked - hmmmmmmm.

Later Liam rang to say that he had been contacted by the young lad who dealt with us last week (and can I just say I didnt like this kid - he was far too cocky by half) - to say that the truck had broken down and they would only be delivered on Friday (can we see a pattern emerging here :mad: ) - my immediate thought was - ' the little **** hasnt ordered the stuff'

So I got straight back onto the store - demanded to speak to the manager - asked him what was going on - he called me back five mins later full of apologies - the young lad had told us a pack of lies (you don't say!!! :rolleyes: ) Anyway seems they had one desk in stock and one desk on display so he was going to give us a 10% discount on the display desk and get the young lad to dismantle it and he himself was going to nip to one of the other stores and pick up the chairs.

I also mentioned we needed another filing cabinet so we got a 20% discount on that one :) - soooooo we pick up the last of the furniture tomorrow and also the new computers - so when its all done I will take some pics and post them.

Also today - defrosted the car and it had a MASSIVE crack on the windscreen so the guys are coming out tomorrow to replace it - luckily its covered on insurance.

See I should have stayed in bed!!! LOL.

More lovely pics today - Dave - I would want that house too - what a fabulous location.

Pearl - well how lovely not only to see a pic of your gorgeous great grandchild but also one of you - can now put a face to the Tim Horton ads.....LOL.

Rosa n Jo - nice to hear from you - glad you came out of lurkdom.

And Jo - no one's life is ever mundane so dont ever think you cant share with us - even if its only what you had for breakfast or where planning for lunch. Like our dear old Queen Mother used to say - ' if you ever find anyone boring then the fault lies with you as everyone has something interesting about them.'

Ok am off my soap box and finished with my words of wisdom..... :D - so waving to everyone :wave: - sending hugs to those in need - bbl.

Love and hugs

Pat xxx

11-30-2004, 12:02 PM
No one's life is ever mundane Pat

You do know how to soothe an out of sorts person, don't you?
I am watching your portrait series with great interest, as well
as the challenges and more... Not to belabor what I already
said, but I feel rather like something the cat dragged in today.
So the morale boost is much appreciated... Yours too, Pam ...

Jo in Georgia

11-30-2004, 12:02 PM
Good morning Washers! It's a grey and cloudy day in SW Ontario... it's actually *misting* out, adding a raw dampness to the air... How do I know this??? Becase my Magoo missed his bus this morning and I had to drive him in to school (again)...

Accupuncture treatment today... DH is starting to complain about the cost... :(

I love your sunrise pics, JT... it's my favourite time of the day, but I don't usually stay up all night to see it! :evil:

Lucky you, Chris... :envy: to have all your family home for the holidays... my eldest boys (and grandkids) won't be here till January... :crying: Those boys have not seen one another in nearly four years so they coordinated their travel arrangements... I'm excited about their reunion... They're already planning *cook-offs* and *scrabble challenges*...

JJ... I did try that daub of Australian Red Gold that you gave me... It really is very close to quin gold... have you checked its lightfast rating? I need to do that, if you haven't...

:wave: raian

Hi Christie... I don't know anyone, except perhaps JoAnn, who has a busier life than you... I'm amazed that you find ANY time to paint...

Ellen... it's just plain hogwash that you're hogging the wash... :D Beautiful pics!!!

Lulu... nursing Kev??? So... how long is that needle??? :D

Kev... go and read this... Boosting Immunity with Herbs (http://www.ibiblio.org/herbs/immune.html) ... sending lots of positive energy and healing white light... I didn't realize they were that expensive... sorry... :(

Hi Pat... early morning is the best time of the day!!! BUT... you do have to get into bed early too... :D

Hi Syl... my father grew lima beans on our farm... they're a devil to clean, but oh so worth the trouble... I use soy beans with my pork hocks to make soup... the guys get their meat and I get my estrogen... :D

Uschi... I must have been saving up my whole life for watercolour painting... so... old as I am... I have a LOT of images bursting to get out of my head and onto paper! :D

Dave... the reflections in that second pic are gorgeous!

Jo... sending positive energy and healing light to you... hope you feel better soon!!!!

Sprite... my Grandmother said that *if you take zinc, you don't stink*... :D

Pam... last time he visited, we rioted in the streets of Quebec... I think another protest is being planned... crossing fingers that all will keep their senses about them!

Hi Rosa! So sorry to read about your problem with the spray, but thanks for the heads up! Come on out of lurkdom more often, we love to see you here!

Awwwhhh... Love those pics, Auntie P!!!

Hi Bob!!!!

Pat... in the end, you came out ahead... so... you should be a happy bunny!!! ... well... except for the windshield...

I started typing this well over an hour ago... darn work phone keeps interupting... hmmmph... but, gee... now it's lunch time... :D Sending good thoughts to everyone!!!

11-30-2004, 12:17 PM

Jaytee and Dave - beautiful photos! How's the new camera working out for you Dave?


I'm loving the camera, Bob. But one disappointment - here I thought I was well-equiped with my killer 12x zoom. But the last 2 mornings I went to the local Ecological Preserve, and the real photographers showed up with telephoto lenses bigger than my leg. Intimidating! Maybe I will look into the telephoto conversion lens for my Lumix.

Took another 100 pics today, haven't had time yet to go through them, crop, edit, etc. But I think some turned out OK.

11-30-2004, 12:18 PM
Hi all,

It is a few minutes past noon and I just finished dividing up my giant pot of bean soup into a serving for tonight and another one to go in the freezer for some other night when we are running around and don't have time to cook. All I need to do now is cook up some ditalini pasta to add to the soup and slice the Italian bread and we're all set. A great one dish dinner with lots of nutritional value too.

Rosa, Thanks for delurking to give us the warning about the Zicam nose spray. That must be awful to have happen, the sense of smell is so-o-o-o important. Is there any chance you'll regain it eventually? I sure hope so. You'll have to go into our Waiting Room and be bathed in white light too.

Pearl, A beautiful Great-Grandchild, wow! The baby's Mom and Dad are lovely too. What is the baby's name? You and DH look so happy, proud, and content. What a wonderful feeling that must be. Don't expect to be around long enough to enjoy that same feeling since our oldest grandchild is only 6 years old now. Lovely photos. Good to see you here again too, you've been missed.

Pat, Don't you just hate wise-a$$ salespeople who think they are so much smarter than the customer is when they are as transparent as a piece of glass. Glad you took the bull by the horn and spoke with the manager. Didn't hurt to get a discount either, did it.

Jo from Georgia, Congratulations on having a show! What a thrill that must be. Hope you'll take some photos of your art work hanging on the wall and share them with us. Definitely will put you in the Waiting Room beside Rosa so you get beams of white light pouring over you too. Do pop in and tell us how you are doing now and then. I remember when I first joined WC you used to post your paintings sometimes.

Char, These are the dried limas that I've used. Soaked them overnight to rehydrate them, cooked them for several hours with the ham hocks then added carrots, onions, celery, and tomatoes to the broth and simmered until really tender and tasty.

Bob, Have fun patrolling the lunch bunch. I don't envy you dealing with rambunctious teenagers.

Well, DH is calling for lunch so will go and prepare that. Sharp cheddar cheese, triscuits, and apple slices (picked the apples out of Char's painting).

See you later.


Refraining from making political comments but you guys are making it tough! :( :rolleyes: :eek:

11-30-2004, 12:22 PM
Dave..is that Lumix an SLR??? You can always buy a BIG one!!! That's what I am gonna do with the minolta :evil:

Sylvia...LOL.....*watching you hold your tongue*

CharSis....tell him the acupuncture is a lot less expensive than your stopping work cause you can't move :rolleyes:


11-30-2004, 01:41 PM

A married couple in their early 60s were out celebrating their 35th
wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant. Suddenly, a
tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table and said "For being such an
exemplary married couple and for being faithful to each other for all this
time, I will give you each a wish".

"Ooh, I want to travel around the world with my dearest husband" said
the wife.

The fairy moved her magic stick and - abracadabra! - two tickets for the QE2
luxury liner appeared in her hands.

Now it was the husbands turn. He thought for a moment and said:"Well
this is all very romantic - but an opportunity like this only occurs once in a
lifetime...so... I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years
younger than me".

The wife - and the fairy - were deeply disappointed, but a wish is a wish...

So the Fairy made a circle with her magic stick and -abracadabra! - the
husband became 92 years old.

You see... A lot of men might be *******.... ..But fairies are......female!

Pat :evil: :D

11-30-2004, 02:06 PM
Hi folks! :wave:

Just checking in to say we're home, although were both shattered by the flight - haven't slept since 5 am yesterday in Novi :rolleyes:

Have read the Wash!, but my brain is so befuddled I can't remember much.

Poor Kev, such bad luck to get a cold at the wrong time. I suppose you must be scheduled for total anaesthesia. Hope it all works out.

Had a beautifully long red/orange sunrise as we approached Ireland on the flight this morning.

The neighbourhood around Walled Lake seemed to erupt with Christmas lights and blow up illuminated figures after the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a tradition which is catching on over here of late.

Hi Jo - sorry you're not feeling too well - always think of your double, my friend Margaret when I see your tinyhead ;)

I see Lulu has been at it with her pencil again - good job Kev, Rod and I have broad shoulders (and stomachs too in my case :).

Just had the Subaru hauled away by the AA to a garage to have a reconditioned steering pump fitted at around a quarter of what the Subaru garage was asking. I think it is time we stopped paying through the nose for poor service from the official dealers - after all the car is 6 years old.

Well, I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I'll say bye-bye for now and be in touch tomorrow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


11-30-2004, 02:28 PM
WELCOME HOME, Doug...we missed you

will be waiting for photos of that beautiful little boy after you are rested!

11-30-2004, 02:57 PM
just thought I'd pop in and let you know I'm still around.:) but in lurking mode lately. Still think of you all each day.
I've got my studio put back together and have finished enough of the "must get done before the snow flies" chores that I've even found time to paint a few things (pieces of rubbish..... but painted none-the-less). I really need to practice again before having anything ready to show you all for comments. It feels like starting over from scratch. :(

What is the project that has this week's assignment to draw a horse (the one that Chris is avoiding ;)) I'm looking for anything inspiring to get me back into a creative frame of mind...

Miss you all,

11-30-2004, 03:17 PM
What is the project that has this week's assignment to draw a horse (the one that Chris is avoiding ;)) I'm looking for anything inspiring to get me back into a creative frame of mind...

Miss you all,

Nice seeing you back Jageo! The assignment for the Kev & Chris poem and painting challenge this week is below. It's a great pic and I was gonna try it...but I don't know. Have you painted horses before?


11-30-2004, 04:18 PM
Dave..is that Lumix an SLR??? You can always buy a BIG one!!! That's what I am gonna do with the minolta :evil:


No Pam, it's not an SLR - that was a bit out of my price range.

A big welcome back home to Doug.


Little Old Lady
11-30-2004, 04:53 PM
welcome back Doug! Hope you had a great time with the family. Missed your updated.
Welcome to Rosa and Jo always good to hear from others.
Joining Sylvia in tongue biting.
Great pictures all!
Here are the copies of the cards I am making from paintings by Alzheimer's patients.


11-30-2004, 07:57 PM
JoAnn, such delightful cards. Warms my heart.

Welcome back Doug:D

Pat, lol good thing our 35th has passed ;)

Char, it's not the length of the needle that matters for Kev, it's the thickness - we've got some sheep and cow syringes in the cupboard:evil:

Hi Rosa, and welcome!

Pearl, lovely photo, congratulations!

crams - can't remember any more stuff ............. :wave:

11-30-2004, 08:10 PM
What a great wash, I actually have 2 windows open to reply.

Jo is it so great to see you hee honey, as Pat sait rubbish your life is not mundane to us. I have lit a candle for you :)

Woo-hoo Uschi.. you are just doing these on your printer. too. ?? What sort of ink are you using??

Dave that is definitely my DREAM HOME !!!!!!! I am gonna win that 5 mil on Powerball on Thurs nite..:D

JoAnn hope you had an enjoyable painting group and woke up enough. I hate oversleeping, leaves me groggy..

Pam aren't you good geesh half your pressies already done.

Hmmmmmmm mind you Christmas is going to be lean here this year, I bought a heap of stuff and sent it home to the kids whilst away. They always get too many toys from their parents anyway. I refuse to buy these kids toys . Reece has unopened Birthday presents from last Oct that he doesn't know what to do with for petes sake..
He is getting watercolour pencils and pad and the doings from me.. ;)

Rosa Hi and welcome to the wash. You are soooo welcome and will be as much loved as everyone else here.. :) So sorry to read about your nose. It is terrible the things we do because we trust the product is safe.

Look at the Viox thing. :( AND Alan was on that for a few weeks :( It didn't work for him thank goodness and he went off it, I found the box the other day when I was cleaning out the pantry.. :(

Aunt Pearl !!!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo what a super surprise to see you and your photos'.. I am sooooooooooo glad you posted. Love you.. ((()))

Pat just as well you were on top of it..:( What a sneaky little ***t
So tomorrow I will look for pics of a nice office and a smiling face!! Positive. (())

Oooops hit the submit button :D

O.K. for the rest..

Char[/] No I didn't test it for light fastness myself. I read on the site it was o.k. [B]Australian Red Gold S3 *** very good light fastness BWS 7-8 Gr I love that it is granulating..:)

Not sure what BWS 7-8 means??

Welcome Back Doug :wave: I agree about the Official Dealers Doug. Our car is now 7 years old and we go to KMart now for a service, half the cost and twice the service as there is nothing in it for them.. We have jsut had to book it in for a new condensor on the air-con.:( and have the wipers fixed. :( This is going to about 350.00 :( shhesh just when we really DON'T need it..:( And we never did pay 70.00 for a new key...

Hi JA welcome back..

JoAnn what great cards, I am sure the patients wil just love them!!

Strawberry Wine
11-30-2004, 08:57 PM
Very late in the wash I know but I have a question??

I was in my local gallery today and noticed that they have about1/2 dozen tubes of W.N. Quin gold. $12.95 cdn, a tube.... should I grab them all. ???

Great photos today TMTCO toomanytocommenton except for the great grandbaby of Aunt Pearls. congrats great grandma. All the others were wonderful too.

Welcome back Doug.

I may repost this later in the tomorrow wash if no replies. I don't want to snooze and lose on the Quin Gold.



11-30-2004, 09:01 PM
Well I bought 3 tubes yesterday from my local art shop Gail..

SADLY and I mean sadly we don't get Danial Smith, otherwise I would get as many of his as i can as they are definitely superior. But W&N are a good second best..

11-30-2004, 09:26 PM
I'm loving the camera, Bob. But one disappointment - here I thought I was well-equiped with my killer 12x zoom. But the last 2 mornings I went to the local Ecological Preserve, and the real photographers showed up with telephoto lenses bigger than my leg. Intimidating!
And they say size doesn't matter !! :evil:

Cathie Jones
11-30-2004, 09:35 PM
Hi All! Good to see everyone in attendance.

Aunt P - what a darling baby and beautiful parents (and great-grandparents) - congratulations!!!

Kev, hope all the herbal advice helps.

Chris - face your horsequinaphobia and you'll feel much better!

Just home from work and I need to change clothes, then do some drawing practice.

See y'all later . . . . XOXOXOXO

11-30-2004, 10:27 PM
... on my way to bed...

Gail... do you use quin gold very much??? If so, buy them... I'm thinking of getting a couple of tubes to keep in reserve... The manufacturer of the pigment has stopped making it... but, I do understand that Daniel Smith has a LOT of it in wc on hand...

JJ... can't you order D.S. online??? Maybe shipping is a problem... your Australian gold is the next best thing...

Pam... my DH wraps all our gifts... haven't touched scotch tape in 18 years... :D

JoAnn... those are wonderful cards... what is a set selling for? I'll buy a set from you... especially to help your Alzheimer's group...

Bob!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: *don't kid yourself* :evil:

Sylvia... I made turkey thigh soup for our dinner...

JA!!! What a nice surprise!!! We've missed you, girl! Are you all settled in??? Did you come to Windsor and not tell me??? We need info young lady... you've been away too long!!!

Pat... had a good laugh over that one...

It's raining cats and dogs in SW Ontario tonight... I love listening to the rain when I go to bed... trouble is... the darn swans are back!!! In droves... is there such a thing as a drove of swans??? What a racket! So... I can't open my window to listen to the rain, 'cause the swans sound like the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz... ah well... there are worse things...

I placed an order with Curry's the other day... Christmas gifts for my West Coast Son and my DIL... got an email from them today... they'll ship my order in ABOUT 6 weeks... grrgh... so... I had to cancel... I ordered essentially the same things from the Daniel Smith website for about the same $$$$ and my order is shipping in 48 hours... go figure...

Sending good thoughts and positive vibes to all... special white light to Barb, Kev and Dominic... Gnite, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite... see you in the morning!

11-30-2004, 10:46 PM
Char, I got the same notice, but I am letting my order stand as I can use everything for birthday presents etc...

We wrap presents together here. There is always a great deal of giggling as people get together to wrap gifts that someone is not supposed to know about.:D

Had a really busy day to day and tomorrow is not looking much better. Work for a couple of hours then downtown for a short class on computer servers. It'll be an interesting subject to learn about (or sleep through!).

Have to get my mantle piece clock fixed. I am not sure why it has stopped working, but I expect that it is because it is time for it to see someone who actually knows about old clocks.

Hi to everyone! I am off to bed.

Take care.

11-30-2004, 10:47 PM
JJ... can't you order D.S. online??? Maybe shipping is a problem... your Australian gold is the next best thing...

I can ......but..........international postage doesn't it make it cheap..:(

And then there is the super deal I get from www.theartshop.com.au for my paints being their M.Graham rep and all. ;)

But they aren't interested in getting any more brands in.. :(

11-30-2004, 11:00 PM
Quick stop before bed. I was going to paint tonight but ran out of time. Well, actually I had a lot of school work to do and when I was finally done I had to choose between painting or a big piece of this absolutely sinfully luscious chocolate cake that I bought at Sam's Club.

the cake won out .... yummy.

Char - we made turkey soup out of our leftovers. Lots of turkey, veggies, noodles... Had some last nite with fresh sourdough bread. Excellent. Saving the rest for Thursday nite after housecleaning.

See y'all tomorrow. Maybe I'll paint with my morning coffee instead of WCing with my coffee...