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11-29-2004, 12:22 AM
Phew wc was down again!! Scary Stuff..

Well I have finished my Upper Barrier Lake #3 (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2950906#post2950906) painting I think.. Have a look and tell me what you think now please lovely peoples. The actual painting is not quite as bright as the pic..

I have also painted my first abstract Coming Home (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2950959#post2950959) and have posted it too. I am kinda chuffed with it actually.. ;)

Huge hugs to Barb, I hope you are getting stronger with each passing day .. (((((i)))))

Huggles everyone.

Have a great day and stay safe..

11-29-2004, 01:59 AM
Hi everyone:) Not a great day weather-wise here, but a good day nonetheless.
Have been to the physio, to the gym, done some painting and about to do some more.
My knee is coming along well, strapping off today and will see how it goes.
He has given me some more exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

JJ, I have just looked at your abstract - I am sooooooooo impressed! Absolutely love it! And you once said abstract was not your thing:D
Will pop over soon and look at the other one.

So sorry to hear about Barb, get well soon please ((((i))))

To all yet to come - :wave:

11-29-2004, 02:19 AM
Morning each,

And I get to follow my 2 fav ladies :wink2:

Clear and chilly here today, got a lot of rushing around to do today, the will have to look at starting the horses.

Will go and look at your pic JJ,


11-29-2004, 02:23 AM
Hi ya Kev.. :) What horses???

11-29-2004, 03:22 AM
This weeks challenge is horses.

I've been in and given you some advice on the reflections in your Lake painting. It's preety long but hope it helps.

11-29-2004, 04:08 AM

Well you may well wonder why I am up at this unearthly hour of 9am - then again you may not give a monkeys - anyways - I thought seeing as we will be opening the new office soon I had better start getting in the habit of getting up in the morning.......lol. Mind you will probably be asleep this afternoon!

Hugs and white light to Barb.

Waving to JJ - Kev and Lulu :wave:

Am going for a cuppa now (or two) and some brekky - try and wake up a bit.


Love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

11-29-2004, 04:17 AM
Hey there G/F... LOL you get up early every morning..:p

Kev thanks. I have posted my update using your critique and Olga's and Brians.. I just added it as an edit, so you wont get an email update....

I truly do appreciate all the help you guys are giving me on this lake painting. I really do want to get it perfect!!

You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

I wish one of youse would paint it.. ;)

11-29-2004, 05:21 AM
Good Morning all,

Just a little past 5:00 a.m. here in Oakwood. Nice and quiet and peaceful outside.

JJ, Will take a peek at both your paintings after I finish here in the Wash. Looking forward to seeing your abstract, its a new area for you!

Lulu, Glad your knee is coming along and getting stronger. I'm still having a little trouble with mine, but it has definitely felt better the last two days. I'm being extra-careful not to twist it suddenly though, don't want to go backward with the healing.

Kev, Looking forward to seeing your horses later this week.

Pat, Welcome to the morning world. Looks different, doesn't it? Tell us what your business is again, please? I forget exactly what you said way back when.

Bob, re the pop-up advertisement in the alternate WC site—I take no credit for that! Thank you very much. Humph! :angel: I chose to ignore it and hit the "Discussion" button so I could see what my fellow WCers were saying.

Barb, Sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you are in our Recovery Room and receiving white light and good vibes to help you get better.

Spent several hours yesterday afternoon raking up golden maple leaves from the trees in our neighbors' yard. Hopefully that will be the last time for this season, there are only a few die-hard stragglers hanging on.

Not much happening, still in a "creative pause" in regards to painting. Don't have anything that is calling me to paint it.

I'm off to look at JJ's two paintings and the rest of the Gallery now. SYL,


11-29-2004, 05:22 AM
Hi all,

Thanks to those (Uschi, Patty, Sylvia, and probably some I'm forgetting) who commented favorably in yesterday's wash on my camera & my calendars.

Regarding the camera, I hope to post a pic or two tomorrow. I took almost 200 pics today, most at daughter's soccer tournament (got to use the burst mode) and a few at some stops during my drive to San Diego (using the auto-bracketing feature).

Regarding the calendars (shameless plug here) - remember that there aren't that many shopping days left until Christmas.

JJ, good to see you painting actively again.

:wave: :wave: :wave: to Lulu, Kev, & Pat.

Wishing the best for Barb.

OK, I'm off to sort through 193 photos

11-29-2004, 06:02 AM
Sylvia - yes you are right the world does look a bit different at this time in the morning...lol.

The current business we have involves transport - we have a black hackney cab that runs off the rank in town and we also have other vehicles that we use in our contract work - mainly the local college and education department - an oil firm in London and a firm here in Wigan - moving students and managers and associates about - either from the plants to the airports or from home to schools - or from the airports to hotels.

It isn't a taxi firm in the normal sense of the word as we don't take phone calls from members of the public - the only public we deal with are those that hail the taxi from the taxi rank - all the others are accounts with firms - and for those we use executive saloon cars or in the case of students - a minibus.

Liam and I are still negotiating a contract to recruit teachers to go over to China to teach conversational English - we hope that is to be up and running by early next year..so that is another arm of the Brogan empire......ROTFL.

But hey - you know I will still talk to you all when I have made my first million!!!....LOL.

Blimey Dave - I thought I was bad for taking a lot of photos but you got me beat...LOL.

Right off to buy a coffee perculator and put some flat pack office furniture together - BBL

Pat xxx

11-29-2004, 08:08 AM
Waving to everyone..

Think I need to make booking into recovery room.. either that or I have gone senile at 35..., cracked a filling in a tooth on Saturday 5am, had some emergency dental work done during the day, but cant actually rememeber having it done..

Aargh... if I knew senility was going to set in this early I would have planned things different...

I will keep struggling on through... one day it will be dawn rather than night...

Little Old Lady
11-29-2004, 08:15 AM
Greetings :wave:
Hope Barb gets better soon!
Pat Good Luck with new business and getting up early (for you)!
Have to check out your paintings JJ.
By the way where are Sandbanx and Maltman?
Olga hasn't been visiting us either.
This and that today!
Have a good one.

11-29-2004, 08:25 AM
Good morning Washyappletons! :D

Ahhhh a lovely Monday....back to work and all that! Supposed to snow a bit here today, not much though, but will probably be enough to send everyone into a panic out on the roads. They usually go way too slow for me and I have to pass everyone. I am careful though...it's just they are too careful! I've never been in an accident yet, that was my fault.

Daughter is finally up and getting ready for school. I don't know how she can get ready in 15 minutes, but she does it.

Dominic, did the dentist perhaps give you some kind of sedative such as the gas that puts you into dreamy land? Maybe that's why you can't remember, or perhaps it was so painful you blocked it out of your memory. Whichever, I hope you are feeling better now.

LOL about your calendar/booze gift ordeal yesterday Pat! I went with the calendars this year.....

Yes, Joann where are Sandbanx and Malty? I miss them here too and I also miss Olga! You get used to people being here and miss them.

Well gotta go, have a great day!

11-29-2004, 08:29 AM
Good morning Washers!!! It's cold (-5 when I awoke), but calm and the sun is really trying its best to shine...

(((Barb))) Beaming positive energy and healing light to you... please get well soon... you'll be in my prayers for sure...

I'll have a look at your paintings as soon as I can, JJ...

Hi Lulu! Don't overdo your exercises...

Mornin' Kev... you haven't even started your challenge for this week??? Sheesh... it's making ME nervous! LOL

Syl... don't worry about the pause... you'll find some beautiful piece of architecture that will inspire you and those brushes will be wet in no time...

Dave... LOL... seems like you're having a bit of fun with your new toy!

Pat... one of my Staff (along with his wife) started up a very similar business... They transport handicapped folks from place to place in handibuses... their business did so well that my young man quit his job with the company and is working his transport business full time... They added 2 new vehicles to their *fleet* in the first year!!! Good luck with yours... I suspect that you'll really do well ('specially with you at the helm)...

Oh Dominic... sometimes it just feels as though the bad luck will never end... (((hugs))) to you...

JoAnn... hopefully, our absent friends are just busy or taking a bit of a sebatical...

Morning Sprite... my Magoo keeps telling me that it's a medically proven fact that teenagers need to sleep longer in the morning than the rest of us... LOL

I need to get some work done... hopefully will get to the Gallery some time today... Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way!

Ellen in Ont
11-29-2004, 09:12 AM
:wave: Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone,
It looks like I am going to be completely ready for the holidays by Dec 1. :clap: After that nothing to do but enjoy the season and paint. :D

JJ - I am going to look at the gallery after this and will check out your paintings :)
Lulu - Glad to hear the knee is getting better.
Kev - great pics yesterday. Can't wait to see the horses. I'm following your challenges closely. You and Chris are getting better every week! (not to imply you weren't good before :D ).
Pat - good morning :D You must be excited with the opening coming up
Sylvia - glad to hear your knee is improving too. What is it with all the knee problems lately :confused:
Dave - sounds like you are having fun with your camera. Maybe I should read the manual for mine and I would be able to make it do what I want :D
Dominic - hope you are feeling better today. The dentist probably did give you another kind of drug during the procedure.
:wave: JoAnn
Patty - great pic of you with your calendar. Good gift idea
Kate - I recognized the church doorway right away. :D
Uschi - there were a lot of stockings in the picture. Everyone gets one (old and young). We have always said that Santa brings the ones for the children and the adults get ones from each other (to save confusion in little ones). It is a great idea. If people find little gifts perfect for a person they anonamously can drop it in the stocking. No one feels they have to buy for everyone and you get little treasures each year.
Mary Lou - condolences on not being able to decorate this year :crying: It wouldn't feel like Christmas without all the favourite things I've collected over the years.
Char - the research Magoo is referring to actually went so far as to suggest that school open after 10:00 am because they need to sleep longer. :)

Here are my decoration pics for today. They are of the stairs going up into my family room (one up and one down). They are taken without flash. The empty stockings are hanging on the railings (each one hand made to match the person). Most of the toys on the stairs do something, sing, dance, etc. Children love playing with them.


:wave: to all who come after this.

11-29-2004, 09:36 AM
Just a quick Good Morning Everyone!!!!

My internet provider was down this morning, so once again had to drink my morning coffee by myself :eek: :crying:

Have just enough time to wish Barb and Dominic quick recovery and good health, and uhhhh and ahhhh over Ellen's Christmas decorations - WOW!!! and to :wave: to everyone else!!!!!!

Sending good thoughts to one and all!!!

11-29-2004, 09:45 AM
:wave: to Uschi!!

((((((((((((((Barb))))))))))))))))))))) I hope you get better real soon.

Wow Ellen!!! Your Christmas decorations are fantastic....must be like living at Santa's Workshop at your house!! That would definitely get me in the Christmas spirit living there!! My husband, on the other hand is the Grinch who stole Christmas and he would probably shrivel up in a ball and croak. LOL :D :evil:

And where is Henry??? Haven't seen him in awhile.

OK...back to work for me... just had to comment on your fantastic pics, Ellen!!! :) :clap: :clap: :clap:

11-29-2004, 10:02 AM
Morning All!

Pat! Congratulations on seeing such an early part of the day!

Ellen, your house looks lovely! Can't imagine that level of decoration, but what really boggles my mind is where it gets stored in the off season!:D

Hope Doug is having a good time on his visit.

Sorry to everyone else that I have missed, but kids need to get out the door and I need to get back to that painting! I had no idea how long a big painting takes to do! Kind of fun to do the kind of things I have only ever read about before.:D

Take care.

mr sandbanx
11-29-2004, 10:33 AM
Sandbanx as far as I know is still here, Malty is out back oiling the clubs before we put them away for the winter, and counting his tips.
It has been a queit week in Lake Wobegone, I have been painting horses, fussing over them actually, and have not been in here too much.

Also I was under the gun to finish the church newsletter which I managed to accomplish on Wednesday at about 2.00 AM. It was more than overdue.

WC can be a bit addictive I am sure some will agree. Last week I looked up and saw two strangers in my house. Turns out they were my wife and my daughter.

Brenda and our Em and I went on an all day shopping expedition on the weekend, and things at church are picking up. Roast beef dinner on Saturday (Two pumpkin, chocolate, butterscotch and me and Em shared a slice of pecan pie befire I gave in and declared my buddy the pie winner for 2004. He was determined to reclaim his crown, I could see it in his eyes) and I am the chief dishwasher, so was in the kitchen for four hours on Saturday night. Have now burnt off my fingerprints so typing this is not as easy as it looks.

Yesterday was unpacking Christmas decorations and rearranging things to fit all the snowmen in.

I was looking in from time and was impressed by Kevins photos of the town of Sandbank and the Butte golf club... LOL that was great and gave me a much needed chuckle.


11-29-2004, 10:57 AM
Oh, doh ibm dettin a cold!!

Pass the hankie, aaaatishooooo!!!

I don't want a cold. I can't have a cold they won't do the op later if I have a cold.............OH doh...........

Banxy cheer up, we got horse to paint. Still not started mine yet, just drawn the white one to see what colours I can get on a rough sheet. No paint yet.

Ellen, that house just looks like an accident waiting to happen. Be very careful, it's an health and safety nightmare!! :wink2: :D

Cathie Jones
11-29-2004, 04:37 PM
Hi Washerbuddies! Been here three times so far and had to leave . . . absolutely NO privacy at work!! ;)

Pat, I'll be glad to say I knew you 'when' . . .

Ellen, YIKES! I would have a blast putting all that stuff out . . . and would not want to put it away! Can't even find the energy to take my tree down until mid-January usually! Christmas just isn't the same without little kids.

Oops . . . zooming again . . . see y'all later . . . XOXOXOXO

Strawberry Wine
11-29-2004, 05:22 PM
A quick hello from me. It is almost dinner time and it is going to be an easy one as I made some beef barley soup yesterday. I know its not chicken soup but cyber mugs being handed to those in need of soup.

OH Dohh Kevin Nawd a cowld. Take echineacea many doses a day. and vitimin C.

Ellen: You home is beautifully decorated for the Holiday Season. Do you have children living at home?

Poor Chris :D

and Uschi :crying:

TMTRT so I am :wave: :wave: :wave: to all.

11-29-2004, 06:25 PM
Hi everyone! Busy work day today... nothing else exciting... I drove Magoo into his guitar lesson and then dropped him off at the bowling alley... he and some of his friends have formed a league... oh goodey... more driving... anyway, it's just DH and I for dinner tonight and he doesn't get home for another hour...

I have a composition in mind to draw out since I finally finished the apple painting... I've begun to realize that 3/4 of the way through one painting, I'm beginning to think of another... then, I become impatient and lose my concentration... my story... and I'm stickin' to it! :D

Ellen... do you walk around your home singing carols? I'm afraid that I'd be tripping up and down your stairs, though... :D What a joyous noise your house makes!!!

Sorry to hear about your internet troubles, Uschi... Haven't we begun to absolutely DEPEND on the internet??? Your Sunday brunch sounded delish to me! :D

Christie... I'm dying to see your painting! It's going to be beautiful... take a dab of your *mini* talent and make it BIGGER... sounds easy...

Chris... life is all about *balance*... you'll find one that works for you, I just know it... HOW could you possibly have eaten all that pie??? OHMYGAWSH... were you waddling into the kitchen??? Standing up to do the dishes must have been much more comfortable... LOL

*handing Kev a box of tissues* Take lots of echinacea, vitamin C and drink homemade chicken soup... go to bed... I mean it! Don't make me come over there!!!

Cathie... I know what you mean... but sometimes we need to add that little bit of sparkle to our own lives... otherwise, we'll all become mean old Scrooges... :(

Gail... my family LOVES beef barley soup!!!

I'm going to race over to the Gallery for a few minutes... if I don't get back here this evening, I hope everyone has a great one... Positive energy and good thoughts beaming your way!

11-29-2004, 06:46 PM

been missing too much...didn't even know WC was down till Emily e mailed me...LOL


Glad to see Kate's back! *but going again...lucky duck*

Pat..are you serious about the teaching in China?

switching ISP's here this week'....scares the hell out of me on change 2,000,000,000 e mails alone.....argh

It was SO good to have my little girl here for a couple days...*sigh*

Good light and love to all

Strawberry Wine
11-29-2004, 06:52 PM
Passing mugs of beef barley to Ted and Magoo.. I will hand over chicken soup to you Char, when I make some (Maybe Turkey after Christmas :) )

Pam, Hello , glad you had a good visit with your daughter

Another person I have not seen in ages and ages is Mary Ann (fun2cook) Has anyone heard from her???



11-29-2004, 06:56 PM
Pat..are you serious about the teaching in China?

We sure are - with a bit of luck I may get over there next year to have a look at the set up myself - Jamie and Liam have already been over and had a look.


Ellen in Ont
11-29-2004, 07:09 PM
Hi again, :wave:
Just hanging out waiting for some ebay auctions to finish (christmas CDs of course) :D

Christie - all the "stuff" is stored in a basement under the garage (aka the "dungeon". Not much room to move but heated and dry.

Kev - we are all adults so no worries about kids tripping (or tripping on kids). The cats occasionally knock things down the stairs to see them move or sing :D

Gail - the only child living here is DH :D The whole family stays with us from all over Ontario at xmas which makes it feel crowded but there is only one child in the bunch (nephew 7). House is filled with 9 adults and 1 child for the holidays. Friends do bring over their children for tours of the place.

Char - The family made it a rule years ago that I am not allowed to play Christmas on the stereo until after Hallowe'en. Don't tell them that I have been playing them in my "studio" quietly since September. :D

Going to check out the gallery. Have a great evening, morning etc. :wave:

11-29-2004, 07:49 PM
A few of you have asked to see pix from my new digicam. Here are some early ones. I apologize for posting this many pics - hope it doesn't slow down page loading too much for anyone. To mitigate that I've reduced and compressed the pix drastically - the originals are much sharper.

From daughter's soccer tournament in San Diego over the weekend, 2 action shots:


Here I used the burst mode to take consecutive pictures rapidly. When viewed in a slide show, the sequence looks better:



And one from my trip to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands Ecological Preserve this morning. For some reason, this composition appealed to me, but the resulting photo doesn't so it enough justice:

I'm still in the early stages of learning how to get the most out of this camera. Next I want to dig into the Bracketing Mode, which allows you to take 3 photos of the same scene using 3 different exposures - one what the camera thinks is best, another under-exposed, and the last over-exposed. This is particularly useful in backlit scenes or sunrises/sunsets, where the foreground is often too dark. Using PSP or whatever photo-editing software you prefer, you should be able to take the sky from a sunset using the under-exposed version which makes for more dramatic colors, and combine it with the foreground using the under-exposed version which brings some color into the foreground instead of the flat black silhouette that the normal version gives you. If all works well, the resulting composite gives you a picture that combines the best of both the sky and the foreground.

mr sandbanx
11-29-2004, 07:51 PM
Today received and email from my cousin who has spent 5 weeks in Sweden finishing his pilots training and now flies for LoganAir... Scotland and Ireland and all that.

What is an enchilada? I though enchilada coats were banned after Bridget Bardot protested on some Newfie iceberg?

Whatever it is Kevin... take one, or two ... dont make Char come over there... (on second thought... she would not be bothering me about what I eat ....hmmmm)

Good luck with the venture Pat... sounds like fun. Tell the others I would have been thrilled to get a Watercolour calendar as a corporate gift...

Ellen: you need to leave some decorations for the rest of us... your place looks fantastic... but in all honesty, I am more than qualified and capable of tripping over that stuff. Dont' paint us all with the same brush....

Ok I am ok now... where was I??? Malty... a little help here please. Where's the rest of the team? If they think they get Christmas day off they can forget it right now.

11-29-2004, 09:02 PM

Well you all have been busy and having fun.. !!!!!


Huge hugs to those who are ill.. ((((((((((i))))))))))

Barb you are in my prayers too kiddo..

Hmmmmmmm Chars wonderful painting made me go get a Red delicous Apple form the brekky bar bowl.

Well I am munching away quite happily and squish. All over my key board.. Yukk. Have you any idea how hard it is to get the keys off this logitech keyboard to clean them.. :D

Gorgeous pics Dave. SHow us a revamped photo when you do it..

Huggles everyone..

11-29-2004, 10:21 PM
Evenin' All....... well its sort of goodnight and goodmorning really as its 3.15am here and Ive had my TV doze for 3 hours so here I am bright and breezy:(

have started a new wash with pics of mondays dawn...........

Dave.......... Im lusting after your new camera.........thats some zoom it has....... does it have an anti-hand-shake device? or do you need to use it with a tripod ?......... I must have read about it but cant remember........

:wave: just yawned so might be worth trying for bed :D :wave: did manage to get my round Bin challenge posted in plenty time for once........ anyone sick of violas yet :D :wink2:

11-30-2004, 07:36 AM

Dave.......... Im lusting after your new camera.........thats some zoom it has....... does it have an anti-hand-shake device? or do you need to use it with a tripod ?......... I must have read about it but cant remember........


The answers are yes and yes. It has an anti-jitter mechanism (supposedly of an unusual kind, but I've read that it's very effective). Even so, I almost always use a tripod. It helps follow the action of soccer games, and is absolutely essential to using the exposure bracketing/photo editing technique. It was so windy yesterday morning when I took sunrise pics that even with the anti-jitter and tripod in effect, the camera moved slightly between the 3 shots at different exposures; or maybe I was shivering, because it was C-C-C-COLD by Southern California standards. Anyway, I couldn't get 3 exposures exactly from the same position, so I'll try again another day and see if I can show the technique I mentioned.