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11-28-2004, 07:47 PM
Hi there--wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this(and it might have already been discussed-if so, point me in the right direction). I'm usually found in the watercolor forum but pop in here from time to time. Was curious about what people here thought about a recent article that I read(think it was in the latest Pastel Magazine) saying that oil pastels might not be permanent and were not eligible to be accepted into pastel competitions. The reason I ask is that I, as someone who was comtemplating trying them out, was really taken aback. I think that if someone--ESP. someone who had never done ANY art before--read this, they will/would be extremely put off from trying them. I know I was! Any comments on this would be appreciated. Btw... I haven't tried them myself yet(or soft pastels, for that matter) so have absolutely no clue about the "truth" about the article. Thanks for any input. (Just bothered me a lot, I guess--really stunk, if you ask me, that they would print something that seemed SOOOO obviously biased!)

Michele(lurking from watercolor forum)

11-28-2004, 10:49 PM
Here's a link to thread on it
...since then Pastel Journal has heard from the manufacturers of Sennelier and Holbein and will be printing a retraction and apology in their February issue...

12-01-2004, 11:09 PM
Hi Michelle,
we welcome all lurkers who are interested in oil pastels!!

The Oil Pastel Society's members all responded to that letter from the editor of the Pastel Journal to set the record straight. We have been assured that the next issue will clarify their erroneous statements and give the manufacturer's a chance to give their side of the story :)

Drop into the Oil Pastel Studio, check out the awesome artwork, and get those fingertips greasy with the rest of us!! And in the meantime, check out the Society's website at www.oilpastelsociety.com


12-05-2004, 05:30 PM
Thanks guys--glad that they'll be doing a retraction...I just hope that it will be enough to convince those who were considering oil pastels to give them a chance. Once X-mas is over, I'll (hopefully) get a chance to try them myself.

Michele :wave:

12-05-2004, 05:42 PM
Michelle, be sure and come the the regular Oil Pastel forum and post your efforts. Lots of good information there too!