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11-13-2001, 08:43 PM
eBay announced they are compromising on Checkout (but the changes won't be effective for "2-3 weeks", almost covering the entire Christmas buying season...).

Here is the text from them on the changes:

For auction listings, sellers will have the ability to choose whether or not the Checkout button appears on their closed View Item page. If a seller opts out of having the Checkout button displayed, there will also be no links to Checkout in the End of Auction email and My eBay, and the buyer will not be able to use Checkout for that transaction.

Sellers who choose not to display the Checkout button on their listings will do so by changing their Checkout preferences in their My eBay selling tab. If the Checkout preference is changed, it will apply to any item the seller lists after that point. However, sellers may change their Checkout preference at any time.

Sellers will also be able to continue specifying shipping costs, insurance, applicable tax, and specific payment instructions when listing an item, even if the seller chooses not to use Checkout. This information will continue to be displayed in the Payment Details and Payment Instructions sections on the View Item page. If a seller chooses not to add this information, a message indicating that the seller has provided this information in the item description or will provide it after the listing ends will appear in these sections.

Please note that Checkout remains an integral part of the eBay Stores design and will continue to be required for all Store Buy It Now listings.

Also, to help eliminate some buyer confusion that has been reported, we are bringing back the "Pay Now" button for eBay Payments (formerly known as Billpoint). This "Pay Now" button will appear only if the seller has chosen to accept eBay Payments and will appear regardless of whether the seller has opted out of displaying the Checkout button.

Finally, we will now be decrementing an item from a seller's eBay Store whenever a buyer uses Buy It Now to purchase the item from the Store. Currently, the item is decremented when the buyer has completed Checkout.

Many feel eBay will phase back in those features they are removing now, but phase it more slowly. Clearly, it was not that eBay "finally listened to the users", but rather an increasing volume of negative press and that the press mentioning and thus promoting Yahoo as an alternative. I still hope Yahoo (or someone) steps up to compete with eBay, because it would keep them in line more, but I am assuming, once these changes take place, enough sellers will be back. I hope many sellers keep themselves diversified and help an audience grow at another auction site so the whole auction business is healthier.

I also don't think eBay's larger strategy has changed at all - moving towards more of an outlet or discount space with larger partners versus an auction space, so its best to stay as diversified as possible with other auction sources.

11-13-2001, 11:19 PM
omg!, I am so confused. I don't 'know' what they're talking about. I only just joined, and everything is still going in one ear and out the other, until I get used to the ropes. But the ropes keep changing. For the better, I take it, but yet, it's changing. If I can't understand this 'clear for users' talk now, will I later?
I'll be back during the 'changes'.. after the 'changes' .. and hope the rope isn't too new and scratchy to learn.

OH! btw, here's my FIRST 3 listings on Ebay. :)http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&ht=1&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&query=skirkart

(art/painting/contemporary/skirkart. Did I do that right or should I have listed in the 'art/painting/self promoting area? )

11-14-2001, 10:55 AM
Katie Moe:

I think we auctioners should try listing at other auctions; I too foresee that ebay is making a few changes now but all their press releases indicate they are moving towards large retailers and away from auction format. At some point in time, they may really not be interested in the small guys.

I do think yahoo is picking up more biz because of ebay's fiasco; another possibility is www.sellyouritem.com. They need buyers really bad but if you are into buying, it's a great place to look first, no competition!

I too would like to see another auction like yahoo, really take off for the small sellers. It seems they are willing to make changes right now. I will soon list my first item on yahoo; I think the prices are lower there but every once in a while you'll see an excellent price. I think if everyone will have some patience and notify all our ebay buyers that we are listing at yahoo also, we might see some really good progress at yahoo in the coming months.


2 of your counters were not displaying but the horse has 48 viewers not bad; next time when you list at least 2 put one in the category you're in now and the other in the self representing to see which get the most hits. Many viewers do use the "see seller's other auctions" and most of mine get about the same number of hits.


11-14-2001, 12:20 PM
Thanks Lee! They should be working okay now. I changed them all into penquins. :)
Great tip! I'll submit to both next time. Thanks!