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11-20-2004, 02:25 AM
Morning each,

Char out of bad comes good, all your misey over the computer probs reminded me to backup my files. So thank you.

Yep Lulu still down for the knee trembler on the 2nd.

Anyway been up since 4.15 this morning, think I kept on dreaming about blood squirting out all over, wonder why. I'm psycolgically scarred....... and I didn't really used to mind needles!! Just a small prick,............. and that nurse was!! :wink2:

No wonder my blood pressure was up!

See ya later.

11-20-2004, 03:00 AM
Morning Kev!

We're both up way too early this morning :(

Just a small prick,............. and that nurse was!! Sorry you had such a bad experience with the vampire nurse, this made me giggle though :D ROFLMAO!

Char, what a nightmare :( There must be something in the air, though, as I was woken by a bad dream, my puter was attacked by a virus which changed all the files :eek: So today I back up my files too! I use CDRs so that if the latest backup fails I at least have the previous one to fall back on in an emergency (and of course they're amazingly cheap!)

Paaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt, are you up yet? Don't want you to miss that delivery man! :evil:

That's it for now, back later,



11-20-2004, 03:40 AM
'fraid you'll ave to shout louder than that, she's never up before 11, unless she's wet the bed!! :wink2: :evil:


11-20-2004, 04:51 AM
Good Morning all,

It is quarter to five here in Oakwood—in the morning, that is. I'm joining the early risers on board. It just started raining again. I hear it on the windows and running down the drainpipe just outside my window. Been like that for several days, luckily the temps are way above normal for this time of the year or it would have been snow.

Hi Kev, Hi Ruth! :wave:

We have two watercolor artists having a birthday today. Not sure if they visit the Wash, but in case they do—

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GEOFF (GeoffUK) AND GAYLE (GayleMadera)! Many happy returns of the day, hope you have a chance to paint whatever you desire on this special day.

Trying to finish up my painting of a doorway in Puerto Rico before I get tied up with daughter Christine and grandson Quinn later today. They stopped off in Columbus last night to visit with other daughter Kari. She and her roommate Mike are coming down for lunch tomorrow so I will have 2/3 of our family with us. Son Kent and his wife Stephanie we see fairly frequently though.

Off to check out the Gallery postings since yesterday.

See you all later,


11-20-2004, 05:11 AM
You call 4:15 AM and 4:45 AM early? It's 2:05 AM here as I start this. Mind you, I'm not awake by choice, just can't seem to sleep well lately.

Hi Kev, Ruth, & Sylvia and AWAYTC.

Nothing exciting going on here, so guess I'll see if I can accomplish something on the computer - maybe backup files or defrag or one of those kinds of tasks that should be done regularly but never are.

Wishing a good weekend to all.

11-20-2004, 05:12 AM
Still dizzy, JJ, can't be the water, I was thinking I've been dizzy because I haven't been drinking enough water! Isn't it nice that dark chocolate is good for you? I mentioned that to my doctor, she HAD to remind me you only need a tiny bit (phooey!)
I hear the blue bloods are going to take up fighting the new regulation. They are going to fight it in court! Prince Charles is all bent out of shape over that as well, said something like if they outlawed that, he may as well just move.
Oh well :music: Thing is since I've been here I have seen so much concern about animals, even seen lizard and frogs be rescued, I don't see why they can't come up with a way to do foxless hunting? Move with the times people, how about an electronic fox!
Hope all are better soon, human and other, DH just went out for his run, he said it's frosty out there, may have to break out my long silk undies.
OH Kev, the Christmas Card it a beaut! I've been fiddling with ideas, but we have tons of cards left over, a couple of years ago I bought some at the tourist information place, to support a charity, I bought 50, turns out they were 50 packs, 4 in a pack, so we had 200! and one year we didn't send any, that was the year I was in California selling our house in Campbell, and Jack was here buying our house in Knaresborough. This is the last year we will send these! They are nice though, shows 4 watercolor views of local spots.
Char, hummm that's a thought, I could keep the lovely furry throw safe here, warmmmmm, till her 95th birthday.

I have slpet for the best part of the day:( still feel yuk, but a good sleep tonight will see me right in the morning. I think sometomes our bodies just say "hey there rest!!!" :D

WOO-Hoo Geoff (I met him) ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU


well I can't figure out HOW to back up my files..:( I try and the back up wizard keeps asking me to insert a floppy..:( not much datat can go on a floppy, there is nothing to say I can do it on CD.

How do you guys do it?????????

:wave: to all........

11-20-2004, 05:17 AM
HI Everyone

Hey Sylvia - It's 5 am here in Tipp City. I loved your story on visiting the base. I was in that mess too! Heads up --- starting Dec. 5 they are doing ORI(operational readness something) I'll keep you posted. This all has been really frustrating for me having never been around military. I'm settling in over the holiday anyway. Will keep the job search going. Would love to find a DR. office.

Char - Let me know when you're back in Springfield. Maybe we can meet for dinner or something. Congrats on your painting being selected. I agree with Uschi - never any doubt in my mind.

Kulu & Kev - Hope you're knees are feeling better

JJ - I think you're just run down from your travels. Take it easy for awhile.

Bob - Hope the cold gets better.

Patty - Love the "Dude's" attitude.

OH MY -- Today is the BIG FOOTBALL GAME --- OHIO STATE - vs - MICHIGAN. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I've got a full day - errands, haircut, getting college sons bedroom put together. Finally.

Hoping that sometime this weekend I can paint. Was supposed to get together with a girlfriend Fri evening & looked forward to it all day. Got home and she had to cancel. Poop :mad:

Well I
m going back to bed till at least 7am


11-20-2004, 06:08 AM

well I can't figure out HOW to back up my files..:( I try and the back up wizard keeps asking me to insert a floppy..:( not much datat can go on a floppy, there is nothing to say I can do it on CD.

How do you guys do it?????????

:wave: to all........

Well, the Backup Wizard probably has a place somewhere to tell it to use a different drive. But really, since a backup is just a copy, and the most important thing to backup is your data (not the OS & program files), if you have a CD-R, just copy data files from My Documents to a CD (or probably several CDs). If you're like many people, you have lots of picture files, so maybe those would need to go on a separate CD. Oh, don't forget about your mail files. Most folks use Outlook or Outlook Express, and simply copying your email files probably won't work. There's a process (Export?) that should be explained in your mail program's Help file to backup.

Then where do you store the CDs? In the business world, backups are usually stored off-site, but few home users do that. Do you have a fire proof safe at home for important documents? That would be a good place.

One other suggestion. After you make a backup - TEST it! Make sure you can read the data and copy it back.

11-20-2004, 06:14 AM


Well I hardly slept last night - woke up on the hour every hour - flaming delivery men - at the end of the day they arrived about 7.30 but luckily our John was up and about so he sorted it so I finally managed to get some sleep.

The only files I back up on my computer are the office ones - I just copy them over to a cd - never done a full back up and wouldnt know how - might ask our Jamie - he thinks he knows everything about computers....lol.

RE the Fox Hunt ban - well it seems that the blue bloods are taking it to the High Court but have little chance of winning there because the law was passed by some Parliamentary law that meant they could over rule the House of Lords (who of course didnt want to ban it).

So now they say if they fail at that then they are taking it to the Court Of Human Rights because they are going to have to break the contracts of people who work for them and put them out of a job. Many of the 'hunts' say they are going to carry on hunting - the thing is they think its going to be difficult to prove that they are actually chasing a fox rather than just out for a jolly with their horses and hounds.

Well if they are found breaking the law - JAIL THEM!! - that's what I say. I mean they have banned the working man's animal sports over the years - Badger baiting - cock fighting - hare coursing (all very cruel sports and rightly should have been banned) - so why should that lot be different. Ok am off me soap box now....LOL.

Waving to everyone :wave: - am off for some eats

BBL - Love and Hugs all around


Pat xxx

11-20-2004, 07:18 AM
Good afternoon! :wave:

Happy birthday to Geoff and Gayle (not sure this is "our" Geof, I think his name is just Geof)

We have snow! The first of the year, and thankfully it isn't sticking as several hours of rain preceded it!

Dave, it's funny how one person mentions backing up then everyone follows! lol

JJ, my CD rewriter software has an option for creating backups. I also only save the data, I have most of the programs on disc for restoring if I need to :) The exception is those small programmes I've downloaded (adaware etc.), I like having them to hand rather than searching and downloading again.

Anita, keeping my fingers crossed that you find a job you can enjoy soon!

Pat, sorry you didn't sleep very well :( At least John sorted out the delivery for you, though! Re: fox hunting, I don't understand why the hunt fraternity are claiming a ban will lead to huge job losses? There are other ways to carry on with the riding and chasing without having a live quarry - a man runs a cross country course (with a head start) and the hounds are given a cloth with his scent to follow. He can avoid all those difficult areas which have caused problems in the past (schools and railway lines etc.), and the dogs, horses and humans have a good days sport!

I need to make a decision - start a new painting, or watch the England v S Africa rugby union match....... :confused:



11-20-2004, 07:37 AM
Good morning all

Chilly here

Pat...I thought this forum was a politics free zone :confused: , but as you brought it up I dont agree with your opinion on fox hunting

Goverments have no right to interfere in people lives like this, they are elected to run the country...not our lives! but please dont get me started on Tony Blair :mad:

Rangers and Celtic playing soccer today, must go and watch.....


Strawberry Wine
11-20-2004, 07:56 AM
Good Morning Washers.

Happy Birthday Geoff and Gayle

Cool and wet here in southern Ontaro. Yesterday was beautiful and I got the veggie garden tilled for the Winter. come on Spring!!!!!

Started a painting yesterday, a winter night scene, but I am not too happy at this point. Will plug on for a bit.

((((( Kev)))))) on the vampire nurse.

Congrats Char

Now I must go back and read the rest of yesterday's Wash




11-20-2004, 07:57 AM
Good Saturday to all!

My cold might be marginally better (thanks, Anita!). What a pain in the arse! (I'm practicin' my English, how'd I do Pat?).

My daughter's TV has pooped out so we were going to buy her a new one. ("Why", you ask? Because we're insane, that's why!) THEN we thought, we could buy a bigger, better one for ourselves and give her our old one. Hmmmm, the only thing is it needs to fit in a niche above the fireplace, so we'll have to buy it from someone who will deliver and install it for us. (I could never lift a TV up that high! I must be a "girlie-man", as Ahnold would say... :p ) We were supposed to go to Best Buy last nite to look but I just felt too crappy. So I said to Barb "let's do it tomorrow instead, I'm going to go to bed early". Says SWMBO, "ok, we'll just add it to the list" :confused: :eek: (I didn't know we had a list... I think I'm in for a day of roaming from store to store around Raleigh...)

I have a laptop with built-in wireless that I bought last year that my wife has appropriated for her use on a daily basis. She's a big AOL user. We have broadband and I installed a wireless router. Anyway, she has been having all sorts of problems with dropped connections and people not being able to see her online etc etc. And I've been hesitating over installing the Microsoft SP 2 for XP because of all the horror stories I've heard. Finally said to [email protected]$# with it and installed the service pack, reinstalled AOL and BAM!! everything went in slick as grass through a goose and everything works as it's supposed to. Woohoo!! (Scares the poop out of me, though. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop... :wink2: )

Well, gotta pay some bills, get some food and get started on the day. Have a good one everybody. TTYL

Strawberry Wine
11-20-2004, 08:18 AM
I'm back, Had to read Thursday's and Friday's wash to catch up.

Char/sis, is it this weekend that the jurers make their selections? ie: as in "Glory Be" "Best in Show. " Which other two paintings did you submit?

Slyvia: Did Char persuade your husband to join us for the Ontario Meet. ????

I have to head down to Newmarket this morning for an x-ray of my knee. Is there something in the water colour forum and knees that is being passed around :D ? I have been experiencing numbness and a burning pain above my left knee for about 2 months and anti inflamatories are doing diddly? They xrayed my lower back last month and nothing but a bit of arthritis. I think it could be a pinched nerve but what do I know. :D

May do a bit of christmas shopping at the Mall while we are there. I hate the mall.

End of whine.

Bob, hope you are starting to feel better today. DH is on day 7 and still feels ***tty!

TMTRT so waving to all



11-20-2004, 08:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!!! Dull, drizzling, supposed to be like that all day.

What a surprise, snow in England before we have any here :confused:

I never could understand how people can get pleasure from killing animals - a sport :confused: :rolleyes: :eek:

Char, sorry about all your crashes. re daughter, she is talking travelling and biking again, and she doesn't mean Ontario in winter :D

A few years back my son bought me one of these CD burners as a christmas gift. Well, I was going to back up, procrastinator that I am delayed it from one day to the next until the computer crashed three months later. What hurt the most was that I lost all the scans of my paintings which in the meantime had sold - gone, gone, gone. Now I burn, and burn and burn :D

I'm going to get dressed fast this morning because son and grandson are bound to drop in while daughter in law is still sleeping.

My social life is picking up a bit, going to austrian ex neighbour's official house warming party tonight, tomorrow out of town brunch.

I have been a busy beaver resizing many of my paintings in the computer and printing small prints of them, then cutting 8 x 10 mats (dozens upon dozens :eek: ) and putting them into clear plastic bags. I am bound and determined to sell them at the market in early spring. I am really hyped, they look soooo cute!!!

I also stretched four 1/4 sheets and one half sheet. Going to start on a half sheet of hydrangea, probably on Monday. Will I have the patience for all these millions of little blooms????

Well, you are all up to date on my life, fascinating isn't it :rolleyes: :D

Sending good thoughts to one and all and :wave: greetings!

Haven't seenLyn here for a while.

11-20-2004, 08:34 AM
I have to head down to Newmarket this morning for an x-ray of my knee. Is there something in the water colour forum and knees that is being passed around :D Gail

Gail, could it be aging :evil: :D

Bob, love your sense of humor!!!!

11-20-2004, 09:13 AM
Good morning Washers!! It's foggy, raining, grey, miserabley, damply bitter here in SW Ontario this morning... My moods are rarely affected by the weather, but this is just too much... and I overslept... I have one of those thick-headed groggy headaches this morning that refuses to go away...

*whine, whine, whiiiiiine....*

I'll get over it... :D

When I was in Springfield last week, I went to a new art store called Crafts2000... What a spectacular place!!! It's based on a warehouse shopping concept and all ticketed items are 40% off... They had paint, brushes, paper, easels, books... I was in art store heaven... I bought a Jan Kuntz book and have enjoyed it soooo much... her thoughts and techniques are *making sense* to me!! Now there's a revelation! :D

I have backed up my critical files on my laptop... Luckily, because I'm a telecommuter, I have a CD burner rather than just a reader... Essentially, I just copy those files I cannot afford to lose onto the CD...

I keep my photographs and my DH's music files backed up onto CD's from our desktop, also... I have started organizing my photos into Monthly folders so that synchronizing the files isn't such a pain in the butt... My desktop has a DVD burner (isn't that neat??? :D ) and I recently put everything onto two DVD's... one to view and one to save...

Ruth... all the download files in zip format can be copied onto a *Downloaded Software* CD... that way, you'll have them in case anything crashes... this should include any new Drivers that you had to download...

Because of the crash on my Desktop, I couldn't re-install SP2 for XP... I ordered the free CD from Microsoft... It was supposed to take 4-6 weeks, but arrived yesterday... it installed slick as sh*t from a goose... Both Magoo and I are back up to snuff (so to speak)...

Christie... sorry... due to the Corporate Structure, I'm not supposed to touch any of the software on my laptop... However, I'm usually in some backwater place (like Chatham) when bad stuff happens... the techies... I don't know where we hire them from, but they all have *agendas* and they tend to lord their exalted knowledge and skill over us *users*... it's actually quite funny...

Happy Birthday to Geoff and Gayle!!!

KevBro... be sure to make 2 copies of your backups!!! :D

Please, please, please... people... Pat's up... no more shouting (I have a headache)... :D Glad that John got it all sorted out for you....

I don't understand making a sport of killing... never did... never will... :(

I still haven't made it to the Gallery... but I have to mention Sylvia's painting of the cockatoos... it's absolutely fabulous IRL... she had already framed it and it was hanging in her studio... the colours are delicious and the feathers are perfectly rendered...


JJ... hope you're feeling better today too... thinking that your body is wanting to catch up it's rest after 7 weeks on the go... ((()))

Anita... sorry that your painter bud couldn't make it... but, looking forward to your new work... I'll keep you posted of my next visit south...

G'morning Henry...

Hi Bob... is that a drawl creeping into your voice??? LOL... it doesn't take long... I love lists... :evil:

Gail... when I talked to Sylvia's DH, he didn't come right out and say *No*... :D I submitted Glory Be!, Red Giant and In the Pink... Judging is next weekend... *biting nails*... :D Sorry about your knee!!! sheesh!

Uschi... there could very well be that some of us WCer's are interested in buying your prints... :D Not mentioning any names, but one of them could be... well her initials are CMM... :D You KNOW you have the patience for a hydrangea! I can't wait to see it!!! Too bad about your daughter... :evil:

Good thoughts and positive vibes beaming your way...

Ellen in Ont
11-20-2004, 09:52 AM
Good morning everyone,
Just finished two nightshifts with very little sleep (4 hrs a day). I just got to sleep last night and son calls in crisis (relationship issues) and we talked till 3:00 am. :eek: He feels better but now I am waiting to hear how it turns out.
I wanted to get an early start on the day but slept in. I am cleaning the whole house today to be able to start xmas decorating tomorrow. :clap: Ahhh, my favourite time of year. We made a huge decision this year to put up an artificial tree. I have always said I would only use real trees but this year we are hosting two early parties and a real one wouldn't last. DH has been working on the outside lights but a long way to go yet.
There is a freezing rain warning here today - so far there is just a cold drizzle.
Sorry to hear of everyone's knee problems... hope they are all feeling better soon.
Going to check out the gallery (quickly) then start cleaning. :rolleyes: Good idea about backing up the files on all the paintings I have done. Another thing to use to procrastinate before working. :D
Good wishes to everyone who needs them.
A huge :wave: to everyone. Haven't had time to keep up with the wash lately so I am behind on the news.

Little Old Lady
11-20-2004, 10:23 AM
Greetings :wave:
Rainy and foggy here this morn.
You guys are really making me feel guilty. I have never backed up anything. Geez another thing I "should" be doing! :crying:
Anita I will be cheering for Ohio to beat Michigan (Badgers need it) :clap:
Char hope headache clears up.
Hope Doug can post to let us now how visit is going.
Bob hope cold gets better and you survive shopping!
Sylvia have fun with family visit.
Hope all I missed have a good whatever!

11-20-2004, 10:24 AM

Henry - we will agree to disagree on the fox hunting :D

As for the Celtic v Rangers - GO CELTIC!!!

Its Great Britain v New Zealand tonight in the Tri Nations rugby so GO GB!!!

Ok enough sport methinks....lol.

Well the upright freezer has been found a home - we were going to put it in the outhouse where the old chest freezer is but I decided it was too nice and clean to go in there and there was room under the worktop to fit it so now we just have to work out where to put all the pop bottles and the calor gas heater - so I can see a lot of shifting stuff around in the next few days.

We have been invited out for a meal tonight with the Chinese friends I mentioned the other day - luckily the Chinese restaurant serves English food so SWMBO will be ok. Jamie is out on the town starting his pre birthday celebrations (for Wednesday) - so won't see much of him tomorrow I don't think...lol.

Waving to everyone!! :wave:

Love and Hugs

Pat xxx

11-20-2004, 12:04 PM
'morning all :wave:

Just spent the past 1/2 hour or so trying to catch up on all the news...

Congratulations Char!!! I am so excited for you!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: Sorry to hear about the crash, and like everyone else here, I am going to back up my data today... :)

Pat - I'm with you - will never understand hunting just for sport.

Hope all the kneecaps are feeling better - good luck with your surgery Kev.
(I'm O+ too, so universal donor if anyone ever needs it.. ;))

Ellen, I always swore I'd never have an artificial tree too, but did start using one several years ago. We're usually out of town over the holidays, and I like to put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. :eek: OMG, that's next weekend!!!! I'm not ready!!!! We're driving to SD on Thursday morning, coming back Saturday...

We've been so busy with buying the duplex, that I haven't had much time for anything else. While in AZ we inspected the property, met with lender again, found insurance agent, interviewed property management co., etc. etc. etc. We got back Wednesday night, and since then have had to review the inspection report, and made a request to the sellers for small repairs. Now we're in 'wait' mode. Hopefully we'll close on 12/8, and then will drive back once again the next day to get the keys, do some little maintenance items, and meet with property mgmt agent again. Whew!!! I'd forgotten how much is involved in the process.

Thursday, had to call 911 for a co-worker experiencing chest pains! She's better, but still in the hospital - only 47 years old.

Son called yesterday to say his car's transmission crapped out - he's depressed, understandably so. Wish he didn't live clear across the country! Good news is that he's carrying a 96 average in nursing school, and graduation is only 7 months away :)

Well, I wanted to paint today, but DH is going out of town tomorrow morning, so I'll have all day to paint then. Today I'll be a good girl - I have to do the reports for him, which is almost an 8 hour job. But first, where are my cd's, I'm going to do a backup! ;)

Weaving :wave: to all I missed, I'll do a better job of catching up tomorrow! Sending positive thoughts and healing vibes to those who need them, and 11 double hugs to all...


11-20-2004, 01:07 PM
Just a "Hi and Bye" from Novi, Michigan. Got here on time, but one suitcase didn't arrive until 1am :rolleyes:

Just checking out Peter's workplace, then have to get back, so cheerio for now!


mr sandbanx
11-20-2004, 01:13 PM
Hey everyone I am voluntarily back here in the middle of the pack to prove a point... I can join the Wash even though I did not start it.... :envy: :envy:

Kevbro???? I dont want to go there.

went to see new movie last night. Me and 500 kids.... Spongebob Squarepants...LOL I give it two thumbs up...

Today was Santa Parade. But first I had to get up and go for interview for a project to design a church. Seeing Malty on Saturday and neither of us in plus fours and golf caps kind of disrupts my week. Church people are too chipper on a Saturday motning!

We had to talk Em into going to the parade. When she does not want to do this anymore then I am old. So we told her she has to come till she is 34.

Off to paint a sycamore now.



11-20-2004, 01:28 PM

Rangers 2 Celtic 0.......Yee....haa! who's a happy boy then :D

Pat...to clear up any confusion, I am not for or against fox hunting, I dont live in the countryside, its none of my business, but I am annoyed at this Goverment forcing the Bill through Parliament..what next..Fishing, its on the agenda!

Cold, cold night here...brrr


11-20-2004, 02:53 PM
Quiet today, we went out to the tip (dump) and then to the computer store to buy a part, at this point I was really wondering why I came along. But then we went to Hannah's and had lunch after Jack put said part into computer. Talked to Doris who told me her son, who lives in California, was complaining about the lack of good canned beans there and no electric kettles. So I went home and look that up on the web, they are there if you look. I do love mine, and will want one when I go back! I also know of a British Food store near him where he can go get beans, and other stuff, like sausage rolls.
Then home, and I made an apple pie, don't ususally do that kind of thing, not something I should be eating, so my pie is probably not that good, too much cinnamon. Really wanted an American apple pie, I have noticed Brit pies are made with pre cooked apples.
While I was up town, I took this picture at the castle

This cat thinks this is HER castle.

Oh Congratulations Char, well done!
JJ looked up dizzyness on net, can be effect of flu, virus, dehydration, low blood pressure, and other things I don't want to think about, or just cause, basically, rest, drink lots of fluids, if it doesn't go away, see a doctor.
I can do that.


11-20-2004, 03:32 PM
I'm back. Barb let me off easy. After paying bills, tv shopping and candle shopping we came back for lunch and she took off for the afternoon.
I went to the library to pay a fine (doh!) and then a dollar store and bought a vinyl tablecloth to use as a dropcloth under my painting table in the loft. I also took some pictures of turning leaves around our house. Thought you might like to look.
I'll insert one and attach a couple more so I don't bog down the wash.

11-20-2004, 03:38 PM
Beautiful pictures Bob, now I have to go and find out who is really supposed to be on the throne of England.


11-20-2004, 03:49 PM
Oh WOW Bob - that's one thing I really miss - the explosion of autumn color.

Cute castle-cat Judy!

Hi/Bye Doug! Enjoy your trip and time with the family! We want pictures!! :)

11-20-2004, 04:46 PM
Oh noooooo Celtic lost - we must have been robbed. :p

Havent seen the GB v NZ result yet as we taped it so pleaseeeeeeeee no one put the result here. :crying:

Well the meal was a great success - SWMBO even ate the Chinese banquet - I told her she should try the stuff first before decided she didnt like it.

Had a bit of a dilemma before we went out - decided to put my contact lenses in and then one eye was itchy and as I was rubbing it (not advisable) I ended up pushing the contact lense up into my eye - so after much fiddling around I got half of it out - it had split in half - by this time my eye was bloodshot and I could feel the darn thing but couldnt find it - eventually had to get Jamie come and do some delicate manoeuvres with a tissue and bless his heart after I got the last bit out - he went and put some eye drops in my eye - aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!

Eye is better now - bloodshot look has gone - am slightly squiffy - not used to drinking to the four pints have slightly gone to my head. SWMBO was amazed to be out in the town on a Saturday night - she kept saying - where is that loud music coming from - and - gosh its funny those girls dont freeze to death wearing practically nothing.....LOL.

Am off to eat some chocolate - got a craving for some reason.....lol.....and then lie on my bed and watch tv - ten to one I fall asleep.

Great pics btw BOB - just wish I could paint foliage - lol.

Later folks - love and hugs all around

Pat xxx

11-20-2004, 05:00 PM
Checking back in after 10 hours. Slow Wash today.

I enjoyed the photos JudyL and BobH. Well done.

Char, I'm not sure why you sent me (( )). Just because I didn't sleep well? Others have more pressing issues, and sleep is often highly overrated anyway. But I sure do appreciate the concern. Thank you.

Quite a few ailments from Washers today, but fortunately they don't sound dire. Lot's of knees, not much sleep, some dizziness, a touch of arthritis here and there, some almost-gone (I hope) colds, and more.

Here's hoping everyone recuperates quickly from whatever is ailing them.

11-20-2004, 06:52 PM
Late entry for me today.

I spent the day doing kid things while my husband replaced (and setup) our wireless hub. The old one died suddenly on Thursday night.:( I am now back to being happy about technology.:D

Char, can't remember if I said congratulations on the paintings being accepted. I have every confidence that you will get many compliments at the very least.

Sorry to hear about all the sore knees and ailments. I blame winter...:D

Have to go cook dinner, so hello to everyone else and I'll check in later.

Take care.

11-20-2004, 08:51 PM
Thank you all for your concern, you guys are sooooooooo nice.. :) ((back to ya))

I feel a lot better today. I slept for a VERY long time yesterday. Got up at around 11.00pm did some back up (thanks Kev) went back to bed and slept 'till 11.00am :eek: I always feel so guilty sleeping a day away, such a waste of precious time, but I guess I really must have needed it. Who said blood pressure? I have been taking moduretic for a couple of years or more now for blood pressure, they work a treat..

Great photos' Wouls just love those trees in my back yard.. They grow beautifully in the south parts of Australia, Sydney and the like..

Christie I am glad all things technical are working in your house again g/f .:)

Pat, you are lucky that broken contact lens didn't scratch your eye girl.. :eek: Glad you and Mum enjoyed night out. You should take Mum out on a Saturday night more often .. :D

Hi ML..... This duplex? Are you going to live in it?? AZ ??????? I can still remember the hassel of buying a property and the waiting for land title searches and the such.. It is hard on the nerves.. ANd you can bet your bottom Dollar you are in for a suprise when you finally take possession too. :( First house I ever bought, the totally cleaned it out, the light fittings, curtians, the gardens, they even came back and asked us for more..:mad:
This house was such a pigsty.. Once they had taken their furniture out we had a few nasty suprises. A house looks totaly different without furniture, and said furniture can hide a multiple of sins..

We were talking of selling this house, but aren't prepared to go thru' the hassel right now, we really aren't..

Love that castle pic..

:wave: to everyone, must go and put the dry mop thru' the house Julie is coming to visit this afternoon. If she remembers.. ;) She has a habit of saying she will come around and not turning up.. ;)


11-20-2004, 11:16 PM

Hi ML..... This duplex? Are you going to live in it?? AZ ???????

Hi JJ!

No, we aren't going to live in it. We'll be renting it out. This is our hedge against inflation. Since we've been priced out of the market in Southern California, ( where the median price of a home is over $550,000 :eek: :eek: :eek: ) we bought a duplex in Prescott Valley, where we hope to retire in about 5 years. It's a really nice place, about 12 years old; on .25 acre, each side is 1100 sq. ft., with cathedral celings, bright and airy, 2 BR 1BA, kitchen, dining, laundry rooms, patios, attached 1 car garages, all new carpet and tile; actually, I *could* live in it if I had to, but I like a larger place. AND, it's only about an hour drive from Sedona, and about 3 hours from the Grand Canyon. :D The grand plan is to buy several more in the next few years before retirement. THEN, I'll be able to get my dream house (if the plan goes accordingly). One thing, we won't have to worry about damages by a seller moving out - what a nightmare you went thru! We'll just have to worry about keeping it rented :rolleyes:

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

11 Hugs!

(will catch up with everyone probably tomorrow - I'm just taking a break from the paperwork) :rolleyes: