View Full Version : "Sherville's Swedish Spa"

11-10-2001, 12:23 AM
(disclaimer: once again let me reiterate, this is NOT soft porn, it's payback for people saying all I ever do are scantilly clad women, and a complete inside joke with some chat friends...)
"Oh Jacque how will you ever escape this one with your dignity in tact... Sure that Sherville can be convincing with her come hither towel draped on her head... but she means to make a meal of your swedish massage skills Jacque... and you're the main course!

Listen to your lucky rubber ducky Jacque before it's too late, run for the door... forget your pride and show that Sherville exactly where the moon is out tonight! Slip away Jacque, all she wants you to relax... are your morals... slip away now!!!"

(Sherville: as discussed... no revenge is neccessary, really...)