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11-09-2004, 04:16 AM
Hello to everyone in Digital Art! :wave:

This is my first post in this forum. I wasn't sure if it should go here or not, but I couldn't think of where else to go with it.

It was drawn with pencil and paper to start, then scanned and colored in the most simple of all apps... paintbrush. I added some averaging effect, to get rid of the "jaggies", then took it into PhotoPaint for a bit of "airbrushing".

This is my "illustrative" style, I guess you could say...


Any comment or feedback is much appreciated!
C & C always welcome!

11-09-2004, 05:11 AM
Kevin, Great job...really like the definition on the contours...Yes I think you are in the right forum...Keep up the good work...

11-09-2004, 05:46 AM
Woooooow......did you do that....? No reference? Just imagination? ...
If it so, good illustration! You`re very skilled! :) :) :clap:

11-09-2004, 02:15 PM
Thank you both for your kind comments, and for the welcome!

Yako: No... no refences. I rarely use a reference when doing characters like this one, though I am sure it shows in some ways. It isn't really intended as "realism" though, but more as a way of lending 3-dimensionality to the character itself (if that makes sense). ;)

My goal was to create a sense of warmth and light and space, to lend a "living" quality to her. In retrospect: I'm not happy with the angle of the book she is reading... It is just too "straight on", especially in relation to the girl herself. Of course, being digital now, I can adjust it all I want in the future. I think I may try that next.

Thanks again to both of you!