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11-05-2001, 02:25 PM
Has anyone had any luck relisting pieces on ebay which didn't sell the first time around? If so, do you wait a while, or relist right away? (I think the time limit for relisting free is 30 days???) Also, do you relist with a substantially lower price (to get people to look and to get bids) and then hope that it doesn't stay that low??? Example: I listed an 8 x 10 abstract painting (acrylics on stretched canvas) at 19.99 with no reserve. I was afraid to list it starting at $.01 like some folks, just because I'd hate to see it go for that...less than the cost of the materials even! Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm new to ebay, but not new to selling my work. It's a very different environment, though... the dynamics are completely different from what I'm used to. :confused:


PS- as an added thought to this, I also wonder if artists are concerned about past customers (from shows, etc.) seeing the artist's work on ebay at substantially lower prices (lower than the artist's cut were it to sell in a gallery or other venue). Do you feel this hurts your "standing" outside ebay?

11-05-2001, 03:13 PM
I relist all my items. In fact, most take 3-4 listings before they sell. Sometimes I lower the price a bit (no more than $5). Sometimes I increase it. Sometimes I leave it the same. No method seems to work, although I'd say more things have sold when I increased the price, ironicly! Don't discount your work would be my advice, just relist it at the same price. Or relist it at a low price but add a reserve price. (I don't like reserves personally)

In general many buyers don't look at listings every day. Buyers are looking for a specific kind of art. So it could take a couple of relistings before the buyer who wants your art comes along browsing for a painting or print.

If you relist more than once, always start a new auction on the 3rd time. IF your item selss on the relist eBay refunds your listing fees. Good thing!

So if you just keep relisting:

1. List
2. Relist (& sell = refund of listing fees 2) (no sale, go to 3)
3. Relist (& sell = no refund) (no sale, go to 4)
4. Relist (& sell = no refund)

Or if you start a new auction:
1. List
2. Relist (& sell = refund of listing fees 2) (no sale, go to 3)
3. List from scratch, new listing (no sale, go to 4)
4. Relist (& sell = refund of listing fees 4)

Make sense? Always start a new listing every other time, double the chance of a refund. Mind you, always make sure you can afford the listing fees first!


11-05-2001, 03:31 PM
I relist all the time! My way of looking at it is that it only costs a few cents to do so, and if the painting ulitmately sells, why not? I've got nothing to lose!

Right now, the past week or two have been very slow, and nearly everything has been relisted - some have been relisted a couple of times! I hope it picks up - sometimes my stuff gets bids the same day I do the first listing, sometimes close to the end of an auction, or sometimes not at all. So, you get used to relisting work that may eventually sell.

Relisting is so simple, it's an easy way to always make sure you have a few auctions going. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's worked for me! And with the exception of these very slow past couple of weeks I've been having, nearly all my relisted stuff has sold after a couple of tries. I had one painting that I relisted three times, and when it finally sold, the customer was ecstatic - I mean, it was so completely worth it! I can't begrudge a very happy customer who takes a little longer to stumble across my stuff - it makes relisting things totally worthwhile! I say go for it!

11-09-2001, 12:52 AM
I relist too. However many times it takes. Although I usually wait a little bit before doing so. Eventually, they all sell. It's just a matter of the right person coming along and viewing your work and not everyone checks in every week, so just keep doing it.

11-09-2001, 11:44 AM
Hi Teresa,

Just go adhead and relist at the same price. If you increase your price start a new auction since ebay won't allow you to get your refund if you list it higher.

I like the idea of starting a new listing on the third try, very good idea.

I relisted one and it went on the first day of the third time listed , just involves patience especially with what is going on now and all.

Keep at they will sell, don't undersell yourself :)
Who knows I might buy another one, I like the one I got so much :) I love it, so keep at it.


11-09-2001, 04:17 PM
This will sound a bit crazy...but I never list with the $xx.99 as the starting bid. If its a retail item in a store, you expect to see that .99 on the price tag. They say it makes you think its a dollar less than it really is.

For an auction...I like to see nice odd numbers like $19.00 or $27.00 or $39.00. They work better for me.

Maybe its because I'm odd! :D

11-09-2001, 04:20 PM
I do relist. I don't change the price. I do change the title and sometimes add another photo or change the one I used for the gallery pic....and sometimes I reword the description.

I only relist once, then if it doesn't sell I pull it for a month or more and start again. Now if it doesn't sell, I'm going to list it at Yahoo and see how it does over there.

11-15-2001, 09:24 AM
Thanks for all your input. I just did a show which was my best show last year, but this year my sales were way down. These are crazy times, and I think people are feeling uneasy and so are not spending as much on "excess" items...like art. If they are worried about losing their jobs, their concerns are feeding their kids and paying the mortgage, not buying artwork. So I'll keep trying some listings on ebay (and elsewhere) and see what happens.

Jen, I'm glad you like the painting. :)