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05-29-2001, 12:24 AM
First off, I want to apologize for being so unavailable as a moderator lately. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/frown.gif I've just been incredibly busy -- busy making artwork, which is a GOOD thing, but even so I want to stay active here. Hopefully things will let up in the next month or so.

That said, I've come up with a shadowbox design that I think will work for framing my insect sculpture. I figured I would post about it for reactions, and in case any other sculptors might need a similar design. See this cross-sectional view:


Those wedge-shaped bits will be framer's points. I think I might use screw eyes to attach the backing board, so that I can use picture hanging wire if I want.

That case design uses two different standard profiles of wood that are available from http://www.coloradoframe.com

Arlene and Shelewis recommended that framing company in this other framing discussion thread, from Art Business: http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/Forum25/HTML/000078.html

After talking to Colorado Frame (and complaining about their horrible webpages -- they said they would send me a print catalog), it sounds like they can preassemble the frames, or send the pieces ready to assemble. They can also prefinish the frames with a stain, or they can send them unfinished. Of course whichever way I do it, I still have to do further assembly (adding the backing board seen in the illustration, et cetera).

I ordered maple and oak 8x8 frames preassembled, unfinished, to see what kind of quality these folks produce for me. I'm hoping they turn out great -- this will make things much, much easier for me, and any other sculptors out there looking for an economical shadowbox of similar design.

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Gary B
06-02-2001, 06:09 PM
Thanks...good information

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06-02-2001, 06:46 PM
Great info -- thanks for sharing.

Good to see you posting again. This forum has been kinda quiet for a while.

I have been working on a cement fondu (sp?) waste mold sculpture in my class. Have been doing the thing since January. It is nearing completion and I tell you what I have learned -- I shall not be doing anymore waste mold sculptures! Tedious process.

best wishes


06-06-2001, 07:52 PM
Thanks so much. My Mom does beautiful work with tiny, tiny shells and this is just what she needs.


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06-06-2001, 07:58 PM
I had to go get this and show it to you.
My Mom turned 79 in January.

<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/06-Jun-2001/MUM.gif" border=0>


"Imagination makes you see all sorts of things." Georgia O'Keeffe

06-07-2001, 11:25 PM
Oh WOW, that floral is incredible! I guess the shells are dyed? Glued down?
She wouldn't even need the false back I illustrated in the pic above.

By the way, I got the frames I ordered today -- EXCELLENT quality on the maple one! I'm almost shocked, actually. The oak one is a little rougher around the edges, although that's no surprise with such a hard wood. I never liked oak anyway.

I also came up with a different way to make the false back on the frame, but... that's only really helpful to me. I doubt many other people need panels that are conducive to screwing things down. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/wink.gif

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06-08-2001, 01:42 PM
She buys the shells already dyed.
Uses tweezers and glues them onto glass, lets it dry then transfers them to a backing.
The piece I scanned is 4"x6".

Glad you like your frames. Isn't it nice to be pleasantly surprised at mail ordered stuff?


"Imagination makes you see all sorts of things." Georgia O'Keeffe