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mr sandbanx
10-24-2004, 01:26 AM
Jumpin Jiminy this place is quiet... whatever happened to the good old days?

Today is church and then to my sons house to install weatherstripping on doors and have dinner. We will probaly watch football instead and I shall fall asleep!

Thanks everyone for the hugs. Cured my earache from golfing in the wind! Today being another day, I will be requiring only the usual eleven. (Who started this anyway?)

Painted elephants all day, and read Kipling... Gunga Din... ZZZZZZZ Does any one have a copy of Horton Hears a Who (that they will admit too?)

Tennessee wins on Lyns field goal.. whats this about a bad foot...bah!

And the Badgers too!

and the Red Sox!


:wave: :wave:

as always and etc..


10-24-2004, 02:11 AM
Morning each,

Glad to hear JJ and Alan got their snow. Not long now before she's back starting the wash again.

Lyn have you noticed that since I became a big Vols, (GO VOLS, GO VOLS), fan, we haven't lost a game!! GO VOLS.

So who do we have to beat next week?

OK, pompoms at the ready

2 - 4 - 6 - 8

Who do we apprieciate

Go Vols
Goooooooooooo :clap: :clap:

10-24-2004, 04:34 AM
Morning all :wave:

After an unpromising start, it looks like a fine day ahead with manganese blue and fluffy clouds racing across the sky.

Sitting here watching the second BBC programme on Venice - now dealing with art and architecture.

Packing day today for our trip to Herefordshire tomorrow. Will cut down my painting materials, but I hope to get a chance to sketch and paint plein air.

Plan to meet Madmum on Thursday.

I really need to paint, my mind is full of subjects, just need the push to get me into that studio :rolleyes:

Loving JJ's adventures in Canada. Me? I can soon get fed up with snow - I prefer our mild climate :D

Bye for now,


10-24-2004, 05:29 AM
Good Morning all,

It is 5:15 a.m. here in Ohio. Where is everyone??? By this time there are usually a lot of posts from the nightowls who can't sleep! Maybe everyone is getting a good night's rest.

Doug, I get tired of snow after a bit too, but that first snowfall is usually exhilarating when it turns the earth clean and pristine and new looking again.

Chris, I tried looking at the sky toward the north to see if I could spot the Aurora Borealis but can't even see any stars so the clouds are probably blocking any show. :crying:

Wow, Kev, there are a lot of college teams who might want to hire you to get on their side since you are such a strong influence over their success or failure. LOL!

We had a nice visit with Kent and his family yesterday. Will show you some pics later when I get them transferred to the computer. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of red eye. Little Dashiell looks like he is possessed by a demon because his eyes are glowing bright red! He was full of happy smiles yesterday and wide awake. Such fun. He is now 3 months old and aware of his surroundings much more than the last time we saw him. Atticus is finally beginning to warm up to us. He has been very shy and afraid before because he only sees us every couple of months, but yesterday he was holding our hands and walking all around the little playground we took him to. He wasn't interested in the swings or slides, but he loved walking on the soft wood chip surface of the playground and feeding his Grandpop Cheerios one by one. :cat:

Hope to finish my Complementary colors pears today and draw one more version so I can take them in to class tomorrow. This one should be the Analogous colors rendition (Nita switched the order of the lessons last week so she could teach the beginners about complementary colors first). I normally don't like to redo subjects, but this photo was such a nice, simple composition that shows the values so well, it has been fun.

Off to check out the Gallery now.

Weaving to all who are yet to come! Hope those in the Waiting and Recovery Rooms are feeling much better today.



10-24-2004, 06:14 AM
Hi all washeroos and those to come. It is 3:15 AM here and I can't sleep, guess I had too much tea at dinner. BTW dinner was great, we went to a neighborhood restaurant that we know has good food and we werent disapointd, quiet atmosphere too. We got the new printer installed and running. It is an Epson C86, nice color especially when compared to the old cannon. i have already been printing pix for painting, now to start painting. Think that I will go and shoot through the gallery for a while, BBL


10-24-2004, 06:54 AM

Well nothing much to report here in downtown Wigan as I have just got up :D

Just waiting for Kate to start (then finish :D ) her Challenge painting then I can post all three for your delight.........lol

Sending Chris hugs so he doesnt start moaning that nobody wuvs him!! :evil:

Hmmmmmmmm Kev - I could see you in an orange cheerleaders outfit waving your pom poms!!! (maybe that would be a good painting for Lulu :evil: - where is she btw?)

Doug - have a lovely time won't you -hope the weather keeps up for you.

Sylvia - I know exactly what you mean about them being a little shy when they only see you every so often - two of my great nephews are like that - we will probably only see them at Christmas now and they grow so fast that before you know it they are not babies anymore.

Mary - so glad you were able to get out and about to celebrate - still sending white light over for you.

Well methinks its time for bacon butties so will BBL

Love and Hugs all around


Pat xxx

10-24-2004, 07:31 AM
Good morning everyone!

Wow... it's after 7:00 a.m. and I'm #7 in line... I can hear my own voice echoing in the hallways...

We have an extra boy for the weekend... Magoo's best friend is here... All three boys went to the show last night to see "Grudge"... it sounded pretty dumb... they're all still sleeping and DH is at work... he had a couple of really nasty *calls* yesterday, so I hope that all is quiet today...

The rain has stopped and it's really very mild in SW Ontario... we certainly won't be raking the leaves within the next few days as they'll weigh a ton with all this water...

I visited a friend yesterday who does tole painting... gave her all my bottled paint and books... feels good to eliminate one more thing from my midden and helps her to stock her own inventory... :D

The soreness in my hip is reduced to a dull ache... it's there but not *catching* me when I move... if I take it easy again today, it should be ok...

Laundry is nearly caught up... it never ceases to amaze me how much laundry and garbage we manage to generate from this household! :D

Chris... I get earaches from the wind too... glad yours is better... ML (faafil)always sends 11 hugs for luck... ((())) here's one from me... :D

Kev... now you've *witched* it... You MUST watch every game to ensure a winning streak!!!

I LOVE the snow Doug!! I just don't like driving in it... but my little Tracker has 4 wheel drive, so that's not even a huge problem... I have cross-country skis and ice skates... I'm hoping that my hips will be in shape enough for me to use the skis and skates when the weather finally turns!!

Syl... we get to see our granddaughters about 2 - 3 times per year... every visit has a *warming up* period... I do talk to Paige every week now, though... At 4 years old, she's such a stitch... I asked her how she's liking pre-school and she told me that it's ok... but, she does get a lot of *time-outs*... :D Looking forward to your pears paintings!!!!

Hi Otter... hoping that you continue to improve... so nice that you could get out to celebrate your birthday... and print up some ref images to paint!!!

Pat... you don't suppose that because so many of us come here before breakfast and/or coffee each morning, we might be just a tad addicted???? :wink2:

Sending good thoughts and positive vibes to all...

Little Old Lady
10-24-2004, 07:56 AM
Greetings :wave:
Still dark here at almost 7 AM.
Kev have to get you on board for the Badgers too. We are unbeaten though :clap:
Mary glad you got out for your birthday and hope new printer gives you inspiration to start painting.
I can gladly wait a long time for snow.
Sylvia glad you had nice visit with grandkids.
Have a good one!

10-24-2004, 08:02 AM
Good mornin' all

Once again I'm a bit bleary-eyed. Stayed up to watch the Series. Jiminy Cricket, what a game!

Glad you're still improving, Otter. And I hope you don't procrastinate painting as much as I do! :o I've printed some photos too but they're still just sitting :rolleyes:

Doug - I empathize with your need to paint. Hope you get your brushes wet soon. Maybe the plein aire opportunity tomorrow will kick-start you!

I don't like snow. One of the reasons we moved here is we were both sick of cold weather and snow.

Lyn - hooray for the Vols! The Wolfpack got beat like a drum by Miami.

There was unbelievable traffic in southwest Raleigh yesterday. The State Fair was on, NC State played Miami and there were basketball games, all in the same place! :eek:

Went to an art show at Cameron Village in Raleigh yesterday. A lot of photography. Some beautiful (and whimsical) metal sculpture. The same with ceramics. One metal sculptor made some dogs by using strips of sheet bronze on a frame. His sheepdog was just phenomenal, and his poodle, and his afghan. I was kicking myself that I didn't have a camera with me but then there were several "no pictures, please" signs up anyway. There were a couple excellent watercolor artists. One outstanding mixed-media artist, very architectural pieces, lovely. All the prices were very high. It was a great way to spend a gorgeous fall day.

Today we plan to vote. Raleigh has set up several "excuse-less absentee voting" locations. All you have to do is show up and vote. Sounds like a good way to beat the lines on election day. And since we are firmly in the "decided voters" category we figured we might as well do it now.

I have lesson plans to put together and a couple tests to grade. Hopefully after voting we'll go somewhere and do something. (How's that for planning? :p ) And then this afternoon I'm hoping the Patriots are the featured game at 4:00. And then the Red Sox play again this evening. And I hope to 1) get my elephant-size painting started and completed today and 2) transfer a RIL picture onto a full sheet for my next painting.

What's that abbreviation? WTAWAYTC... is that it?

Health and hope to all.

10-24-2004, 08:36 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!! Rained all night - THAT'S GOOD!! but rain is finished and gray lingers on. We did have 10 minutes (literally) of sun yesterday (Joy oh Joy!!) and more is promised, I think, for Tuesday.

Snow!!!! Good God, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! and yet I absolutely LOVE going for a walk, especially in the evening, when big, fluffy snow flakes are drifting from the sky. The trouble is that this very rarely happens here , ususally the snow is driven almost sideways by strong, very cold wind. I still have 8 huge brown bags filled with garden waste sitting in the garage. The city normally picks up in October but due to our mild fall they are not picking up until mid November, meaning I can't clean out the garage, meaning I can't put my car in, meaning it can't snow yet.

JJ, I am glad you and Alan are having so much fun with the snow!!! Easy for you to enjoy knowing that in another week you will be enjoying 30 degree heat.

Doug, have a wonderful vacation and visit with Ruth (the mad one :D ). I always sooooo wanted to go to one of these holiday camps, can't remember the very popular one from the 60's, Butter... something?????? but being young with two kids we could never afford it.

Sylvia, glad you had a good time with your grandchildren!!!! Looking forward to seeing your painting!!

Otter, it must be such a thrill for you to finally be able to go out again, especially to such a nice dinner, for such a nice occasion!!!! So JoAnn is the oldest, I think you are next, then me, then Sylvia and then Lyn - have lost track after than.

Pat, nothing to report from here either LOL

Kev, I'm no soccer, football, baseball or hockey fan but hope your team wins!!!

Char, good trick to invite Magoo's friend to fill the hole left by JJ and Alan!!!! Keeping fingers crossed for your hip!!!

Flo ws over yesterday, we chatted so long that there was no time left for painting only Scrabble :wink2:

Well, I have my extended lunch bunch to cook for (Char, I give you one guess what it could be????) My best friend Connie's son is visiting from Vancouver and coming along and I am looking forward to see him. Unbelievable that I knew these kids when they were teens and now they are well into their 30's.

Sending good thoughts to one and all and :wave: greetings!

Hi Chris, JoAnn and Bob and anyone else I missed or yet to come!!!!

10-24-2004, 08:52 AM
painted elephants all day, and read Kipling... Gunga Din... ZZZZZZZ Does any one have a copy of Horton Hears a Who (that they will admit too?)


Like your good caddy, I always carry a selection of books with your clubs and its right next to your nine iron.

Hello to everbody who's been and has yet to come...hope its a good one.

Its a dull day today (unlike yesterday), so a good one to do work thats inside. Although , I must admit that yesterday I spent a good time cheering on the Vols...GO VOLS GO....and maybe tempted to watch another game today.
Say ,Lyn!....glad OUR team won!!!!!....but don't get any idea about Kev and I being cheerleaders!...particularly if you want the winning streak to keep going.


So to one and all...have a wonderfull day.


10-24-2004, 09:04 AM
Painted elephants all day, and read Kipling... Gunga Din... ZZZZZZZ Does any one have a copy of Horton Hears a Who (that they will admit too?)...........



Here ya go... LOL


Hi all

Not much new here. Damp dull out raining all night. 9Cel here right now. Just got back from Hortons on my scooter .. Nice ride...

Have a great day.

10-24-2004, 10:02 AM
g'morning all :wave:

6:45 here, and I've been up for an hour already! Darn cats just won't take no for an answer when it comes to feeding time! :cat:

Spent most (who am I kidding - ALL) of last night on the couch - but am feeling better this morning. I decided against visiting Tom in the hospital, but DH went to see him and took him orange sherbert (which he'd been asking for).

JJ - check your PMs :D

Char, hope your hip is feeling better.

Brrrrr...snow! I grew up in NE Ohio and lived upstate NY, so I know snow! DH is a native San Diegan and hates the stuff. I love a fresh snow too Uschi, but don't want to live where it snows a LOT anymore... :) DH is still saying "they get how much snow in Prescott?" (fortunately, not a lot) :D

Syl, will look for your pears in the gallery, glad you had a nice visit.

Doug, I'm with you - I NEED to paint. Haven't wet a brush for over a week now... Enjoy your visit with Ruth on Thursday...

Chris, glad you're caught up on hugs, we wouldn't want your emotional/physical stability to go off-kilter now would we? :evil:

Mary, so glad you had a nice time out...keep improving ! I've been wanting a new printer too, but will have to wait for a while... I have a Canon i550 that does pretty well....I'm drooling over the Epson 4000, but that will never happen... :rolleyes:

Hi Kev, Pat, Johnnie, JoAnn, Brian, BobH, and AWAYTC....

I need to get in the shower and get busy. Since I did NOTHING yesterday, I have paperwork for DH to do, errands to run, and would like to revisit my brushes and paper if there is a chance...

Have an inspiring day, sending white light, positive vibes and 11 hugs to all!


10-24-2004, 10:35 AM
What's that abbreviation? WTAWAYTC... is that it?

Bob as far as I can remember it stands for

Waving To All Who Are Yet To Come.

Pat :wave:

10-24-2004, 11:50 AM
Good mornin!! I slept in today...felt great!

The only sports I have been watching is the baseball series GO RED SOX!!!!

Had a great day yesterday, the weather here is perfect right now, in the low 70's and sunny and the leaves are turning color now.....(finally!). :D Steve (hubby), youngest daughter Jessica and I went to a small lake, set up camp, did some hiking, her and Steve fished and we had a nice cookout...very pleasureable time. I took a lot of scenery pics and Jessica (who is always good luck) when fishing caught a huge channel catfish... pic below. Steve's teensy little bass was too small to keep..so threw it back.

Have lots of pics to paint from now...so I better get busy!
Have a good un! :)




mr sandbanx
10-24-2004, 02:09 PM
Thanks Mary Lou, although its my mental stability worries me most.
Johnny thanks for the book. Now someone to read it to me please? Malty perhaps?

Pat don't hurt yourself giving out those hugs.. and how is your protege coming with his packyderms?

Spritey: your daugher cought that..LOL Good for her! Its bigger than you! What did you do...cut bait? Excellent photos theses are indeed, which ones are you going to be painting? That foliage would be challenging!

It occured to me that most of the challenge participants are on the wrong side of the pond. 'Cept me.... would like to see some more colonials taking up the gauntlet.... specially all you Americans! My little shoulders are sagging under the burden!

Woke up this morning with this weeks poem in my head! Wrote it mostly at church... oops.

Seeya all, off to dinner and football.

As always and etc....

10-24-2004, 02:15 PM
Chris, Kev, and Malty, my faithful cheerleadersl! Keep cheering, we play South Carolina next week, coached by the legendary Lou Holtz, formerly of Notre Dame! :eek:

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/24-Oct-2004/11722-cheerleader--Brian.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/24-Oct-2004/11722-Cheerleader--Chris.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/24-Oct-2004/11722-cheerleader_--_Kev.gif

(Just pretend they are all dressed in Orange and White! :D

:music: Rocky Top, you'll always be Home Sweet Home to me, Good old Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennesseeeeee eee eee eeeE! :music:

JoAnn, Go Wisconsin!

I'm cheering for the Cardinals now! :D (Sorry, Bob! :evil: :D )

We have a big birthday bash slated for Thursday night--baby son John turns 42 :eek: and his wife celebrates on the 31st, but John will already be at his new assignment on the 31st. :(

Warning! If you have a weak heart, do not read the following: I have a roast, carrots, onions, and potatoes in the crock pot and I am planning to paint today! Can you believe that I am cooking and painting??? Unheard of! ROFLMBOPIMP

:wave: to everyone else and AWAYTC and all who are in the virtual Medical Rooms!

May your today be better than yesterday.


10-24-2004, 02:56 PM
Morning all from the West Coast,

Jumped on as I beg to differ with you Chris. There is another who is in a challenge from N.A. and that would be me. We just haven't posted our work as yet. That would be Pat (Europa), Kate (Ban S.) and me Judy (hopefulbucky). We decided to not do it every week as it was a bit much but every two weeks. We are almost there and our challenge picture was picked by Kate (the one with all the bricks). So keep looking most probably will be posted this week. And don't be faint of heart of am here as well.

Watching with interest all the football and baseball. GO SOX and GO PAC and GO BADGERS and GO CLEMSON. Those are the ones that I cheer for through thick and thin, and for sentimental reasons GO LIONS. just so that there is some variety here on the site and not too one-sided. LOL :wink2:

Kate Mc
10-24-2004, 03:04 PM
LOOK AGAIN, JUDY! I just pm'd my flippin' picture to Pat. The ball's in her court! JUPEE!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

....note that it's SIX DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!! :angel: (even though both of you got yours in first....)


Kate, who knew that all those bricks weren't the point of the picture!! :p

Kate Mc
10-24-2004, 03:08 PM
....... and our challenge picture was picked by Kate (the one with all the bricks)...... LOL :wink2:

WAITAMINIT! Is it KATE with all the bricks, or the picture????

LOL, that's for all those who might have thought that I was a few bricks shy of a full load!


10-24-2004, 03:43 PM
Under the heading "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

North Carolina (or maybe just Raleigh) has set up places you can go to vote early. They are trying to ease the burden on election day. You go early, vote and your vote is counted on election day along with everyone elses. Great idea we thought. So off we went this morning. The polling place is right down the street, 2 miles or less.

Now mind you, when we got our licenses we registered to vote. We received a registration card listing our DOB, name, party affiliation, address, etc. along with the admonition to bring the card to the polls.

The polling location opened at 11:00am. In typical fashion, I lost track of time as I was doing lesson plans. So we got there at 10:50am or so. There was quite a long line. I'm not good at estimating numbers of people but I would say there were 300+ people there. The doors opened right after we got there so we figured "no biggy, how long can it take?" WRONG :mad:
2 hours later we still were not even in the building. When we finally get there it turns out they are letting in 8 people at a time. 8 PEOPLE. Then you have to fill out a form at one table and go to another table so they can compare the info on the form to their registration records. What info do they want? Why exactly the same info as is on the registration card that I dutifully brought along but no one wanted to see. It took over 2 1/2 hours to vote! I'm so happy I tried to save time!!!

Enough! B#$$% session over !!

10-24-2004, 03:46 PM
Kate, LOL, can you tell that I am still sick? A few bricks indeed. I just thought it was a bricky photo LOL :wink2: How funny, that will teach me to reread what I have typed, particularly when I am still sick.

10-24-2004, 03:48 PM
Gosh what a wierd way of voting you guys have.......one of our TV programmes - 'Question Time' is coming from America next week - FYI - its where a panel of people - politicians - journalists - celebrities - anyone with an opinion really - face questions from members of the public - am looking forward to the USA one as Michael Moore is one of the panellists and I like him - can see a healthy debate ahead!! (with me shouting at the tv screen as usual....lol)



Gosh am quick - no sooner get the final one and there you are - posted for the world to see.......LOL.

Later guys!!

Pat xxx

10-24-2004, 04:38 PM
dearie dearie me........ here was I just popping in for one final round at WC to let you all know

!) that e-bay is VERY SLIMMING........... 'cos you forget to eat !!!

2) That Ive exchanges a whole load of emails with another plantaholic in scotland I owe lots of money toas from thisafternoon. ( the one in Norwich posts her plants to me tomorrow :D)

3) Ive decided to pic one of my plant/bug ohot os at random for this weeks challenge......... so far Ive only looked at it......

and here you are.......... a wholeWEEK ahead of time .......posting another $%^&*&^% set of challenge paintings Im going to HAVE to go and look at................dont expect intelligent comments though :evil: :evil: :evil:

BOB................ join a challenge......... ease Chris' burden and aquire one for yourself :D

Spose Ill have to stay up all night AGAIN!!!!!!!

second thoughts. I may get too depressed if I look now, so weill eat paint, THEN look :wink2:

10-24-2004, 06:04 PM
Hi everyone,

Way TMTRTI (if you have CRS like I do), but I enjoy reading about you even if I don't comment to everybody.

Still feeling poorly, but I dragged myself to daughter's soccer game to take pics. After falling behind twice, they won 6-2.

I also got a few good pics of the scenery (imagine what folks thought at the soccer field when I hopped the fence, slipped and slid down a steep hill, and took pictures of a tree trunk). But it was an interesting trunk - almost sepia-dark bark with bright green mossy areas on it.

Must get in touch with Faafil and/or JJ to figure out the details of meeting with JJ & Alan in 4 days.

Be healthy and happy.

10-24-2004, 06:09 PM
Just checking in.....been a little "absent" lately......

Am reading and keeping up with you all , though ;)

Have a great week

10-24-2004, 07:03 PM
BOB................ join a challenge......... ease Chris' burden and aquire one for yourself :D
Join a challenge!?! Love to! I can't even get one painting finished and you want me to commit to one a week??!!?? Oh me oh my... :eek: :o :eek:

Little Old Lady
10-24-2004, 08:13 PM
Well the Packers managed to lasso the Cowboys :clap: :clap:
Sorry Bob for voting problems.
Pat you don't wnat to know what I think of Michael Moore :evil:
See you all in the morning.


Cathie Jones
10-24-2004, 09:01 PM
Well the Packers managed to lasso the Cowboys :clap: :clap:
Sorry Bob for voting problems.
Pat you don't wnat to know what I think of Michael Moore :evil:
See you all in the morning.


GO PACKERS!!! (Where's that cheesehead icon??)

And, Pat, even you might blush to know what I think of Michael Moore! My description of him certainly contains words that can't be posted here!!! :evil:

Chris - if I post a hug here, I think it would be #13, so remind me tomorrow.

Zooming . . . XOXOXOXO

10-24-2004, 09:29 PM
Hi everyone.. nearly tea time here. been out today having brunch shopping siteseeing and stuff. Oh yes and taking more snow piccy's..;)

Char I am so glad to read your hip is settling down.. ((())) (((((Ted))))) to as well.. I am sure the boys are having a ball..

Dave....gosh 4 days.....:eek: :D holidays nearly over.. :crying:

Mary-Lou I have.. :D

Nice pics in the wash..

Uschi, I don't want to go back to 30 deg heat.. Waaaah.. :D Give the the cold anytime, one can layer up for the cold, there is only so much one can take off for the heat.. :( Going from -2 to 30 degs is going to be a killer too..:(

Huggles everyone. Stay well, happy and safe..