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03-24-2001, 04:32 AM
i tend to make scuptures using connected outstretched coat hangers for the bones connected with tape. i then add bulk using bunched up newspaper. i cover the whole thing in masking tape as a starting skin. then i use bondo over that. i was wanting to know if anyone can tell me of a surface material that can be applied in a similar way to bondo that dries fairly durable. i'm wanting something slightly flexible. is there anything that can be applied to a surface that would dry up and act like a plastic material? i currently have a six foot tall monster that looks like something from a hieronymus bosch painting. it has three long legs with elongated claw fingers at the bottom to keep it from wobbling. it's head has an elongated snout and sunken in eyes with long horns projecting from its head. i've used long wooden sticks for the weight support up and down it's body and lot's of masking tape as i'm more of a painter/printmaker and not very familiar with sculpting techniques. somebody help i want this beast to have a descent skin!

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03-25-2001, 07:16 AM
HOWDY THERE CABAL THATS A VERY GOOD QUESTION. Unless you're a millionaire the cost of the bondo is going to keep everything you do pretty small. I hope what you are doing is kept inside as it probably won't stand the weather. What if you looked into applied plaster over your armature? wouldn't it even be easier to work with than bondo? The bondo does give you strength that the armature lacks. If you are going outside consider what moisture will do to the whole piece inside and out. I've read some interesting info on using portland cement, this one I'll try someday.

This is fun isn't it? GOOD LUCK