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10-20-2004, 11:08 PM
:wave: Hi, Washigans! Don't stone me for starting this early--for once I am sleepy and want to go to bed early.

Here is a couple of photographs of Uschi's painting, "Cherries for the Cherrys" which I just had to buy as my last name is Cherry and I collect cherry items!! Besides the fact that it is absolutely beautiful!

The mat is a 3 inch stark white mat--doesn't read that way on image.
The landscape orientation is the way Uschi presented it on WC!


The portrait orientation is the way I plan to hang it--her signature is in the perfect place for the portrait orientation and I need it for the spot I plan to hang it in.


Here's a link to a better image of Uschi's painting:


Great photographs in yesterday's Wash! And some jokes that made me blush! :o :eek: :evil: :D

May your today be better than your yesterday!


mr sandbanx
10-20-2004, 11:19 PM
Wow this is awesome, you lucky duck....I will change my last name to IRIS!

10-20-2004, 11:23 PM
Hi Lyn and all who are to come!

Lovely cherries! The colours are so vibrant! I am reminded of the cherry painting we had in the coffee room at my old job. It was no where near close to the quality of Uschi's. Anyhow, that painting spent more time behind the door than on the wall!:D

Sandbanx! Good to see you! If you want your name to be Iris, I want mine to be Pansy.:D

I have a busy day tomorrow, so an early start tonight is a good thing.

Let's see, there is tutoring at the school, work, chest x-ray and then home to do general housework.

The school has asked me to take on another child who has reading problems. This little guy is really far behind and needs a lot of help. His parents do not read at home, so I think all he needs is lots of practice and a chance to prove to himself that he knows what he is doing.

Tomorrow I get the x-ray to see if I still have pneumonia. Keep your fingers crossed that I am better. Frankly, this having to relax so much is driving me nuts.:D :wink2:

JJ and Alan get here on Friday and the whole house is getting excited.:)

I am off to bed now in the hope that a good night's sleep will make my x-rays look better.:D

Take care.

10-20-2004, 11:29 PM
LOL, Chris, I'll bet Uschi would be happy to sell you an iris even if your name isn't Iris!!

I wish the red frame showed up better, but in trying not to get a flash from the glass, the red just couldn't get photographed well. It matches the brightest red of the brightest cherry perfectly!

BTW, as usual, DH took the photograph. He is soooo patient with me!

I had a lighthouse painting and a beach scene painting of mine framed also, but couldn't get the pics to come out too well. The same patron had brought them back to me asking me to take care of having them framed.


10-21-2004, 12:15 AM
Beautiful painting Lyn !

(and call me Iris too) :D

Back from our AZ trip... the search is still on....heard tonite that the property we had a backup offer on went to the first offer (they negotiated and came to terms) :( Soooo, that will mean soon another trip to Prescott :) I just love it there!

so, other than that, have to catch up on the goings on around here...

Sending 11 hugs to everyone !

Have an inspiring day!


10-21-2004, 12:35 AM
(((Christie))), I didn't see that we had cross-posted! Hope your x-ray is clear.

Hi, Mary Lou!

Well, I'm off to bed now--hopefully, to sleep, and, "perchance to dream!"



10-21-2004, 12:38 AM
Hello . . .

Well last night at nursing home over. Sort of happy & sad at the same time.
I'll still stop in & see everyone & take Tilly for pet therapy.

Tomorrow agenda - find out if my start date of Monday is still on for the new job.

OK got to go get some sleep


mr sandbanx
10-21-2004, 12:44 AM
Sandbanx! Good to see you! If you want your name to be Iris, I want mine to be Pansy.:D

Christie I dont know if Uschi paints Pansies, perhaps she will tell us later.

... and get that child some Dr. Seuss it will work wonders.

Good luck with the X rays and say hi to JJ and Alan for me will you?

Lyn: who we playing this week?


I heard you are coming to Ontario next year... this is grand.I will be needing one of them orange tee shirts to amaze all my friends. We will have to discuss a deal before then.

Mary Lou good luck in the search, and thanks for the 11 hugs, but I sorta was hoping for a dozen. :( :(

Not much hapens today, its poem and painting day so I will relax a bit after all evening photoshopping and writing... 49 weeks will go by fast if the first 3 are any indication.

Anita you snuck in there: good to see you. Did you find mileage to Toronto in previous wash?

Seeya all, have a great day, I will.


Sharon Douglas
10-21-2004, 03:43 AM
Good morning all,

I didn`t sleep well last night :rolleyes: so I could do with going back to bed for an hour, I`ve got no chance though!

Should have gone to a party last night, but I didn`t feel up to it.There I was having a nice relaxing evening, in the lovely peace and quiet, when BANG! BANG! BANG! a different group of friends decided to pay me a visit.

Normally I`d have loved it, but I just couldn`t be bothered with them last night...................the worst thing was they stayed for hours.

Ok moan over..............

Darling daughter has just woke up in a stonker of a mood, roll on school time today :mad: I can`t be doing with her when I`ve had no sleep myself :mad:

Moan really over now, I wasn`t planning on her coming down when she did ....lol

Today I`m going shopping for party food :clap: I said that I`d give a hand organizing everything............I`ve got to make sure theres some goodies that I like don`t I? :evil:
Other than the shopping I¨ve got to ring around a few places and do some tidying etc, but not much else planned.Thank Heavens. :D

Painting class this evening, were doing nudes this week not last week like I thought :rolleyes: I`m toying with the idea of using my watercolours instead of penci;l or charcoal this week.
The short poses put me off though :confused:

Anyway, this house won`t tidy itself, if only..........

So hugs to all
seeya later,
wheres Kev this morning? working on his challenge painting , maybe??

10-21-2004, 04:19 AM
Morning each,

Here I am, here I am :wave:

No just a couple of finishing touches for the challenge. I've done 3 paintings this week and don't know which one to post. No 2 wasn't that good so it's ruled out. Anyway will be sending the stuff to Chris later. I think the elephants can wait a while I think I'll paint something else first.

Windy night last night we have a fence panel down and the patio heater was blown over. The park was just awash with rain water, it never stopped yesterday. The dogs love it, but they make such a mess when they get home.

We have just had a new super store open in Longridge, itís called Booths, it is a very small company, and only operates in the Preston area. But it has some fantastic stuff. Their buyers are very good; they stock lots of locally produced goods, as well as some exotic stuff. I mean cumquats in Longridge!!

Anyway I bought one of these yesterday, do you know what it is? I suppose the leaves give it away. It looks like something out of Star Wars.


It was delicious. It complimented the venison so well.

Kate Mc
10-21-2004, 04:38 AM

Lyn, what a fabulous painting! I love the way you've framed it. On my screen, the part where the blue background meets the white mat makes it look like a shadowbox. Wow! What depth. (shaking head and wondering what ever made me think that I could paint watercolors....)

Sharon, it's a good thing that I didnt' know that you were a "heave!" player when we were in Kington!! :eek: Next time we're together we'll have to have a heave. :p

ML, good luck in finding a house. Not an easy job.....I don't envy you. ((()))

Yesterday I spent waaaay too much time trying to explain to a student the difference between "I think of him a lot" and "I think a lot of him". It's a task made harder by the fact that if you substitute "often" for "a lot" they mean the same thing. Sheesh.... :rolleyes:

My Wednesdays are spent at one company, where I have a series of lessons throughout the day. I've started putting an idiomatic expression (for example, "we're getting sidetracked") in the upper corner of the whiteboard, and begin each lesson with it. I keep a score next to it--if the student knows or figures out the meaning, the company gets a point. If they don't, I get a point. At the end of the day I send them all an email reporting on the final score. I've been doing this for about 5 or 6 weeks now, and from the beginning my students have been very competitive about this. I expected that, but lately I'm finding that the nature of the competitiveness has changed. At first, the early ones would bet (a cup of coffee) on whether their friends with later lessons would understand the expression. Now that's stopping, and the later ones are all getting it. People who don't take English lessons from me sometimes stop by between lessons to see what the expression of the day is. Almost nobody except the first ones ever miss it any longer. Hee, hee....they're passing it on to the later ones! What a riot! ...and do you know what? I wonder what took them so long. I think it's the best thing they can do. They KNOW it by the end of the day now, rather than just writing it in their books! :clap:

Oh, that reminds me: today's word is long. 1) a measure of length, as in "how long is that table?"; 2) a measure of time, as in "how long does it take to drive to Toronto?"; 3) do desire something, as in "Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you :music: " Any more? I long to hear them!

LOL, Christie, I have a mental image of your house doing the happy dance, with all the window shutters clapping! What fun you're going to have!

Chris, you can't believe what kinds of things Lyn can get for you that are ORANGE! I went to UT as well as the University of Georgia (GO YOU HAIRY DAWGS!). Lyn, I'm thinking one of those caps that holds two cans of beer and has straws coming down for drinking. Knowaddahmeanvern? Hee, hee....

That's all from me for now. I have to paint!! (deadline approaching....deadline approaching....)

Weaving to Anita and Kev and AWAYTC :wave:


10-21-2004, 05:05 AM
Morning all!!!! :wave:

Lyn, Uschi's painting is gorgeous! I know how much more beautiful they look IRL, of course! Your choice of frame is perfect!

Chris and ML, I'm sorry, JT and I are fighting between ourselves for the Iris name :D I suppose JT wins as she was the first to buy an Uschi iris :wink2:

Sharon, my youngest always wakes up in a foul mood! lol She reminds me of me, I hate getting up in the morning. Although thinking about it I'm much better now, I just don't like talking until I'm fully awake!

Kev, I've had one of those too, from the farmers market! It's a delicious veggie, I think it's called romanesco? broccoli.

The "Heave" game sounds like fun! lol I won't mention it to my kids, they once scanned a £5 note and printed it, then stuck it on the pavement outside our house and watched from the bedroom as people tried to pick it up! :eek: I caught them when I heard the hysterical laughter, evil kids!

I've made a start on this years Christmas card, a local scene in snow (I'm getting brave! lol) It's a challenge, as I chose Church St with the Cathedral in the background, and several figures. Deciding where to put the snow is giving me headaches :wink2:

Think the masking fluid is all dry now, time for the first layer of paint! See you all later



10-21-2004, 05:09 AM

Well it wasn't half blowing a gale force wind last night - I could hear the patio furniture being blown around the garden.......lol.

Lyn - that painting is stunning - lucky you!! If you like cherry things I will have to see about getting you a Wigan Rugby Shirt - their colours are cherry and white :D

Christie - good luck with the x ray - this pneumonia really seems to have been hanging on for ages - poor you - sending big hugs!!

Waving to Chris - Anita , Kev, Sharon and MaryLou :wave:

Kate - well I have almost finished the challenge painting - just needs a few tweaks then am ready to go.

It was the GREAT BRITISH SPELLING TEST on tv last night - so having always prided myself on my ability to spell I thought I would give it a shot - it was not as easy as I first thought - there were some words that weren't as easy as they seemed at first glance though I did manage to hold my own :D

Ooooooh my icons have swapped around again - am sure this computer is haunted (cue exorcist theme tune :eek: )

Right am off for some brekky - love and hugs all around.


Pat xxx

10-21-2004, 05:10 AM
Hellow washers

I did something wacky tonight.
I was sitting alone in a cafe while waiting for my son, who was attending a play nearby. I ordered some soup and a glass of wine, as I had a couple of hours to wait, and decided to write some poetry.
Well I was half way through the soup and a poem when a man sat down an the next table. He was also alone and sat facing me. He ordered a light meal too and opened a book to read. So here we were, he with his book and me with my poetry.
I watched him from the corner of my eye. He wasn't too absorbed in the book as he kept looking about at the patrons coming and going. (As was I.) He was a nice looking kindly man aged around 50ish and after watching him a while I was inspired to write a poem about him...

A Kindly Face

A gentle face, of thoughtful kind
He sits in front of me
Alone he dines and wonder I
If his life could be happy

A book he reads for company
I wonder from where he came
A moment in time I know this man
For we look to be the same

Pray I to God He bless the man
With a love to fill his dreams
For his kindly face should not be alone
For long to me it seems

Then it was time to leave the cafe and collect my son so I decided to tear the poem from my book, and on my way passed the man I dropped the page on his table.
As I went through the cafe door I looked back and there he was waving to me with the brightest smile across his face. It was a wacky thing to do but then I am apt to do wacky things from time to time. It was fun and left me feeling great.

Lyn You are a lucky thang! That painting is just awesome.

IRIS Be careful what you wish for. :D

Kev That has go to be the wierdest vege I ever layed eyes on. Remind me, what planet do you reside on again? :D

Nite nite :wave:

10-21-2004, 05:17 AM
Ruth we xposted :wave:

Oh following on from yesterdays theme here is the Pope joke -

The Pope dies and goes to heaven (of course) - when he arrives he is met by St Peter who takes him straight to God.

God says ' My son - because of your tireless work on earth you are entitled to use any of the facilities here'

The Pope replies - ' I have always wanted to study the ancient languages'

So St Peter takes the Pope down to the vast library where he spends eons studying all the ancient languages.

When he has learned them all he then asks if he can have access to all the ancient scriptures as he is now able to read them. This request is granted and so he is taken to a far corner of the library where they are kept.

Time passes and all is well then suddenly one day Archangel Gabriel hears an awful crying and moaning coming from the library. He goes to investigate and finds the Pope in great distress on his knees sobbing on the floor - all he can get out of him is ' The word - its the word.....'

Gabriel rushes to find God and when he returns the Pope is still very distressed. God puts his hands on his shoulders and says ' My son - whatever is distressing you so?'

The Pope looks up and sobs ' The word - it's the word....'

God says ' What word?'

The Pope points to one of the ancient manuscripts and says ' That word - it should have been CELEBRATE!!!!' :D
Pat xxx

10-21-2004, 05:20 AM
Alright Mrs smarty pant Ruth got it in one, but its a Romanesco Cauliflower. It looked weird but tastes delightful.

Looking through yesterdays wash and one thing caught my eye. It was Patty (Starsprite), singing the praises of Mr........he who should not be named, I know you are a member of Sandy's team but you are going to have to stop patting him on the back, (is that decent, Patty - Patting from behind........oh well), you quoted his poem yesterday as if it was a one off.

You know give Banxy a word and in an hour he'd have a Poem. So I tried it with one of my team, so Pat came up with FAT.

So here it is: Start the clock..........

The cat sat on the mat,
Boy was he FAT

23 seconds, beat that Mr Sandy Bottom!!!

Pat we must talk!!!

There is just too much poetry here, its a painting site. I'm going mental in rhyme!!!

10-21-2004, 05:27 AM
Kev, I don't want to argue with you, but it IS broccoli, not cauli http://seeds.thompson-morgan.com/uk/en/list/brassicas - see? :evil:

10-21-2004, 05:27 AM
Good Morning all,

Just turned 5:00 a.m. here in Oakwood and wanted to catch up on everyone's doings before getting ready to go to my Thursday art class. Taking my first-stage pour painting in to see what the next step on the agenda is. The instructor told us to bring our painting toothbrush in today so I would imagine we will be doing some splattering, don't'cha think?

Lyn, Your Uschi original is lovely. It definitely says "CHERRY" and will be a real asset to your collection of cherry items.

Christie, I used to help children who were having struggles with reading when we were stationed at Vandenberg AFB in California. It is such a vital skill, if you can help this little boy get turned on to reading, it will affect his whole career in school and life. Great idea from Chris on Dr. Seuss. Another author kids really seem to enjoy is Eric Carle. He writes stories about a day in the life of a bug like a caterpiller. The illustrations are really terrific too. Hope your pneumonia is GONE, especially since you are getting reading for the Aussies' visit!

Kev, What a fabulous photo. Is that an exotic variety of cauliflower? Isn't it fun when a new grocer comes along that has things that are out of the ordinary, especially if they manage to keep them from the stratosphere in prices.

Kate, Love hearing about your job, sounds like one I would have enjoyed. I did have two years of teaching English to Italians when we were in Naples and it was great funóI learned as much from them as they did from me, I think.

For "a lot" dilemma, how about I think of him frequently, and I think highly of him. Do you think your student would get the difference in meaning with those terms in place of "a lot."

For long, how about (1) something containing numerous items, as She had a very long list of things to do before dinner. (2) going back into the past, as He had a long memory for grievances. and conversely, (3) thinking ahead to the future, as He took a long view about his career and planned accordingly. and, finally, one you should enjoy because of your work, (4) a term used in phonics, as You can hear the long "a" sound in words like bake, cake, and wake.

Anita, Hope you get to start your new job on Monday. Change is always unsettling. I'm sure your patients in the nursing home are going to miss you, just as you will them, but, the hustle and bustle of learning the ins and outs in your new environment will soon be all that is on your mind. In the meantime, enjoy these few days off and think of them as a "vacation."

Mary Lou, Not easy house shopping from a distance, is it? Hope you are working with a good realtor who can alert you to good possibilities as soon as they come up. I would imagine Prescott is a pretty hot housing market. I have a vague memory that you mentioned at one time looking into a multi-dwelling building where you could live in one unit and rent the others as income property???? Is that something I dreamed up out of whole cloth or is that in the works????? Good luck either way.

Weaving "Hi" to Chris, Sharon, anyone I crosspost with (happened yesterday and the day before), and all who are yet to come.

Off to check out the Gallery for new paintings.

SYL this afternoon.


10-21-2004, 06:08 AM
Ok, Ok you win Ruth!!

I know it's easier for me to back down, because I'm used to it!! I'm trained!! :evil: :wink2:

10-21-2004, 06:35 AM
I'm baaaack! I had my four hours sleep and feel just dandy, thankee! :D

:wave: to all who have shown up since I last posted!

Yes, isn't Uschi's painting superb! It will be hung in my kitchen, where I will see it each time I leave the kitchen to enter the office/studio. I'm certain it will serve as inspiration for me! :D The kitchen is done in blue and white, and cherry items serve as accessories. Even the knobs on the kitchen cabinets are pewter-tone w/two cherries on them! :cool:

I just love having the framer come to the house, present the mats and frames,
take the work away, then haul it back up the stairs (we live in a split foyer :rolleyes: ), and, if I wanted her to, she would even hang it!!! :D Her work is excellent.

We are playing against the University of Alabama, Chris, our biggest rival!! It is even worse this year, because our coach testified in some kind of SEC (Southeast Conference) inquiry about Alabama, and now some supporters of Alabama are suing him!! :rolleyes: When you get 109,000 screaming fans worked up, look out world!

Modine (Ban Sidhe) yeah, honeykins, ah know just what ya' mean! Ah will be on the lookout for the coolest UT orange somethin' I kin find for our friend Chris! Ah'll need to find somethin' for Kev, too--Ah've turned him into a Big Orange fan, too! ROFLMBO GO BIG ORANGE, BEAT BAMA Bah, bah! (Bye, bye in Southern for those who don't understand!)

I'm so happy the Boston Red Sox won their division!! Yahoo! DH was pulling for the Yankees--too bad we didn't have a bet on! :evil: :D

I am going to paint today--even if it is only a postcard!!



10-21-2004, 06:55 AM
Good morning....

I think it's morning 'cause the fool alarm clock went off.

The Red Sox won
Theyíre number one
And I am so darned tired.
I really should go
But Iím moving so slow
Iíll doubtless get my butt fired.

Lyn - you are so lucky! What a glorious painting!

Christie - best of luck with your new student. Reading is so important, I hope the young fella does well. And I hope your pneumonia is gone!

Mary Lou - best of luck with the property searching. Long distance house shopping is very difficult. We went through it last spring and early summer prior to moving here. We were very lucky in that the realtor we were randomly assigned turned out to be absolutely awesome.

Cool veggie, Kevin. I was just reading some stuff on fractals the other day and that's the first thing I thought of when I looked at this. It looks like a fractal come to life!

Pat - I've heard that joke before but it still cracks me up.

Elaine, what a neat thing to do. I bet you made that gentleman's week!

Sylvia - maybe I've missed it, but are you posting your progress pictures of your pour? It would be fun to watch it progress.

The weather's kinda poopy here (that's a technical term meaning "less than absolutely perfect for what I want to be doing today" :p ) I think we will be going to state fair tonight so I hope the damp mistys clear out. I don't really care if it's cool (like Jake Spoon said "a man can wear a coat"), but if it's misting and dank it's just not fun weather to be walking around in. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I took some pictures of my loft area where I paint. It's kind of neat. Last night I was able to dab a little paint on my latest endeavor and watch the game on the tv at the same time. Fun! If I can remember how to load the things maybe I'll post a couple later.

Did I mention my daughter is going to New Zealand for the entire month of January? It's for a photography class with the university. She'll spend the month roaming the country, hiking, camping and taking pictures. :envy: :envy: (Is it bad to be jealous of your child?? Do you think I could stuff myself in a suitcase and go with her??)

I gotta go. The kids show up whether I'm tired or not so
"Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go ..."

10-21-2004, 07:50 AM
Looking through yesterdays wash and one thing caught my eye. It was Patty (Starsprite), singing the praises of Mr........he who should not be named, I know you are a member of Sandy's team but you are going to have to stop patting him on the back, (is that decent, Patty - Patting from behind........oh well), you quoted his poem yesterday as if it was a one off.

You know give Banxy a word and in an hour he'd have a Poem. So I tried it with one of my team, so Pat came up with FAT.

So here it is: Start the clock..........

The cat sat on the mat,
Boy was he FAT

23 seconds, beat that Mr Sandy Bottom!!!

Pat we must talk!!!

There is just too much poetry here, its a painting site. I'm going mental in rhyme!!!

Pat we must talk is right Kev!!!!!! :D How can you even compare that with the autumnal poem? Speaking of poems...there are some great new ones in the Verses and Worses thread.... from none other than mr sandbanx (we knew that), Elaine and Artmom (Lyn). Lyn you are good!!! :clap: :clap: Love red speedos do ya? :D

Kev, your funny looking vegetable reminds me of that talking plant on the Little Shop of Horrors that eats people!!! I would be afraid it would screech if I stuck it with a fork. :D Very unusual looking thing I must say!!!

Bob, you have a little loft to paint in now? Cool! Last time I remember you talking about where you paint, you had your stuff on a t.v. tray out on the cold porch. :eek: Lets see some pics of your new studio.

Love the cherries painting for Mrs. Cherry... very cool Lynn!! Uschi is such a talented painter. :)

Elaine, you are wonderful!!!! I bet that really made that guy's day!!! I love people that do spontaneous things like that. :)

Well, I am supposed to be working on the other side of the room right now...so I better slide my chair over and get busy. :(

Have a great day everyone!


Little Old Lady
10-21-2004, 08:46 AM
Greetings (don't know why I can't get the smilies to work)
Mrs Cherry we have another thing in common. Door county is Cherryland and my family were cherry growers for many years. Crescent Orchards had over 10,000 cherry trees.
Chris I feel slighted. The Wisconsin Badgers need support too.
As you all know I paint with Alzheimers patients. One of the ladies (when she isn't sleeping) does fantastic work. She was an interior designer. A couple 0f weeks ago we set up a vase of flowers for her to paint. She is usually very accurate but as we watched her painting was nothing like the flowers and we feared that she was really failing. Then I noticed her water container right in front of her.
Then I looked at her painting.
Waving and sending good vibes to all.

mr sandbanx
10-21-2004, 08:56 AM
Fancy that!
A fat cat

7 seconds

and.... GO BADGERS!!! (whatever you may be??)

10-21-2004, 08:57 AM
Hi folks,

No photos from me today, no banter, jokes, or news.

I'm battling the Mother of All Colds, and right now it has the upper hand.

[sniff, snork, cough, wheeze]

Hope you're all doing well.

10-21-2004, 09:05 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!! Sky is gray - again!

Yesterday I fiddled around endlessly with totally unimportant things until I finaly settled down and started a painting. Racked my brain trying to figure out what bright coloured thing I could paint and ended up with a white lily :rolleyes: . Will finish that off today because tomorrow I start with my annual jobbie for the university - transcribing a panel discussion - jam on my bread and butter

Lyn - thank you for showing the framed painting!!!! That red frame really does look great!!! I hope it cheers you up every time you look at it!!!

Chris - chuckle, you are never lost for words, took me forever to figure out why you would want to be called Iris :confused: :eek:

Christie - I also hope your lungs are fine

Mary Lou - sorry you didn't get the property in Arizona - Prescott????? Weren't you looking in Sedona????

Kev, that sure is a very weird, yet, fancy looking vegetable - genetic manipulation, what will they come up with next :eek:

Dave - I snagged yesterday's photo - perfect reference for dewdrops, yes I know these were raindrops :D

Kate - you sure have a knack for finding awkward phrases in the english lnguage. I remember some kids playing a similar game on a really snowy night, too slippery to break. Scared the heck out of me , I stopped the car, got out and gave them absolute hell, I could have killed them

Pat - LOVE your pope joke

Sylvia - I'd like to see pictures of the pouring progress too

JoAnn - very interesting painting - I hope her children put her paintings on their fridge

I was hoping Char and JJ would have appeared by now to show off the products of last night's painting session, but I can't wait, need to get dressed and start painting myself.

So, time to wish you all a good day, sending good thoughts out to you and :wave: greetings!

10-21-2004, 09:29 AM
Hi everyone

Just stopping by as I eat some breakfast. Read the wash so far.

Chris - I just need to get going & actually look up how far I am from Toronto. I live in Dayton, Oh. No where near Cleavland. I'm thinking it will be a flight for me.

Lyn - What a great painting. That would sure inspire me.

Oh CRS - to who wrote the poem at the resturant for the gentleman. That was so special. I'm sure it made his day. An unselfish gift. Great poem too.

On my agenda today - not much. I'm going to get more sleep. Pick up son from school this afternoon & take him for a haircut. I'm gonna get paints out sometime today.

Got a Cheap Joes flyer in the mail yesterday & a new NorthLight catalog. Think I'll snuggle down with those.

Talked with my son in college on the internet last night after work. He is excited because he is going to get to go on a refueling flight in air at a base in Columbus. Also when I ended my chat with him online I almost typed Love Ya at the end to him but didn't & he typed "gotta go get some sleep now, miss you Mom." He's never said that since he went to college. Warmed my heart for sure.

Well off to see what I can do today will stop in later


10-21-2004, 09:47 AM
Thursday already, I totally missed Wednesday, I think. It was market day, and a bit poopy here too. Bathroom construction continues, the tub is in now, and the toilet, without a seat. We are going to buy our own, the designer wanted us to have one that cost 150 pounds, probably magognay! We said no, I actually don't want a wooden loo seat anyway, not exactly the part of a room I want to feature. But it is coming along, and will look good, sooner or later.
Today I walked down to The Marigold to take pictures of the destruction in progress, at Jack's request. I was able to take pictures of the asbestos removal trucks and covered doors. Interesting but probably not what DH wanted.
Tonite, we bowl. My joy knows no bounds.

Little Old Lady
10-21-2004, 10:01 AM
I was referring to the University of Wisconsin football team who are unbeaten.

10-21-2004, 10:16 AM
Yeah Joanne GO BADGERS Chris, Indeed whomever they are, of course they are a great university team from wisconsin.

I love what you little lady did with her painting, she painted what she saw and what was in front of her, amazing.

I think I am staying home today, nasty, nasty, cold, cough, sore throat, am sure it was from the long airplane ride back as my DH got it Sat. but I didn't get it until Tues. night, struggled through work yesterday, but have given in to it today. Just coughing too much and my head aches.

Hope you all have a great day,

must get to that challenge painting, Pat is done, Kate is starting and I am still thinking

10-21-2004, 10:45 AM
Hi again, I have some pictures to post of the bathroom construction in progress. Steven has gone to Home Base to look for doors, which will cover the washer and dryer which will be next to the sink ect, effectively hiding it from view. Oh well, it is beautiful, and will surprise anyone who gets that far.
and tub here...
The cut out is going to be a shelf, with stone like the floor. It was just part of the dormer window thingy...but I thought it was wasted space sooo...this is the part DH is doing.
Oh, speaking of reading, my grandaughter, who didn't like reading? I found out when I went back on my visit, that she likes to read Nancy Drew books! So I guess I don't need to worry about that anymore. The gift I sent her, for helping a 5 year old boy, who was being swept away in the river? Nancy Drew books.

10-21-2004, 10:56 AM
JoAnn....that is so touching about your painting friend with Alzheimers!! Bless her heart...give her a hug for me next time you see her. :)

Wow Jlyn...your bathroom is looking good!!! Love that old fashioned looking bath tub...looks nice and deep to relax and soak in with lots of bubbles in it. You are soooo lucky your hubby can do that sort of thing...Mine cannot. I am the one who always had to put together the kids' Christmas presents if they needed putting together...or put together a table or whatever. The poor dear actually reads the instructions and takes them seriously and it never works out. I find it best to just look at the object and figure it out on your own. LOL :)

10-21-2004, 10:59 AM
I posted a photo in yesterday's wash (Daily Wash Wenesday, October 20th (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=224277&page=4&pp=15)), and I want to add it to my website, but I want to include the name of the flower and I don't know it. Can any of you educate me? The photo is in post #46.

The plant itself is about 30" across, 26" deep, and 13" tall, with many (30 to 40 it looks like) small white and pink 5-petaled flowers; each flower is between 1" and 1.5" across. Here's a photo showing the entire plant, with a yardstick to indicate scale/size:



10-21-2004, 11:03 AM
Thanks Patty, just so everyone knows DH is only doing a small part of the job, the major stuff is being done by a professional. (in other words Jack is doing the stuff the professional won't.)
Dave, I am not a gardening person, but that does look like one of my favorites, called a Busy Lizzy here, but think it's a impatiens.
If I'm wrong, maybe JT can tell us?

10-21-2004, 11:04 AM
Well the heavens have opened over Longridge, it is bouncing at least 6" off the floor. Why does it always happen when the kids are walking home from school. They'll get soaked.

I'm typing this with my hand over my mouth, there's a lot of colds here abouts and I've just had my flu jab and don't want one thank you.

If a PM can get through all this rain I've sent one to Chris with this weeks challenge attached, so the tulips will be blooming in the gallery later.

Off to make a tuna and prawn pasta for dinner, see ya later.

Sharon Douglas
10-21-2004, 12:07 PM

Did you just hear that thunder, I haven`t heard it that bad for years.
I hope the wind isn`t as bad as it was last night, I swear that big tree in the back garden was going to either snap in half or come crashing to the floor :eek:

10-21-2004, 12:37 PM
Oy Sharon - yes I did - and the lightening lit up my room - I LOVE thunderstorms don't you?

Kev - I got a phone call from the Doc's surgery the other day asking me did I want a flu injection - I refused - have never had one and have never had flu - everyone I know who has had a flu injection always got flu.....lol.

Got to go - been sat here too long - my bum is killing me! :crying:

K waving to everyone TMTRTI - love and hugs


Pat xxxx

10-21-2004, 01:26 PM

Dave, I am not a gardening person, but that does look like one of my favorites, called a Busy Lizzy here, but think it's a impatiens.
If I'm wrong, maybe JT can tell us?

Thanks Judy - I think you're right. After a few minutes "Googling", it looks to be Impatiens Wallerana, formerly named Impatiens Sultani.

Any of you expert gardeners - agree or disagree?

10-21-2004, 02:50 PM
:wave: Dashing (well, hobbling) through a la Jana!

It's a Red Letter Day! I'm painting! On a little break for lunch. 18 x 24 inch watercolor canvas--having a bit of trouble with it, as usual :rolleyes: but need to finish using the canvases up. Anyway, I am enjoying it!!!! Will post when done--good, bad, or indifferent!! ROFLOL

Pat, too bad you couldn't send me that shot! I'm in a high risk group, and am unable to get my flu shot! :eek:



10-21-2004, 03:33 PM
Whooo ooohhh, Lyn is painting, it must be insipration from the bottom of her socks, or boot!!

Come on you Vols, Beat that Bama, (is that OK Lyn. Will I ever make a cheerleader, I've got the pompoms but I don't think we should talk about that!!)

Dave look like Impatiens to me but they are a begining of the season flower, not the end.

10-21-2004, 04:20 PM
Company just left so a quick check to see wht's new - where is Char and JJ???????

Judy, that bathroom is coming along beautifully!!!!!

Dave - I new they were Impatients but got here too late, also this is one of the names I always remember the engish version first "busy lizzy" and then have to tease my brain into remembering the north american name.

Sharon and Pat - I am NO lover of lightening - very scary!!!! Seen too many things and heard too many stories!!! Sorry your bum hurts Pat.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Lyn is painting!!!!!!!!!! I just finished a VERY insignificant painting, probably because I wasn't in the mood, but once I started I thoroughly enjoyed the process regardless of outcome :eek: :D .

Thursday night, my favourite night - 2 (TWO!!!!) programs on TV that I actually enjoy - Survivor AND ER!!!

Later!!!! :wave:

10-21-2004, 04:40 PM
Good afternoon all,

Home from art class, took a "reposo," then proofed the 6th grade Math Workbook, and finally am rewarding myself here in the Wash.

Bob and Uschi, I don't know how long it is going to take to finish this pouring painting so didn't want to start a thread and have it drag out and out and out, so I've been taking photos at each step along the way and will post it as a Demo when finished (whether it is any good or not, promise. :angel: ).

JoAnne, I really like what your art student painted. I'm glad she can still concentrate enough to use some of her skills like that. Thanks for sharing it with us. Oh, Go Badgers! Unless they are playing the Nittany Lions from Penn State, that is!

Lyn, Glad to hear you are painting. That must be a great feeling. You did such a terrific job on the Floral Robin, looks like you are on a roll.

Kev, I got my flu shot last Tuesday. There is a major panic going on here in the States among the more "seasoned" citizens because of the shortage caused by the factory in the U.K. having a contaminated batch of the vaccine. I'll bet there are people like Pat who never have gotten a flu shot in the past who are moaning and complaining because they can't get one this year! :wink2:

Judy, Your bathroom renovation is coming along and looking very good. Hope you are placing your laundry appliances in a basin with a drain in it in case of a malfunction (similar to a shower stall bottom). I used to show model homes for a builder when they first started putting laundry areas in the upstairs hallway and that was one of the features I would show people who were concerned about an "accidental" flooding. Now you see the upstairs laundry areas all the time, but at that time they were new and untested so people were cautious. They are certainly a lot more convenient, that's for sure.

Dave, Looks like your plant has been identified as a variety of impatiens. Kev, I always thought they were spring flowers too, but we planted some across the front of the house this year and they are STILL blooming their little hearts outóand we've had some nippy weather recently. Definitely going to put them in again next year, we've gotten our money's worth for sure. :clap:

Hope all you in the UK getting the severe weather stay safe and dry. We had some thunder the other night, but nothing dramatic the way it sounds you all did.

Anita, You should be able to drive up to Toronto easily. I know we did a couple of years ago and I'm pretty sure we did it in less than a day. Try MapQuest, they give you the directions, distance, and estimated drive time.

CRS has set in, so I'll just wish those suffering with colds and/or the flu a quick recovery. Try chicken soup with rice, good for the tummy, good for the soul.

SYall tomorrow,


10-21-2004, 04:42 PM
Sharon and Pat - I am NO lover of lightening - very scary!!!! Seen too many things and heard too many stories!!! Sorry your bum hurts Pat.


Aaaaaaaaw Uschi - this is what I used to tell Jamie when he was little -

Thunder - that is God moving the furniture around

Lightening - that is God taking photos.

Rain - that is God crying because you won't share your chocolate with your Mum!! (ok ok - I made that last one up - I never used to say that honest....lol)

Pat :D

10-21-2004, 04:55 PM
Judy, Kev, Uschi, & I - we're all wrong!

It turns out the flower is a variety of Vinca (one source calls it "Viper Pink", scientific name "Catharanthus roseus".

Here's a small version of my photo alongside one I found thru Google (not being overly modest, even though these 2 pics are amazingly similar, I have to say that I like my photo better):

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Oct-2004/23514-My_Vinca__photo_300W.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Oct-2004/23514-VINCA-Viper-Pink_LARGE.gif

Cathie Jones
10-21-2004, 05:31 PM
This must be the 5th time I've been here today . . . work keeps interrupting (of all da noive!)

Tiptoed thru the gallery, saw the paintings, read the poetry (too bad Kev couldn't come up with something this week). Turned in my circles-filled-with-lines in the drawing/sketching place this morning before work.

I'm not worrying about a flu shot. Usually get one, but it didn't protect me from that thing I picked up in England, did it? Anyway, it does no good to worry about it. If I get the flu, it'll mean a couple of days off work. ;) (Hope Judy (hopefulbucky) is better, speaking of days off with flu.)

Gotta run again . . . see y'all later . . . XOXOXOXO

mr sandbanx
10-21-2004, 07:44 PM
Ok I admit it....I have been a die hard Badger fan as long as I have known they existed...


Kevin: A poet and a cheerleader? You are certainly a renaissance man!

Dave: brilliant photo and yes, tons better than the googled one.


10-21-2004, 08:54 PM
Hi Again

Very tired today. A little stomach upset. I think nerves.

OK I heard from my new employer & they are doing my paperwork & will probably start on Mon or Tuesday.

Took my 16 yo son to get a haircut & then went to Wal Mart. Had a good time letting him pick out some groceries. Amazing what they can eat at this age.

Just relaxing tonight.

Chris - I think I'll try & figue out how many miles to Toronto tonight. Talked to my husband & we think it would be a great little trip for us. We never get to go anywhere.

Kev - That is some "scary veggie"

Sharon - Hope you feel better

JoAnn - A very good project you are involved with. That painting is actually very good. Tells me the resident is not that far along in the disease process.

Judy - I love you sink. I like the look of the above counter ones. Your tub is great too but I would need a little stool to get into it & out of it.

Gonna go to my painting group tomorrow morning it will the be last time I can do that since my workdays will be changing. Will have to find a night class.

I'm excited I get to watch the Apprentice.

On a sad note - I just found out that 2 women associated with my son's university Ohio University were killed in a plane crash earlier this week.

My son said the whole campus is down.

Well got to go


10-21-2004, 10:03 PM
Hi everyone.

I have been packing our bags ready for our flight to Christies tomorrow..

Healing lights and huggles to all, I am going to post in my "Trip Diary" now.. ;)

10-21-2004, 11:39 PM
Breezing thru again... :wave:

Kev, that is one cool looking veggie.

Thanks for all the good wishes on house hunting.

Uschi, yes, we were looking at Sedona, but now have settled on the Prescott area. More civilization, less expensive. Real home towny feel to it - reminds me of right out of the Music Man's "River City"... or Mayberry without the humidity. :D

We're looking at income property right now, since we won't be moving for about 5 years, but it's our hedge against inflation. We do have a great realtor - really working hard for us, and after having seen in person the properties he's sent pictures of, I trust his judgement completely. Talk about a hot market - couple of properties we looked at on Sunday are already in escrow as of yesterday! :eek: We're going to put an offer on a duplex we saw on Sunday, and hope for the best. I was really hoping for the 4-plex at the golf course, but, oh well. This one will be a start at least...

Dave - I think it's a Vinca - we have lots in our backyard - they look similar to impatiens... They do love heat - we planted some a couple of years ago, and the one under the dryer vent is thriving!!

Just got a phone call - our good friend who had triple by-pass last week has to go back into the hospital for the 2nd time tomorrow! Would really appreciate white light and healing vibes for Tom. Thanks! :angel:

Have to run, will catch up with you later...

Oh Chris - the reason for 11 hugs - I read somewhere once that everyone needs at least 11 hugs daily to be emotionally/physically healthy, hence my 11 hugs. If you can get more during the day, even better, but I'll start you with 11 :D

11 more hugs to all !


mr sandbanx
10-21-2004, 11:46 PM
Oh Chris - the reason for 11 hugs - I read somewhere once that everyone needs at least 11 hugs daily to be emotionally/physically healthy, hence my 11 hugs. If you can get more during the day, even better, but I'll start you with 11 :D

11 more hugs to all !


Malty told me 20! Ok mister, starting tomorrow we are cutting back!!!!