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mr sandbanx
10-19-2004, 12:49 AM
Well I missed yesterdays Drookit so will start the new one like an accident waiting to happen.

WC class last night and we painted portraits. Paint person diagonally across from you. I got Peter... twelve lovely ladies and I get to paint the only other guy.... One child in the class age 11, paints me. Peter looks like Dr Faustus and apparently, I look like a cross between Jughead and Squidward from Spongebob!!!!

Oh well it was a learning experience.

Home late, math homework and read the threads. See Spritey suggest I paint Daves greenery, even after Dave declares that most of us hate greens! Spritey, much as I would love to paint these terrific photos, I bear the weight of three elephants on my tiny shoulders and must decline. Nothing to stop you painting them.

See Mary there as well and send fond regards and hope she is on the mend.

And did someone say snow!!!!

Tulips on my mind at the moment, took a few tips from my teacher. Poem in for editing, I can relax for a few hours.

Must start Christmas church newsletter this week, Anyone have any short Christmas jokes or stories please send them to me. See your name in print and all that....

Its great where I am.

Hope everyone has a great day...


10-19-2004, 01:29 AM
Morning each,

Uck..........what a nice greeting this morning, one of the dogs, Meg, had been sick in her bed. Messy......

Well mum goes into hospital today for a minor op. She doesn't know yet, well at least she does but she forgets things. Daughter, Joanne actually works on the ward that mum is going on so she is sorting everything out. Feel a bit useless because its normally me who sorts all this stuff out.

So its a day of sitting by the phone and probably painting tulips and elephants.

Thanks Sylv, for conducting research on my behalf, burnt sienna eh? Ummm, I luv that colour too, hadn't given it a thought here though. And Uschi, have been looking at you beautiful pics for inspiration, but all I see is just how far I've got to go. They are very beautiful. I'm still struggling with shading though.

Chris, go on, turn over a new leaf :wink2: It may not be green :D

What wonderful paper that W/N 140 is, a full sloshy motherwash and not a cockle in sight. Now I really know where I have been going wrong. This paper is excellent, and you can lift colour! Wow now I know why people use expensive paper.

I think the better paper makes a much more telling difference than when I switched to artists grade paints. I have used Blockingford for ages, but W/N 140 will be on my shopping list form now on.

10-19-2004, 01:43 AM
Anyone have any short Christmas jokes or stories please send them to me. See your name in print and all that....

A couple of years ago I was decorating our Church for Christmas with a group of ladies. I set up a table in front of the Pastor's podium and spread hay on it and proceeded to arrange the nativity scene on the hay. Well, the stable sat there just fine but the figurines of Mary, JOseph, baby Jesus and the wise men kept falling over because they wouldn't sit on the hay peoperly. I muttered that I didn't think the figurines were going to work this way. One of the ladies said, without missing a beat, "no, because they're not STABLE"!!

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Oct-2004/14007-laughing.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Oct-2004/14007-laughing.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Oct-2004/14007-laughing.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Oct-2004/14007-laughing.gif

Okay, well, you had to be there!

**never mind** :wink2:

10-19-2004, 03:23 AM
Good morning all!!!!! :wave:

Chris, how wonderful that an 11 year old is taking watercolour classes! I have tried to encourage my own kids, bought them paints and paper, brushes and the lot, but they don't have the bug (yet! ;) )

Kev, you have had some great advice about shading yellows! I use MG azo yellow, layer it adding a touch of quin rose or vermillion for a nice orange, and the final darks I usually use a pinkish purple (quin rose and ultramarine). Take it slowly, and you'll get there!

LOL Andrea, I like that :D

I feel remarkably fit this morning, considering my muscles were protesting loudly about being forced to carry my considerable bulk up the Malvern Hills yesterday! Even my feet seem to have forgiven me! lol I have so many photos (142!!!!!!!! :eek: ), I'll put a few more in my "My day out" thread, and add the better ones to the RIL later. Here's just one, of the pretty Victorian station in Great Malvern, which is where the posh visitors got off the trains ;)

Hugs, higs and white light to all, back later (need some breakfast and a cuppa!)


10-19-2004, 06:16 AM

Nothing to report as i have just got up - nice to have a lie in once in a while....lol.

Chris - will have to think about the stories and jokes (mine aren't usually fit for sensitive ears.......lol)

What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus?

Crisp Cringle!

Why was Santa's little helper depressed?

He had low elf esteem!!

Kev - hope your Mum does alright after her op.

Andrea - I love one liners like that - usually progresses to more of the same in our house....lol

Ruth - looking forward to seeing more of your pics - am definitely going to snag a few.

Well bacon on toast is calling me.

Love and Hugs all round


Pat xxx

10-19-2004, 06:26 AM
Well you did ask Chris!! :evil:


Dearest John:

I went to the door today and the postman delivered a
partridge in a pear tree. What a thoroughly delightful gift.
I couldn't have been more surprised.

With deepest love and devotion,



Dearest John:

Today the postman brought your very sweet gift. Just imagine
two turtle doves. I'm just delighted at your very thoughtful
gift. They are just adorable.

All my love,



Dearest John:

Oh! Aren't you the extravagant one. Now I really must
protest. I don't deserve such generosity, three French hens.
They are just darling but I must insist, you've been too




Dear John,

Today the postman delivered 4 calling birds. Now really,
they are beautiful but don't you think enough is enough.
You're being too romantic.




Dearest John:

What a surprise. Today the postman delivered 5 golden rings
one for every finger. You're just impossible, but I love it.
Frankly, all those birds squawking were beginning to get on
my nerves.

All my love,



Dear John:

When I opened the door there were actually 6 geese a-laying
on my front steps. So, you're back to the birds again, huh?
Those geese are huge. Where will I ever keep them? The
neighbors are complaining and I can't sleep through the

Please stop.





What's with you and those ******* birds? 7 swans a-swimming.
What kind of God damned joke is this? There's bird sh*t all
over the house, and they never stop with the racket. I can't
sleep at night and I'm a nervous wreck. It's not funny. So
stop with those ******* birds.




O.K. Buster:

I think I prefer the birds. What the hell am I going to do
with 8 maids a-milking? It's not enough with all those birds
and 8 maids a-milking, but they had to bring their God damned
cows. There is sh*t all over the lawn and I can't move in my
own house. Just lay off me, smart a*s.



Hey! Sh*thead,

What are you? Some kind of sadist? Now there's 9 pipers
playing. And God do they play. They've never stopped
chasing those maids since they got here yesterday morning.
They cows are getting upset, and they're stepping all over
those screeching birds. What am I going to do? The
neighbors have started a petition to evict me.

You'll get yours,



You Rotten ****,

Now there's 10 ladies dancing. I don't know why I call those
sluts ladies. They've been with those pipers all night
long. Now the cows can't sleep and they've got the diarrohea.
My living room is a river of sh*t. The Commissioner of
Buildings has subpoenaed me to give cause why this building
shouldn't be condemned.

I'm sticking the police on you.

One who means it.


Listen! ****head,

What's with the 11 lords a-leaping on those maids and ladies.
Some of those broads will never walk again. Those pipers ran
through the maids and have been committing unspeakable acts with the
cows. All 23 of the birds are dead. They've been trampled
to death in the orgy. I hope you're satisfied, you rotten,
vicious swine.

Your sworn enemy,



Law Offices
Badger, Bender and Cahole
303 Knave Street
Chicago, Illinois

December 25, 1994

Dear Sir:

This is to acknowledge your latest gift of 12 fiddlers
fiddling which you have seen fit to inflict on our client,
Miss Agnes McHolstein. The destruction, of course, was
total. All correspondence should come to our attention. If
you should attempt to reach Miss McHolstein at Happy Dale
Sanitarium, the attendants have instructions to shoot you on
sight. With this letter please find attached warrant for you


Badger, Bender and Cahole

10-19-2004, 06:31 AM
quick visit thismoring...... E bay fever :D 2 oriental rugs last night........ but at least an interesting art book arrived thismorning ( more on that later perahps) and bidding soon about to finish on some picture frames.......so it IS watercolour related :D...........must fly and keep eyes peeled :D.. last minute bids dodgy on 56k modem :evil:


10-19-2004, 06:49 AM
:wave: G'day!

Pouring rain here and thunder is moving closer, so this will be short!! 7 am here.

Slept from 2 am until 6 am, so the pattern seems to be four hours sleep anytime within 24 hours and 2 hour nap about six hours after awakening!!!
See what a fascinating life I lead? ROFLOL

Ankle feeling much better after a day and night in the boot. Plan to put it back on for most of today, too. :D

Happy to read that Mary (Otter) is healing, albeit slowly.

Well, thunder really booming, so I better get off the computer for a bit!

May your today be better than your yesterday!



10-19-2004, 06:51 AM
Mornin' everyone

What nationality is Santa Clause?

North Polish.

I'm barely awake. Stayed up last night listening to the Red Sox and rushing to the railing to look at the TV everytime I heard yelling. I was up in the loft area where my computer and painting table is. I had every intention of paying bills, taking care of some other financial stuff and then FINALLY putting some paint on my elephant. But it took most of the evening to get finished with the bills and such (I've been "less-than-perfect" about paying attention to this over the last few weeks and then was out of town for most of the last 10 days). Ahhhhh, ain't excuses lovely ... :rolleyes:

And then the Sox won!! :clap: :clap: And it was late. So I finished up what I was doing and staggered off to bed...

Now I'm on my second "cup" of coffee (it's actually a fairly large mug) and it's not working. I'm very happy that three of my five classes are taking a test today. (That snoring you hear will be me...)

Maybe tonight me and the elephant will lock horns. Maybe. But maybe we'll go to the fair tonight. Hehe, I feel like Henny Youngman. He had a million jokes, I have a million excuses! :angel:

And the really ridiculous thing is, I already know what my NEXT painting is going to be... :p

I should get dressed. I'll have to check the gallery later. (Maybe while the kids are testing?) Have a wonderful day everybody.


10-19-2004, 06:52 AM
Good morning all - 3:45 AM here. I woke up about 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went to the computer (which my son was using) and hovered around so obnoxiously that he took the hint and yielded it to me.

One pic this morning, another experiment with extreme closeup:


Have a good day everyone.

10-19-2004, 07:03 AM
Good Morning all,

It is quarter to seven here in foggy, foggy Oakwood. It rained most of the night, but that stopped and the fog has risen. I love fog! It makes the world mysterious.

JayTee, Did you buy two Oriental rugs on e-Bay or were you just looking? I love them and we bought a few when we were stationed in Ankara. The salesmen were wise. If you were in their store and couldn't decide between three or four, he would say "Take them home and see them with your furniture, then decide." Of course, seeing them with our furniture often led to buying two instead of one because they were so lovely. :wink2: :cat:

Chris, Not sure if you'll be able to use Pat's Christmas tale in your CHURCH newsletter. :evil:
You had to ask for jokes and stories, didn't you! LOL! :angel:

Ruth, I love train stations like the one in your lovely photo. I used to ride the train into Philadelphia each day when I was going to work. I caught it at a station like yours and got off at the BIG station in Philly. Loved the hustle and bustle there as trains pulled in and commuters got off and walked rapidly to their offices in the city. Thanks for the photo, brings back good memories for me.

Kev, Good luck with the tulips. I'm going through the same thing with shadows on yellow pears that I'm doing right now with complementary colors. I was pretty unhappy with it in class yesterday, but looking at it this morning I see there might still be a chance to make something of it with a few more washes. Hope your Mom's op goes well today, good that her daughter, JoAnne, will be there to help her get through any confusion about what is happening.

Andrea, Nice to see you here with your cute story about the Stable. LOL! Are you doing any painting or are you so busy with COPs (name????) and family your brushes are getting lonely?

Pat, Glad you got to "sleep in" this morning. You sound rested and chipper!

Will probably work on my pears painting a little more today. Nita switched the sequence on us, I thought we were going to use an analogous color scheme but she decided we would do that next week and use a complementary one this week. My pears are yellow and you know what the complement of that is, don't you! Trying to make shadows and form on the yellow pears without creating mud is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. Nita did say I could use a variety of yellows though, not just one! Pweh! That is helpful.

More proofing to do on the Math books, up to grade 5 now, more fractions and algebraic notation being used. Did I mention I was an English Lit major in college and avoided Math courses like the plague????

Take care all who are achy or ill, bundle up, stay warm, chicken soup with rice is nice and comforting for lunch or dinner.



10-19-2004, 07:06 AM
Quick hello to everyone :wave: . Dave, this is an exceptional macro, I love it.

10-19-2004, 07:13 AM
Good morning Washonians!!!

Just popping in to :wave: to everyone... have not been able to keep up in the Wash... wanted to send good thoughts and hugs to all...

We're off to Niagara Falls this morning...

Have a happy and creative day...

10-19-2004, 07:30 AM
We're off to Niagara Falls this morning...

Good morning Washerbees! :)

Niagara Falls!!! Take me with you!! :D

Wish I knew who Dr. Faustus was Chris, but doesn't ring any bells. Though I do know who Jughead and Squigward are....hee heeeeeeee!!! I would like to see this painting! Funny!!!

Don't have any Christmas jokes...to early in the morning for me anyway. Maybe after I wake up.

Great pics Ruth and Dave!!!! I don't think I'll post anymore Kansas pics here...it's depressing. :(

Well, time to make the donuts........ ya'll have a good one ya hear? :wink2:

Little Old Lady
10-19-2004, 08:02 AM
Greetings :wave:
Looks gloomy this morning.
Glad to see Mary posting again. Hope you are able to get down to your studio soon.
Chris you sure work ahead on your newsletter. Mine is always last minute!
JT you will soon need to join EBay buyers Anonymous! It can be addictive.
Fun following JJ and friends on trip.
Painting group this morn. Hope to finish a couple I have started. Last week there was more talking than painting.
Have a good one.

10-19-2004, 08:05 AM
Afternoon all :wave:

Late today, I have been lurking since 8 am, but have no news really.

Ruth has been at her sewing Be this morning so I spent a lazy morning with the newspaper and TV.

Caught up with family news - rang my 88 year old uncle in Durham - he's doing fine despite failing eyesight and deafness. He copes very well and looks after his 60+ year old mentally disabled daughter.

Rang my SIL about a unique quilt I designed for her using 5-sided pieces - asked her to look for the design - someone here was interested in it - just forgotten who :rolleyes:

Ruth sees the orthopaedic surgeon this afternoon about her hip - she may have to have another cortisone injection.

No painting again - I'm in a real slump :(

Pat :rolleyes: No - not suitable for the church magazine!

Enjoy Niagara, Char - hold on to JJ's arm will you - we don't want her falling in ;) Sure is a fantastic sight - worth going out of your way for.

Another sleepless night last night wondering whether I can put down the deposits for the Kettlewell cottages for our Autumn 2005 get together. It's not the deposits that worry me, it's being liable for the balance. I need confirmation from everyone that they will undertake to pay their 80 regardless of the length of stay. Will send a pm to those who haven't already agreed.

Blimey - a blast from the past just come on TV - Sergeant Bilko! Haven't seen one for years, but I used to enjoy them back in the days of black and white TV :D

Well, must get off my butt (better than the English word) and make some lunch - Ruth has arrived back.

BBL Doug

Sharon Douglas
10-19-2004, 08:21 AM
Good afternoon all,

I`m still up to my neck trying to sort out builders and quotes for work etc

Apart from my challenge painting I haven`t done any painting all week.
I`m looking forward to my challenge begining again tmorrow, at least that will take my mind off this work for a few days at least.
I always try and get the challenge done by Friday evening, because Dougys off at the weekend and we usually end up going out somewhere.
Mind you I`ve ben invited to a party wed, I`ve got art club Thursday and another party on Friday, So I`ll have to get stuck in if I`m to finish by the weekend this week :rolleyes:

Building might start as early as Tuesday so this is the week when I do really need to finish early.aaaaaaargggggg

I suppose I`d better decide on a picture for next weeks challenge, now let me think, was Andy kind to me this week :evil: :evil:

I`m off to look for a piccy, oooooh the power :evil:

10-19-2004, 08:48 AM
HI everyone

Getting ready to go to Bath & Body Works to get a couple of gift certificates for 2 of the nurses aids that work for me. Then to get a frame for the little watercolor teakettle with daisies & strawberries for the other lady whose home had a fire last winter & now they are getting ready to move back in. She mentioned that she was doing her kitchen in strawberries.

After tonight I have 1 night left then I will be out of the nursing home. I'm gonna miss my patients. The young nurse they talked into taking my place was on duty with me last night. I think she is wishing that they would not have talked her into coming to 2nd shift. She had been working 3rd. Last night on our unit we had a fall(no injuries) 6 aggressive behavior reports - got a new lady who really seems to have more mental health issues than Alzheimers. Anyway she gets in peoples space & smacks them on their hands & in tourn they smack back (so double paperwork). Well young nurse passed the meds & I did all the paperwork & treatments & she said "How would I have ever gotten it all done if you had not been here to do the paperwork"
I feel for her.

Sylvia - when I left work at 12 am last night it was eerie with all the fog. Those kind of nights remind me of the Jack the Ripper movies. Then we have fog this morning too. Suppoesd to warm up this week.

Well off to run errands so I can have a few hours to myself today before work


10-19-2004, 09:07 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!! Overcast - gray!!

Caught up on yesterday's and today's wash, sorry, but it's getting late and too many to respond to.

Yesterday I pampered myself due to bad cold, then sat at Toyota dealership for 2 hours while car was being serviced, had a lovely conversation with a very with-it 88 year old lady who was also having her car serviced. Then bought sunflowers and went off to my DIL for birthday wishes.

Today, taking car in for oil spraying to prevent rust once the city starts dumping tons of salt on the roads.

As always, sending good thoughts to each and everyone of you and :wave: greetings!!!!

10-19-2004, 09:26 AM
Good Morning all,

I love the fog - it hugs you...I like to sit outside with a cup of coffee (and a coat!) and enjoy it.

Spent the weekend in northern WI, will take the time tonight to post some pics in the RIL that were just full of fall colors. Mu husband is very good about stopping for photo opps....he even slams on the breaks for views he likes...<smiles>. I gathered leaves on our water fall walks then went back to the hotel and arranges them on the fireplace hearth in the lobby to photograph - didn't get too many strange looks...lol

Some of us have joined the Drawing Class 101...I think we'll all learn so much. AS soon as I scanned my submission I notices 3 big mistakes right away -but posted it anyway - I maybe should have fixed them but ......

Well wishes for all in need.....


10-19-2004, 09:52 AM
Morning All!

Quick visit today. Have a good visit to the falls today Char. Please make sure that JJ doesn't cause them to stop (falling in would be far to mundane for her:D :evil: ).

Off to tutoring and school. back later.

Take care.

10-19-2004, 09:53 AM

Iron Bridge, Bayfield, WI (south side of Lake Superior)


10-19-2004, 10:10 AM
Good morning Washers

Me thinks I need more coffee. I woke up with a hangover and haven't had a drop to drink in about a month. If I'm going to feel this way, I may as well have a couple of brandies at night.

Doug - I am one of the ones interested in your 5 sides piecing quilt pattern. Thank you for phoning on that and letting us know about it. It sounds awesome.

Anita - It sounds like a very difficult job there at the nursing home. And all of the paper work too. The new nurse will never be bored, hope she does well.

I finally figured out how to put on my own avitar. It is the first and only self-portait I have ever painted. :evil:

Bonnie G.

Ellen in Ont
10-19-2004, 10:19 AM
A quick good morning everyone. Lots to do today and most of it to do with painting so it will be a good one. :D Before the fun though, there are a few domestic chores that have to be done... clean the aquarium, clean out the cat litter and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Yuch! :p I'll just put on some music and think of painting in my head while I work. Love everyone's Christmas jokes... I am a Christmas fanatic. There is a family rule that I am not allowed to start playing Christmas carols until after Hallowe'en. :D Not long now! No time to reply to everyone so :wave: all around.

10-19-2004, 11:00 AM
Kind of a Christmas joke (I remember this from Reader's Digest of many years ago)....

A couple and their energetic 5 year-old were doing some Christmas shopping at the toy store. While waiting in line at the check-out counter the husband noticed the beautiful young sales clerk and her remarkable figure, which was enticingly well-displayed by her low-cut sweater. As the line slowly inched forward, the husband was stealing glances at the clerk, being careful to not get caught by his wife. Finally their turn came at the counter, and the lovely sales girl leaned forward to scan their purchases, affording the husband a delicious sight. As he craned his neck for the optimal viewing angle, his wife (noticing that their child had wandered to a display of video games and was reaching for them) shouted: "You can look at those, but you'd better not touch!"

I understand that the whiplash suffered by the embarrassed husband as he quickly jerked his head up wasn't too bad - he had to wear a cervical collar for only a few weeks.

10-19-2004, 11:39 AM
Kind of a Christmas joke (I remember this from Reader's Digest of many years ago)....

I understand that the whiplash suffered by the embarrassed husband as he quickly jerked his head up wasn't too bad - he had to wear a cervical collar for only a few weeks.

I'll bet ya that was our own Mr. Sandbanx who writ that and sent it in to Reader's Digest..... just look at him with his oogley googley eyes! :D :D :D :evil:


10-19-2004, 11:44 AM
HI, kids

No SWIM day....sun is shining and the 3 inches of snow is almost melted.....

Is it any wonder we have no photos together...every picture I have of Hap is him TAKING pictures:


Window of our B and B in OBAN, Scotland:

Errands day...Costco, POst Office, etc...almost finished with the Christmas shopping

Did I mention to our UK gang how much we LOVED TESCO?????

Off for now

Have a great day


Hap taking photos in York:


10-19-2004, 11:50 AM
Tuesday again, yesterday I walked up town for my long overdue haircut +. It was delayed due to my hairdresser, David's wife having their first baby, (Dillon) We spent most of the time discussing Men vs Women, and why his wife would rather he come home on time than stay late in his shop and earn extra money. When I left, he said I knew a lot. I told him I've been around awhile and married for more than 36 years (also read Men are from Mars, and also Why Men can't Listen and Why Women Can't Read Maps)(right side up)
Lyn, maybe you should take calcium (or more) and elevate daily. Perhaps with a hot pack on the ankle. Couldn't hurt, and may give it the rest it needs. I had awful ankles for awhile and it just seemed to take a lot longer to heal, the older I get.
We talked to daughter and family on Sunday. Our 9 year old grandaughter is kind of a hero. They had gone camping near a river with friends who have two kids the same age as theirs (9 + 5). The other Dad was watching the kids play in the water, when she saw their son being swept away in the river. Lauren was right there, and was a big help till his dad could get there. I sent her something from Amazon as a reward. Her Mom and Dad let her get her ears pierced. We are all very proud of her.
Hayward, we have an Iron Bridge over here too, I have a photo somewhere, I will try and dig it out to post.
That train station looks a lot like the one we have in Knaresborough. I'll post one of that too.
DH is home and wants my opinion of where to put the pull chord for the new light fixture in the new bathroom. So I'll better soot till later.


10-19-2004, 12:45 PM

Just popping in - got a phone call from a friend of mine - she has been award the MBE - ooooooh dead posh - hmmmmmmm wonder what I would have to do to get one :evil: She has known since May but wasnt able to say anything so she is off to Buck House in November I think and is having a party in December - not sure yet if I am going - she used to work with me and the Manager at the time (the one who stabbed me in the back!) is going to be there - not that that bothers me - I am very good at ignoring people.....lol......but I may have something planned for that day.

The old guy across the road celebrated his 80th birthday last week and he has decided to take all our lot and some other neighbours out for a meal to celebrate - he is a nice guy but apt to drone on and on and on - but he has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone - I think he gets a bit lonely sometimes.

Oh Carla is finally home from the hospital but in a body cast which I think she has to wear for another couple of weeks - but at least she is back home and her Mum and Dad can get back to a more normal routine again.

Well am off to watch some TV before DS comes home and I have to get tea on.

Love and Hugs all round.


Pat xxx

Maddie M.
10-19-2004, 12:54 PM
Good Morning, All! ( ... at least in my time zone)

I'd like to thank everyone who has sent images for the Guessing Game threads. I've really been having a lot of fun with it. I've gotten more PMs in the past two days than in the entire time since joining WC! :D

Since we're posting photos, here's the sunrise I woke up to this morning. How can you fail to have a glorious day when it starts like that?


-- Maddie

Cathie Jones
10-19-2004, 12:55 PM
Hi! :wave:

Haven't had time to read the drookit for a couple of days, have no idea what's in the gallery . . . been spending what little time is available in the drawing/sketching forum, as well as watching baseball, football, and now that the weather has cooled down - knitting and crocheting.

But I miss you guys and wanted to pop in and tell you so. Will try to read everything . . . eventually! LOL :D

10-19-2004, 01:02 PM
The thunder boomers have moved out of our area for a while, but are supposed to return later this afternoon.

JLyn wrote: Lyn, maybe you should take calcium (or more) and elevate daily. Perhaps with a hot pack on the ankle. Couldn't hurt, and may give it the rest it needs. I had awful ankles for awhile and it just seemed to take a lot longer to heal, the older I get.

The bone has filled in and healed nicely, JLyn. I spend quite a few hours in my recliner w/the foot elevated. The biggest problem is the fact that I am extremely overweight! :eek: :( This is going to take time. I appreciate your suggestions, though. You are right; heat certainly feels good.

((((Doug)))) Relax, your "creative pause" will be over soon! :D You've been a bit busy lately!

Bonnie G., love your tinyhead! :D

Another great photo, Dave.

Starbright, I know you have leaves in Kansas--Dave can't beat you there! LOL

Nice photos, Hayward and Pam!

I read all the posts with great interest--but CRS has set in! :o


10-19-2004, 01:07 PM
I'm enjoying the photos today. Thanks Jo, Maddie, Pam, & Ruth.

10-19-2004, 04:48 PM
I'll bet ya that was our own Mr. Sandbanx who writ that and sent it in to Reader's Digest..... just look at him with his oogley googley eyes! :D :D :D :evil:


Sounds possible, but I doubt it because it was at least 30 years ago when I read this in Reader's Digest. At that time he would more likely have been the kid running amok in the toy store than the husband with the roving eye.

10-19-2004, 05:26 PM
Sounds possible, but I doubt it because it was at least 30 years ago when I read this in Reader's Digest. At that time he would more likely have been the kid running amok in the toy store than the husband with the roving eye.

OK then....this is probably what he looked like then. :evil:

You sure do have a good memory by the way, Dave! :)


mr sandbanx
10-19-2004, 07:59 PM
Spritey and her big bag o' images, meets Dave and his big box o'photos....hehe. And Dave for you to remember that far back, when Spritey really was a Sprite.... I am impressed.

Love the sorry though Dave. I cant print it in my newsletter, but I will certainly tell all the ladies at church!

Actually our prior minister was a woman and she had the most off colour stories I ever heard. Camping with her was always a blast. She spat toothpaste on a skunk one year and also taught all the kids how to spit off a bridge... she is gone to a better job now, but sputting off the bridge is a rite of passage at youth camp.

So my image, or descriptions thereof abound in this thread. Can't say I like any of them. But as long as Spritey enjoys her schadenfreude its fine with me, I am thick skinned.:evil:



With fond regards and etc...