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10-18-2004, 02:52 PM
Aaahhhh! The fresh aroma of coffee brewing! I just love to open a new can, and breathe in deeply! I love that.

What a week so far. Actually, I have been busy all morning with laundry, some lite cleaning, and some logos that have to be delivered tomorrow. I am just about done with that.

*sips the french vanilla*

Yess, that is good. Well, I found out over the weekend that I will be going to New York to try and promote my prints of my first of 7 paintings. That in itself is exciting, but the trip is paid for, even the B&B that I will be staying at. Sometimes life is good.

I did a pencil drawing of a horse the other day, that I sent to a prospective client for either a mural, or at least a nice large portrait of the horse. They raise race horses. This is gonna be good. I get to travel again. Heheh.

*Nuther sip, as the coffee is getting a bit cool*

And this morning I confirmed a class for Friday, on just painting skies and clouds. It's an easy class to do, but non the less, it will pay the bills. I love this stuff, that comes in without warning, and has money attatchec to it. Hehehe. I am also trying to tutor one on one, and that is good money as well.

I'm telling you guys, my life in the past 5years has been very interesting to say the least! And most of it has been due to me coming here and learning things from others, and getting that much needed boost, to move on and get my butt in gear!. :)

Well, the laundry is calliing. See you all later!

10-18-2004, 09:58 PM
i agree...a lovely place to be challenged & get the butt in gear.
i finished my 'out of the box' ditty today...took me 4 hours more than i had wanted...esp. since this is more for resume then sufficient cash...but it was well worth it. got my brain roll'in about efficiency & things i could do next time to save me time. tomorrow will be happy slide & picture day (oh, what shall the weather be?) then i'll be shipp'in it off in a day or two.
next begins major designing for my hubs business. need to hook up older laser printer to a mac & there are extension conflicts so i'll be beating myself up over stuff like that too. i'm not a computer person that is 4 sure :confused:

well...now we've got another house up for sale on our street! geez sketch...ha! this is an older couple that we will miss...u know...kinda adopted grandparents for the kids. we always invite them down for holiday parties - she makes the most awesome desserts. the inevitability of change stinks sometimes, we'll miss em'.

time to go hit a bowl of generic 'lucky charms' before bed!


10-19-2004, 09:24 AM
Hello all,

I never seem to really kick off my week until Tuesday, Mondays are all about the housework around here. Still doing some laundry today too.

This staying at home stuff is really getting to be fun. I can do art all day long if I want to. As much as this is my dream come true, I find myself doing something rather ridiculous..... While I should be working on my portfolio every day trying to get my samples ready to mailout for children's illustration to get a career going, I keep finding excuses to go work on my other art.. my art quilts, which are becoming funner and funner all the time.... LOL

What is it about responsibility that takes the fun out of art?

anyway, so much for all that cool weather we had last week, now it is so hot outside my glasses steam up when I walk out..... grrr... louisiana weather. Hope you all are having it nicer.

marilyn h
10-19-2004, 01:00 PM
Hey, Ray, Cool! Yes, I remember your not having a job a few years back. You deserve your ship coming in. I appreciate the enthusiasm that you are enjoying and portraying to the rest of us. Good things do come to those who wait.
Yea! for you.

10-19-2004, 06:25 PM

Thank you. You are always around seeing that I am encouraged as well. It has been a long road, but I truly am thankful that things are going well.

So, this morning I got the call that I have been waiting for. I am to meet with the National Corvette Museum to talk over a project that I will be involved in. This is national status y'all, I mean I will now have the attention of millions. I shall keep you posted on that.

Well, I must go and get some more work done. My coffee cup is empty. heh


10-20-2004, 11:05 AM
A bright blur flashes into the room, skidding in sideways to a stop! It's Mighty Dave! Caffiene in hand, dynamic speedster, faster than a dial up connection! Stronger than a paper cup! Able to type 30wpm! He's sleek, he's fast, he's.....well...... a goober!?!:D

Been outa touch, my internet connection was spotty and then finally completely down for a few days. The phone company had to replace the line to get me reconnected. The good news is, they increased my connection speed, something like 5 times faster than it was! I have dsl and thought it was pretty fast already, but WOW!, I'm really rockin' now!

Terry - National Corvette Museum! Schweeet!

jen- our next door neighbors are an elderly couple that we have sorta adopted and they us. They're a hoot! They are old farm folk and have more gaudy nick nacks in their yard and put up the most and the worst christmas decorations every year. My other neighbor says he's happy they're not next to him, but I think they're great! They give the neighborhood character!

Anyway, gota get to work, deadlines looming......

In a blink he's gone, so fast all that is left is an empty spinning coke can! :D

10-20-2004, 12:13 PM
oi i missed you guys

My time has been sucked into one of the other forums i moderate so i'll be a little shhh as of late. so i'm still here. but other things require my attention more. i'm hoping that it'll all calm down soon. heh.

My trip was AWESOME. just wanted to say. I'm still alive! Had so much fun indeed. Went to toronto, and my bf's hometown in kitchener/waterloo, he took me to Paris (ha) and we went down to Niagra, and across the boarder to Buffalo New York for buffalo wings. lol. We saw the niagra falls, and stayed in a really sleezy cheezy motel on the strip in the city (gods. the tackiest ugliest city ever!) with a heart shaped jacuzzi and everything which was a complete and total riot. it was rediculous! the place even had its own wedding chaple! ha! we drove throuh a lot of country side. and i got to look over Hamilton from the top of this 150 foot cliff which was really quite.... high nd awesome! Too me on a subway (tho not nearly as cool as the subway in montreal!) and one of those weird trolly's in toronto. I stood underneith the CN tower and looked up. Ate lunch at an encredibly overpriced greek restaurant in the greek part of dowotown TO where all the signs had greek translations written beneith them. Unfortunately it rained the entire bloody weekend, but I still hada lot of fun. It was pretty awesome. The plane trip went well, my ears didnt pop and i got a window seat both times (booyeah!). Got no more than 8 hours sleep the entire weekend, came home and slept 16 hours straight. heh. now I have lots of homework to get cought back up on. And another animation due next week which I am currently procrtesinating on. heh.

Anyways. YEAH. Should get back to work. but i wanted to tel y'all what a blast i had!

Kathryn Wilson
10-20-2004, 10:08 PM
Peeking in on you guys! Miss you all . . .

National recognition Terry!

Dave the Sleek Goober! and

Axl, the Traveler.

Sounds life has been good!

10-20-2004, 10:31 PM
Kyle, it was nice of you to drop in!

Can I freshen up your coffee? How has things been going for you?

Yes, if all goes well, I could become a national.......sumthin. lol

Hope you are doing fine!


10-21-2004, 04:53 PM
*jen crawls in w/ empty mug* (is that mug as in cup or mug as in face?)
i gots a sore throat & popp'in da pills.
also got major poopies w/ my mac...dave must've passed me a computer germ or something. so i'm putting important stuff on zips b4 i just overhaul the whole stink'in thing. poo, just poo...i'm getting software for my pc!

i went to niagra after i first got married...got a cheapo deal when it was still cold. there is some 'cheese' around there...but i must admit...it was so cool watching huge chunks of ice go over the falls...mesmerizing.

well...better do that software thing & get something warm to drink...

10-22-2004, 01:36 AM
*sips tea*

No I'm not the coffee drinking type.
Don't you have that, right before you go on a holiday, that your agenda seems so awfully crowded? It's not that I don't like a little pressure, but there are so many things I still need to do that aren't in my agenda...
Even here at work, I heardly have enough time to check out WC.

Next thursday I'm leaving for a 11 days holiday in Spain... (No Niagra for me) Problem is, I still don't have a place to sleep for the last 4 nights... I'm going on my own, so I'd better take some books to read... Clothing... hell I really need to go shopping...

* Panic * * Panic * * Panic *

Anyway... still love being around here... I'm learning an awful lot.

* Slurps out the tea and starts browsing: "bed 'n breakfast Granada Spain" *

10-23-2004, 01:02 AM
Spain? Ha! I'm jealous!

Seriously, that sounds awsome! Have a great holiday!

10-23-2004, 10:34 AM
Hey Terry...congrads on that national opportunity!

Say here with me Axl...I moderate eight forums, so I knows whatcha means! ;)

Life is busy...but its certainly nice to stay connected with creative people and none better than here at WC...

I'm trying to get a masters in painting going...which will be very much independent course work. Hoping to get a number of credits up front for life experiences. Been marketing my book, and working on a second. Then of course there is the daily regimen of teaching art in the classroom.

Trying to nail dates down for next year, as I've been asked to go to Glacier National Falls Park to teach a painter's workshop where 24 artists so far are planning to meet for next year, most if not all of them from WC here. Less than two weeks after that, I have my work showing in the National Arts Building in New York with a number of other NAPPAP members. Hoping I can get there, but of course both these events are in September, which is after school instruction for me has resumed. Life can get goofy at times!

our WC'er (my son) Jason...has been working hard at the art academy, sent me recently some picks of the front skeletal torso he's done. Workin' hard that lad...and he tries to balance this with a wife and little daughter, and commissions on his caricaturing.

I ran out of coffee this mornin....went rummaging thru the cupboards and found various teas. I'll probably be feeling pretty strange later mixing various herbal caffiene concoctions into my system.

Today is quite wet out...rainy, yet a good day in northern Wisconsin to be out in the woods, as I like to bowhunt. I could go to my classroom and get caught up on things, put sub notes together for three days I'll be gone in a little over a week...get work done on my website, or paint. Oh...and get our large windows prepped for cold weather, (which my wife would want me to do). Hhhmmm....decisions, decisions.....

take care.....a tip of the cup to ya'll...