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10-12-2004, 07:25 PM
Hi peeps its 00.25 GMT. I Have spent today commiserating with my son in law Gary and daughter Kim because he has not passed his driving test. I have congratulated my son Mark because he has done well and will join the Royal navy in April.
What do you all reckon of the chances of this happening then?????
On a web site for the name Lavallee a person from the uk asking a question.
a person asking the same question in reverse at the same time .....
I was looking for information on brother off Pierre Lavallee as someone looked for information on Mederic Lavallee who was Pierres brother, In the last hour I have recieved a photo of my Great great grand father and talked to cousins i didn't know I had

10-12-2004, 07:53 PM
Psssssst Andy - you forgot to put Daily Wash in the title - just thought I would mention it as some might miss it (am not mentioning any names here.....lol)

Commiserations to one who didnt pass driving test and congratulations to one who got in the Navy.

Isnt genealogy fascinating - I spend many an hour or ten on the computer surfing the sites - helped me trace family in the States and Canada.

Well I make no apologies for reposting this pic of my Mum in the states - just in case anyone missed it yesterday and apart from that its a cracking pic methinks.....lol.


And I know I keep going on about her but I do love her really - I realised the other day that I had lots of pics of me with various members of the family but couldnt find one for the life of me of me and Mum - now how bad is that -so I rectified it asap and here you go.


Right bedtime - off to read a new book - just finished reading The Da Vinci Code - wonderful book - amazed myself that I even managed to solve the last clue on my own - Jamie said his friend solved it and he is a genius so in my son's eyes I am now a genius.....ROTFL.

Later folks - love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

10-12-2004, 08:11 PM
Hiya!!! Since yesterday (well, ok, it's really still today) was soooo awful, I decided to start today on a much brighter note!

It's absolutely amazing how a few kindly chosen words from the wonderful folks on WC can lift my spirits and restore my faith... No wonder we all feel a special *kinship* when we finally meet in person!

Andy... now I have to tell you that the whole thing was confusing... I read it twice... so now I can say, congrats to Navy Son, sorry about no licence SIL... Woo hoo! that you've found new family and have pictures to prove it! :evil:

Pat... LOL... Biker Mamma... :evil: I love the pic of you and she together... We all knew you were a genius... :D

:wave: to everyone from yesterday... :D...

JudyL... I can't wait to see this bathroom finished!!!

JJ... you all look very pleased with yourselves... :D

Both my boys have *dates* tonight... I know, I know... it's a school night... the beauty of it is, the parents have control of this situation... neither of the boys can drive, yet... so they must rely on the old folks to take them to and from... LOL... the girls in one direction and the boys in another... now isn't that just romantic???

Since I allowed myself to become totally worn out, I'm off to veg in front of the TV till it's time to pick up the boys... I'll say Gnite now... sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite... see you in the morning... when today is really yesterday... :D

10-12-2004, 09:40 PM
Well it is 9.40pm at Gails house. Funny being on the otherside od the world..;)

Andy I couldn't make that out either until I read Chars post LOL.. Ditto what she said..

Pat that is a super photo of you and your Mum. I love it. Please email it to me!!!!

I will be off to bed soon.

See you all later..

Huggles and healing thoughts to all who are ill and hurting..

10-12-2004, 10:30 PM
Hi everybody!

Andy, that's cool about your great great grand-dad. Geneology is pretty fun.

I decided to Pledge my bedroom door and didn't realize that some of the polish got on the floor. Bolted in here this afternoon and ended up doing the splits. Ouch! I may have pulled something but on the bright side it does smell lemony-fresh in here :p

I'm going to start giving my mom watercolor lessons. (Talk about the blind leading the blind!) She's never tried painting but is fabulous with markers. In my mind, if you can draw you can certainly paint. I'm hoping that she'll really like it and want to come with us to the get together in Montana.

Char, I hope Wednesday is a much more relaxing day for you! I agree with what Uschi said about giving it time.

Got a painting done today. A beach with seagulls. There is a flying seagull that looks kind of scary (think vampire bat with 6 foot wing span) but the water was fun. Water has been a been a hurdle for me so I've been practicing a lot lately. Next hurdle: GLASS :confused:

My major concern for Wednesday: that the debate not preempt Lost on ABC. I'm voting for guy #1, my mom is voting for guy #2, Dad is voting for guy #3, and Steph's undecided. We've had one too many debates of our own so at this point I'd much rather watch a show about people stranded on a monster inhabited tropical island, wherabouts unknown. :evil:

10-12-2004, 10:44 PM
Morning All!

Char I remember dates like that!:D In a few cases it was a great relief to have my mum or dad waiting.:D

Pat, I think that your mum passed on her fun genes to you! Life in your house must be a riot!:)

ktrayn78! Polishing your bathroom door? Wow! I bow in your general direction. :evil: :wink2: Can you tell that house keeping is not my forte?:D

Andy congrats on the new relatives. Sorry to hear about SIL not getting his license.

As I said in yesterday's Wash, I have been told to rest more or I will be sick for a very long time. So, my husband is taking the car today and I am staying home and painting between naps. Do you think I can handle it?:D :wink2:

Take care.

10-12-2004, 11:39 PM
Hey all!

Been reading all the Washes to catch up...so busy haven't been around much. So much going on, too little time to respond to all! LOL, Kim - trying to picture you doing the splits. I hope you didn't pull anything! Andy, congrats on finding more family! My mom is really into genaealogy and has found so much great info...made a scrapbook for my grandfather, who lost both parents during the depression in Mississippi. I have never seen him so happy than to find out all this incredible stuff about his roots.

The fam launched a new business last week, and I am THE administrator for all the customer service, billing, & shipping...still in the coffee biz, but an all new venture. So I don't have the free time that I used to, but it is good to shake things up. Especially for more financial security. I am also painting more...I finished a half sheet yesterday and must start a new project asap or I will lose momentum! I bit the bullet and bought a W&N Series 7 sable #4 that was on sale and omigosh is it my favorite brush! Between it and my new synthetic wash brush I am so excited to paint! Now I know why artists adore sable...it discharges the paint and water so differently than other brushes! I kinda wish I had bought one or more when I started since I might have struggled less...oh well, made me a better artist, I suppose.

Got to go to bed...exhausted from work...

White light to all of y'all who are needing it - you know who you are!

Ellen in Ont
10-13-2004, 12:17 AM
Just a quick post to say goodnight. I am still up from the post yesterday morning in the wash. :eek: Very bad shift at work followed by a very good painting class - no painting but exercises using the right side of the brain. I haven't read Tuesdays or this wash but will catch up when I am more awake in the morning. We need a yawning smilie. :wave:

10-13-2004, 01:00 AM
I just put a bid on some Rembrandt paints on eBay and then realized I know NOTHING about that brand. Oh well. How bad could they be?

Nice to see you Shannon!!! I don't even want to hear about your series 7 brush, I'm so jealous :crying: I'm just excited to not be using Loew Cornell anymore :D : Way to go with the painting, hope you can keep that momentum :clap: (by the way, Gary just shared with me that his wife is a descendent of Pocahontas - we're just one big happy family around here!)

Christie, I have to confess; I don't typically dust the doors. The problem is that I have rather ardent feelings for Lemon Pledge. I even "dusted" my tote bag yesterday. I'll be more self-controlled next time.

good night everyone, kim

10-13-2004, 02:47 AM
Morning each,

Nice to see you back Shannon, I too like the sable brushes, now you must learn to mix paint with your synthetic ones as most damage is done to your sable as you mix, rather than paint.

Well I hinted at some news yesterday, and I still haven’t got permission to say but here goes……….the wedding of my daughter in Mauritius is …. OFF. :crying:

The date picked was June 04. She has marked this day really well, she has just found out that she is to give birth to her second child on that date. Yes she’s pregnant!! I’m to be a granddad again.:clap: :wave:

Jeeezz she sure knows how to make life hard work. We are now trying to fix new dates for the wedding Oct 06 now seems favourite, and working out the best way to cancel the holiday. Joanne talks for England anyway, she has not given her voice a rest since she found out.

Ian, is over the moon ……..while Joanne is in floods of tears. She has mixed feelings, she wants the baby but thinks her timing could have been better. They were so looking foreward to getting married in Mauritius. She had sorted out her dress, and all the bridesmaids stuff, and a venue for the reception when we got home has also to be cancelled.

So now I’m looking for a holiday for next year…………Montana? Is there a beach?

Must go and get some pink umbrellas painted, and a poem to write.

I'm going to be a grandad. :clap: :D

10-13-2004, 03:29 AM
Morning all!

What a busy (wash ;) ) we have already!

Great news about tracing your family, Andy - although it should be easier with a name like Lavallee. Try searching for John Elliot in the Scottish Borders - you don't know where to start :rolleyes: The Elliot clan do have a castle though - Hermitage Castle in Lidderdale.

Sorry about Mauritious, Kev,. Congratulations on the baby. Anyhow you have Matlock Derbyshire to fall back on - don't know about a beach and palm trees though :evil: :D

Cheers to all you others who are probably sound asleep.

BBL, Doug

10-13-2004, 03:53 AM
Evening each:)
just breezing in and out. Super busy, but wanted to let you know that I'm still alive - just! lol
Getting ready to go to Oz next week, and a million and one things to do.......
At least the luggage will be light, temperatures around 30 degrees.
Too bad we will be there when JJ isn't!

Kev, congrats on the news! You could try LuluLand for a holiday next year :evil: Plenty of beaches here:)

Going to Hamilton tomorrow to see our eldest grandaughter, Mollie. She is turning 5:) Her party is on Saturday but I want to see her tomorrow.
Her baby brother is doing so well, putting on about 1lb a week.
Am hanging out for another cuddle.......

Off to the doctor too, chest infection has come back. Don't need that so close to going away, so hope to nip it in the bud before Tuesday!

Nitey nite :wave:

10-13-2004, 04:10 AM
Thanks Doug, now this maybe aliteration of the letter M but no poetic ending...Mauritius, Montana ...........or Matlock. Who knows you decide.............. I must be Mad.

Hi Lulu, nice to see you back. :wave: But sorry to here 'bout the virus. :crying:

....You know, ..........you never know it may just be Lululand next year. Some amazing cheap (well cheaper) flights been announced recently.

10-13-2004, 04:19 AM
....You know, ..........you never know it may just be Lululand next year. Some amazing cheap (well cheaper) flights been announced recently.

Oh please do!!!! Seriously, we would love to have you stay and show you our beautiful country.
I'd sharpen my pencils specially :evil: hehehe

thanks for the sympathy too!

10-13-2004, 05:22 AM
Hi washerfolk

Just popping in on my way to bed. The 13th is all but over for us down under.
I got a nice surprise tonight. My good friend and next door neighbour called to tell me she has bought 2 tickets to see George Benson live on Monday night. (Can anyone remember him from the 70's? ...'Give me the night') I am pretty chuffed I must say. It's her shout and a lovely surprise.

Kev Don't forget I'm here in Lululand also, down below in Mazey County (Canterbury). :D Lulu can show you around the North and I can show you around the south. I have a spare room, 1.5 acres to wander in with beer on ice and wine in the cellar! ;) See, there's every reason you should come down under. Congrats on the expected grandchild. Sorry about the wedding plans.

Pat love the pics of you and your mum. It made me think about getting some photo's of my only daughter and myself done. She may just want some later in life. I'm not one to be in front of the camera often.

Nite nite all :wave:

10-13-2004, 05:38 AM
Hi everyone........been absent for a while.........so busy at work, everyone ordering new furniture and wanting it in time for xmas.........but finally got a day off :clap:

We've had a week fo hell in the house as well.............end of last week the toilet started to block up, very late sunday night I flushed it and it overflowed all over the floor, not a pretty site or smell :( ........after calling out an emergence plumber and getting ripped off :mad: , we then called out another, well known large nut expensive company, it has so far cost me £650 , and growing :crying: .........
Well .....it seems that the company that put in the neighbours fence 2 weeks ago, kangoed and planted the fence post right through the waste drain, clever chappies eh.......specially after they were told by the neighbours where the drain was..........well we now have a cctv film to prove it, and is being handed over to the insurance company.....it's a race now to get the ok and have it mended before it blocks and flows over again........

Have so much catching up to do here, hoping all is ok..........

Kev congrats on the forthcoming event.........hope you do make it to the gathering next year, Pat's told me so much about you :evil: ..........can't wait to see if it's all true

Pat....great pick off you and your mum.....you know I don't think I have one of just me and mine..we'll have to put that right :)

Doug....you can definately put my name down, don't think i'll make it to Montana :crying: .....Don't mind where it is :) think the other alf will be there this time :)

JJ.......glad to hear your adventures and that your having a great time.......you seem to have been travelling for ever.. :envy:

Hi to everyone else.........we'll have to find a couple of hours to read all the washes i've missed...........try and BBL...

10-13-2004, 05:50 AM
What do you all reckon of the chances of this happening then?????
On a web site for the name Lavallee a person from the uk asking a question.
a person asking the same question in reverse at the same time .....
I was looking for information on brother off Pierre Lavallee as someone looked for information on Mederic Lavallee who was Pierres brother, In the last hour I have recieved a photo of my Great great grand father and talked to cousins i didn't know I had

I will clarify (I hope) I was searching for info on my Grandfather Pierre Lavallee brother of Mederic Lavallee, son off Pierre Lavallee and margerite mirselle. I posted a note asking for information about my grandfather

at the exact same time Gerard in ST John in New Bruinswick was searching for info on his Grandfather Mederic Lavallee brother of Pierre Lavallee, son off Pierre Lavallee and margerite mirselle. he posted a note which came up straight after mine

10-13-2004, 06:06 AM
........at the exact same time Gerard in ST John in New Bruinswick was searching for info on his Grandfather Mederic Lavallee brother of Pierre Lavallee, son off Pierre Lavallee and margerite mirselle. he posted a note which came up straight after mine

Wow! Is that spooky! Hands across the sea!


10-13-2004, 06:06 AM
Good Morning all,

It is quarter to six in the morning here in Oakwood, rained during the night here because the road is shining under the streetlight. :clap: We had a really, really dry September and need the rain.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALEX (Jijo) AND GRAYEAGLE (Stodw)! Hope you both have wonderful birthdays and lots of time to enjoy your paint brushes and paints in the year ahead.

Andy, It took me a second reading, but then I realized that you and your cousin were both searching for Lavallees at the same time and made the connection with one another! What a small world the Internet has made this. Glad you've found connections with distant relatives.

Commiseration for SIL who didn't get his driver's license. Can he retake the test after practicing a bit more? My middle daughter had to take the test THREE times because she got so nervous whenever the examiner got in the car and had her drive a little, she kept messing up. Hope your son will be happy in the Navy. It's a shame he has to wait so long to begin though, I'm sure he's all reved up and ready to go right now.

Kev, Congratulations on your new grandchild-to-be! Sorry about Mauritius trip, maybe they can go there on their anniversary though while Grandmom and Granddad babysit, of course.

Shannon, Good luck on your new family venture, hope it is successful beyond your wildest dreams!

Pat, Great photos of your Mom and you and your Easy Rider Mom! You look like your Mom. Great idea to take this picture. Wish I had more of my Mom when she was healthy.

Hi Char, Hope today is better for you than yesterday. Ah, yes, the joys??? of teenage dating. Hope the boys enjoy their dates.

Stephie, That's awful! Those idiots who planted the post hole through the fence should have had to clean up the mess in your bathroom! Glad you took film, looks like it is a pretty cut and dried case of who is at fault for sure. Hope you get the repairs made asap! {{{Stephie}}}}

Weaving Hi :wave: to Lulu (glad the baby is gaining weight so well), Ellen, Kim, JJ (I'm enjoying your travels and adventures), Christie (take it easy, relax, and get well, good advice from your doctor! and fellow Washers!!), Amaze, and all who are wending their way to the Wash!

Not much on the agenda today, proofing more of the Math books (I'm working on grade 4 now), reading my novel, and whatever exciting adventure DH comes up with. Arm is a little stiff from the flu shot, but nothing a little movement won't work out.

Off to check out the new paintings in the Gallery.



10-13-2004, 06:33 AM
Morning, all

Andy - that's a rather astounding coincidence! Maybe you were picking up each other's "vibe". Too bad your SIL didn't get his license. When we moved here we had to take a license test again and were a little nervous, it's been a looong time since we had to actually 'know' the laws of driving.

Stephie - hope everything works out all right. Ain't incompetence fun? Hope the fence company just 'fesses up and fixes.

Pat - neat pics of you and your mom.

Christie - painting between naps sounds like the perfect prescription :)

Shannon - good luck with the new venture. Exciting!!

Kevin - disappointing news about Mauritius. But great news about being a grandad! Congrats! And sure, there's a beach in Montana! Palm trees too!

Lulu - hope your chest infection clears up.

Elaine - I remember George Benson. Bet it will be a great show!

I have a half-day of school today, we're giving the PSAT test. Anxious teenagers as far as the eye can see! Around 1:00 me and two other teachers are driving to Baltimore for the math teachers conference. 'Course that will put us around Washington, D.C. right at rush hour. :mad: Anybody know a decent restaraunt, north Virginia, easily accessible from 95, that we could stop at and eat a leisurely dinner while waiting for the traffic to calm down?

I'm taking the laptop so hopefully will be able to keep up with what's going on.

Health and hope to all who need them.

10-13-2004, 08:48 AM

Well SWMBO is out for the afternoon at her 'Leisure for Pleasure' group (don't ask!! lol)

We had visitors last night - did a run to the airport to pick up two Chinese students but our John forgot to pick up the keys for their accomadation so they ended up staying here for the night - two young girls 17 and 18 - first time in England and got landed at our madhouse....lol. I was showing them my vinyl collection - you know they had never seen vinyl records - aaaaaarghhhhhhh - how to feel old without really trying!! :(

Kev - congrats on your news and commiseration on the Mauritius cancellation.

Shannon - wishing you good luck on the new venture - know exactly how it is - we are branching out the family business - the lads keep asking me what I do exactly so I told them I would not do it for a few weeks and let them find out the hard way when bills arent paid or invoices not sent out etc.

Stephie - poor you - must have been awful situation - and smelly - eeeeewww!

Oooooh Elaine - lucky you - I used to love George Benson - have a couple of his tapes.

Sylvia - a lot of people say I look like my Dad too - so will let you make your own mind up...lol.


Waving to everyone I may have missed.

Am off to do some painting methinks

Love and hugs all around


Pat xxx

mr sandbanx
10-13-2004, 08:53 AM
Andy: You may like this.

While searching for my dad's family,who are from Northleach in Gloucestershire, I cam across many images of the town on the internet. Imagine my surprise when I saw your your image in the RIL of the Red Lion Inn and Methodist Church across the street from where dad was born.

Hi everyone, am working like a dog. Pat great pictures.

Kevin, good luck. I have some tidy up to do at home tonight and will be in touch.


Little Old Lady
10-13-2004, 09:10 AM
Greetings :wave:
Running late this morn.
Great wash so far and I agree with all the comments.
Off to paint at nursing home this morn.
Whe have had beautiful weather and beautiful fall colors.
Have a good one.

10-13-2004, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!! White roofs, blue sky, red, orange, yellow, green trees sparkling in the sunshine!

Successfully completed tidying my studio (we are NOT talking spring cleaning here), then went to one of the parks to enjoy sun and colour.

Today - ??????????????

Andy - I call these "creative coincidents"! You were meant to find these relatives!!!!

Pat - One of my favourite words is "cute". Your mom looks absolutely CUTE and incredibly well preserved for her age!!! Photo of you with her - CUTE :p :D re Da Vinci Code - saw news that many locals and tourists are actually, physically going to all the places mentioned in the book trying to verify

Char - I hope you had a good sleep not interrupted by bad dreams; HUGS!!! Dates for the boys????? Thibout will never want to go home LOL

Waving to JJ and Gail!!!

Ktrayn - I have started watching "lost" too. So-so excited about it but the nights are getting longer LOL. I will certainly watch "the debate" although won't hear anything I haven't heard before but definitely want to stay informed

Christie - I don't think it is a question of "can" you handle it, but rather that you "must" handle it and for way longer than ONE day

Shannon - good luck with the new business venture. Glad you are having so much fun with your brushes

Kev - WOW - sounds like a whirlwind!! Congratulations on becoming a new Grandpa!!

Lulu - that infection sounds like a nasty bug. Hope you are fine for your trip. Have fun!!!

Stephie - What an unpleasant annoyance and PHEW

O.K., posts keep growing as I am typing, this is like doing housework, never ends LOL, so will just :wave: greetings and wish everyone a good day!!!!

Oh, go Otter, go!!!!!! even if it is very slow!!!!!!

10-13-2004, 09:42 AM
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........Gails puta did a dirty on me, I had almost finished typing out my post and everything went woosh and closed on me. Do'nt know what key I pressed, but woosh.. :eek:

KEV Congratulations to all concerned.. I was reading your post and going "Oh No.......... what bad luck has befell him now" Give me a heartattack why don't you.. ;) Come to Aussieland. We will show you a good time !!!!!

LULU Wah I miss you again !!!!!!!! I am so sorry you are STILL fighting that infection.. :( Huge hugs, have a good time in Aussieland, where are you going this time, QLD?? 30 degs, wow it was 2 degs here yesterday and this morning too I think. We are in for a shock when we get home..

ANDY I see, I see it all.. ;) WOW how amazing. I did an internet search for my biological family last year. the Lambourn's were from England. I don't don't where in England, but I traced them to Maryborough Qld Aussieland, then to Lower Hutt North Island New Zealand. Some were in Northland, upper top half of the N.I. NZ I have cousins still up there who are farmers. We email occassionaly, oneday I hope to meet them..

I still am searching for the Lambourns in England tho'.. They are my mothers side of the family..

Stephie HUGE HUGS.... You don't need this for sure.. Glad insurance is paying up, but oh my what a mess it must have been.. (((((i)))))

Pat You do too girlfriend.. :) (())

Chris One day to go..

Uschi 3 days to go..

Char HUGS..

Waving to everyone else.. I am thinking of you all, truly.. I see a heap of newbies, well I guess they are not newbies any more :D Hi guys.. Welcome from me!!

Huge huggles..

10-13-2004, 09:51 AM
Morning all –

Andy I’m jealous !! researching genealogy myself I envy your recent find. I have lucked out with my Welsh roots without even trying – apparently they have always been recorded from 500 AD forward....my Swedish roots I’m having trouble with....

I did have a weird thing happen on Sunday – we were on a day cruise and noticed that a lady at the table next to us had MY EYES. Un nerving – she came up to me about an hour later saying she’d been trying to take a pic of me but I kept turning my head...so we posed together and she was taking it back to her family and hopefully she can dig up enough family info that I can research or connect too.....we do not have any geographical connection YET. Strange...

{{{{{{{{ Hugs to those in need – that all of us right? }}}}}}}}}}}}

always enjoy reading the Daily Wash.


10-13-2004, 10:14 AM
:wave: to everyone!

Envy those w/beautiful fall color--our summer was sooooo wet, and everything is soooooo green, that the trees have not really started turning yet; and I saw green leaves falling from the trees in the rain yesterday! So, don't think we're going to have gorgeous color here. :( Oh, well, another year!

Helping DH with a project; he's compiling a list of ALL veterans who live in Blount County and the newspaper is to publish it on Veteran's Day. He has dragooned several of my friends into keying the names and information in the computer--so that is what I'll be doing for part of today! Don't mind helping at all; hope we get lots and lots of names to honor those veterans. We have five in our family alone!

Also, I need to do the signature block on the Robin Round Pot Party painting and get Ed to photograph it so that I can post it, hopefully today.

Hugs to all in the virtual Medical Rooms.

May your today be better than your yesterday.



10-13-2004, 10:25 AM
Hello Everone
Happy HUMP DAY!!

I'm SO enjoying JJ's adventures.

Babysitting all weekend for the grahddaughters and hoping to take them to the pumpkin patch and cider mill. LOVE THAT PLACE :D :wink2:

I want to get some fall pics of the gorgeous colors too!

LOVELY pic in the wash this morning and JJ's in her thread.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this time of year.

I hope all of you have a great day and (((()))) for all in need.



10-13-2004, 10:33 AM
Hi, Happy Market Day, it was supposed to rain today, so I went prepared, so of course it didn't. But on the way home, I met a friend who was washing his car, so naturally, it is now raining. The humidity, however is so high that the adhesive Steven the Builder, is using in the bathroom, is not drying. Oh well. I got what I needed at the Market, plus a black quity vest for either our son or DH, Christmas looms. I did go to Hannah's for a wee bite to eat, and treated myself to a scone, with jam and whipped cream with tea, lovely.
There are too many things to respond to today. Either that or CRS rears it's ugly head. Sorry
Boy, I cannot wait to show you pictures of the bathroom! that will mean it is finished! Unfortunately, it will mean we still have two to go. Once the upstairs bathroom is finished, we will need to begin on the downstairs loo. That will not be such a big job though. Once the washing machine is out, we will be tiling, (limestone) half up the wall, new toilet, bespoke (custom made walnut) cabinet with a stone (ooooo :music: ) sink, paint wall (soft peach?)
and put Black Walnut Amtico flooring on the floor in the "cloak room" and the hall.
Then we are finished, till 2005 when we begin on the ensuite, which was the starting point for the whole thing. Jack does not like the wee corner shower we have there.
Fortunately, the downstairs loo will be done while we are in California for Christmas.
I am also tired of doing this on the laptop downstairs, this seat is HARD!

10-13-2004, 10:38 AM
Happy Wednesday, washers and washerettes!

BEAUTIFUL Fall day here....larches are golden yellow, maple are glowing red.....mmmmmmmmmmm

Andy…that geneology information is so neat!!!!

Pat, your Mom is beautiful!!!

Christie…REST!!!!!!!! *hands on massive hips*

Shannon…good luck in the new BIZ!

((Kev)) too bad about the wedding. CONGRATS on the baby!

Hayward…we were just in WALES and they have AMAZING resources for researching families….and were so helpful…we even drove by the home my hubby’s great grandfather was born in….cool!

Going to try to be creative about CHRISTMAS SHOPPING today...tried to start last night and it did not happen....everyting I saw look tacky.... :rolleyes:

Chuffed that Becca and Jason are coming for Thanksgiving.

We are going to Chicago in November....do we have any WET ONES in Chicago area...I'm drawing a blank????

Have a great day


10-13-2004, 10:56 AM
psssstttt ... if anyone asks, don't tell them you saw me. I'm not supposed to be in here right now but I wanted to stop by to tell you this very important conclusion I've come to.

Proctoring the PSAT test is poke-my-eyes-out-BORING .... :p

10-13-2004, 11:03 AM
hello washerbuds!!

cool wet dull morning here - we could use the rain so I'm happy :) besides, I am headed to Vegas tomorrow so I will escape the snow (!!) forecast for this weekend :eek:

my sister and I had a great weekend shopping and visiting with Pam and Hap....thanks for your warm hospitality Pam :) next time we MUST paint!!

went to a terrific concert last night Sting with special guest Annie Lennox!!! it was amazing...Annie rocked the joint and had everyone dancing and Sting just had everyone in awe. I found my old ticket stub for The Police concert I went to 24 years ago in the same venue.....amusing :) Sting even mentioned that he first came to Edmonton 24 years ago :D I am still smiling :) Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller played a solo set and was selling his CD. I bought one and got it autographed - I told him I was going to paint to it and he was so gracious and nice he said "that is the highest compliment!" :):) (I gave him my business card ;) :p )

in Vegas this weekend I am going to see my "dream" concert - Elton John and we are also seeing Jimmy Buffett which has always been Clayton's "dream" concert.

question.....anyone have a "dream" concert that they finally got to attend? tell me about it :)

have a great day



10-13-2004, 11:26 AM
My most favourite was Queen, Freddy was just the most complete showman ever. Genesis were also brilliant. For some reason I have stopped going to concerts, probably the expense and the in accessable venues.

The first major concert I went to was Fleetwood Mac, in Bingley Hall Staffordshire. Mick Fleetwood started the whole thing with explosive drum beats, he mimicked the beat of your heart and did it for about a minute or so, then stopped, ......I'm sure my heart skipped a beat when the rest of the band came in. A whole auidience with a heart murmmer, such power.

I think I've seen all my heros now, there is a little known American Blues type singer, Keb Mo, who I wouldn't mind going to see.

Click here for some samples of his music..........CLICK (http://www.kebmo.com/)

10-13-2004, 11:53 AM
Hello and howdie washerpeople!
Just a quick peek in here........ too many to respond to all but wanted to say Hey to Bob... I hope these pictures help perk up your boring day! LOL...well this is all I got. I just got back from a walk on the bike path by my house...it runs along the Arkansas River. The leaves have not started changing color yet here..so is still pretty drab. Nothing like Hayward's beautiful site! :envy:

And Kev...I would have loved to have seen Queen and Freddie...he was great! Sorry I never saw the Rolling Stones either...they are still my favorites.

Here are the pics... have the day off so going to paint soon. Yippeee!!! :) :clap: :clap: :clap:




10-13-2004, 01:08 PM

Quick visit before the dinner gong goes :)

Em...I use to date a girl who collected the tickets at the door of the venues, rock bands used to perform in, I never paid to see a band once :evil:
I got into see the Who, King Crimson, Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen (yawn) etc etc ans she was a looker and a masseuse as well :D

Reminds me of the song..."those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end... dada de dum de dum da de de dum"


10-13-2004, 01:19 PM
Kev - your Fleetwood Mac experience sounds incredible!!

Patty - I think I remember hearing something about the Stones finishing up a new album and going on tour next year.....something to maybe keep your eye out for!!

Henry! so very cool :cool:

10-13-2004, 01:33 PM
Hello to all too numerous to mention

My most favourite was Queen, Freddy was just the most complete showman ever.
The first major concert I went to was Fleetwood Mac, in Bingley Hall Staffordshire.

You and I have simmilar tastes..Queen was one of my favourites too...and the first band I remember seeing was Fleetwood Mac...but in those days they were "Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac"...I was attending the Manchester College of Art (taking Architecture) and they were playing at Manchester University.


10-13-2004, 04:27 PM
Sorry I never saw the Rolling Stones either...they are still my favorites.

These old geezers :confused: :evil: :D They are around 65 :rolleyes:

I was never much into these concerts, I guess by the time they really became popular I was married with children. I really liked seeing individual performers, did anyone here ever see Margot Foneyn and Rudolf Nureyev, the two incredible ballet dancers, well, I have :p (Showing off here, they are long dead and gone now).

Who I really would LOVE to see/hear are The Three Tenors but even if they came to a city that's close the tickets are hundreds upon hundreds of dollars - it's not going to happen.

No more coffee in the can so I better go and do some shopping!
:wave: Uschi

10-13-2004, 05:02 PM
These old geezers :confused: :evil: :D They are around 65 :rolleyes:

:wave: Uschi

LOL Uschi!! Yeah they are getting pretty old aren't they but Mick still has the moves goin.... Hope I can move around like that when I am his age. :D :D :evil: I like their older stuff mostly.... and regret not going to one of their concerts when I was younger myself.

I think my favorite concert was Ted Nugent back when I was a teen...he was so wild and I was right in the front by the stage. :)

10-13-2004, 05:49 PM
Just popping in to say hello...

Life too busy at present....

Too much work and only 3 days untill I start my journey to California, and 14 days of Vacation..

Am taking paints, hope I get time to use them...

Hugs and parayes for all in need..

Ps Kev, you Missed Manchester off you M list...

10-13-2004, 06:08 PM
Bit late here tonight......penultimate Messiah rehearsal for sats performance........ out up stagn in Church for shoir... shopped for food, changed elderly neighbours lijghtbulb........ and MY LOO BLOCKED TOO..... must have been a sympathy vote Stephie........ but fortunately only temporary!!

everyone has already said all the things I would have said........ so ((hugs))and :clap: :clap: from me too....

Uschi did anyone here ever see Margot Foneyn and Rudolf Nureyev, the two incredible ballet dancers, well, I have YES!!!!!!! wonder if we were at the same performances !!!! cant remember what I saw them in together but will NEVER forget him hovering in mid air while dancing the Firebird :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ( where's that tongue hanging out icon when you need it !!) My first london flat had a WHOLE WALL pasted with magazine pics of him !!!

Never been a fan of POP........my greatest moments have always been in the classical concert hall......eg : ......Janet baker singing Schumanns Frau Und Leiber Und Leben (sp?) with Andre Previn accompanying..... the whole audience was mopping its eyes by the end and Previn nearly stopped playing he was so moved..........

Kim..... I have become suddenly addicted to Ebay............ art materials, plants, books, silk scarves, notices saying WC for the bathroom door :D. all will come pouring in over the next few weeks ....... and the money go pouring out !!!!!!! fessing up time..........I got so involved yesterday I didnt get dressed all day :eek: :eek: :eek: fortunately no-one called !!!

Oh ...... and folks its a lie and Im telling on her ....... PAM DOESNT HAVE MASSIVE HIPS and looks MUCH younger than her latest tinyhead suggests........ about 40 years younger.......... she has amazing youthfull skin :) so there !!!!!

Read it again Pam....... its flattering :D

Got into a dreadful sleep at 5.00am wake at 1.00pm mode whihc i must break befreo the 10.00am rehearsal saturday

HH&J & WL to all

Tomorrow is another day !!!

10-13-2004, 07:04 PM
Have never seen the Stones, but would LOVE to see Fleetwood Mac. When I was growing up my dad used to take me to see the likes of The Platters, The Four Tops, Frankie Avalon, Engelbert Humperdink (what a show!), The Beach Boys, The Temptations, Fabian, etc. - just awesome. Dad actually booked Otis Redding for a fraternity party back in the day! :)

My dream show would be INXS (http://www.inxs.com/index.php?section=soundvision&page=home) with their original lineup, which will never happen since Michael Hutchence is gone. :crying: I would love to hear him sing Never Tear Us Apart & Need You Tonight! My folks wouldn't let me see him in high school because I was "too young" so I missed my window. The best show I saw on my own was Nine Inch Nails (http://www.nin.com/) with Marilyn Manson (when he was an unknown) back in '94. Wow. And The Rose Circus (http://www.ambient.ca/jimrose/) opened for them with the performers hanging large cement blocks from pierced body parts. Pretty wild stuff. Jim Rose later guest starred on The X-Files, he is so freaky. I recently saw a crazy show, The Rev. Horton Heat (http://www.reverendhortonheat.com), here in Atlanta...They rocked their old stuff from the early 90's, like Where In the H*** Did you Go With My Toothbrush...they are a great rockabilly band from Texas who have crossed into "psychobilly"..very hard edged now.

My dad always says that you will forever love the music you grew up with and have a mild disdain at best for music released after you hit your mid 20's. I so agree with that!

10-13-2004, 07:06 PM
Oh... oh.... oh... Uschi!!! I SAW the Three Tenors!!!!! DH and my two older boys bought me tickets for my birthday one year... We stayed at the Royal York across from Union Station in Toronto... We walked everywhere... We *dressed* for the Theatre... Most of the people arrived in street clothes (for an evening performance!)... :confused: :confused: Didn't matter... I was sooo happy to be there...

I saw the Beach Boys when they were still BOYS... :D :D

:wave: to everyone...

Bob... just wanted to send ((()))

Kev... how's that knee???

Beautiful pics Patty...

Whoooooooosh... there goes Em in and out again just as quickly!!! :D

... and ummm... it seems that poop happens... :evil:

JT... if Pamps has been exaggerating the size of her hips all this time (I've met her too and know better), do you suppose that *more darks* isn't really as dark as we think it should be?????

Gorgeous pic, Jo...

Did you manage a little more time boot-in-absentium today Lyn????

It's raining here... predicted for the next 3 days... we need it... I'm not complaining...

I hope that everyone has a terrific evening... I'm going to veg out again...

10-13-2004, 07:13 PM
Well my dream concert was when I was 27 and it was the first time I got to see Tom Jones live - I had loved the guy since i was 12 yrs old - I was on tenterhooks and as the music started I sat on the edge of my seat - then the curtains opened and he was singing offstage the opening verse of Till then suddenly those magic words.


And woooooooosh I was out of my seat like someone demented till the guy behind roughly grabbed my shoulders and shoved me back down saying ' We all want to see him' to which I replied ' Am sure but i have waited 15 years for this moment'

Seen him many times since but of course the best one of all was when I got to the front of the stage and got him to myself and got a kiss - and if you have seen this pic once then all I can say is - YOU ARE GOING TO SEE IT AGAIN......LOL!!


The one man I would LOVE to see is David Cassidy - I have never forgiven my Mum for not letting me go see him in concert when he was over here in the 70s - she said I was too young.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

LEAD ON MACDUFF!!!! ( :music:.... oh it's not unusual to be loveddddd by anyone - dah dah de dah de dahhhhhhhh..... :music: )

Pat xxx

10-13-2004, 07:20 PM
Hi everyone!

I would love to hear the top Canadian counter tenor (whose name I cannot remember right now) sing.

Char, I would love to see the three tenors and I would dress for the occasion!!!

I spent the day sleeping and not painting. Not sure if I will sleep tonight, but I expect I will. I think I will take a bath while dinner is cooking and then get my paints warmed up. I feel a need to try out the stuff I learned about sketchbook journals yesterday.:D

Take care.

10-13-2004, 07:21 PM
JT... if Pamps has been exaggerating the size of her hips all this time (I've met her too and know better), do you suppose that *more darks* isn't really as dark as we think it should be?????



naw...darks is darks, Sis

Oh ...... and folks its a lie and Im telling on her ....... PAM DOESNT HAVE MASSIVE HIPS and looks MUCH younger than her latest tinyhead suggests........ about 40 years younger.......... she has amazing youthfull skin :) so there !!!!!

Read it again Pam....... its flattering :D

Tomorrow is another day !!!

how nice...heheh

FAVORITE concerts:

Emmanuel Ax, YoYo Ma, Itack Perlman, Chicago, Moody Blues, FRank Sinatra, Three Tenors in New York, and BEST of all......well.....hard to say

10-13-2004, 08:50 PM
Hi all,

Too long of a wash for me to respond so I'll just wish you all well.

Like Uschi, I wasn't really heavy into concerts, but I did go to a few when in college (1967 - 1971).

My small college managed to draw some top-level talent. I saw B. B. King there, just missed seeing Jefferson Airplane (they performed the month before I started my freshman year). (I also missed by a few months a lecture by Louis Leakey - that would have been something!) I saw the Beatles in Cincinnati, and "saw" is the correct word. They performed in old Crosley Field (the Reds former baseball stadium), and the sound system was terrible. But that didn't matter, because it was impossible to hear much over the lovesick screams of more than 25,000 smitten pre-teenage girls. The warm-up act was The Cyrkle (their only hit that I remember was "Red Rubber Ball"). But they were terrific. They did songs of such diverse people as The Everly Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Lemon Pipers ("My Green Tambourine") and more. And they did it sounding just like those artists.

But my favorite concert was Judy Collins. We drove many hours to a small college in central Illinois. There was a natural grassy amphitheater, it was a warm spring evening with a beautiful sunset behind the stage. My favorite of her songs is "Clouds", you may know it as "Both Sides Now".

10-13-2004, 09:49 PM
HI everyone

Lets see - I haven't seen too many concerts. My first concert was Billy Joel. I've seen him twice. Saw the Beach Boys about 3 years ago. Lee Greenwood at Christmas Concert. Oh I almost forgot the best one was Tina Turner. WOW back in 1985 -88 range.

Right now some of my favorites are Cheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Anita Baker, Shaina Twain.

Well got to go.


mr sandbanx
10-13-2004, 10:23 PM
Last summer my sons took us to SARSfest in Toronto at the old airport. 1/2 million people. Isley Brothers, Sass Jordan, Flaming Lips, Tea Party, Blue Rodeo, Guess Who, AC/DC and the Stones. Incredible experience.

No-one would take Mum to see Harry Belafonte when he came to Toronto every year (about 20 years ago) so i took her. And loved it.

Think I saw pink Floyd when I was in college.

Havelock Country Jamboree is one of the largest in the world held every August is held a block from my sister in laws home. Always a good time there and some great acts. Good place to get run over by an RV.


mr sandbanx
10-13-2004, 10:25 PM
Nice pictures Patty. looks like still summer where you are.


Cathie Jones
10-13-2004, 10:54 PM
Wow! Just got here and there's too much to read and remember!

Haven't been able to get back in the diet routine since vacation, so (as Alice would say) my hips are getting massiver and massiver - - Pam is welcome to borrow them anytime!

Joining the Basic 101 drawing thing in the drawing forum . . . boy do I need it!

Sorry and Congrats Kev! New babies are such a wonder.

Read in the gallery that Marvin's wedding is the 27th of this month. WOOT! Wish we could all be there.

Wasn't allowed to go to concerts as a teen. Too busy working and raising kids in 20s, 30s and 40s. Went to a James Taylor concert last year - loved it.

Went to bi-annual first aid class at work today, so if anyone needs to have a wound wrapped, I'm in practice!

Nuff for now. I'm babbling . . . must be tired . . . goodnight, see y'all tomorrow.

Oh - and I really liked "poke-my-eyes-out-BORING" - sounds like my job!!! :eek:

10-14-2004, 12:45 AM
You guys have been talking about concerts all afternoon and I've been gone!? well I hope its not too late to post 'cause I love music.

I've said before that my first concert was U2 on the Zoo TV tour. I remember saying to God on the way home, "thanks for that, if I die in a car wreck on the way home that would be alright with me 'cause life doesn't get much better." I was 14 and way obsessed with U2.

Shannon, I too was a huge INXS fan and am sorry I never got to see them live.

Some of my favorite concert memories are; Indigo Girls, Wallflowers, The Call (NOT The Calling), Switchfoot, Third Day, Delerious?, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, Five Iron Frenzy, Garbage, Jars of Clay and (drum roll please) VIGILANTES OF LOVE.

Well, it was actually just Bill Mallonne, there is no more VOL, but it was the best. We only had a couple of days notice. It was a 10:30 show downtown. My brother in law drove. I was sick that day with a fever and we had to stand in line for more than an hour. But when the door finally opened I walked into the room (it was a small club) and went straight to the merchandise table to buy the new CD. There was a woman standing behind the table and a man lighting candles at the table. I saw the CD and grabbed it, exclaiming "Ooh, I need this one! And you have bumper stickers!" and the guy next to me said "Hi" and I looked at him and it was Bill Mallonee!!! Not as tall as I would have imagined :p I'm sure my eyes nearly popped out of my head, 'cause that's what they do. I said "hi"....long pause (stay cool, stay cool)..."how are you?" That was the best I could do! No Tom Jones moment like yours Pat :D And the concert itself was AMAZING.

Speaking of encouters with stars...My friend Mark is one of the biggest U2 fans ever. He even proposed to his wife at a U2 concert. Two summers ago when Bono was touring the midwest promoting DATA he stoped at our church, where Mark works as the program director for the high school ministry. There had been rumors that Bono was coming but it was all very hush hush, so when Mark walked into the men's room and saw Bono it was a bit of a shock. Here was his idol, a man whose music had inspired him for years, a man whose ideals he loved...what to do, what to say? At that moment the only thing that came into his head was "don't make an ass of yourself" (paraphrasing) so he walked right past Bono and pretended he didn't even recognize him! Bono walked out of the bathroom and Mark, to this day, is kicking himself for wanting to play it cool. :( This storey may still have a happy ending though. Rumor is that Bono will be back in 2005. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Mark will get a second chance!

Jaytee, eBay is addictive. Pretty soon there will be support groups, I can feel it. I lost my auction on the Rembrandt paints and thats okay with me. I think I'll try Winsor Newton instead.

10-14-2004, 01:26 AM
technically it's still wednesday where I am.... :D

:wave: :wave: thanks to all for sharing your concert stories....I've really enjoyed reading them all!!

see you next week!!