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10-30-2001, 11:39 AM
Hi all, I was scribbling freehand in CorelPhotoPaint - and ended up drawing this. After I got it in my head to draw a "catwoman" this ended up taking a few hours.
The mouse kept veering off into outerspace. Good thing I have 100 levels of "Undo" in my preferences!That's kind of where I got the idea of posting a "Favorite comic hero/villain" in the projects area (grin).


10-30-2001, 09:57 PM
Hey I love this!! It's so cool, I like the big shadow she is casting on the wall... reminds me of one of the batman movies(2?) at the end when batman driving by and he sees her sillohuette on the wall... but when he goes to check it out all that is there... is a cat :eek:
hehe. Nicely done, The gradient thing the software does makes this one pop out. (eg. on her hair and arm band)
From your imagination or reference?
Thanks for starting that project, too, you got all us comic junkies drawing :D

10-31-2001, 07:13 AM
hehe actually she's entirely from my imagination, well - 'cept for her name of course (grin). I find it's a lot easier to imagine "comic" characters, than it is to imagine real people. Real people require waaayy more detail.

Your most welcome for the comic project, Illustration guys and gals need projects too!

11-03-2001, 07:10 PM
I like this catwoman concept. The cat headed armband is a nice touch.