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Karin Skold
10-05-2004, 03:04 AM

Sometimes I feel so tired.
Iam a hard working illustrator-artist.
I have my jobs via Internet. And had found some jobs I like, and some I just feel sooo tired to work with.Because some employers thinks that an artist can work for nothing.
If you have to chnage again agnd again to siut their needs, it is a must. You must satiesfy the emplyers. Sometimes their stories seems to be like their precious " babies" they must look like their Mam, their garden...etc..
I need to work. And I dont know any other way than find work like this. I dont know how to het any agent intersted in mywork.
At present i have sleeping problems. I find it hard to relax, when having pressure on me with my assignments.
Does Illustrator have any right too?
I wish there was a board where we could complain aboput employers and save others from meet the same onbe..:(

It is alsp common that an employer wants you to do the job almost for free. Are we not proffessionals too?
Homplaining, but i just feel so tired, bored and dissapointed at times.
Am right now illustrating to a woman. She is not willing to pay much. But she needs her mam and cat and dog..to look just like they did..
I feel we have no rights...:(

Should love to hear fom you, and your experiences.

Karin :crying:

10-05-2004, 11:11 AM
Hi Karin. Thanks for joining us in the Illustration Forum. I am sorry for your troubles. Constant pressure to meet deadlines and client demands is something we all must deal with. Sometimes it helps to have some contact with others who are dealing with the same issues. That's what these forums are about, connecting and sharing. Join us in the Coffee Break Thread for some light hearted banter, it's a nice diversion from a hectic workday.

I have clients that say I'm too expensive and clients that think I don't charge enough. So, it goes both ways. I put alot of research into my prices in the beginning, what I needed to survive, what I needed to make a modest profit, what my skill level was, my experience level, where I was geographically, and what I felt the market could bear for my type of work. I set my prices accordingly and have stuck with them. If someone says no, I say ok and go find someone who says yes.

When I get tired, bored, or dissapointed, I take a break. It helps that I have several projects going at once (not all of them paying jobs) that way if I need a break I can do something else productive on another project.

10-05-2004, 12:44 PM

Is is sad to hear that you are having so much trouble as an illustrator. I hope that things get better for you soon. I was wondering. Have you tried contacting publishing companies directly? Many people here have good advice about doing that. I am not sure what the market is like in your country however.
I have had my share of non-paying demanding clients, but I decided a long time ago to only handle one every now and then and not to even count on them paying me. I never do anything for anyone who is "writing a book and needs an illustrator" because it will never go anywhere and they will be the most demanding person and will never pay me.
It is better to spend your time and energy building your portfolio and approach actual employers or publishers with your work.
As for sleeping at night, I find that a little prayer is both comforting and relaxing.

Good luck and hang in there!

Karin Skold
10-06-2004, 08:04 AM

THANK you so much for the lovely replies I have got. It warmed me. And it is great to hear from others, with experience in this. I have learned from you already !
Today I wrote to one woman and said, no I will not illustrate your book.
And I feel better. I will try to not have that pressure over me for a while. Until my sleeping problem has been sorted out.
This with contacting a publisher direct is a very good idea. To send out a portfolio to those I have interst in.
I have one project to complete. I have done most of it between jan-June. And I only have some few chnmages to do. It was a huge project !
And I will now work with my own staff for a while. And colloect for my exhibitions.

I will continute to visit this forum. It was wonderful to meet you !


10-08-2004, 01:37 PM
Hey Karin

I hope you'll come back and visit our forum. If you ever need to vent or just chat about stuff with other illustrators without neccissarily talking about work, you're always more than welcome to join us in our daily coffee break thread.

Always respect yourself first, and then others will follow suit. you can always turn down projects if you feel they are too much to handle, or if you have oto much going on for you right now.

It seams people always think artists can just whip up work out of no where and neve realize how mch work actually goes into what we do. Ahh someday we will teach em...

10-08-2004, 06:08 PM
Its been said that you learn to have thick skin being an artist, and should learn to wear brass underwear!

I won't go into specifics as I have a gazillion times and I'm tired to bother with it..but between two different sources unrelated, I've been ripped off nearly $200,000

One sold 36 shirt designs of mine in 44 different states...another ripped off an original painting of mine and made 5,000 prints without permission.

A chiropractor traded care my wife and son needed for commissioned sporting portrait of him. Then wanted a second with him and a guide. When I was finished...he claimed the second wasn't as good as the first. Not only kept the first painting but did not credit me the near $3,000 he was going to against the bills. I think what happened was the opportunity he hoped for to arrange another outing with this guide out west went sour, so he didn't need the painting and threw an excuse out at me.

Next thing I know...I'm getting bills for over $4,000 and on up.

I was getting ready to send all correspondence, in the form of copies and such to the state chiropractic licensing board and make a complaint, and perhaps send copies to the IRS...as I'm sure he wasn't reporting all this.

Here was one that was a kicker...I finally got into a HUGE high end gallery with three paintings that amounted to over 600 hours on my part of painting. I had a big reputation as a state and regional wildlife artist. The gallery was about a six hour drive from home and after I delivered the work to them, they turned around and gave the paintings to big time CEO's that bought other works as favors, just sitting in their offices. Thus, they were taken out of the loop where patrons might have seen my work.

A year later I show up..don't see my work and get all bent out of shape thinking they sold them and never paid me. I was asked to come back next day...and there all three of the works were.

Now...how do you account for over 600 hours of work..all that time expecting your family to patiently wait for material needs and such with hopes and promises of income to come???

Yes...there is a great deal of unscrupulous twisted terrible people out there waiting, opportunists...so, my guess is you haven't yet begun to experience what the worst possible things might yet be.

I am 50 years of age. I survived those difficulties by the grace of God...and I am yet an artist. Haven't given up nor given in to those that would rob me of the joy of creating.

Gotta get tough. You know that old saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

We live in a fallen world...so, nothing surprises me. Yet... the best chance of something good gracing this planet is that we not lose hope nor optimism, that we yet shower our gifts and talents.

If its too tough...you may seriously need to get a decent paying job even if its non creative..so that you can do art you want the way you want.

My wife became ill over the abuse of her former employer...and is now on SSDI...(disabled) with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome). Once again victims economically of evil twisted minds. As an artist..I simply couldn't be successful enough to cover medical needs and bills...so I opted with all my stinkin' reputation to get back into the public school classroom and teach art.

I teach all day...paint in the evenings and weekends, and my summers I travel, teach painting workshops and so forth.

At 50 years of age...my old friends are talking retirement and I'm looking at that near yet 14 years down the road if I'm lucky.

The world is hard...its tough...it stinks. But, we are here to give this old rotten world a new fragrance. One that is pleasant. One that offers others a hope.

Good luck...hang in there! Be tough. Remember...someone out there is always going thru something harder, worse and so forth.

I found a saying..(wish I could remember who to quote for it), it says, "Its not what happens to you that matters, but what happens in you!"

I believe that is so so true....