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09-24-2004, 01:49 AM
This is my first time in the acrylic area...i work in a variety of media and hoped to get some feedback on a couple of paintings in progress. i work in colored inks frequently and the vivid colors they provide follow me to the painting realm. The first piece is loosely based on a side view of a pelvis; that's an oleander flower in the middle, and i took an old art school sketch of a twisting tree branch and interwove it throughout the image, so a few different elements were combined for this one. The second is the walter, this was initially painted plein air and was developed further in the studio with the help of reference pics; i love the walter and also have a few colored ink illustrations of the old beast. i don't often work in acrylic anymore and would love any feedback, i have nearly a dozen pieces all in need of finishing and i'm hoping discussing the work will help stimulate the desire to put the finishing time into each piece...so more to come. thanks in advance for any imput!


09-24-2004, 06:43 AM
Aaron I am to new to offer input but I will say I am quite taking with the brightness of your work. You have a unique style and I sure hope someone here can help you to develope it.

09-24-2004, 10:28 AM
Aaron: Your use of color is dazzlling!!! :clap: I like the truck painting a lot. As PastelMama said, there are sure to be folks here who can help with suggestions to develop the style!!!

Charlie's Mum
09-24-2004, 05:17 PM
Aaron - Hi!
The first painting is an interesting composition - nice colour.
The second I particularly like :clap: :clap: - the light is quite special through the trees and on the truck.....(didn't know what a 'walter' was.....is it a special type of truck?). I can understand why you like the inks and their colours! :D

09-25-2004, 02:24 AM
The first looks interesting as is, and I don't know what you might do to "finish" it. All the elements seem to blend around together, and the colors are nicely balanced. Is the paper wrinkled? Or is that the scan?

As for the... walter? Thats a type of truck? It's bright, and alive, and active... at least that's what I get from it. I found it quite interesting and just had to look at it there for a while. The only thing I can suggest is that you might set the truck and the background off just a tad by adjusting the contrast a bit... Pushing the background back and drawing the truck forward. I don't want to suggest dimming any of the colors, but maybe adding a bit of contrasting color to a few areas to set them more apart. As it is it is you have blues and greens bleeding into one another (truck and grass) and yellow and green bleeding into one another (everything just about). Red contrasts with green, and purple contrasts with yellow. Add touches of these, as shadows, and you should be able to set it all off on two levels so that it is even more 3D