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09-23-2004, 11:24 PM
:wave: Hello Everyone!! I just had to start this thread to show you my ring. It is white clay ceramic, hand formed and created by me! :D :wave: it is not quite finished as I would like to Mother of Pearl the blue. I have been wearing it most of the afternoon and it is very comfortable. the band and bezel looking parts are glazed in heirloom silver. I think next time I will add one more layer of glaze to it. When I get back from the bead show, I will MOP it and share the pic.

Deb - I hope you come back soon, I miss you!!

Donna - you and your precious family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

Shirley - bout time you post more...busy... like that is an excuse! rofl....cant wait to see that special order! and hope your Mom recovers soon.

Karen - Get that leg well and get busy creating!

Andee - dont forget your medicine! Get well soon ad think of all the pretties you can make.

Lois - any pics of your new home to share and keeping my fingers crossed for the old one to sell fast.

Fiona, I started this for you too! You know you can start them also ;)

Carrie - I bet you are getting to the point that you wonder if red and purple is all that is out there. LOl keep going strong!!

Vicki - yeah i heard back from you *happy dancing* :clap:

Barbara, can you spare a time? lol keep me posted on those beautiful clay beadies, we might have to trade whilst you are here :evil:

Pam - sorry to hear your bead making time is at a minimum. count up the DH's time if it is more than yours, tell him he needs to share :D

Barrie - Oh Barrie, you gonna be here soon! Cant wait! Meanwhile, where are your picks? Hmmm I know you been a busy bee! Hop eyour Mum is doing well.

Sarah - I am soooooo glad you popped in today to check in with us all. Wish you would share more often with us.

Tam- keep me laughing girl. And the weather here has been beautiful! high 70's low 80's possible rain tomorrow. :wink2: ps hope your camera gets well soon.

Toozy Pat my friend, how are you holding up? You have been in my thougths and prayers too, so hard to lose a parent.

Lynne - pleas show me some dragon stuff. I just LOVE dragons! matter of fact I want to work on a dragon beadie.

Suzy - thank you for the good luck! And let me know how your class went!

Nancy - Wonder Woman! or is it Stinky? I get those confused you know :eek: Cant wait to see you Oct 9! just wish i could make the parties

Danielle, where are you now? Michigan? Florida? I lost count :confused: Miss your perties too.

Charissa - when you gonna post some pics? soon I hope. I am working on yet another box for you. one with a crimp tool in it.

Georgia special hello as you look here but dont say much :) Dont be afraid and post more we love to see what you create.

Pattym - keep the copper coming, i need eye candy when I return.

Hi to all I might have missed!! :wave:

Geesh you would think I was going away forever here. But wanted to leave you with a little something. I will be out of service until late sunday or monday morning so you all have a wonderful, wonderful inspiring weekend! And nothing from my kiln for a few days, You all get a repreive!


09-24-2004, 05:21 AM
Good morning Mary and Everybody!

Mary - wow, that's what I call a thorough posting! ;) The ring is SO cool!!! Good luck at your show, have fun!! :)

Sarah - congrats on your returning customer, what an ego-boost! :)

Tam - thanks, I was sulking alright! ;) Bummer about your camera, that sucks! :(

Barbara - I think we have something similar that's supposed to take away the symptoms for the night so that you can get some sleep... No good, tho, as I absolutely didn't feel like going out to the pharmacy to get that stuff... :rolleyes:

Barry - fingers crossed the bug will keep missing you! Hope your family gets better soon!

Karen - hope you can get a ticket for the gig! :)

Everybody - thanks for the good wishes and get well-hugs! :) The cold is in full bloom, so to speak, and it'll be a while, but the worst first two days are over!

Have a nice day, y'all! :wave:

09-24-2004, 05:26 AM
Heyas all!

Thanks Mary! Since you asked so nicely, I'll pop in more often. Just these past weeks, Chinese Auction has taken my life over, and now I have an order for 200+ beads.
Not to mention the star beads I need to still make for my side game. *sigh* Life sure gets busy all at once doesn't. And for some reason I don't see it slowing down til after the new year... why is that? from September til the new year everything seems to go 3 times as fast.

Big hugs from Holland,

09-24-2004, 06:24 AM
Hello all and all who follow!

Have a great show Mary! That ring already looks great - can't wait to see it finished.

Andee I wish you to get well soon. Colds suck (one is trying to get to me - not letting it tho :evil: )

Congratulations on your success, Sarah! Wish I would be so busy with jewelry as you seem to be with beads :) Things have slowed down a bit for me lately - *insert usual negative comment about Ebay here*.

Some headache is developing in my head today - I hope it passes, but I fear it has to do with this autumny weather...

Oh well - hope I can finish the current headdress, necklace and slave bracelets I am working on.

Have a great, creative day!

09-24-2004, 07:31 AM
Good morning all..... I'm not sure what I'm doing up at this hour..... but here I am!!!

WOW.... Mary.... is that a show rush??? :D Your ring is fab .... you'll do great at the show!

Andee..... Echinacea/Goldenseal.... at the first sign of a cold... power load and keep it going......... (have you had enough advice yet? :D) But when you have progressed to where you are..... the only thing that makes me feel any better is to go to bed!!!

Hi Sarah..... and I remember when you just started posting those cute little newbie beads!!! Time flies doesn't it?

Karen.... I have a headache today too... but am trying to ignore it!! :D Hope you don't get a "real" one! :D

We have a really good offer on the house... I'm waiting today to see if they accept our counter offer.... if so the move is going to drive me crazy as they want possesion sooner than I would prefer..... I'll probably have to pack up the studio much sooner than I wanted .... and figure out how to keep my business going through the Christmas holiday and and and.... oh well.... think about all that when I really have the deal in the hand!!! :D

Have a great day all..... and a great weekend! I'm off to do some family time on Sat and Sun with parents and siblings..... cook out, bonfire, camping (not me... ), golf and EATING!!!!

09-24-2004, 07:42 AM
Good Morning everybuddy! :wave:

Mary - Fantastic ring! Never thought there could be a ceramic ring like that! But then I'm not surprised you would think of it and make one so pretty! Good luck with your show. I will PM you sometime this weekend.

Andee - why is it colds always seem to last a week at least?!?!?

Sarah - 200 beads!!!!! You'll be working your sweet little fingers to the bone! But congrats on the big order!

Karen - hope you find a way to alleviate your headache. I'm a real fan of Excedrin products.

Lois - I hope the deal goes thru for you! And that the move and transition arent' too traumatic. Anyway, sounds like you have a terrific weekend ahead!

I am off to a class with Jennifer Geldard! I am so excited and nervous. It's going to be fun but it's still like the first day of school to me! I even curled my hair! :D

Have a wonderful Friday!


09-24-2004, 07:52 AM
Good Morning! I'm excited because I have a bid in on Sarah beads :)

O.K. So yesterday I decided to do one of the "when my kids are in school" things on my list. I love beads (like anyone couldn't) and have the hardest time parting with them unless they are in a creation and then sometimes I still can't seem to let go. But, in the spirit of getting use to being without my baby I thought it was time to let go. I started small, or so I thought. I pulled out one bag (of 5!) of my leftover/just don't know what to do with lampwork beads and strung them up for an ebay orphan sale. (hint ,hint) There were 139! Do you know what that means? Yup, I have over 500 leftover beads. I hate to think what I have for "inventory". Now you know what the saddest thing about all of this is? I am a good business woman in my Photography business. I try to have minimal inventory, I can tell you how much I have of any given item. So one would think I would do the same with jewelry. Nope, it is my hobby, lol! So what is a girl to do when her hobby conflicts with her strict business rules? Well it certainly helps me let go of my leftovers :D And, of course the thought of money in my paypal account gets my "what can I buy for beads" juices flowing. It is a sick and twisted cycle isn't it?

Have a great day! I'm off to fondle the next bag of leftovers before I need to say goodbye :D

Oh! Mary, love the ring.

09-24-2004, 08:41 AM
Good morning Mary and Everybody!

Mary - wow, that's what I call a thorough posting! ;) The ring is SO cool!!! Good luck at your show, have fun!! :)

Well yeah Andee, I have been so busy and less chatty than usual. 'magine that :rolleyes: Thank you!

I am off!

09-24-2004, 08:43 AM
Hi everyone! :wave: A quick drive by from me.

It's a hospital day for us today. I had an early appointment (it went well) and we are off soon to a different hospital for DH's appointment.

It is very cold today. For the first time this year I wanted to wear warm clothes! Brrrrrr, very chilly!

Great ring Mary!

Have a great day all! :)

09-24-2004, 08:50 AM
I even curled my hair! :D


LOL!!! You crack me up. Mostly because I would do the same thing.

09-24-2004, 09:04 AM
Holy smokes - it's awfully busy for so early in the day! I think that's the most thorough post I've ever seen Mary. Sorry you won't make the party. When will you be coming in? Did you see that LENDA is going to be there?!?!??!?! Hi, hi, hi to everyone else! I'm headed out to make beads before leaving for my friends' cabin this weekend. She's having all her women friends this week and the menfolk go up next weekend - how fun!

Have a great TGIF and weekend my friends!

09-24-2004, 09:20 AM
Okay i am outa here! I am sorry too. There is just no way to get there when Lona drives up from springfield and has to finish teaching. it would be 11pm! and no where to stay. But maybe dinner the next night. Just not asian or indian food please.


09-24-2004, 11:31 AM
Hello Everyone,

Already so much to respond to.

Mary - As soon as I get some extra time I'll send you some. :D Have a great show and a great time. That ring is really neat, I can't wait to see it with MOP, let us know how it wears, if it wears well you may be onto something.

Andee - I'm glad you feel the worst of your cold is over. At least it will be mostly gone by Monday and you can start functioning more normally again. Take good care of yourself.

Sarah - Hope your auctions are going up, up, up. 200 beads seems like a huge number but if you approach it in pieces it will seem more managable.

Karen (Oskadis) - Hope the headache doesn't completely show up and leaves you alone. Here in Louisville everyone is having allergy problems. I think the ragweed pollen is high right now and many, many people are allergic to it. Sorry ebay is not being kind to you. Have you been able to get those concert tickets yet?

Lois - I'm so excited for you getting a good bid. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the one that buys the house. I know the next steps are daunting but as you say, you can worry about that when the time comes. :D Have a fun weekend at the family event.

Pat - You know we want a detailed account of your class, how much fun you had and what you learned. Hope the curls stay curley, if I do mine the curls always fall down in about 2 hours.

SuzyQ - I went and looked at all your orphan beads. What a good deal. I put a bid in. You don't happen to remember who made what beads do you? Its not important. What ever are you going to do with all that empty space?

Lynne - I hear you about it getting cooler. We are having Indian Summer here. It is warm but dry, sunny and clear. It's one of the most comfortable times of the year. Hope all your hospital visits today are uneventful and totally routine.

Nancy - I'm :wave:ing to you as you shoot past. Have a great cabining weekend.

I'm home today. Monica, my DD, had a very hard night with her Sensitive Airway Syndrome. It is the same as asthma but they won't diagnose it as asthma until she has had it 7 years and she is only almost 4. We are hoping she will outgrow it before then. She started with it at 6 weeks old but it has gotten less and less frequent as she has gotten older. This time it was triggered by allergies I think. She had 2 breathing treatments 1 last night and 1 this morning she is doing much better now. I'm going to give her another treatment in a little while. Right now she is sitting on Daddy's bed stringing plastic pony beads on black string. She said she was making me a necklace but she's got the string wrapped around her foot right now. She is also singing. It is a relief that she is so much better. Early this morning when she breathed out she would jerk her diaphragm up to force the air out causing her whole body to shake. :(

We are going to go out and get some groceries and I need to buy 400 grit and 800 grit sand paper to work on my polyclay beads. I thought I had some but no it is the wrong size. Isn't that always the way. :D

Y'all have a fun and productive day,

09-24-2004, 11:57 AM
Quick one today, way too much to do. Feeling kind of yukky, must have caught Andee's cold! I'll be back later when I can be more chatty!! Have a good day everyone!

09-24-2004, 12:00 PM
Barbara - thanks! Oh boy, I remember some: I didn't want to name them in the auction because I would hate to compete against them. Here is who I remember - pe, x bead, ginny in texas, jelvah, jill symons, sl, gonzo, and kai and the cats might be grace ma.

My 8 year old son has asthma too. Fortunately we have it under control but it took yanking out all carpets a putting in hardwood, having curtains and bedding in his room that get washed and dried in a hot dryer once a week, encasing his bed and pillow, installing hepa filters on the heat vents, getting a hepa vacuum, and convincing my husband to cook spicey foods with a cover instead of being flamboyant (I mean that literally :) ). It is a struggle but you'll get there. I have also learned what triggers his asthma and it is usually a combination of two or three things. We can usually avoid them but sometimes with a cold or seasonal allergies there just is no helping it. And, as they get older they recognize their symptoms before you do and can use their inhaler well before you get to the red zone.