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09-23-2004, 02:32 AM
Yes, you have it right, I am still awake *eyes wide open icon* So I thought heck whilst I am waiting for the kiln to cool, left it at 400+ I might come up here to peek about as i cant glaze another bead :( Lot's o neat stuff in the kiln IF it ever cools down. You know what they say about a watched kiln...yeah yeah I know too, it takes FOREVER to cool down to 250 or below. :mad: Just isn't fair now is it? :confused: So here I sit, yawning to beat the band, and IF I wasn't so darned tired I would go crochet another bracelet but I am certain I wouldn't like it in the morning. so here i babble.

:wave: Hello :wave: Everyone who follows. I might post one more show and tell prior to leaving for the bead show in St Louis, MO, yup that's right at the Airport Holiday Inn off of I-70. just go look on my website for the address. I am too tired to linky it here. :(

have a great day!!! and show all your perties so i have lots to look at when i get back. And maybe you all can work on those glass people in the other forumn to post their finished jewelry here...this is the wearables after all. :wink2:


09-23-2004, 03:18 AM
Hi Mary, sorry to hear you've got the wide awake bug. Of course its afternoon on this side of the world. I have a friend in the UK who always calls me when she can't sleep, it may be 4 am where she is, but will be well into my day, of course it always surprises me as it isn't a time I would phone her.

I am about to go outside and try and do some pix before black clouds come along. Finished a great opal glass necklace yesterday. One of my holiday goodies, also need some others so I can update the website. It has been neglected for a month, no doubt the softwear will be sulking !

Have a good day all who follow, I don't usually join this thread as it is normally old by the time I get in. Fingers crossed I get something on the camera for show and tell later. Fiona

09-23-2004, 03:34 AM
Hi Mary and Fiona and All!

Mary - hope you were able to get some sleep, and good luck for your show! :)

Fiona - I'm looking forward to seeing your new piece! :)

Lynne - you should definitely post your work more often! :)

*several sneezes later*
Thanks for all the well-wishes yesterday - I'm afraid they didn't work, tho... I had a restless night, couldn't let go of the hankie and feel pretty grotty this morning... How can something as "simple" as a cold make you feel that urgh? *sigh* I cancelled my dentist appointment, it wouldn't have worked anyway...

Okay, I think I moaned enough for one day! ;) Wishing you all a nice and productive day, I want to see eye candy later!! :)

09-23-2004, 03:42 AM
:wave: to Fiona, dont worry about joining the thread late. We love to hear form you and to see what you have posted :)

Oh Andee, I am sooooooo sorry to hear you are feeling worse. The simple cold has had science boggled for decades!! Get feeling better soon *huggles*

Off to bed with me. I am beat! Emptied the kiln adn lots of goodies inside. I hope I can get a few posted. THen i need to glaze more do one more firing one MOP and I am done for the show. Although I do want to make a few pieces of jewelry wiht my new beadies.

nite all! or good morning or good day!

09-23-2004, 03:43 AM
Hope you feel better soon Andee, colds are horrid and beastly even if they are "only" a cold. Time to break out the medicine from the bar ! Fiona

09-23-2004, 03:48 AM
Good morning all!

Just popped in and got my eyes filled with wonderful eye candy. I so am gonna sneak into each and everyone of your houses and raid all your wonderful supplies and goodies. :evil:

I am super happy myself. I have my first returning customer on eBay. :clap: They are bidding on a second goddess bead. I'm super happy!

Hugs from Holland,

09-23-2004, 04:26 AM
Hi all :wave: and all who follow :wave: !

I hope you feel better soon Andee - colds are really nasty at this time of the year.

Sleep well Mary ;) Will be looking forward to your post in S&T today :)

Sarah, I am happy about your success in eBay. And no wonder you got that bid on your goddess - she is just gorgeous! (Boy do I feel lucky about having an SJS goddess myself :wink2: ).

I have had a busy week and I feel today accordingly ... Broke out lots of supplies to make a lot of headpieces this weekend. Somehow I need to get together some money to go to a concert of my favorite band and show off some jewelry there ;)

Have a great day!

09-23-2004, 07:12 AM
Gosh - it's been a busy morning - and i thought i was up early!!
andee, sorry to hear about your cold, a little bit of sulking actually helps them go away you know! mary i hope you get some sleep, knowing that your upcoming successful show will afford you little rest! fiona, i'll be looking at the s&t next to see your goodies, and i agree that the best meds often come from the bar -hot buttered rum, or hot lemon whiskey are good for colds and stubbed toes and broken cameras and bad hair and stubborn computers/dh/dd/ds/dogs!!!
sarah- congrats on ebay your goddesses are beautiful so i'm not surprised. karen i hope you make your concert money and more - what band are you going to see?

not much happening out here - my camera has been sent to toronto for an estimate although the guy in the store figures on about $300 :eek: ......i've only had it since july and i'm totally attached to it so i guess i'll have to pay..... :crying:
have a great day everybody :wave:

09-23-2004, 07:25 AM
Good Morning all you late stayer uppers and earlier time zone people. :wave: Its already really busy in here.

Mary - I hope you do really well at the show this weekend. You definately have great stuff. I look through the catalogues and think, "Mary's _____ bead (cab, frog, mask, or whatever) is better than that, if I decide I need those I can get them from Mary."

Fiona - Feel free to start the WIA thread. We love hearing about what you're doing. Hope to see your creations in Show & Tell today. Additionally, I read and post to older threads if I see that someone has added to them. I don't always notice but I try to notice.

Andee - I'm sorry your cold is making you miserable. We have something over here called NyQuil its not a perscription medication but it tasts so nasty you know it has to be good for you. It is a mixture of symptom treatments for a cold and it will knock you on your a** so you can go to sleep and actually rest. It at least takes you away from your symptoms for a while.

Sarah - Hi :wave:. I saw your new goddess on eBay. I love her hair. I just want to tell you that that set you put up as your gift in the CA was fantastic, I almost stole it but I don't wear yellow and there was no way I was giving those beads to someone else. :D

Oskadis - Sounds like you have fun plans for the weekend. How is your leg, btw? You haven't mentioned it in a few days, I hope that means it is almost healed. I hope you get to go to the concert.

Edited to add:
Tam - You posted while I was posting. :) I'm so sorry about your camara. $300 is a lot to get a camara fixed. Why are this things so expensive to repair? They used to engineer things so they didn't cost as much as buying a new one to repair it.

The CA is over and I ended up with that wonderful Lynne necklace. I can't wait to get it. I still can't believe I'm going to have one of Lynne's masterpieces. The person that got my gift isn't going to play in the Evil Final Lightning Round and neither am I. Someone would steal my wonderful necklace, no way am I letting that happen. I promised some Satke glass with my gift but I still haven't been able to find it. I've got a couple more places to look. I don't know how I manage to hide this stuff from myself.

The polyclay beads I'm working on are coming out better than I expected. I thought they would be nice but they are better than that. I always surprise myself when my own work impresses me. Since I've been on this forum my work does that more and more. I've learned so much here. Not just technical stuff but design ideas that just keep giving me more and better ideas.

Y'all have a fun and productive day,

09-23-2004, 07:30 AM
I can't believe it! I just typed out my individual "good mornings" and went to check on something and now they are gone! I must have hit the red X by mistake!

:wave: and :) :) :) to all! And :clap: :clap: :clap: to Sarah on your ebay success story! And a "get well quick" hug to Andee!

Have a very creative day!


09-23-2004, 08:11 AM
Hello everyone, and Happy Thursday!

Good luck with your show Mary.

Fiona, please show us your opal glass necklace!

Andee, get well soon.

Sarah, congrats on your return bidder Ė I saw you had a bid, but didnít realize it was an existing customer. Great goddess! Your other set on Ebay is lovely too.

Karen, who is your favourite band? I hope you get your ticket.

Tam, I hope your camera repair is quick and low in price.

Barbara, I hope you find the glass. Iím always putting things in safe places and then I canít find them. Your polymer clay is wonderful.

:wave: Pat! How are you today?

Have a great day everyone! :)

09-23-2004, 08:15 AM

My leg is almost fine by now. Thx for asking!

My favorite band atm is Nightwish ;) They are Finnish and touring through Germany atm. I don't want to pass this opportunity - they don't tour that often.

Have a great day!

09-23-2004, 08:45 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Mary - good luck with the show!
Andee - one word for you - drugs :)
Sarah! I have to go see, I've been watching your goddess beads for a while now. Although I haven't visited the glass forum in a couple of months I remember you.
Oskadis- good luck selling, you reminded me of how I use to make earrings for people on the chairlift to support my ski bum lifestyle, lol.

Everybody have a creative day!

09-23-2004, 09:24 AM
:wave: to Everyone, Oh look, it's still morning :(

The guy next door cut down his tree and the chipper service is here :mad: chipping like crazy, my lovely Dan left the window open for me for that wonderful fresh morning air so it is like I am sitting next to teh chipper. I am up, going down to check the kiln to see if round 2 cooled yet. Then to take some pics and glaze for round 3 of the kiln. *yawns* Hmm I shoulda had a flip top head like the muppets, I didnt know I could yawn that large! :rolleyes:

My Opa used to take Bearenfong (ohh sheesh I cant spell it) for his colds, coughs, thinking he may have a caugh coming, etc. You might try some of the liquer there Karen.

Tam I love your description, that is too funny!

Barbara, thank you for the lovely compiment. I actually have dragonfly babies today to show. Well they are smaller thant the others, about 3" long and I put holes in them for pendants.

And a quick :wave: to everyone else here and coming in shortly. Okay off to S&T and then a lovely bowl of cereal.

-Mary the tired McDuck

09-23-2004, 09:39 AM
Good morning all. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling better Andee. There's a bug going around my house, but it's missed me so far (fingers crossed). I have to make this quick, I'm heading to Vancouver to take my Mom to the hospital for a day surgery procedure. While she's getting worked on, I'm going to sneak down to my chain supplier and pick up a few things. Have a good day everyone. Mary, hope you have a stupendous show!!! :wave: to everyone today!!

09-23-2004, 04:17 PM
Hi everyone - just a quick minute to stop by and say hi :wave:

Today was Luke's first day of preschool. He did great and was happy to be there. I on the other hand discovered I have to work 3 days next month there, plus a field trip day, plus the teacher is at a convention the last week of the month so I get a total of 10 hours, minus driving time to make beads next month. Ug. This is so not what I was hoping for. I guess it comes down to doing what's right for my child again, even if it's not perfect for me. I don't know why I can't find something that works for both of us. :crying:

Sorry you have a nasty cold Andee - hope it goes fast.

And Barbara, you are so right, I would have stolen that necklace from you in a HEARTBEAT!!! Yay Lynne - we see so few things of yours - I had no idea what a great designer you were! Please show us more soon!

Well, my free min is about up... so will end here... and try to get time in to see the show & tell....


09-23-2004, 07:53 PM
A very late hello! I really WILL be back more after the bead show. Hope you're all doing well!

Shirley C.
09-23-2004, 08:21 PM
ha - and an even later hello from me! just a quick drive-by - gotta take my fur kids out for a quick walk, then make supper for mom. i'm working on a necklace that a cousin of mine ordered while i was back in connecticut. he saw a set of beads that i had with me and told me i have to make a necklace with them for him to give to his business partner. i'll post a pic when i'm done with it, but don't hold your breath. the design on this one will take awhile.

hope everyone had a great day!