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09-20-2004, 09:32 PM
This is a still life of asian condiments done with some student grade pastels on red fabriano tiziano paper. I am a bit hesitant to put on the brand labels. I dont know if this would count as copyright infringement, as I would like to include this in my AP Studio Art portfolio. C&C welcome. Thanks

Mikki Petersen
09-21-2004, 12:34 AM
I think you've done a great job implying labels without drawing attention to them. To do more with the labels might turn this into a pop art piece which would be a shame. I like the composition and the rather unexpected pallette. Nice addition to your portfolio.

K Taylor-Green
09-21-2004, 04:01 AM
Very well done. An exellent addition to your portfolio.

09-21-2004, 10:56 AM
Very nice! :D

09-21-2004, 04:52 PM
You've done an excellent job here. I agree with Mikki that the labels are not necessary. I would leave it. If you wanted to do something then maybe some indication of writing onn the white labels, but nothing specific. I don't think it is considered a copyright issue though, although I could be wrong about that.


09-24-2004, 04:20 AM
This painting has a lot of warm appeal to me....and I agree that the condiments read well without having to use brand names. To add verbage would take away from the cozy feel this piece has.

09-24-2004, 04:51 PM
Lovely piece, especially knowing that you used student-grade pastels! I've never tried the Fabriano Tiziano paper, how does it feel?

I don't think you need writing on the labels - it might be distracting.

Love the background!! Since two of the bottles and a jar on the right are transparent, might you consider suggesting just a hint of those yummy background colours through the clear glass?

One last crit: the base of the third container from our right appears to be ever so slightly wonky, but it may just be the line of the shadow there making me read it wrong. If not, it's an easy fix.

Nice work :)

09-24-2004, 07:20 PM
One last crit: the base of the third container from our right appears to be ever so slightly wonky, but it may just be the line of the shadow there making me read it wrong. If not, it's an easy fix.

Nice work :)

Oh EJ.,...at the risk of being accused of playing devil's advocate...I think the wonkiness is part of what is giving this piece such strength...the different wonkies work together...I think this shows a real inate knowing of composition and balance on the artist's part....I really like this piece...The simultaneity of view is seen in the same object (third from the right) as it is in different containers, and that is what may be bothering you. ( I love it when we disagree..it's what makes a horse race!!!) But we do agree,,"Nice work!" (PS where's your sketch?? :evil: ) :wave: )

09-26-2004, 05:27 AM
Preston, I can't presume to know whether any part of this painting is due to 'innate knowing' or whether it's one of the aspects on which C&C is being invited, since I'm not familiar enough with KAPnkrunch's work and personal style ... of course you should feel free to disagree ... I just wanted to point out something that caught MY eye :)

09-26-2004, 01:37 PM
"...not familiar enough with KAPnkrunch's work and personal style..."

E.J.....You are asolutely right!!! :wink2:

KaPnkrunch.......Guess that means you need to post more work for us to see!!! :evil:

09-26-2004, 02:10 PM
Thank you 1mpete, kate, khourianya, meowmeow, EJ, and preston for the C&C.

EJ, Fabriano Tiziano is has a wonderful laid toothy surface. After having only using Canson, I can say I like Tiziano much more. As for the third container, it is the shadow, however, I will fix the label above it. I noticed it points down a bit so that may be contributing to the wonkiness as well. I will work on the transparency of the other bottles as well.

Preston, EJ is right, the slight skewed look of the pieces was not done innately, I guess by mistake due to my lack of experience. I am just in high school and do not have years of experience with the subtle implications composition can convey. Come to think of it, when I laid out my comp, I did not use a ruler, which I really should have done. Nonetheless, thank you for the comment. I see this piece differently now having that in mind. :D

09-26-2004, 02:22 PM
Kapn.....you have produced really beautiful work in your early years of painting.!!!! Keep on posting..I was serious that we want to see more.

(p.s....just to let you know.... E.J. and I are friends..... we were just having a friendly critic session....Hey, you need to post in the sketch thread, too!! :evil: )