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09-19-2004, 04:06 AM
Good morning everyone! Can't believe I'm the first one to post this! It's 1am west coast time, dh and I just got back from seeing a movie (Collateral with Tom Cruise), and am slowly getting ready for bed. Popped in here, noticed none of you have WIA'd yet, so thought I'd leap on it!!!
I was busy in Vancouver Saturday, teaching a silversmithing class. Good group, we got lots done, and had fun doing it. I had a customer pick up a ring at the shop today, and she loved it, ordered another one. Woohoo!! Let's see, Mom's responding well to her chemo (have no idea if it's helping, just know that she's sounding happy and perky again - makes me feel much better)! My granddaughter loves her new dragon costume she got for halloween. She's two, we're getting her used to it slowly - although she spent most of today playing in it! LOL! She loves having a tail! :) The rest of us are happy & healthy, what more can I ask for!!
Okay, time for me to head to bed, have a wonderful day everyone, I'll be back later today to check up on y'all!! :wave:

09-19-2004, 05:45 AM
Good morning Barrie and the rest of the gang! :)

Barrie - I'm glad to hear your mum is responding well to the chemo! And can we have a pic of your DGD in her dragon costume, please? :)

Nothing exciting on my side, I'm getting "ready" for my LOTR-marathon... ;)

Have a great day, everybody!

09-19-2004, 08:37 AM
good morning everyone :wave: barrie - glad to hear that your mum is feeling better - aren't wee kids in costume just perfect?
andee - LOTR marathon?? will you be intaking extra caffiene??intravenously?
I am excited today as I am going at noon to register for a seed bead class in october at the craft and design centre. I complain enough about halifax not having these types of things so i'd better take the one that comes along! - i really want to take silversmithing as i'm rusty but most of the classes take place after i'll be moved away!! that's okay tho 'cause i'm moving closer to Barrie!! Internationallyrenowned silversmither!!!! yay
hope everyone is having a faboo weekend!

09-19-2004, 09:06 AM
Tam - coffee wouldn't do any good coz I hate that stuff, I would never drink it, so there's a bit of a problem for me as far as the caffeine intake is concerned! ;) I ended up doing entirely different things (I just cleaned five boxes of Indian glass beads and now my fingers hurt), so the LOTR-watching will be postponed for another time...

09-19-2004, 10:02 AM
Hello Everyone :wave: A quick drive by, check my kiln, go to bead show, make beads, sleep, you know the drill.

Barrie glad to hear your Mom is feeling better.

Great Day to you All!

09-19-2004, 11:44 AM
Morning everyone :) My mom arrived safe last night, but her luggage did not. We are waiting for them to deliver - assuming they found it... She's here for 2 weeks - not sure how much computer time I'm going to be able to sneak in...

Hubby is planning his hot glass shop - he's been up for hours thinking about it. I wake up, not really awake, and he starts blabbering about moving stuff out of the garage, what things he needs, how he would set things up... bla bla bla he's WIRED. And I'm still sleepy. Not a good mix! (Though I'm very happy he's excited about something - I've been hounding him to get a hobby for a couple years now... he seemed to stop doing all his hobby things when Luke was born. People need interests in other things. Keeps them interesting ;) )

Ok, off to find a brownie for breakfast before Luke wakes up and I have to share. LOL. Oh darn... pitter patter pitter patter, he's up. I'll have to share now!