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09-18-2004, 07:27 AM
Hello. I have just come upon the Copic Markers and they seem great. can anyone please tell me how to use them (techniques) and can they be used together with colored pencils and watercolor?
Thank You

09-22-2004, 01:56 AM

I bought a set of Copic markers for use with colored pencils.
I bought a set of grays and a few other colors as well.

The markers really are great.
The airbrush attachment is pretty cool. But the stupid cans of gas only last like 5 minutes.

Unfortunately for me for colored pencil the papers I like drawing on is Stonehenge paper and bristol velum. There are special marker papers out there that will probably work much better (for the ink part at least.) But, the marker papers tend to be not have enough tooth for colored pencil.
The Velum papers soak up the ink like a sponge!
I bought over 10 markers and dried them all out in about a week! The retailer that I bought the markers from does not carry the refills but can order them in for me. I haven't ordered them yet because they are rather pricey and I have been looking for alternatives.

I was able to modify the airbrush attachment to fit onto an air compressor, so I wouldn't have to buy the stupid cans of gas. Yet another reason why they went dry to fast.

Copic pros...
replacement nibs
great color range
cool airbrush attachment
variety of marker sizes
you can buy empty pens to mix your own custom colors

Copic cons.....
not lightfast
alcohol based
stupid cans of gas

There are a few books on rendering with markers and Copic also has a few books on how to use them as well. You could do a search at one of those book super sites.

Hope this helps and best wishes for your endeavors.