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09-18-2004, 12:13 AM
I haven't posted any goodies in this section in a few weeks, so I'll start today. For some reason, I've really been in the mood for blues and greens....

09-18-2004, 12:20 AM
Gina those lentils are exquisite!

More lentils from me :)
The Paparazzi and Amethyst Elf Rocks

09-18-2004, 12:33 AM
Gina, those are spectacular!!!
Briatha, those lentles are great.
Here's a few boros I call dream storm, I've been watching a lot of the weather channel!

09-18-2004, 12:57 AM
This is what happens when you start having flashbacks of younger years...

09-18-2004, 03:39 AM
Gina, that is the prettiest set of beads I have seen in a while!

Paula, your beads never cease to crack me up.

Everyone's work is just wonderful. I need to post something soon! Feeling like a lech for ogling and not sharing!


09-18-2004, 06:07 AM
Gina...those are absolutely LOVELY! Paula...that makes me smile! Briatha...those are very pretty lentils with wonderful colors...Amazoo...boro continues to floor me with its beauty and these are no exception! Hope to try boro some day!

Great stuff everybody!

Lisa Crispin
09-18-2004, 06:55 AM
Paula, whatever it was you were on in your younger years - I want some!!
Anyway, Saturday is almost over here, so I've got time to show you what I made today. Yep, did the lot, silver chain, soldering, beads, soldered head pins, everything.

Might "lose" this one too! :evil: Trouble is - the customer ordered two!!! Other one is just about done. Much the same, only more glass beads, less Bali silver and hematite, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that one. Only another 3 and a bit hours here though!

09-18-2004, 08:11 AM
Great work from everyone... Thanks for showing.
We didn't post here since months I guess.
So it's more than time to bring something up.

Most of us have seen already this or the other documentation about cave rock paintings from the beginning of mankind.
Maybe some were even lucky enough to visit a location with such paintings and saw them in person. - There are some important ones to be seen in France, Africa, and Australia.

It must be very impressive to look at these paintings and realize that they are several 10,000 years old.

Inspired by those paintings I created a set of beads and tried to paint them like the pictures on the cave rocks.

The bead shape is like a pebble. It's an appropriate shape in my opinion to display cave paintings.

09-18-2004, 08:13 AM
Holy Moly Gina, I love those!!! They are beautiful!!!
Faith, your Paparazzi's are soooo cool! What did you use?
Amoret, great boro colors.
LOL Paula, that is awesome! Gosh, what were your younger years like? hehehe
Lisa, great bracelet, did you wire all those links up yourself?
Rudolph, you snuck in on me...those are incredible! I can only imagine the amount of time you put into those! great job :)

Here's mine. I'm showing off a charm bracelet, but only because they are "raku enhanced" beads I used :) First raku beads that actually had more than yellows :)


09-18-2004, 08:16 AM
Gina, your beads are beautiful!
Paula, I like what you did for the hair - very cool! I love those funky faces of yours.
Lisa, nice bracelet.
Rudolph, I think the pebble shape is awesome for the cave painting beads!
Jen, the bracelet is TDF!

Here's mine. Simple simple but I love it.

Lisa Crispin
09-18-2004, 08:20 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments. Warm fuzzy :D .

Yes I made every single link in that bracelet. It's dead easy. It's actually in the June edition of Bead & Button I think.

Ellen, what colour are your pillows? Just love it.

Lisa C

09-18-2004, 08:21 AM
Ellen those are yummy, so perfectly shaped! Any hints on how to make them so perfect? I have one coming to me ;)

09-18-2004, 08:58 AM
Gina, the blues and greens are working for you , those are really beautiful
Faith- Great color combos on those lentils
Amoret- Great name for those beads, they are very dreamy
Paula- that is great, I really like him
Lisa- wow, that's a lot of work, but it paid off. It looks great!
Rudolph- Those are the coolest beads I think I've ever seen!!!!
Jen- stunning bracelet!
Ellen- I love it too!
Here's mine for the day

09-18-2004, 09:12 AM
I was doing eyes this week. For some reason I just can't get past them. I think it is because I had to take some time off this summer and the eyes are what I really like to do.

09-18-2004, 09:33 AM
since it's icky rainy here, i can think of no better way to spend my day, than on the torch!! :p lovely..everyone!
here's mine..lauscha olive and purple with ivory and touches if iris violet reduction frit...enjoy the day......maureen

09-18-2004, 09:45 AM
beautiful beads today! And what a variety! We all rock! :clap:

Anyways, I finally got my new camera and had time to take some more pics. Boy, do I miss summer, when I actually had time to do the things I love! Since school started my beading time has been seriously compromised :crying:

One set is for halloween (I love my little ghosts...not very scary but they are cute!) and the other is for christmas. The halloween set uses moretti special orange, and then black and white, while for the christmas I used petroleum green, special red, striker red and a transparent green I can't remember...

Have great day :wave:

09-18-2004, 09:58 AM
Gina ~ those are so soft and fabulous!!!! They look sooo much like fabric!
Briatha ~ I love the paparazzi set, so bright!
Amoret ~ Oooh, boro, great job!
Paula ~ lmao!! That is incredibly unique!!! I like it!
Lisa ~ great job on that bracelet!
Rudolph ~ great job on those!!! I had a set just like that in mind, only difference is I was going to use a silver fumed ivory as a base color, gives a very old world feel!
Jen ~ That bracelet rocks and what a great job you did with the raku! Nice lentils!!!
Ellen ~ that looks like my favorite color Amber Rose!!! I love how it looks all by itself!
Kelly ~ those are adorable!
Carla ~ I love the first eye, it's so cool looking!
Maureen ~ talk about welcoming fall in with that set, gorgeous!
Rachel ~ I love your ghosts!!!

Here is a set of mine, color combo is a flashback to the eighties. C'mon you all know you had a sweater in these colors! Black base, orchid enamel, copper leaf and accents of red.


09-18-2004, 10:29 AM
Everyones are all so great today. :clap: This is my first finished set.

Jo L.

09-18-2004, 10:33 AM
Ellen, what colour are your pillows? Just love it.

It's Bullseye Coral-Orange. Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

09-18-2004, 10:38 AM
I'll go look at everyone else's beads later. I just got my new camera figured out. Here is one from my stash. Onalee

09-18-2004, 11:18 AM
Great S&T everyone.

Gina a love those lentils. I'm usually not a fan of the dots around the edge but they look perfect on those.

Here's a few that I've was playing around with. The first is just some ivory with coral stringer and deep violet first then pressed in the large pillow zoozii.

The other two are made with bluehealer's opal shift frit. I just got it and was trying a few different things with it. Love the colors that it has it.

09-18-2004, 01:12 PM
Ok. This is THE BEST S&T to date. All are fabu, but Gina those are to die for! And I am LOVING the cave paintings!

Just one lonely bead from me today:


Starleens Studio
09-18-2004, 02:11 PM
Hi all, Everyone's pressed beads look nice. I tried them again yesterday, and cracked the _____ bead release AGAIN ! Rudolph, wonderful cave beads indeed.

It's raining, and I only have "the blues" to offer for today:

09-18-2004, 03:04 PM
Tink, do you have a tutorial on your color? Your work is spectacular! Lots of beauties. Foofraw Very nice set!
Here is a set I strung up this morning.

09-18-2004, 04:23 PM
I've decided to make 4-7mm beads these daze, more of a challenge.


09-18-2004, 04:30 PM
Gina~ pretty, pretty, pretty beads! I love your color combination!
Briatha~I especially like the brown set.. really earthy, fall colors.
Amoret~ very nice boros! And, I like your set posted later on, too! Bright and pretty!
Paula~ I LOVE this bead!
Rudolph~ those are some excellent beads! Truly wonderful!
Jen~ pretty bracelet.... and really nice raku reaction colors. I love the color choices you made in making that bracelet.
Ellen~ very elegant beads today. Beautiful technique.. beautiful glass color!
Kelly~ too cute! Those snowmen make me smile.
Carla~ I love those eyes. Aren't they addictive once you start making them?
Maureen~ pretty beads and wonderful color choices. Very nice!
Rachel~ very nice beads! I would love to see a whole set of the top photo.. bead on the right.
Jenn~ Beautiful beads, BUT, before I even read your description I thought, "MAN, that looks like a sweater I had back in..." I'm not kidding!!!
Jo~ very pretty!
Onalee~ Wonderful beads! I really enjoy your beads!
Aimee ~ Nice focals! The reaction you got with that frit is just beautiful!
Tink~Beautiful, as always. Really beautiful.
Starleen~Your beads look like bunches of raindrops within a bead! I like them!
Susan~Very, very pretty beads! What colors are in them??

Thank you EVERYONE! REALLY nice eye-candy today!!!!!! :clap: :clap:

09-18-2004, 09:36 PM
I am blown away by these blue roses. WOW! :clap: :clap:

I haven't posted any goodies in this section in a few weeks, so I'll start today. For some reason, I've really been in the mood for blues and greens....

09-18-2004, 10:09 PM
Wow, beautiful beads everyone!
Kelly, your snowmen are amazing, so adorable!!!! :clap:

09-18-2004, 10:54 PM
I have already posted these in the war challenge, but i havent posted anything here in ages, so i will put them up again, BTW, fantastic work everyone, the talent on WC never fails to blow me away.