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09-15-2004, 10:03 PM
Here's anney's invitation to this weekend's Drawing Event. It looks good, and I hope you can join us!
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Invitation for WDE Sep 18th


Hi gang!

I have the great pleasure to invite you to the next WDE. The theme will be:
Don't be prisoner of the reference picture!

One of the things I like about WDE is that it's like a virtual studio with people working on the same references around the world. Unfortunately, timezones make it very difficult to work all at the same time.

The images will be posted on Saturday, September 18 about half an hour before starting time in a new thread entitled "WDE. September 18. IMAGES HERE" - look for the lightbulb icon in the column to the left of the title. Whatever time you start, take half an hour to select your image and publish your work after 2 hours.

Starting time:
Anchorage-Fri 12pm, Vancouver/LA-Sat 1am, US Mountain time-Sat 2am, New Orleans-Sat 3am, New York/Toronto-Sat 4am, Halifax-Sat 5am
London-Sat 9am, Paris/Amsterdam-Sat 10am, Helsinki-Sat 11am,
Singapore-Sat 4pm, Tokyo-Sat 5pm,
Sydney-Sat 6pm, Wellington 8pm

I hope it'll give the opportunity to get more participants from Asia, Australia and New Zealand, please tell your friends there!

In North America, start whenever you get up, or, if you want to work all at the same time, here's another start time for you. (usual time):

Anchorage-Sat 12am, Vancouver/LA-Sat 1pm, US Mountain time-Sat 2pm, New Orleans-Sat 3pm,
New York/Toronto-Sat 4pm, Halifax-Sat 5pm,
London-Sat 9pm, Paris/Amsterdam-Sat 10pm, Helsinki-Sat 11pm
Singapore-Sun 2am, Tokyo-Sun 3am,
Sydney-Sun 4am, Wellington-Sun 6am

If you cannot be here then, please feel free to join us at any time before the following weekend (or even after that!) - I'll be here to see your work!

See you on Saturday!