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09-13-2004, 08:38 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm starting this today since it is 8:30 a.m. and no one else seems to be about.

I'll be picking up my minivan today. Ya....Hoooo....! I can hardly wait. I hate having to plan around every one else's schedule and ask to borrow a vehicle. Everyone has been real nice about it, I just want to not have to ask.

Work is hectic as usual. I still haven't finished those two laptops that I have to configure. Emergencies and last minute requests make it hard to complete long tasks. I'm going to tell everyone to go jump in the lake today.... actually I'm not, I just want to. These laptops are sitting here staring at me and reminding me I'm not finished with them. I'd put them away but then I'd porbably never finish them.

The CA is winding down. We should be finished this week. Its been fun but I've probably spent way too much time on that thread. My number still hasn't been picked so I haven't been able to show my gift yet. I keep fiddling with the picture trying to make it better. It is an OK picture but I want to do something with my gift so I keep fiddling with the picture so I don't fiddle with the gift.

I've gotta' get back to work.

Y'all have a fun and productive day,

09-13-2004, 08:45 AM
Oh Barbara, Good Morning! you must be a chatty kathy as I am posting my shorty note here already!

Too busy to say much, just wanted to give a quick hello :wave: and have a wonderful day!


PS Barbara I am so glad you are getting your new auto today. What a relief it must be for you! Cant wait to meet you in October for the silversmithing class here in Chicago!!!

09-13-2004, 08:47 AM
Yes Mary, I was a little chatty. I posted that place holder so we wouldn't end up with 2 WIA threads. I'm glad it worked and sorry I was writing so much that I missed you as you flew by.

09-13-2004, 08:55 AM
Mornin' Mary and Barbara...and all who follow,

Just a quick drive through hello. I'll try to get back.


09-13-2004, 11:17 AM
Good morning all! It's gently raining here this morning, my dh is home with a very sore back (it went out when he was giving our parrot fresh water - in a VERY large rubbermaid container - go figure!). He'll head to the chiropractor later to get that sorted out. I've still got tons of custom work to do, and am also working on the poster for the bead show. Gotta get it to the printer this week, so it's done and ready for handing out soon. In case anyone is wondering, we're about 90% full for the bead show, looking pretty good, and hopefully goes off without a hitch.

Speaking of Chicago, can't wait for the class!! I get to meet a bunch of fellow WC'ers and have fun too!! FYI Mary, I'm going to try to get a parcel out to you this week - I'll let you know when that's on it's way. Everyone have a fun productive day, Barb, enjoy your new wheels! Deb, hope work isn't too icky today, and Mary, have fun in the studio!! :wave: to everyone else!!!

09-13-2004, 11:25 AM
Hi all......... can you see me doing the little happy dance here??? With a little mantra???? "I get to go to Barrie's Silver Class..... I get to go to Barrie's silver class!" (repeat adnauseum!! :D) Move has definately been pushed forward a little so I get to commit to the class... yahoo!!!

Show went really well this weekend.... but boy am I tired.... I must be too old for this ..... I didn't think I could lift one more thing when unpacking the car last night.... then came in and dropped onto the sofa!!! But it was a profitable weekend and that's a good thing!

Ivan looks to have missed us in the Keys so our trip is on for Wednesday... still looks scarry for the panhandle. I hate to be happy about someone else's misfortune... but am just so glad that the keys got missed ... again.

Hope you all have a good day.... I've already spent way too much time playing this morning and talking on the phone!!! So off to meet my rep and try to clean the house some!

Have a great day all!!
Lois < I get to go to Barrie's class.... I get to go to Barrie's class

09-13-2004, 11:46 AM
Hi everyone :wave:

It's cold and dark and rainy here today :crying: it feels like november. Hope the rains have not settled in for the season - it's too early.

My mom called yesterday and said she's coming for two weeks and will be here SATURDAY! So I have to get to work getting the house ready or she will spend the whole time here doing it for me and I don't want that.

And I forgot to show you the cake Luke and I made the other day for Blonde Dog's birthday :D I love having someone in the house that loves birthdays as much as I do! Hmnn... I meant Luke, but Kesia was pretty happy she got lots of attention and a piec of cake. She's a birthday fan too now I guess!


And here is the birthday girl giving luke a hard time about how he was putting on his clothes:


And since I'm being a thread hog already, here is one from yesterday - Luke was so proud he didn't even give me his usual funny face! Check it out, he wears jewelry to go fishing :D


Ok, I'm done. Glad you are getting your car today Barbara - and lucky Lois is getting a silversmithing class with Barrie! Hello to everyone :wave:

Have a nice day!


09-13-2004, 12:18 PM
Hi y'all! :wave: Lovely morning here, not too hot so far. Lots to do today, so I must flee. Nice to be back!!

09-13-2004, 12:52 PM
Hi everybody! :wave:

I'm not so much in a babbly mood these days, so this is just a quick hi:

Barbara - congrats on your new car!

Lois - have fun with Barrie! :)

Pam - the cake looks delicious, your dog is sooo cute, and your boy is even cuter! :) Interesting way to put on undies!! :D

Have a nice day, y'all!

09-13-2004, 01:13 PM
Morning Everyone! I'm trying hard not to procrastinate the entire day but I just had to comment on that underwear on the head fashion statement! Crack me up Pam!
Have a great day.

Shirley C.
09-13-2004, 01:15 PM
just a quickie drive-by to say hi to all my cyber-friends. i'm still in connecticut taking care of mom. sigh...

but --- i'm taking her home with me on saturday!! yay!! i'm so homesick i can hardly stand it. i've been gone for a month and my poor hubby is going as nuts as i am. and i've got a list of bead and jewelry to-do's a mile long.

yesterday i took mom out for a sunday drive - the weather was absolutely divine. we stopped at a gallery in farmington, connecticut that was recommended to me by 3 different people here, and i talked with the owner. she drooled over the pendant i was wearing, so i went back out to the car to bring in my goodies. i sold 2 pieces to her, and she's ordered more stuff. yowza! now i can afford the rental cars i've been using while i've been here. (yeah, right...)

hope everyone has a fabulous day!

09-13-2004, 03:33 PM
Way to go, Shirley! Proof that simply wearing our own creations can be our best marketing tool.

Pam, you're a hoot! Love Luke's bracelet but his shoes cracked me up. Too cute.

Barbara, I know exactly what you mean about relying on others for transportation. My car was totalled in a nasty accident over a year ago and since I was laid off, I couldn't justify the expense of another one. AARGH! Constantly having to plan and ask for a ride somewhere has made me nuts. I'm hoping to settle the insurance claim soon so I can get another car. And the good news is that after being unemployed for almost 2 years, I start a new job on Oct. 4th! Yippee!!

Barrie, I may be mistaken but I think Lois is taking your silver class. :wink2:

Have a great day everyone!

09-13-2004, 07:31 PM
:clap: :clap: I get to meet Lois!!! :clap: :clap: (little does she know that now this means I get to come visit her in the Keys one day! Bwaahaaaaaaa!!) :evil:
Pam, great pictures!! Love the undies on the head! LOL! :wave: to Charlee, Andee, Suzy! Shirley congrats on the new gallery - no surprise though, your stuff ROCKS!!! Angela, congrats on the new job!! Lots of great Mondays going on here!