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10-22-2001, 04:04 AM
im intending to try something bigger...i have done moderately sized pieces with both 7oz and 12oz pre-primed canvas.
if i go to a size of say 2000mm/6ft x 1200mm/4ft will i need to be sure not to use a light canvas? -what weight would you recommend?
thanks for any info...regards -e.

10-22-2001, 06:43 AM

I might suggest a 14.5 oz medium weave. I work only with linen. What is important here are crossbraces and heavy duty supports. Those that claim to be heavy duty and are like toothpicks, please don't use. Perhaps you can have some made to your specifications. Ensure that you have a good half round as well, not too small, to guarantee that the canvas painting surface is kept away from the support.


10-23-2001, 02:29 PM
With large canvass...you may find that it has a tendency to get loose. Putting water on the back does not always work and will not work if the back has been gessoed.

You might find masonite a better surface. If you apply "gesso" or other undercoat and sealer (such as KILZ) you can get the effect of canvas weave by the way you apply the sealer. If you want more info on this write me.

The masonite should be 3/8" and it should be reinforced...once you get in the 6' range. You can put wood strips on the masonite and then glue them. Use a waterproof glue and you should have a sturdy support. If you use 2" x2" support strips and then fill the crack between the masonite and the support...undercoat and then sand...you have a paintable edge which can be a substitute for a frame. Frames in large sizes are expensive...and if your trying to sell the work never the kind the customer wants. Your better off painting the edge and then if they want a fancy frame let them get a pro to frame the work.

You see many "unframed" pictures in galleries these days because of the high cost of framing.