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09-10-2004, 08:34 AM
Morning buddies,
I'm up early.... but started the day with a migraine... thankfully the imitrex kicked in quickly and I'm off and running. I have a million and two things to do for the show this weekend...... and have a dentist appt too. I've got alot of beads that I still want to make into jewelry and am obsessing over a display for my hoop style lower end earrings. (I put my earrings on cards.... but was trying to find something to display these without the cards..... less time and they look fun all together.)

I actually posted in s & t today too! So in between checking on Ivan and getting ready.... the day should go quickly.... (oh yeah... and cleaning the house for a showing this weekend!) T-bone is now my "pharmacutical dog" as she is on a heart med that will be ongoing. Sheesh.... I hate drugs and only take my migrain stuff if I have to..... the dog takes all the drugs in this house!!!

Ok..... too chatty...... hope you all have a great weekend.... . but will check in when I can.

09-10-2004, 09:05 AM
Good day to all my Wearables buddies! Lois, nice to see your posts in S&T.

I get migranes very frequently. Imitrex hasn't really worked for me, but I take it occasionally. Mostly, Fiorinal or Fioricet (I have a pharmacy) & a nap in my nice quiet, dark bedroom works best. I suffer the worst from my facial migranes. Yes indeed, facial migranes. I've suffered from horrible toothaches for about 10 years. Went to, I can't tell you how many different, dentists & oral surgeons. Finally, the last (& my current) dentist suggested I first see the oral surgeon in his office & then perhaps a neurologist. The oral surgeon sent me to a dentist who specializes in mouth/jaw pain (TJM mostly). He asked quite a few questions & did an exam. I told him that the pain started in one place (not always the same place) & moved around my mouth. When I told him I was concerned because I thought I was abusing my migrane medication, because when the tooth pain was really bad I needed to take 2 (sometimes 3) of my Fiorinal, & go to bed in my dark bedroom & that the house had to be ABSOLUTELY quiet, that when I woke up about 4 hours later (almost always), the pain was gone, he told me I wasn't abusing my medication, that I had just described facial migranes. They affect the nerves that run through the jaws to the teeth. He put me on a very low dose of an anti-depressant (Darvocet I think, something that began with a D, it was a while ago) & in about 3 weeks I was just about pain free. I was on the medication for about 9 months (usually it takes about 6), and I had been totally without the pain until recently. I'm attributing that to the stress I've been under since TJ died. I'll probably make an appointment to go back to him if it doesn't let up soon.

Sheesh, long winded. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Beautiful & fall-like here, but the sun is out so I'm not complaining. I'm headed to the Boston Best Bead Show (Lewis Wilson is the promoter) tomorrow with a couple of women from Maine. We're going to meet up with about 15 other WC Glass Forum folks for breakfast & then shop 'til we drop. Can't wait!

09-10-2004, 09:28 AM
Lori...... I know what you mean about the dark room!!! I have one of those silk eye pillows that is comforting when I have a migraine. I have weird ones too! When migraines start for some people they have an "aura" where they see flashes of light... and then they know they are going into migraine. For me I get pain in my caratoid artery.... they did tests for a million things when I told about this pain, including Lupus, but finally found it to be one of the symptoms .... though rare.... for migraines!

Don't put off going to the doc.... you know he can help and you shouldn't have to have the pain! (this is a girl thing we do... putting it off and being "strong".) :wink2:

I'm SO jealous of you and the girls going to Lewis' show! Have a great time!

09-10-2004, 10:48 AM
Morning all,

Lois and Lori--I can feel your pain! I don't have them anymore hardly ever since I hit menopause. I occasionally get an 'almost' migraine if my allergies get too bad, but otherwise...good ridance! Hope things get better.

What a last few weeks...I feel like I have done nothing but work and yesterday was the all time wretched day in the good ole ICU! I was the 'princess' (charge Nurse) and while I was at a meeting the big boss came and pulled my help. Didn't et rid of any patients, mind you, just the person who was caring for them. It turned into a horrible day for us all there. I am going to write her up when I get the energy. I don't mind working hard but putting the nurses and patients in jepordy just isn't right!

Today's my BD so I am doing nothing at all but vegging today. DH is even feeding the cats for me! Going to Le Francais for dinner tonight. It's changed hands again but has always been incredible so I hope this incarnation will be the same!

OK, I'm off to be queen for the day...


09-10-2004, 11:02 AM
Happy birthday your majesty!!!! Enjoy your day!! Hope work straightens itself out soon, but if not, hope you find a way to deal with it (I'm so lucky not to hvae to have a 'real'job!). As for migraines, I usually get the aura thing (eyes go completely wacko, like staring at the sun and the sunspots don't go away) for about 1/2 an hour, sometimes I get facial numbness (super scary the first few times it happened), then the pain just appears. But not always. Sometimes I just get the auras - weird, but I don't complain, could be much worse. Couldn't imagine facial migraines! Ouch! Get thee to a doctor, woman, forthwith!! (stupid commercial on tv lately has my eldest son using the word 'forthwith' all the time - nutty kid!)
I'm heading back to bed for an hour, then the day begins. Have to contact the printer, I'm having a beautiful poster made up for the bead show (lots of pictures, etc). Then I'm working on custom work again. I caved and made beads yesterday. Just needed something soothing, and that was it. I'm having an urge to try making goddess beads, so that's for later today (once I get some work done!). Then being as it's Friday night, we're off to the tattoo shop again (dh's turn this time - some ugly thing with skulls and chains!). I'm plotting and planning my next one :evil: They really are addictive!
Have fun at the bead show Lori! Everyone else have fun days too!!! I'm off and running (right back to my toasty bed! LOL!)

09-10-2004, 11:17 AM
Hi Lois, Lori, Deb, Barry and everybody! :wave:

Deb - :music: :music: :music: Happy Birthday!! :music: :music: :music: Wishing you a lovely dinner and evening!! :)

Lois - hope your migraine will be gone tomorrow!

Lori - have fun at the bead show! And I agree with the others - go to see a doc about that facial migraine (sounds horrible!), it looks as if your dentist is a good one!

Barry - just hi! :)

I'm already late in the afternoon here, but as you can tell from today's S&T I have been busy! Need to go do some shopping now, and then I'll have a rest. My legs hurt from all the running around yesterday!! :rolleyes:

Have a lovely day, you all! :)

09-10-2004, 11:33 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess Deb! Enjoy your day and your dinner tonight! Don't let the turkey get you down today. I agree with you though, you should write her up as soon as you can. From our experience in SCU2 at MMC when TJ was dying, we couldn't have gotten through it without his wonderful angels (nurses). They were posted right outside his door with a computer & his file. He was put first at ALL times, and we are eternally grateful for that. The work that you do is so important on an emotional level as well as the physical care giving. Give her what she deserves, when you're ready.

:wave: Hi Barrie & Andie! I'll try to remember to bring the digital camera tomorrow & take some pictures to post here & in the glass forum.

09-10-2004, 12:23 PM
Happy Birthday Deb!!! Hello to everyone else! Hope those migraines go away and stay away girlfriends - I know they suck - haven't had one in awhile but I get that blurry vision thing first that warns me what's coming.

I found this great site today - need to dig up that trade show booth thread but thought I'd pass it along here too

Well it's my blonde dog's 9th birthday today too and Luke wants to make a cake (in the shape of a dog - but I talked him into a dog bone shape - I can manage that better) so that is what we are doing today. And the sun is out - maybe we will take them for a nice dog walk as well.

Oh! And I got to pick my CA gift today - I stole Paula's awesome bracelet... but have a backup plan because I know it will be stolen from me SOON. Oh well... if only I could wear it for a day before I had to pass it along ;)

Have a nice day everyone - TGIF!


09-10-2004, 12:59 PM
Hi All,

TGIF! I agree wholeheartedly.

Happy Birthday - Queen for a Day Deb. Hope you get your boss sorted out. I don't know why people who should know better do such goofy things.

Hi everyone else and to Lois I'm glad your meds are working. To Lori please go and do something about your facial pain, pain just makes for more stress.

I don't really get an aura but my vision gets blurry and after the pain is gone I feel vagued out. Sort of out of touch like I'm not completely real. Our brains can be strange sometimes.

I have GOOD news. I have a replacement minivan which is almost an exact duplicate of my mushed on except it is not mushed. I got it for a really good price. I should be able to pick it up Monday - Happy Day!

I've been busy at work today and have to reconfigure a profile on a computer on an emergency basis today. Why do people bring in temps. without letting us know they are coming? Then it is - Oh, it takes 2 or 3 hours to configure a profile, but all I want is them to have email, access to all of our shared server files, personalized Microsoft Office configurations, these extra programs, their own logon, shared folder for Outlook with the VP and who knows what other stuff. This takes time people and I did have a few other tasks going on, I wasn't sitting here hoping someone would call up with something to do. Grrrr.....

Sorry, I sure bitch a lot, I'll be good.

We are still having fun at the Chinese Auction. My item hasn't been stolen for 2 days, go figure. No one has chosen my number yet, I'm hoping it is soon because I feel like it is just languishing. Sniff...sniff :D

Have a fun and productive day. It is back to work for me but first I'm going to see what Andee posted in S&T and all the other stuff too. Hi Andee. :wave:


09-10-2004, 03:46 PM
Just looked at S+Tell , must say all looked so far advanced that I am totally bummed :envy: .
Since that makes me depressed :evil: that means I will just have to go the Tattoo Convention in Tacoma ,Wa. today.
Who know's I might come home with another tattoo. hehehe
Or lots of strange inspirations. :)
Katja :cat:

09-10-2004, 03:54 PM
Hi everyone!

:music: :D Happy Birthday Deb!!!!! :D :music:

Lois, I am glad to hear T Bone is stabilized. I am sorry about the meds though! I was thinking of T Bone this week, and I don't think I had a chance to tell you.